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from the good already got the classic entailed titled parents choosing beggars
it’s a pro revenge meeting some malicious compliance as well because we
love reading those stories they’re so fun and it’s great watching those videos
online as well and so boys girls without further ado see if we can get into that
first juicy story see what we got reporting for duty ty says nice very
nice appreciate you being here my good friend
always always you have one as well nice very nice
let’s see here what’s the first one on the Hot List for entitled parents we got
ei took my Christmas present because her baby behaved well during last during the
year excuse me sounds interesting a titled adult maybe I’m guessing that’s
what the EAA stands were we fret to get a load right
you always gotta wait whoa-whoa-whoa oh yeah they’re easy they mysterious Rovio
going on crazy unfortunate my computer still is a piece of crap so even reading
reddit it’s a little bit of a chore for it he loved almonds here oh very nice
Kevin for sure you can’t go wrong with all my cereal mm-hmm back story my mom
has three siblings out of them one brother who is married to a woman who is
our entitled to aunt for today since the first kid they had the Amba came totally
entitled and developed a full-on superiority complex about her child her
children they must always be the best no one can be as good as their little
angels etc I was 12 at the time and her kid was six for reference our cast for
today entitled aunt environmentalist actress see you cool uncle me a phil
swift ec entitled cousin mm is my mom other not so relevant characters will be
given name throughout the story no we’re at here we go it’s Christmas Eve where I
live in Portugal it’s tradition to open our Christmas presents exactly at
midnight when it becomes December 25th all of the kids in my family were
excited especially me given there was this big box with my name on it and I
could just couldn’t just wait to open it and see what awaited the time comes so
burn the plat presents I rushed for the box and try to open it but before I can
arrive entitled aunt stops me in the following conversation ensues might not
be the most accurate as four years of passed since then entitled aunt what do
you think you are opening that’s not for you that’s for my angel and titled kid
me but my name is on the box why isn’t it for me I say as I keep getting closer
to the present to open it entitled on well but eternal kid behaves
so much better than you that I think he deserves this present way more than you
almost yelling now my mom what’s going on hey why are you
stopping me from opening his present entitled aunt well as my entitled child
has done well this year I feared he deserves a much better than your child
he is such a mess and his grades don’t even compare to entitle kids he
shouldn’t get a good present Wow some people’s children or in this case
children’s children’s children entitled kid mommy is this for me when can I open
it entitled odd way of just a little sweet
angel mommy’s talking to your aunt mom leave my child’s present BR I’ll have to
ask you to take your stuff and leave our Christmas party No
the party was at my place see you what’s going on here yay why don’t you let me
open his present yay well it isn’t our kids behaving so much better he deserves
it more than your misbehaving nephew and you knew it yelling at her own husband
see you we are a leaving grabs entitled kid by the arm grabs the car keys and
stops harassing my family you’ve embarrassed me enough entitled odd tries
to hide present behind her back to take it without success because of how big
the boxes on my way leaving leaving the door out the house our Christmas tree
light is right by the main door the Christmas tree I think he meant to say
not the Christmas trees no don’t touch my Christmas trees Stud what up buddy
good to see man good to see you mom takes the box from entitled mom entitled
on the moment she’s leaving and immediately slams the door and he my
gift to me again here you go me sorry for what Li aunty did to you
she’s a meanie sometimes Oh P over here it’s okay mom I hope in the president
revealing my first-ever RC helicopter which I was so damn happy about and it
had lights and the police helicopter and stuff so it was pretty cool I have to
this create a cool uncle didn’t bring in ei to into family functions and would
not would only take ek to certain occasions he apologized for what she did
and gave my mom at 10 heroes the cops for the problems created I am visit
their house sometimes and entitled aunt is still embarrassed to even look me at
in my face and it was something a kid but still
kind of hold a grudge against her for it it’s life by the way helicopter broke
some months after but it was fun playing with it I doubt it would have lasted two
days on entitle kids hands though as he breaks every single Co he has their
nests was a pretty good story for here hello the titled mom thinks that her kid
deserves her nephews presence because her kids were better in her eyes wow
these are parents man they’re like this how do they how do they like like
function in life and this like like mirrored we’re like my conversion of
reality I don’t know it’s crazy it’s insane tell ya hmm that was an
interesting first start interesting first R I’m still no rusty lots of
chocolate milk which is always good fun yeah let’s see if we can get into
another one what’s the next story down on the entitle parent list here boys and
girls let’s see our side wish ya rights that creepy entitled dad demands I give
him someone else’s child oh that’s interesting this should be a good one boy the girls
let’s hope it lows properly come on load properly don’t mess around it’s already
it’s already messing around boys oh oh come on there we go
I love my computer boys and girls gotta love it here we go folks another story
from my adventures in small land at IKEA oh boy cast me as myself ye entitled dad
SARS edy entitle mama’s e/m respectful boy our be respectful girl our G
co-worker ID polite mother p.m. the TLDR is at the bottom so the story starts
with me taking over the check-in area for small land when I took over the
check-in where there were five families in line
I checked the first two and this one woman in her daughter I noticed that the
man would end the woman standing behind the woman and her daughter had weird
looks on their faces the woman looked visibly uncomfortable and the man looked
like he wanted to punch somebody after almost two years of me witnessing people
developing weird facial expressions strange emotional states from waiting in
line I was kind of desensitized to how they were acting not fully prepared for
what was about to come no seriously something was about waiting in line to
go in to smile and makes people look like they’ve gone through an existential
crisis it’s like her retail customer dot exe stopped working
I should have been laughing so much more about all of this that I actually did
when I worked there anyways back to the story this woman’s daughter comes in and
I shut the gate behind her she trots off to play happily enter entitled dad and
entitled mom and the respectful boy and respectable girl yes their kids were
really nice antennal dad Allah is looking down at entitle mom as if he’s
expecting her to obey some fort of some form of instructions she’s been given in
title mom doesn’t say anything so entitled dad decides he’ll just do it
himself I’m blurts out that woman who was just here cut in front of us I think
that wasn’t true the woman her daughter had been in line for a very long time
and they had been there before I had taken over check-in and before in
telling mom and the title data had gotten in line I know this because I had
been waving at the little girl at one point about 15 to 20 minutes prior to
this I would also pay attention in line even if I wasn’t assigned check-in
because the people cutting in line was a big issue at her store so I said to
entitled ad she was here before you got here
no she wasn’t I was here first as entitled that his voice getting a little
bit too loud me so why didn’t you say anything well we didn’t want to make a
scene but she says this in a way that like she’s trying to tell me in some
super secret code that her husband loses her mind over crap like this all the
time and that she has to work really hard to defuse the situation
I’d eat my coworker she was there before you guys I know cuz I was there
what’s up frog way he’s good to see you Logan good to see as well yes sir I
thought okay I I D is like the sweetest human to walk on earth no one ever gets
mad at him he can straight up straight up tell these people the worst news ever
exactly what they do not want to hear but but they accept it because he’s so
damn sweet without even trying to be alright he’s wonderful Demeter automata
fix this nope entitled dad looks over at ID and raises his side his side the high
side in the widest way a man couldn’t say shut up you don’t know what you’re
talking about now ideas a lot younger than I am so he
just laughed up this guy I mean you know that was being read so ridiculous he
deserved to be laughed at but I’m not young so I say to him I beg your pardon
I said it in a way like one more insult in my under my unofficial little brother
and we’re going to have a problem that’s the only time at this joke at this job
that I thought I was about to have a fuming argument with someone over about
how they addressed my coworker entitled dad is staring at me like I’ve been
slight like he’d been staring at entitled mom and that’s crap don’t work
on me he even leaned forward I guess thinking that he cuz he’s slightly tall
that it would intimidate me all I said was which one of you will fill this out
I later append over the paperwork I had it ready for them and just waited mom I
don’t think we should have to should have to do that me they can’t come in
unless you fill them out entitled dad you should make the kid to get out so my
kids can go in me there’s plenty of space for both your kids if you want
them to go and you can fill this paper entitled dad no I want you to make that
kid get out here right now he’s pointing into the play area and down his feet
he’s actually wants us to bring the child to him needless to say this guy
was creepy be I’m not going to give you someone else’s kid entitled that it’s
not fair that we had to wait so you get that kid out here so that so they can go
in now I simply took the paperwork away I said
I’d phone my manager to come and speak with them as I’m calling my managers
extension I hear both the kids tell you dad and entitle mom that they don’t want
to play anymore and that they should just go the boy was practically pleading
with entitled dad tell just to leave it was clear to me that his rageful
