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Rahul Easwar of the Sabarimala trust spokesperson.. is joining us from London.. Sanal Edamaruku president of Indian rationalist association.. Ms. Rathnasree is director of the Nehru planetarium.. has a strong view on this.. My first question is to M.K Menon lawyer to the Travancore royal family.. Sir let me put it to you directly.. This is.. This is a legal battle.. Between.. The Travancore royal family.. Which you represent.. And others.. On whether the treasure should be moved out.. See first of all.. This is a case where.. The property of the diety.. Is directly involved.. Handling a situation.. where the.. diety’s property is involved.. There are various legal issues.. So far as the devapreshnam is concerned it has got no bearing at all.. to be very frank.. Devapreshnam is something different.. its a religious practice.. If there is something gone wrong.. How it has to be corrected.. For that what are the remedial measures to be taken.. It will be done accordingly.. Mr. Edamaruku.. Er.yeah.. primarily the whole astrological rituals that has been going on.. is against the process of law.. Rahul Easwar.. Rahul Easwar.. Arnab ji.. On the social sphere.. Indian law is Godly for me.. And on a spiritual sphere.. God’s concept is supreme for me.. So please don’t let others take the opportunity to defame and demonize those people who have treasured this money.. treasured the.. the devotees and deities money for centuries.. And one primary question we should ask.. Whose money is this? Whose wealth is this? The wealth is by crores and crores of devotees over milleniums that has been build there.. The temple is built on dharma and the donations of these devotees.. er..to the diety.. And you should remember.. Even under Indian law, diety can own property.. diety is a person who can fight in court.. And.. who are the people who are.. er.. questioning and attacking this.. Those people who are not believers, those people who are against temples.. Those people who are not even remitted one rupee in the temple.. So whose money is it.. Five vaults.. I’m sorry.. No..five vaults have been opened.. Let it be open.. Nobody.. Nobody is against it.. But devapreshnam is a religious spiritual affair.. Er..to the devotees.. it is highly sacred and.. highly regarded sacred by the devotees.. If this money is of the temple, its the devotees’ Why is the ex-royal family of Travancore getting into it.. Because they are the primary Padmanabha dasas.. or the servants of the Lord.. And those kings are the people who built this temple.. Rahul.. Rahul..
yeah.. With all respect.. What about the.. They are the servants of the Lord.. What about the.. What about the devotees of a millennia.. who has contributed this money? Arnab ji.. I belive there is a small misconception.. Padmanabha dasa has told clearly in court that they don’t own the property.. The property belongs to the diety.. And this diety.. whose will.. or whose..er.. what is best for the temple is decided by devapreshnam.. So what is this money? This is a money which is.. which is.. Money has a lot of stale of blood and sweat.. No no.. But thats another view. I don’t want to get into that This is called demonizing. No no.. i don’t want to get into that.. Rahul Easwar and Mr. Menon.. I want you.. Just because issues are of religious beliefs and sensitivity and faith does not mean the courts don’t get into it.. We have the Ayodhya judgement of May.. May 2011
No..Not at all.. I am sure Rahul knows about the Ayyappa temple case of January 2011.. Arnab there is one aspect.. Here we are touching on the religion.. No no but. Now.. We are not saying that.. Just because it is a religious thing.. Nothing could be done by court.. Court has got every role because our constitution is also very clear on these aspects.. So far as the idol is concerned.. Idol is always considered as a perpetual minor.. Now the minor is.. Sir..are you turning.. Sir.. Okay.. Okay.we are getting a repath from.. from Rahul Easwar.. This is very important Mr Arnab.. We have to.. Arnab ji.. Yes rahul.. Arnab ji.. I totally agree with menon sir but.. You know we should remember one thing very clearly.. There is not even one rupee there.. There is not even one rupee there.. This is one lakh crore worth of assets.. For example.. The 500 crore.. The supposedly 500 crore worth statue of Vishnu.. How can we divide it to people? So this is simply playing to the gallery and The second thing.. I may proudly say that.. From the temple money.. centuries before.. Money for the muslim subjects for haj and Jesuit Chritian priests Where given.. That was the great secular heritage of Travancore.. Please don’t demonize those great rulers who were magnanimous enough to even accept them all.. See aranab ji.. Aranab ji.. This is not the.. He moves away from the issue.. No..No.. why doesn’t everyone? Why doesn’t everyone? But here we have a large amount of wealth.. Our national assets.. One lakh crore rupees.. One minute Rahul.. Kerala’s local.. Kerala’s public debt is 70,000 crores.. In one move.. You will wipe out all of kerala’s debt.. That would be the greatest service to the law.. This is similar to saying that Vatican should give away its riches for tackling the Greek crisis.. Or Holy Mecca should give away to tackle either the Lebanon or the middle East uprising.. So please understand there is no wealth.. It is only assets.. And we are all.. And remember, they are doing crores and crores of charity.. The Travancore royal family and the people who are associated with temple.. Are doing crores and crores of charity.. This is a classic misconception that there is wealth.. There is no wealth.. There is only asset.. And these are centuries old.. So you cannot simply sell away.. There are lots in this nation which prohibits selling and Am sorry to say that this should not be an opportunity to do a smear campaign.. Or to demonize those great rulers.. even the British said.. This is dharmarajya.. This is charitable kingdom.. So we should learn history and not try half truths on history.. I put.. I put the matter.. to public debate.. And i’m putting the matter to vote.. And Rahul Easwar I can assure you and to each one of you that i’ll send you the feed back that i get.. Maybe we’ll get a sense of where people believe.. And er.. where people believe the line should be drawn..

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  1. It is a private temple and private wealth. Just because some entity is rich it does not become people's money. if it is about temple wealth to be used for poverty eradication. There are lot of other temples, churches and other religious institutions which own lots of money, buildings, huge amount of real estate. Real estate does not even have historical value. So those assets should be sold first and given out to people before thinking about this temple assets.

  2. rahul bhai I am ur fan …u r trye indian and hindu ..fighting against all anti hindu and anti indian currupt media

  3. Completely false accustions made on the money. The money belongs to The Lord no one can take it no should. Legally The Maharaja of Travancore has say over it as He is the Greatest Servent of The Lord at Thiruvananthapuram.

  4. 100000 crores can wipe out the 7000 crores debt it seems. Arnab please do you have any idea about what he is talking about. Your preparations on this topic are worse than a final year Engineering student.

  5. money belongs to the king period. however like it was stolen from Nawabs and Nizams and Mughals, it must be taken over by govt… please no double standards.

  6. actually there is no money in the temple.it all ate assets like statue of lord vishnu,elephants ets made of gold.it shows the culture of our country.how can you simply sell it and close the debt.it's like selling our own

  7. Temple wealth cannot be used for public prosperity The owner of temple and it's wealth is the name usually used in templesl

  8. The kings of travencoreZknows whose wealth is stored in temples and it cannot be revealed due to some security purpose The wealth must be kept in the temple and not taken away from the temple The authority of the temple and it's wealth belongs person related to people's of Parma apha No body is allowed to handle it

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