Rajini’s Political Party Symbol & Name Funny Suggestions By TN People : Funny Public Opinion

A Big hello to all the Nettv4u veiwers. In today’s public opinion, we are going to see now that,rajni sir has confirmed his entry into politics What will be the name of his party? What party symbol will he choose? These are the questions we will be asking the people Rajni has confirmed his entry into politics What do you think is a good name for his party? “Magizchi!” “He can have the Asoka Symbol” “He needn’t keep anything, Infact he needn’t come at all” “He can keep the name baba” “His entry into politics is still a question mark! Why the name now?” “The baba symbol is amazing” “The baba symbol, like this” “These aren’t important, what he will do for the people is only important” “He is going to decide anyway, why break our head?” “Baba symbol, definitely that” “Symbol should be accepted by all, I don’t know How much that(BaBa) symbol will reach people!” “Baba Symbol” “Rudrasham, just like how it was in arunachalam” “Bald head” what do you think will be a good name for his party? “I dunno! i really don’t know!” “In tamilnadu, its always Dravida this and Dravida that. Any other name would be really good.” “Well a name that puts the nation’s interest first than any other interest, would be good” “Baba Old Age Home would be good” “We are still thinking if he would come for sure, Then only comes thinking about a name” “Lets see if he comes, then we canthink about everything else” “It must be a tamil name,He isn’t a tamil” “he is kannadika, but a tamil name would be good for the party” “Let him keep any name sir, but he has to do good to the people, thats all” “He will keep a good name” ” should he come is the question! What has he done until now?” “He has been for 30..35 years, and he could have done good things, i dont disagree” “But good has to be done in an open manner, He should raise his voice against bad things, just like how he does in films” “We will welcome him only if he does it in reality” “There were rumours about lots of his businesses in Karnataka” “If there arises a problem between the 2 states, i don’t know if he will raise his voice against karnataka” “Let him come, then we will see” He has come “Let him come and start working, then we will see” “Padayappa” The people we met today were very open with their veiws just like them, we wish all our veiwers to comment below onn your veiws. Like the video, Share it and don’t forget to subscribe to nettv4u.

Maurice Vega

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  1. ஏம்மா ஒத்த ரோசா, இன்னும் பேர் வைக்கலாயா மா. கதம் கதம் னு வச்சு இப்பவே End card போட்டு முடிச்சு விடுங்கப்பா.

  2. சில சின்னபசங்க புரிதல் இல்லாம இருக்காங்க

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