behavior is most likely a regular occurrence entitled mom takes a
respectful boy and girl away until dad stays inform him after that I get off
the phone that a manager will be there shortly I want the manager now entitled
dad says the manager will be here in a few minutes and tell that he needs to
hurry up this guy’s been waiting for all of 30 seconds and he was the
disturbingly impatient a minute later a polite mother and her son come up to
drop off entitled dad gets in their way and sets of them I was here first I’m
next in line waiting for the manager nobody else is going in until I get the
service I’m do me don’t talk to my customers like that move aside so I
could check in her child the polite mother turns to look at entitled dad
with the greatest thing I had ever seen she then turns to me and says how are
you doing today before I could answer her entitled the head starts shouting
that he wanted a manager me do you want me to call security because I can call
security and tell that you can’t call security on me I’m allowed to be here
me watch me and I did exactly that call security lead came down fairly quick and
took the guy decide and had a chat with him and I think royally scared the pants
off of him a little while later the manager came
down and also had a discussion with IDI this interrupted into him claiming that
he would sue IKEA for his time and money he had lost my manager just responded to
that with smile and is a free service I guess finally realizing that he wasn’t
going to get anywhere with his nonsense he stormed off unbelievable man some
people’s children you know yes sir frog face the beard is gonna be
coming out soon though but it the beard is gonna be coming off soon for sure
a man scarf a great Canadian winterized vehicle is going to be shaved off with a
smooth sleek look of summertime very shortly maybe even today who knows
might come back on the next stream as a baby-faced jerski back in fresh-faced
into the world gotta be free gotta be clear yes sir it’s gonna happen it’s
gonna happen soon enough for sure yeah what’d you guys think of that story not
bad hey guys not bad it was a long one it was definitely a long one that was a
creepy dad trying to try to get someone else’s child out of the playpen for no
reason like there wasn’t enough space for his own child children to play with
that one other kid and I’m being so weird about it like like for the whole
time tire time afterwards it’s funny how security set him straight though because
they could have kicked his ankle yes right out of the store very easily
mm-hmm it’s true question is should we stick on in town parents or should we
move on to choosing beggar’s their boys and girls all tracks what up buddy good
to see you man it has been a while my friend how are you see you must have
changed your name because I don’t remember that quite name uh that you
would have had in the past but since I know you it’s not just the amazing
Japanese music in the background Kincaid is ooh yes sir so I can switch it over to no
let’s do this coca-cola zero sounds like an interesting story sounds like an interesting so we’re
gonna do at least three of each right at least three of it’s actually minimal no
this is uh this is actually advertisement because we want to be
somehow what what’s our decorous here I am thinking
this Coke Zero it’s a Coke Zero I got story meanwhile I don’t know if
I’m gonna be doing apex again frog face because apex is like I expected it to be
which is to say unless you play it every day you gotta pay to what you gotta pay
to play if you want to play with all the characters and then stuff like that you
know so I don’t know a lot of sweat ease in it not really my style of gameplay so
like for a fur for the good old free-to-play battle royale for tonight
it’ll be the one I do play hmm entitled parent thinks that I will
buy his son a nerf gun this should be interesting so why was that Kaymer one day looking
for a bike pump for my nephew annoying kid who looks about 7 comes up to me up
and cover conversation goes as follows annoying kid can you please buy me a
nerf gun me sorry I can’t afford it I wonder what is where his parents are
at this point and the way you kid but you’re buying one of those and points to
the bike bump me sorry I only have enough money for this at this point the
dad comes up and asked the kid what’s wrong with who looks like he’s trying to
cry at this point I know I kid he won’t buy me my nerf gun points to me entitled
that is that true me sorry I don’t have money for this pump entitled that looks
pissed at this point in title does so put it back he looks at me like I’m the
biggest idiot in the world be sorry sir I can’t buy your son his toy have a nice
day as I start to walk away I hear tell dad talk to the kid tell you that don’t
worry about people like him making the road to sometimes has has some a-holes the guy the guy who wants to expect some
random dude to bring him by his son a nerf gun and like says the he’s the a ho
like what hell is wrong with people what’s going through their brains
through the mines guys how this one sounds too plausible
we have to give this one a little thumbs up get a photo right it mean it deserves
it deserves that we up hope you do it up yes sir next one I don’t kind of maybe
you want to do another one for eat what no I don’t want to have to suds too
ridiculous in title mom wants my spawn the bus and tries to steal my backpack
that’s interesting all right here we go after you remember this story after
writing up another post about the bus this one is a little shorter but still
classic care and behavior I’m on a mobile yadda yadda yadda blah blah blah
get to a story basically saying don’t excuse my not perfect grammar don’t be a
grammar dodgy okay on to the story just to some backstory I used to take the bus
to school every day both in the morning and afternoons and usually in the
morning the bus was empty I’m empty I mean empty unlike the packed afternoon
bus now I’m a grumpy in the morning and this wasn’t the first time I was dealing
with the entitled mom as she and her son were in we’re in avid bus users and her
son went to my school the entitle mom was always causing a stir on the bus she
seemed to think that it was her private transportation and that she had the
Liberty to get on to get anybody to move anywhere she wanted in my case it was
the morning bus and I was sitting alone in a seat in the middle of the bus I
needed to make it clear the bus was empty besides me in the driver and the
bus was dead empty and tied of mom and her son come on board and I know I kind
of died a little inside but I’m hoping that I don’t have to deal with her
entitled mom excuse me I have to take out my earbuds by the way yes you tell
mom do you mind moving why it’s just that my favorite seat and a my son and
my son likes to look out the window meet me window the bus is empty there’s
a bunch of other window seats in teitelbaum that’s my fight my favorite
seat though keep in mind I was a hormonal for 13 to 14 year old girl
I’m already prone to gum penis nut and this time of that morning and mixed with
a lack of sleep and no breakfast I was having none of it me sorry lady I’m not
moving and tell mom I asked nicely please move
me no leave me alone I go to plug my earbuds back in when the
lady picks up picks up my freaking backpack and tried to move it me hey AEM
you need to move I want the seat and so does my son me he doesn’t even care at
this point her son was kicking back in the row in front of me playing on his
phone while his his batshit crazy mom is still taking my bag visual note I had
one arm in the in one strap so while she was taking on on the free strap I was
holding on to it by the other the bus driver whips around and sees what’s
going on and as if he couldn’t justify a 40-something year old woman harassing a
teenager this was exact actually a bus driver whom I knew personally and he
looked livid to see what was happening visual note again the bus driver is the
gentle giant type very big muscular black guy with a heart of gold
bus driver let go immediately where I’m calling the police
entitled mom let’s go and slams herself down next to her son who honestly seemed
completely oblivious to the situation luckily I only ever dealt with there one
other time and that time was on a crowded bus but it was uneventful but if
people want to share that story another time too long didn’t read entitle mom
wants to take my spot on the bus even though the bus is empty and tries to
steal my backpack crazy there’s like some people like why like number one why
do you have a favorite seat on a bus like it’s public transportation you
don’t own it like and two it’s a bus like they like she said there’s like
there’s many window seats as many aisles as you can sit when the one directly
behind her it’s not a big deal shouldn’t even brought to her attention
but like you just had to go over poor like here Queen freaking Chiba you know
what I mean that’s entitle people for you
stunner what’s going on buddy how you doing
in the house how you doing brother always good to see him my friend always
good to see just rocking out some good old or edit readings today oh look at
all the lazy Saturday afternoon being procrastinating got to do laundry
tonight but that’s okay today we just have some fun chillin
enjoying some choco milk and having some fun all the times unless you hate the
name of the chair that’s it hey the beard name the beard for sure alright so I want myself the rad limousine sure if
he has to be a coffin to be in it it’s not losing its like it’s a cursed that’s
awesome it’s that one sounds fun that wasn’t sounds fun I want my son to
ride the limousine sure if he has a coffin to be in so thirsteee
basically so much for any grammatical errors but I am an Italian and I do not
know English very well also sorry if this is not incredibly long or exciting
story but I thought it would be funny to read this happened a couple of weeks ago
it was a day my grandmother’s funeral she died in a hospital and I was outside
taking talking to the owner of the funeral company this dude was also my
godfather and I had a very good relationship with him he might sound
weird that my god for a father is the owner of a funeral company but to me
it’s not he’s he’s known me since I was a baby and he’s treated me like I was a
son also to me his job is just like any other job and it even has its benefits
anyway here we go I was and still am a seventeen this story cast is entitled
mother yem girlfriend sorry GF Godfather’s not girlfriend I
Fred the girlfriend Piper’s how about that it a title kid ek even though he
doesn’t play a huge role in the story Amy yours truly we were just outside the
hospital talking to each other parked in front of us were all the company
vehicles including the one that you are all thinking about all of a sudden a.m.
approaches us eeehm hello me oh yeah had her kid just next to her and
he was holding a drink yep I was wondering if my excite a Sutton
could take a ride on the limousine she pointed then pointed her finger to her
Hurst I think it’s called like that in English yes it is it took me a while to
respond for two reasons the first one was because that day I had so many
thoughts going through my head and a stranger coming up to me out of nowhere
caught me by surprise I am very introverted person and I find
it difficult to talk to people I don’t know
the second reason was because I was holding my laugh she had legitimately
thought that the Hurst was a limousine me I’m sorry to say this but that’s not
entitle mom cutting him off are you going to say that no to a little child
at this point I don’t know what to say me yes Blee be you don’t want your son
to go into that thing entitled mom why are you so stingy even if he spills is
drinking it’s in the limousine it won’t be a problem you have enough money to
buy a limousine so you’re sure we have enough to clean it this is where my
godfather gets in Godfather excuse me miss what do you want to do entitle mom
I want my son to ride that ride the limousine my godfather
then said in the most epic thing I had ever heard
Godfather thanks for it well sure you can ride the limousine but only if he
has a coffin to be in and tattoo mom was a bit confused about that response she
then takes a good second look at the limousine and then she realized I have
no idea how she confused i hearse for a limousine perhaps the company logo was
was out to her view or something like that however when she realized the
mistake her skin got pale and she just walked away as fast as she can with her
kid me and Goff I just looked at each other and started laughing this is my
first post on here and I hope they all goes well on our slash because he’s the
best I have a good day well not on our slash buddy but you are on your pal
jerski so at least here online that way maybe our slash will get you as well
dark van what’s up buddy good to see you man good to see you how are you doing
today brother welcome welcome always a pleasure man I’m always glad to
see ya when you’re able to come by it’s hard to get by in the Netherlands there
what what to the Netherlands yes sir great to see you me for sure
hope you guys are having a great day I hope you guys are enjoying the stories
as well I enjoy watching and reading these type of stories and I enjoy them
on YouTube as well so I figured you know I love doing it too and it helps me
practice my dictation a bit and I find it very cathartic you know to read out
stories like this it’s very enjoyable you know I have fun I enjoy it and I
hope you guys do too because who knows maybe we can do many more with that
smooth ruski voice 7:00 p.m. for you right now dark nice nice yeah that’s
pretty late my friend pretty late for sure it’s only 1:00 p.m. here for us so
it’s a 6 hour difference eh yeah that does make it tough for my usual time you’d be more likely to be waking up for
school the morning that you would be to actually let me see me the night that I
actually stream adorable type well that was a good story we’re gonna give that
one a good old upload on reddit be sure given the props to the story makers yeah 5:00 a.m. a dark that’s so crazy
maybe if you’re waking up early early you might see it for sure but that’s
about it most the time you wake up at 7:00 yeah
that makes sense my friend that makes sense mm-hmm all right boys let’s switch
it up to some cheesy burger cheese makers have been a little stale the last
couple of weeks so let’s hope it’s a little better this time around so you decided to see if it decides this is a short one there’s a difference between a beggar
and the choosing beggar he says it’s got way for it alone kamo come on crow you can do it
demanding something for free doesn’t make you a choosing beggar a choosing
bigger is someone that begs for something that they haven’t earned then
proceeds to be picky about exactly what they get or how it’s given to them
thinking of the phrase beggars can’t be choosers to help you grasp this I think
this is uh basically a how-to yeah how to read how do I make a choosing beggar
post if you’re gonna make a post make sure to read what it is
buy it for four hundred and give it to me for fifty two that should be
interesting 7:00 a.m. is early though brother for sure I applaud you for that
I applaud you for that oh these side ones kill me can’t you have it in a
linear hello hello is this regarding the leg oh yes okay which ones would you
like do you have a Claude city Cloud City no I only have ones listed in the
ad can you get it then no wait sorry oh yeah can you get at them me if I if I
buy it for four hundred dollars which is the price at best then how much would
you buy it for off before I only have fifty two dollars I can do fifty two
dollars are you joking I can’t even get you a cloud city especially not if you
are going to buy it for fifty two dollars
I’m selling a tanta 429 2009 for 408 2009 Vader’s tie for 75 and a minifigure
collection ranging from three to $42 what figures then all the ones I have in
the picture okay how much for what one’s Boba Fett
and Chewie boba is 16 because of the custom gun and
do end which Chewie do you want the one at the front that one is four dollars okay that’s good but Ken Boba Fett be
four dollars oh my god this guy’s crazy
this is cheesy burger though really Boba Fett would be like eight but I have
handcrafted a custom blaster gun that adds another eight
all right rock face wood thanks buddy frog face don’t eating a pound or two
super chat thank you good sir I appreciate that mate from the grand UK
it’s all get mean it’s okay I appreciate it though my friend absolutely they
could get some some props in the chat frog face anyone who’s here some tea
geez some hashtag frog whichever you want to put if there’s
anybody hearing around do appreciate it frog my friend yeah absolutely
alright Oh back to story real quick then can I get it just get Boba Fett with no
gun fine that’s for to how eight dollars plus four why is there four dollars
that’s Chewbacca’s price you’re you ordered Chewbacca no four dollars is for
too much for Chewie fine I’ll Lords are too happy yeah good
is paypal okay can you put our two rd2 in as well he sets No
so he’s six bucks basically he’s slightly more so he’s modified so he’s
six bucks no I mean for free why don’t you understand
look I’m not doing this either you pay eight dollars for boba two hours for
Chewbacca and at least four dollars for our two than this what then this will
work just because I lower the price on one thing doesn’t mean I’m giving
everything away for free no blocked Jesus right
this cheesy burger just goes through all this time wasted his time and that off
you had no blocked like it’s his fault you know poor guy just trying to sell
his Star Wars Lego and this to him beggar trying to whittle them down tries
to get him to buy another folk 2 for 400 on our piece and then sell to $52 just
backless no brother it’s the the they get say that means the world frog mean
for sure the amount doesn’t matter what matters is the sentiment my thought so I
do appreciate it my friend absolutely follow shower I appreciate I appreciate
you and I appreciate that you love the content my friend and let you love
chillin and hang with your battery ski here we go smooth voice mofo let’s see
there another good choosing beggars choose and beggars does not really good
for life for him and I found it’s a little tough but we’re something trying to still
gonna try and rock it out my friend just sent me this it’s certainly escalated
quickly seriously naked mic microscopic for realsies oh boy oh boy see if this actually works
boys and girls I appreciate it frog me for sure
he absolutely works works I’ll take it hey my friend told me you would do
commissions yeah I do cool what are your prices for a bus Linden is $5 bus
colored is sorry bus line art is $5 bust colored is $10 full body line art is 15
and a full body colored is 20 wait oh my god stop no I don’t want to go next post
why are you why are you that where your here is this thing that’s blocking my
name you now it’s gone green why have you gone green them you read it being
weird for no reason no well so that’s the prices let’s get back onto the story
I take half a front and every for everything but I I bust line arts sorry
I take half upfront for everything except for bust line arts basically I
want a full body colored but twenty bucks is too way too much I know but you
can’t pay for it you can’t pay for a bust I can’t pay for it I make more
money in a day than you do in a month bitch he says well in that case take all
the art you want your majesty I had no idea I was dealing with such a
high-class individuals such as you if you you see word I don’t know why anyone
buys you your crappy art I’ll give you one last chance to accept my offer then
you’re getting blocked up to the top will you do 10 sorry for that but I
don’t do discounts the price is take it or leave it
that is ridiculous what’s ever gonna spend that much for your crappy art I
think I might I mean my backlog of words might disagree with you if you can’t pay
for the full body then I do color bus for $10 I don’t want a bust I want a
full body then it’s a no famille of scare you see where you see you sure do
love naughty words don’t you f off no you that’s it you’re getting loved
blocked then she correct subscriber you’re so he’s chilly no chewy chewy
ghetto the thousand don’t you Oh buddy I feel free man I feel for you there’s
bucks the ever sure right frog face definitely my goodness well that was an
interesting cheesy beggar that wasn’t that one wasn’t too bad cheese makers I
find her a little bit harder for live format then then until appearance that
are more of a story format where a lot of the choosing burgers are like text
post offers don’t translate as well but there’s a
lot that still not I did get a good good one here and there I’m trying to go
backwards on a something that I can well that ain’t gonna work it’s not my for
him telling you the poor laptops just say God stop poking me with so many
sharp knives we all want so much work at the same time I can’t handle it might
get somehow by some miracle it still keeps going confused beggar that sounds interesting create your own city town box logo
listing hi hey hello my name is Dylan I am a youtuber with thousand
subscribers and thousands of integral Instagram followers
I would love to to unbox and review your products to promote your items is to
some to your many items to as many thanks Aaron is your name Dylan or
errand hello my name is Dylan many thanks Aaron that’s awesome we flex but okay you actually said that
as response you’re gonna run a scam but you’re gonna run a scam take a handle
stick with it don’t change it halfway through the scam this is this is the
work it don’t work that way you just don’t work that way gotta love it choosing beggar wants money for the bus
beggars are pretty common downtown here I was running errands between oops I
pushed it too far between shops and a woman approached me which is a beggar
excuse me can you spare some money for bus fare me already suspecting this
story what is bullcrap but not about knowing exactly how to piss her off
you’re in luck I have a spare bus ticket here you go and answer a bus ticket CV
with a look of absolute defeat oh thank you and walks off to beg someone else I
continue with my errands sound the mention nearby for a few minutes later
that at which point the CB approached again excuse me
having no tech left you already asked me and I gave you a bus ticket yeah but do
you have any money I need to take a taxi me f off leaves it would feel more like
more of a victory she wasn’t already flagging flagging someone else down I
still missed that buck bus ticket that’s funny secure you change for the bus but
the oldest line in the book like no no you don’t need change for the bus you’re
just a dirty beggar just a dirty bag here what can he do C B wants me to pay
him for giving him a free pipe organ well I don’t that’s interesting
my mom used to play the pipe organ and she was really good too she could play
like the really fast medieval style pipe music well that was years ago and for
years she had the pipe organ sitting in the living room and the other that other
than it being kind of cool to show to my friends we never actually did anything
with it even eventually once she realized that none of her kids wanted to
inherit her pipe organ she was done playing with it she decided to get rid
of it so I helped her make a Craigslist ad to offer it up to whoever would come
and get it choosing Bayer shows up with a big truck
and I helped him load it up only then does he decide to inspect it in the sky
a few dents on one or two pipes he says I did this while loading it and since he
took ownership of the pipe organ inside our house I now owe him money for
damaging his property I told him that the dents were there already there but
he disagrees I tell him I’m not giving him any money and he literally just got
a free pipe organ and you should be happy with it he grumbles and eventually
goes on his way what’s freaking douchebag guy gets a
whole pipe at like a pipe engine for a pipe engine pipe organ for free and and
he’s grumbling about it are you kidding me
a first request dark you want me to read nuclear revenge absolutely rather
absolutely I’ve been waiting dying waiting for someone to request request a
subreddit of funny report and nuclear revenge is 100% within the realm of
possibility dark so let’s do we’re gonna we’re just gonna take over a pro revenge
here we’re gonna just switch it over to nuclear switch it over to nuclear in ten minutes it depends frogs so like
if you’re not chatting you would earn like 20 D bucks if you’re if you were
chatting throughout the 10 minutes you would earn like 70 you get like an extra
25 for every five minutes if you’re chatting throughout the five minutes so here we go boys ease we got our slash
nuclear revenge as per requested by dark file thank you sir for your request Tyler what’s up buddy good to see man
good to see you so you like hurting others enjoy being jumped by a mob of
kids in front of us your mother’s guy you’d get some karma –
that sounds like a spicy story there boys and girls
as we dive into nuclear revenge what do we got this took place maybe two to three years
ago TL DR at the bottom I was volunteering for a camp because I really
needed to go out some more and thought I camp would be the nice me f1 and f2 f1
and f2 were actually members of the camp were leaders of a for a group of 30
children all of them were cool always listening to us and followed the rules
all except the one of course this little C bag L see in the story was a demon
spawn he bit pulled hair through stuff beat choked pushed other children once
he bit f2 hard but we managed to get the little little sighting off of him
the mother sees mom was a bitch she always blamed the victims threatened to
sue us if LC was kit way it was kicked out and also encouraged Elsie’s behavior
you couldn’t talk sense into her she always said that said that she had
connections to the police she would get anyone arrested and some racial stuff to
others and to keep saying he’s just playing whenever we told her about LC
this went on for went on and on for about a week until all other children
had enough they decided to just jump and make him endure several minutes of
beating and next time we went hiking only some girls and boys came to us and
told us the plan snitches and left me f1 and f2 to look at each other and decided
to let them do it we were sick of him fill up what I body good to see mine
good to see it always great to have Phillip Walkman in the house as well my
friend so next day while we were hiking little sea begins hitting another child
while me and ephah went ahead to scout the road the other children jumped and I
mean jumped the little sea and dirt a 10 minutes of hair pulling kicks punches
and children biting him when we got back the mob had stopped else he looked at us
like he had seen God but I washed us all the cover drain
from his face as me f1 and f2 gave a wink and just zapped by then with smiles
on their faces the mob resumed its punishment by the end of it else he
looked like a roadkill but still alive we got back cm screamed bloody murder
when she saw LC she started accusing us and the children of assault when I got
in her face and whispered they were just playing she tried to hit me but I dodged
and they slapped her to the ground thanks dad for all these reflexes
telling her that she and LC are banned from the camp she left in a hurry with a
crying Elsie behind her some days later a police car arrived
due to a call about the children’s abuse and assault the policeman talked to the
children and to us and to the other parents and left as they saw their
children happy that evening and our right and everything was alright
she tried calling the police four more times before being arrested for false
accusations good ol karma the parents did believe didn’t believe her when she
said that shit and their children did this as she lied before we just told
them he tripped and fell down a hill because he didn’t follow the rules and
they effing bought it children who informed us of the plan
kept quiet happy with the result in short – too long didn’t read kid is a
c-word beats children children former mob and jump him we see it and let it
happen C’s mother calls the police five times and is arrested other children’s
parents believe us when we say he fell down a hill and that’s the end great story great story love it great
recommendation dark for sure pro-nuclear veg is is pretty fantastic I was a good
story to kick it off for sure that one I think definitely deserves an upvote
friends are you definitely gotta give that beast out what is up John Gallagher
you’re good to see you buddy how are you today my friend always a pleasure having
your company and yeah you have a some rid of their dark nice nice yeah meet
Yvette I love them all badly there’s so many good ones out there that I really
love enjoying them I even got malicious compliance pulled up as well too so
that’s another fave of mine as well but yeah love it I love reading them too
you know and I got a good smooth clear voice there that you know well that
let’s do some more runner eating because I enjoy the hell out of reading them so
I hope I’m glad you enjoy being here and chill with me while I do so appreciate
it my friends definitely ready tree you don’t want to be alright what’s the next
one down here on nuclear revenge we have Pro to worse that sounds like I could be
fun and vicious that could be fun and official is that your first super chat
ever frogface damn well thank you even double time there frog face appreciated
my photo show what I’ll put up we got ASMR some are in the house what’s going
on some are good to see my friend I hope you’re doing well my friend folks out
that’s seventeen my friends cuz you are my friend yes sir all right here we go
we got the next story in the house on the nuclear revenge slot it is Pro
divorce let’s get into it I appreciate dark brother for sure me
back in the day I remember all right throw away as this might not be make me
very popular even in pro revenge this all happened to me a few years ago
I told a friend the story of my divorce and it was told to share started a few
years ago I thought we were happy you were your usual suburban professional
couple financially secure healthy good sex life two kids 14 female and nine
male at the time I thought we had a healthy social life we were going
through one of your typical married couple rough patches both of us were
working long hours not spending enough time together we were going through some
of the developmental problems with my son and tensions in the house were
running a little high I noticed that she was spending a lot more time on her
phone texting with her girlfriends I didn’t think much of it I started making
much more concerted effort to get out of work when I could help around the house
and be more emotionally available but over the course of a few weeks the Guf
just kept hit again the Gulf just kept getting wider I ended up accidentally
finding some messages when I charged up an old iPad for my son to use her
Facebook Messenger was still logged in and there were a lot of highly
questionable messages with a guy from her hometown who I will call JimBob
cooter wait I’ve actually we’ve actually heard this one before unfortunately we
never stopped that one back it up back it up
unfortunate that solder story that’s been reposted because I remember that
wasn’t either on our slash or bump Reese wanted to well no to and I don’t really
go up feel like going over ground already covered so we’re gonna go down
vote for the repost surprise it’s got so many up votes
people have such short memories cuz it wasn’t it was a repost you don’t wanna
you don’t wanna have three posts you know I mean someone else me that’s three
here we go next one I thought they should go here
what is it now 2l TLDR at the bottom this didn’t happen to me it happened to
my sister my sister moved up from SC to Florida South Carolina
maybe I’m guessin so from South Carolina to Florida
about a year ago but then she still visits us periodically we’re big and
close family shortly after Thanksgiving she flew down with her husband and son
for one such visit she has three geriatric dogs so she got a house dog
sitter MS as my sister went through the basics of how they can only be fed at
certain times they get let out at certain times they need to be in their
crates from X to Z our more importantly they don’t get treats they get vitamins
in place of treats but those vitamins have to be given only
twice a day no people food and very strict diets they’re all happy and
healthy bo only because ms is so strict with the Reg regime this lady she got to
watch her dogs had stellar views on the say she was found through she’s a
stay-at-home mom who does all this as a side thing for extra cash I feel like I
can get I could end it here and he can all guess where this is going
my sister left Florida for a week the first five days everything is going well
dog sitter tax MS Riley or video calls she shows MS pictures and gives her
regular updates of what of when she comes and goes to MS his house my sister
just bought that house by the way she’s been working but her butt off
financially to be able to afford it she put so much into making that a nice home
for her family my sister has some health problems
herself she’s got a ton of prescription medication and her medical cabinet she
brought is enough for the week but the less the left the rest at home stuff for
epilepsy asthma allergies but she’s also at a ton of painkillers from when she
has my nephew from long ago she’s paranoid about becoming
it did so she kept pills for safety but never used them it’s a full bottle on
top of that she’s been a collector of rare beer for about 15 years now beers
not that’s not even sold anymore because they were promotional from micro
breweries beer she can’t get anymore because she’s doesn’t live in Florida it
was abolished she keeps our mostly decoration in her kitchen on the sixth
day of her vacation des stops all communication altogether
Ms texts calls emails nothing radio silence she’s got a bad feeling but she
doesn’t want to kill the mood because she doesn’t want to get she doesn’t get
to see her family often anymore day seven she gets on a late-night flag to
South Lake back to South Carolina the plane gets around 2:00 in the morning
and drives an hour tour or a home whore or town they get home the front door is
wide open the lawn looks like someone in that truck which des happened to drive
just tried to go drifting over the grass and a tree before vacating the premises
super quick and has Scott goes to handle my nephew who is groggy and screaming
it’s been a rough day she’s still thinking the worst that someone’s robbed
the house while this poor lady was there a mrs. husband my sister’s husband Bill
goes inside to survey the damages it’s clear MS NF you go inside too the back
door is wide open the couch looks like he exploded the rug in the living room
and the couch is pretty much every square foot of the bottom floor is
covered in the kind of pee and poop that can only be made from three geriatric
furry buttholes the dogs are thankfully still in the
backyard but they have shriveling and filthy there’s broken beer bottles
everywhere some have been stuffed deep in the trash
to hide evidence some have been refilled with water and put back in the tops
precariously situated on the top so they might look they haven’t been touched
eighty two bottles each grow a growler sized ruff 64-ounce gone the medical
cabinet is like one of those Western ghost towns with a tumbleweed bouncing
through a mess is already thinking that Dias threw herself a party no way and
how someone could could someone five-foot 670 pounds drink
that much beer and take that many pills and not be dead my sister called the
cops obviously the police get there to figure that supposed to be a kind of
break-in they take a bunch of pictures and take into account all of the bottles
drugs that we’re missing and must cleans what she can but gets to sleep because
thankfully in the upstairs hasn’t been touched one day later the police find
des I must assume she’s dead and abducted so the police were looking for
her in her car they found the truck run off the side of the highway was this
lady about two miles up perking hood of her mind walking along the side of the
road screaming at nothing they take her in for whatever charges I don’t know her
husband bails out her out and picks her up according to her husband this had
happened before des had a drug and alcohol problem oh thanks thanks brother
I appreciate that mine thank you for that like my friend as always folks show
doing a little reddit rigging in action at first she’s messaging my sister super
apologetic saying she’ll reimburse ms and please don’t press charges ms quotes
her the price of the rug new couch and the vet bills because her dog had
somehow gained access to and nine containers of doggie vitamins and one of
them was having liver failure the dog is fine now but she’s an old Yorkie so who
knows also ms buy in bulk from a wholesaler henson nine containers the
total were somewhere around $800 ms didn’t my sister didn’t bother with the
beers the meds the lawn cleaning and how she she could have heck i would have on
top of that m estimated es never dog sit again and that she had to refund ms for
her dog sitting ms works in advertising so i wouldn’t i won’t say what kind but
basically if she saw sees diaz advertising herself as a dogs that are
ever again she has the means to drag this lady until she sees it in mud for
the rest of her life the essence is she’s gonna pay it all back
but then that ms has to wait until they get their taxes back okay so my sister
waits late february she yes asking her where her money is des
immediately starts saying how she didn’t have she had she didn’t do anything
wrong ms is a bad dog and her dogs are
miserable none of the stuff ms SDS was actually done ms has all the old text
dia submitting it to all of its so this goes on for a while eventually des
starts saying how as a courtesy she had a friend who owns a furniture store that
will give MSI credit of 200 hearts for a new couch
and she has an old rug she doesn’t want anyone that anywhere that ms can have
what she says she paid ms about five hundred dollars but might but insisted
she’ll get that cousin to and the coupon to ms soon March goes by nothing around
March 20th MS marches their hat her happy but to the small claims court and
files and she snaps pictures of everything and she sends IDs the message
as of courtesy I’m letting you know that I just found this at small claims court
and then the fun starts this lady goes off on my sister she says she’s going to
sue for slander for undue duress for harassment blah blah blah blah MST saves
all of it including the fun bits where des threatens her family and calls her
the c-word 20 dozen times today is what April 6th Tuesday was the court date
things move fast in a small town I don’t know this lady shows up looking like
she’s just got run through a garbage disposal she gives the judge her sob
story talking about how she did nothing but give msn her animals the best care
and ms is making all this up yeah MSI has the og cop with her she’s got
pictures of all the damages the vet bills the bottles the proof that she was
out of town police reports that both the break-in as well as the as DSS DWI the
following day PS tries to spin it that spin it with that one law about how you
can’t serve alcohol – I don’t know – and I don’t alcoholic
obviously gets thrown right out des then tries to appeal to the judge and ms
senses a sense of humanity she tells them how her husband just left her as
soon her for full custody good that she can’t dish it that if you can’t dog said
how is she supposed to support herself ever get her kids back tough cookies the
judge takes my sister’s side for obvious reasons
come on like obviously he the IDS is homeless now living with her parents she
can’t see her kids who by the way don’t want us here apparently she was a drunk
who really who who ran her hubby’s credit all the way down she was abusive
to her kids and because of her heavy alcohol abuse one of her kids has fast d
what I’m guessing is a sort of disease des has 60 days to pay the remaining 300
or she faces jail time I don’t know how much sorry her foot her husband file
divorce already oh and she lost her license thanks to that DWI as a former
addict myself and someone who’s been through a WI I want to sympathize that’s
a lot of stuff to go through I’m s gave her a chance after chance but at some
point you have to take responsibility for your actions it really seems like
the Lea just has been using her husband as a crush while she tries to get better
only to backslide hard it’s rough I know but I hope she gets the help she needs
my sister’s dogs are doing well she’s got a replacement couch on Amazon for
like 75 bucks and a nice fly fluffy rug for even less es eventually cost up
coughed up that coupon it didn’t even work it was something like 20% off of
the purchase of $500 of were so um no thanks to have been read rolled
spookiest dog sitter trashes my sister’s house after going on a bender
claims she didn’t do it do that while she promising to pay for the damages
never pays gets taken to court loses her home job kids in marriage and there’s a
pretty nuclear event for sure I don’t know whether it’s fully true but he
never know it’s a lot to put into a story if it wasn’t you know what I mean
Coolio went up buddy good to see you Coolio ku Eason how’s it going how’s it
going good to see you boys ease yes sir have we been having fun with these good
old red it’s my friend tell you that was a long one but I’m definitely give her a
thumbs up it was a pretty pretty sick Pro revenge for sure oh yes oh you stretch out that stretch
gel you got 1 billion there a frog that’s awesome
come on billion coins on here say love it love it my friend for sure so I think
we’ll continue on we’ll try out one or two more of the good old nuclear revenge
then maybe we’ll switch over to mount some malicious compliance maybe but
first it’s time for that magical thing you know your Paderewski likes to do a
little every once in a while here and there it’s time for a good Oh micro
break my friends so I will be back in the two point two seconds and remember
don’t forget your Tao or hat
we are back my friends welcome back welcome back we’re gonna get into the
next reddit story see you we saw the nuclear-nuclear revenge which
is a fantastic fantastic subreddit recommended by dirt valve tonight why
don’t we check out this one bully me for four years have fun being in a
wheelchair for the rest of your life Wow I don’t know if the punishment fits
the crime but let’s see what’s going on here let’s see what’s going on here
deserve your judgments well hello there this is a long one so hold on to your
butts and grab some refreshments before I give begin with the story I first
apologize for the formatting since I am on a mobile and secondly this is the my
first ever post I would love to hear feedback also I’m writing this when I
already had all two night or two all-nighters back-to-back so my head is
thus and grammar is this far basically saying podcast for grammar okay that’s
gonna keep moving on okay so this story happened a good nine to ten years ago I
was about 11 I had this horrible bully that frequently made sure that I would
come home depressed or even crying the bully was younger than me but even worse
was that he was way taller than me he was like 1.7 meters while I was like 1.5
meters I was quite small for my age due to my parents who were always quite
short he was tall because he was he had something that would make his bones grow
faster this would become very important later on in the story the bully and the
boo I’ll call TF for tall ever had bullied me in various ways he would
frequently say say things about my height call me disabled idiot it didn’t
matter he would always he would also say very
anti-semitic things to me I’m Jewish to the point that even threw a brick
through one of my windows with a letter on it that said things like F the Jews
and he drew a few swastikas on the therefore good member measure I guess so
obviously not a good person he’s being
being a Nazi there they’re bad people if you don’t know this bullying had
continued throughout the rest of the four years I was in that school which
made me extremely depressed and that at some points I had considered suicide
I was very dumb and very young but one day around the final week of school he
had done the worst thing ever to me TF pushed me down a small flight of
stairs and when I was at the bottom he jumped on me this hurt like hell and I
started crying he that then took the opportunity to kick me while I was down
luckily one of my friends found me on the ground and brought brought me to a
teacher at that time it was hard for me to breathe so my friend picked me up the
teacher who I’ll call Beatty for a bitchy teacher and you’ll see why later
was shocked and then told my friend to get another teacher specifically the one
who used to be a nurse at the end of the day I was fine and I was told that I had
to stay after school in order to talk about what happened I finished the rest
of the day and when I came back to dad too bitchy teacher TF was also there I
thought I had finally to had the chance to expose TF when I sat down I
immediately started telling BT what this F tau F had done to me but as soon as I
told her she called me the worst thing she could have at this point to me a
liar this broke me and I realized that she wasn’t there to help me at all so I
became silent in the end she told us that we were both equally responsible
for what happened that we both had to stay every day to clean up after school
this infuriated me as soon as we walked out of class TF began making fun of me
again saying things like if he weren’t so useless this wouldn’t have happened
and Jews are cowards so I knew you would tell you would tell a teacher and this
was the final straw lucky for me we lucky for me we were on the second floor
of the building to which had two entry points one with a collection of small
stairs and one with a long stairway lucky for me he decided to go the long
stairway revenge planned when we eventually came to the stairway I waited
until he was already he was already two steps down this way I could kick him in
the back I stood ready and decided that for this
revenge i had to spar to kick him off those stairs when i did it felt
incredible at first but then I looked down all those stairs and saw that TF
looked like he was in the extreme plane I did I laughed and aside I’ll exit from
the other stay away so I wouldn’t have looked I would look less suspicious
lucky for me I saw the Jenner on my way back to who told later who leader told
BT that I couldn’t have kicked here from the stairway because he saw me leave the
other stairway and it the hate after I heard TF was injured and I was
questioned but if i if i did it but i was because the Jenner was witness and
he eventually thought I had nothing to do with it fast forward a few litres and
I hear that TF is in therapy and that he broke both of his legs and his nervous
system in his legs are permanently damaged mysteriously one day while he
was at school best part is that now because Beatty was with him last she was
the old responsible and was fired for having for her and was fired so sorry so
the bitchy teacher was the last one responsible for him and was fired and
had her teacher license removed that doesn’t make sense
getting fishy I don’t think this is a real story nowadays TF is in a
wheelchair and quits his school life apparently and he’s still trying to
recover by doing a lot of therapy and I was fairly well enough that they can’t
pay for that forever I do not regret a single thing
it sounds like it yeah that’s full bullshit call him out with full bullshit
and even still link regardless like it like just because someone liked it if
you have to hit someone at self-defence that’s one thing but there’s no way and
I for a night it doesn’t isn’t isn’t right violence doesn’t it doesn’t you
know we get violence I’m sorry violence does just begin violence I should say
and so you should never be responding with violence with more violence it’s
something you have to take the high road even if it’s the hardest road only when
it’s really form of self-defense is it really
necessary immuno attack my nan and her dog get plastic blacklisted from local
community hmm let’s go some malicious compliance let’s switch it up let’s
switch it was a little different Gary slept gear sorry I missed you there
but I did I just realized I have my chat now for some reason I decided to go down
but you’re back good to see you brother where’s the funeral right Wow it’s all
black it’s like super super hipster ception right here Pete got the Hat Duke
the beard dang you okay alright we’re gonna we’re going to the malicious
compliance here boys and girls should check it out okay I’ll eat the cheese
let’s eat some cheese let’s see what the cheese is all about okay I’ll eat the
cheese sounds like someone who’s got some
allergies allergies who knows what it could be you shall see my friends if
it’ll actually click on it come on I clicked on you way
that’s going psyched me out made me think I clicked on it the first time but
didn’t you trickster read it you trickster that’s all good so yeah okay
here we go okay I’ll eat the cheese whenever my
computer decides and wants to work hey yeah we’re good this happened to my
little brother when he was about eight years old at school his class were doing
a taste test to learn about different flavors sour sweet etc one of the food
items was cheese – which my brother will not eat for what turns out to be a good
reason he told his teacher he wasn’t going to try cheese because he knew he
couldn’t eat it and it would just copy his friends answer the teacher kicked
off saying it was part of the work and he would be in trouble if he didn’t
complete it like everyone else he was very shy and didn’t want to be punished
okay I’ll eat the cheese shortly after he approaches the teacher’s desk to tell
he wasn’t tell her he wasn’t feeling well she tells him he is being
ridiculous and to go sit down he proceeds to vomit in huge amounts all
over her desk and shoes yeah enjoy picking the chunks out of your
stationery did you get don’t tell a kid to eat cheese when he’s not what he says
he shouldn’t be eating cheese strong with you I was definitely in the days
before peanut free that crap wouldn’t fly you don’t know if that kid has you know
it’s called the wait you don’t know if he’s lactose intolerant or some worse
you never know oh well uh we give her a thumbs up to
have the next one yes I will not dump any sand into him
the water not right then what could this be about as soon as the loads of course he didn’t
happen to me but happened to a family friend a year years ago this guy who
will call Mike for the duration of this story not actual name I just purchased a
new home on a large island connected to the mainland by a bridge now because of
where this island is situation situated it is comprised of almost entirely of
granite which meant that all the sores surrounding the island were incredibly
rough and abundant with sharp rocks Mike did not care for this Mike wanted a
beach so Mike calls up a local quarry and requests a truckload of beach sand
the same kind that was under the rocks of the island and has it delivered to
and dumped on his property in front of the shore one of his neighbors had
noticed this figured out what he was doing and reported him to the township
the township was not happy with this now this Township has strict bylaws when I
came to renovating the shoreline dumping sand etc that required endless amounts
of forms and permits that cost quite a few nickels and would almost always be
declined without reason unless you may or you may or may not have been friends
with someone in the office so basically if you got to know somebody to do some
changes Mike had received a notice the day after
his neighbor reported him and started starting stating that if he’d dug up the
shoreline or dumped any sand into the water without without filling out the
paperwork that he would be heavily penalized and be forced to pay for the
cleanup as well so being a law-abiding citizen he is he went to the office paid
the fees within a week and had his permit declined without reason knowing
this was most likely going to happen he had already extensively gone over the
bylaws and noticed that only the act of dumping into the water was illegal
nothing about the shores the banks or anything except dumping directly into
the lake Mike then waited a few months until winter when the lake will froze
over then simply pushed all the sand onto the
with a tractor and waited a few more months for spring the ice melted the
sand failed nicely into the place over the beach
the township tried to find him and was unsuccessful as they had no laws
regarding dumping on the ice only in the water the law was changed the next year
the family golf Oh get out of okay don’t don’t through the water fine
I won’t I’ll dump it on top of the water that’s good what’s good one I like it
you can’t go wrong with that one hey what do we got next what do we got
next ten weeks tons of rewards no that’s a pub gee promotion nice try Bob gee if
they only sorted the scanner I needed in February you said you didn’t want me in
your room what could this be I work in a nursing home and we have a
woman who is very entitled and spoiled our director says that she could have
whatever she wanted because she’s afraid of what the whitee residents will say to
state when they come I’ll call this woman miss Rou this room has been a
super mad at me because I don’t give her whatever she wants she wants her feet
rubbed with lotion every night when she goes to bed I do the absolute bare
minimum I put it on her feet and don’t rub it in she weighs about 430 pounds
but she demands that we grab onto her bed pad and pull it over in the bed I
will not do this I tell her if she wants to move over in the bed she has to put
some effort into it so I will not pull her on while she is going dead wait she
hates that one night I refused to pull her any
harder on the pad then I was already pulling she got mad and ripped her brief
diaper and complained to the CNA on the next
shift I was put that I was put it on wrong
the next day miss Roux asked if the nurse who was going to pull her bed said
she I hope she’s not my name she doesn’t pull the brief from ah me right I don’t
want her coming in here I was right outside the door at the time because I
was waiting for the nurse to finish administering her medicine so I could
put in but miss Rooke in bed when the nurse came out we made eye contact and I
started walking back to the nurse’s station with her my nurse confirmed with
me that Miss Rou did not want me in the room so as per company policy I was not
allowed in there anymore and I was more than happy to oblige this
was actually the second time I was told I wasn’t allowed in that room within the
last three months so it made it so much easier half an hour later miss we was
walking up the hall mad because she isn’t being pulled
put in bed yet she walks into the dining room where I am sitting and walks past
me she talks to the other aide on the floor with me who didn’t know what was
going on yet because she wasn’t as she was at lunch and says she wants to go to
bed the other eight calls my name and says I’m sorry she said she doesn’t want
me in there anymore so I can’t help you I didn’t even turn around to see miss
firuze face but I knew she was glaring at me the rest of the conversation went
like this miss through I didn’t say I didn’t want you in there I just wanted a
brief my brief put on write me your brief was on right you ripped it I
shouldn’t have said this but I was mad other eighth you’ll have to wait until I
can find someone to help me put you in bed miss Rou why can’t you do it now
other aid because the other aide eats aren’t that let’s try that again because
the other aides are either at lunch or doing their work I can’t do it by myself
miss Roux gets so mad and walks away she doesn’t get into bed until 45 minutes
later that’s how long it took the other aide to find someone who wouldn’t refuse
to go into the woman’s room she’s notorious for lying about people and she
doesn’t like so so a lot of azor to go in there but it gets better the
next day it was time for it to pass I would
snacks mrs. Rou doesn’t get a snack because she’s supposed to be on some
kind of diet that she is clearly not sticking to when I walk by her broom
with the snack tray she yells wait my name let me see what you have tonight I
looked at her straight in the eye and say sorry you said that you didn’t want
me coming in there and then I walked away I did I didn’t have a snack for her
anyways the same day she calls my name because
she wants her heater turned on but I said sorry I’m not allowed to come in
there I had all I had to say this about four times that be the day after that I
get called into the director’s office she says that mrs. Rooke has reported
that I’ve been abusive to her I tell her this story of why I haven’t been going
into her room the director was in a bind because she had to flat-out say that she
if a resident doesn’t want a particular ad in their room that we cannot go to
even to pick up a small piece of trash in the doorway fYI she said that because
a lot of female residents didn’t want male AIDS in the room too bad she didn’t
work for many wait didn’t word it for men specifically I mean she didn’t but
she did I can’t help but feel good every time I walk by that room and know she
wants me to do something but I can’t go in there every time I work the floor I
have to switch with another aide or work at a different end of the hall lucky
lucky lucky because she said that one thing she never has to help that one
crazy batshit lady again very nice very nice you said you didn’t walk your room I’ll
give you that you want six down you’ll get six down all right what’s that mean
we’ll find out Oh chummy don’t do it malicious sorry if it’s boring just want
to share one of my emotions complaint stories all right when I was a young boy
fresh out of school I started working at a very large chain of fast-food
restaurants the one beginning with the nem this particular store was a situated
in a very prominent location in my town it’s next to a two-lane carriageway that
inter leaks with the closest city with all the other towns and is a route to an
airport at busiest times I’ve seen the draft we pile up to 30 cars on it
Saturdays this was a busy store anyone who has
worked before one of these companies in the UK will understand the management
structure and the types of people who work long enough in these stores to see
it through to higher management the staff at these establishments are
usually young people who are in college university there was one shift manager
who took particular disliking to me we’ll call her BFM for bitchface manager
nothing that I could do ever do would be right she would openly embarrass me in
front of newly aquired chums and warned me on several occasions that I should
just do as she says the story takes place six months into my time at the
workplace I must add I am a typically polite and very helpful to anyone who
they would ever ask for anything it would go always go above and beyond in
my job I was promoted quickly I was promoted quickly and worked out this
place for two years I was well liked by everyone and would always covers just
for my friends who weren’t who were hungover etc the story the story starts
on the worst shift that you could be scheduled to work 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. on a
Saturday typically I would be scheduled to work on the front front of the house
serving drive-through and if I’m honest I love doing it this was my favorite
place to work in the whole store well today’s shift leader was none other
than BFM and boy was she going to make me know it today was going to be the day
that she makes me reconsider all of my life choices that’s a little dramatic
but okay I turned up to work ten minutes early a lot myself time to put my stuff
in my lockers to make sure my uniform was correct and to go to the toilet
before my shift started as soon as I walked through the front door our eyes
meet it’s her BFM there was a queue around
five to six customers so I just looked down the boldest of the bolt into the
staff room I’d do my usual business clocking at 1:59 one minute early
as soon as I pressed the clock in button she pulls me into the managers room here
we go the conversation begins BFM why are you so late Opie me well technically
I’m really about what did you want to talk to me about BFM can kind of think
don’t I don’t really care you can see it’s busy you should have just clocked
in me sorry next time I will but be more attentive what station man am I on the
FM today’s shift your go is going to be busy I’m putting you on fries me please
I can work in front of the house I don’t really like it on the fry station BFM
classy line do as I tell you of course fries is potentially the worst station
to work on back then they had those heating stations with the pit that they
had all the fries that it ready to be boxed the station was unbearably hot to
stand that she didn’t she did this just to spite me during busy shifts you have
a strict amount of baskets of fries and they aren’t supposed to go into the fire
between certain times I 6 full baskets during peak this is the maximum of fries
that can be put in fryer and would probably make 10 to 15 large fries for a
memory they take about 3 to 3 minutes to cook the night kicks off and it’s very
it’s busy very busy I asked BFM several times for someone to
help me on fries I was told to just get get on with it the front of the house I
are taking three to four large fries at a time and drive-through is backed up
staff are running all over the place I’m struggling to keep up with the fry
demand BFM o p you’re running out of fries it’s really busy just keep putting
down 6 on till I say to stop that was her mistake
Q malicious compliance I did exactly what she asked I’d begin throwing down
fries like they’re being giving away for free six by six on rotation constantly
well BFM forgot to tell me to stop now it’s 8 p.m. and BFM has just come off
her lunch break the drive-thru is quiet and there are no more customers now a
normal member of staff would have stopped putting fries and start messing
messing around with color his colleagues not me six baskets down six baskets up
but lunch breaks were for 45 minutes and managers tend to take them once it died
down at optimal performance this would equate to 15 rounds of six baskets which
set with some time loss here and there I’d say maybe I’d done around 70 baskets
of fries a lot of fries the fries loading station was stacked I had a full
row of 15 large fries eight medium fries ten small fries and a pile of fries in
the loading bay big enough to make grandma Gatewood attempt to climb it
interesting quote but okay you can imagine the horror when DFM realized
what a great mistake she had made messing with me that day the business
manager head honcho BM came down specifically to look at the huge waste
that had been created in this establishment you have to monitor the
amount of waste created everything is collected in the buckets and put into
the food waste bin important in a moment BM o P why is there so many fries
there’s no customers me a smug well earlier on there was a large amount of
fries on order I was struggling to cope so I asked for somehow B interrupt but
it was too but BFM interrupts it was too but BM interrupts carry on o P
I asked BFM to help she refused and gave me to give me anyone to help out so she
told me just keep putting six down until I say stop
I was just doing exactly what I was told the M penny drops BFM well obviously
you’re supposed to stop when there’s no customers me that’s not what you told me
BM BFM please come into my office they scurry away I am ordered to sort the
fries out till the waste counting how much has been wasted total forty seven
large fries fork medium eight small a total loss of about 86 pounds well
that’s a lot of fries this story has been too long so to finish up from my
understanding BFM was required to do another course in management and after
hearing that I quit received my only disciplinary and was given a slap on the
wrist and told not to be as to the point do be are asshole banter tells me to do
what she says I do exactly she says and and she ends up quitting that’s awesome
not bad I’ll give that one enough vote that one deserves it up vote making
heaps and heaps of fries a just like pick a parent pick bear bear bear bear
loading up the fries that mix that the magic comes out of the officers is
freaking over floored Mountain like the whole racks I’ll filled with fries it’s
like oh my god what’s going on I doing this you shouldn’t have been a bitch playing
simple everybody’s people’s everyone deserves respect
it’s just a little bit it’s true all right boys time for the next story
though lose the chair we’ve got a problem then
the kind of problems we have for losing this chair
we’ll find out let’s try this again lose the chair we’ve got a problem then just
have that vent at the end more petty compliance than malicious but here we go
this Monday I got a list Franek this Franek sprain doing yard work
whatever that is I’ve had sprains before and I can manage easy enough so by at
the time I had to go back to work on Thursday had already adjusted to the
injury and gone through the worst of it time was all I needed
and now to heal now my type of injury is a little different from an ankle sprain
I can put weight on the right side of my left foot but not that the left side of
my left foot so I have to do some mobility without needing crunches
crutches but I cannot do so for several hours at a time
I work in McDonald’s home to a boatload of unusual characters now work there
isn’t bad on in and of itself it’s the people that work there that decide
whether or not you will enjoy your time there I worked with another golden
arches and the people were great if you got your work done early
it was slow there was a good chance manager will let you leave early if we
were good at that and it wasn’t loud we could cook up a music to a Bluetooth
speakers in the kitchen talk was encouraged as long as it wasn’t allowed
to allowed or offensive etc my new store is not so glad benevolent managers
routinely badmouth each other behind their back
it’s perpetually understaffed cleanliness standards are bad and the
wait times for food are literally double my old store needless
to say it’s a crap show anyway I was shoveled back into the back window on
Thursday and I’m the person you see when you pay for the order I call the back
window the hole because whoever is there has no other work and does not leave you
are out of sight and everyone and everything you need to do from cleaning
trays to making Happy Meal boxes it’s back there
so even though I literally know every other station it’s my it’s my injury
limits me to the hole i hurled a chair from the from the break room to set my
knee on it to keep my weight off my foot and we were fine cue the next day and
exactly an hour ago a store manager who was there on thursday and both said
nothing and saw my compression wrap the crutches i had brought with them just in
case and told me i needed a doctor’s note for the chair this is art hearted
because policy at the store is you need a doctor’s note not to miss workdays not
to come to work on schedule granted I didn’t have one but I didn’t need one
Monday when the injury occurred because I didn’t need work that day everything
is needed and is already in the hole we are never short on chairs no one goes
in the hole and thus I’m not in the way and and I can still walk regardless also
considering the other staffing I talked about before someone is always sick or
the car won’t start or there’s a family emergency or there’s a spider near the
door in fact the store actually been shipped
people from another store because they can’t keep the damn place staffed during
lunch hours fantastic on location by the sounds of it and now they want me to
take my chair I can stand for maybe twenty or thirty minutes before and not
my awkward standing posture becomes painful I need that damn chair so I tell
him I might as well go home because it’s physically beyond my ability to stand
for that long so he tries to call my bluff and say I should go home i hobbled
to my break room got my shit and left have fun during your lunch rush hours
TLDR cut french fry cut french loaf and a half drizzle oil salt pepper to taste
literally apply garlic how or mince garlic make to 350 until golden
brown remove from the oven and cut tomato preferir Roma in half squeeze
juice all over each half a loaf enjoy it’s a weird Tod air but ok the story
but ok too long didn’t drizzle 2 loaves they did drizzle maybe who knows but
what are you gonna say no bad story not bad story enjoyable enjoyable nice
little malicious compliance though you want me to go home enjoy your lunch rush
behind yourself with your under staff you mm-hmm
that’s gotta be a little spicy just a wee bit spicy you know yeah all right we
got next boys girls may be little curls you want me to you hide you want I can’t
say this one you want to give me a bitch list full of Mattia menial tasks to do
okay fine let’s see how that works out for you boss this is the classic one for most Lots
people know this type you reckon you already got your own work you gotta do
and then the boss gives you that ridiculous extra amount of work for no
reason let’s make any sense I say well expect
me to grow extra hands clothe myself what I don’t know let’s see well it’s
been my boss manager have essentially taken me being a team player for granted
I was the yes person always agreeing to go above and beyond and also cover
anybody’s shift I was desperate for a job when I first
started and they knew that I know bending over backwards for them was half
the problem one that I contributed to you and they have now become accustomed
to it I get paid the least out of them out of most people there I am a pretty
low on the payroll totem pole working both day and night shifts with no shift
differential I get paid the same for both shifts and it’s not much despite
that I take pride in my work and will put many different hats while on the
clock to make sure that tomorrow shift is easier for people working in the
other departments so you can imagine how how slighted I felt when I came in one
day to find a very long checklist of bitch work to do things that are not my
day in my job description I am an auditor not a janitor so now I spend
nights and days come by completing the tasks on that list of course but I do
them very very very slowly think sloth mode o my colleagues and other
departments are now complaining that I didn’t set up an easy day for them so
they had now actually have to do their jobs sorry everyone I have to polish
their trash cans and clean the lobby restrooms now I didn’t have all that
didn’t have the time for that Oh is my manager getting mad that I
couldn’t finish the things that are my actual job description like routing
those reservations oops sorry I couldn’t find time to do that it was
too busy cleaning all the windows and vacuuming the floors you know since
that’s so important and that has to be done every night prior cleaning
checklist that’s some great level issues arezzo
okay fine you know you you want me to freaking be your Mead guess guess you
can say goodbye to all the stuff I was doing for you before because now I’m
your meat that’s what you get that’s what you get mm-hmm all right well we
get next year we got more military malicious compliance required reflective
belts get ready for the most fabulously adorned the PT group you’ve ever seen
that sounds like fun that sounds like fun
indeed let’s check it out come on now she’s moving I don’t want
don’t you don’t put the tiara to detail the air at the front at the top what’s
wrong with you I was in the Air Force assigned to a unit attached to us to
support the army we had all kinds of additional training to be able to work
with our army brethren weapons training combat training equipment and vehicle
training etc basically enough training to function as an emergency in for
treatment if crap ever hit the fan your average air force unit never got
nor ever needed this additional training we are an autonomous unit on the army
installation but in in an effort to beef up our relations with the army units we
supported we would participate in the training exercises weapons range
qualification sessions and physical training PT sessions the Air Force PT
uniform looks like this I’m not gonna click it noticed how the uniform has
reflective stripes and an insignia our uniform regulation said that reflective
belts were needed because the uniform was inherently reflective individual
units could make adjustments to the uniform regulations but our commanding
you name our commander didn’t give a crap we tried to PT with one of our
supporting army badges about 4,000 soldiers
sorry brigades about 4,000 soldiers or one of their subordinate battalions 500
to 800 soldiers once a week one such morning we plan on running with one of
our support brigades during their BCT run Brigade Combat Team about 4,000
soldiers this was their whole unit running on mass we were in our Air Force
PT uniforms as we always were we were actually kind of pumped to run with them
because it was our first time we were going to run with so many people in
formation as we got to the staging area we were approached by some soldiers who
looked pissed the commanding sergeant-major highest
enlisted rank person in the unit at the ANA funer senior officers told us we
couldn’t run with them if we weren’t wearing reflective belts this unit
required all members running in formation to wear wear a reflective belt
draped over over their shoulder like a Girl Scout sash it was ridiculous but
whatever we sent a few Gophers back to our brigade sorry back to our
building to grab some reflective belts we all kept our reflective belts out at
our desk or in unlocked lockers they were all so bedazzled and crap because
they were no rules regarding reflective belts mine was bright pink with silver
dots on on it one gay guy this was a da/dt what was her plan was repealed I’m
sorry this was after da/dt was repealed I had a rainbow one one lady had a pink
and black zebra striped one our commander had a silver one that you know
you couldn’t even see against his PT shirt most of our people had yellow or
red ones but some of us who had been there long had grossly personalized ones
that were garish and up stir up stir a nice as possible while still meeting the
spirit of the intent of the reflective belts so basically just weird art his
buddies trying to say possibly nudes I should pause here to point out that not
only did the army require reflective belts but they also separated ranks by
colors junior enlisted ‘s were one color non commissioned officers were another
senior enlisted another etc the Air Force doesn’t require its members to
salute in PT gear the army does so having a Miss mash of cars really messed
them up we had an army senior non-commissioned officer saluting one of
our junior enlisted based on the color of his reflective belt that’s awesome
anyway we don’t join the formation until right before it’s getting ready to run
Brigade runs and a big deal they’re scheduled their scheduled weeks in
advance the division brigades our subordinates units of divisions that
this entire division and all of its BCTs consists of over 20,000 active-duty
soldiers leaders nor normally participate to running in the front
along with the BCT leadership families will come out in the lines the roads to
watch it’s actually quite an impressive to see if it’s done right
at the staging area we mold about until the entire brigade formed up and started
running in formation we fell in at the back that’s where we were supposed to be
anyways so here we are clip-clopping along with an intended and
entire inventory BCT in our psychedelic reflective belts enjoying the cheers and
laughter from the people watching from the sides the Fromme was only five miles
and running in such a huge formation is slow and tedious I think it took close
to an hour because the formation that size tends to accordion compressing and
along getting in different choke points along the route as we finished we got
back to the staging area and we get to or that we get order to fall out and our
fiddle fiddle messing around because we parked in an area that is blocked and
can’t readily go anywhere when the same commanding sergeant major as entourage
comes storming our way CSM oh we have only one default setting
kill they get off in it get off on it looking like he had cranked up to 11
well we were sure you’re about to get a spectacular ass-chewing somehow the
public affairs people got had got to us first
they made us snap some pictures and told us that the division commander wanted to
meet with us he even thought it was hilarious
he took some photos with us and said that it was the best showing that the
Air Force units had on post had ever put on that’s awesome so not only did we get
we get to ruin a crotchety CSM’s knot we also got Pat’s on the back from the
division commander all because we decided that ridiculous rule should be
fought to a ridiculous degree that’s awesome
great story good story not bad not bad for sure we got to enjoy it man
sometimes they come up with some interesting ones for sure definitely fun
mm-hmm yes yes we do I think that one deserves a a nut boat as well the
fantastic little malicious compliance story hmm what do you think boys
I think everyone’s pretty much gone for the night or a date so I think that
might be a good place to call her right there
last good story well my friends I will say I definitely had some fun I hope you
guys enjoyed it if you do enjoy the content please do like subscribe become
a part of the fam join us live if you’re watching this in the future you’re more
than welcome we do many different things on the ypd
channel let it be ready ratings you do compilations some live gaming
lots of good fun but you’re always welcome boys I always welcome to come by
become a part of my family I always loved all your faces all my family so I
do hope you have a good day a good evening a good night wherever you are in
the world whenever you are in the world if you’re watching this in a few turn
you me to this point congratulations you have made it to the end I’m sure you’ll
be one of only a few but you guys I hope you have a great
night I will catch you in the next one and see you later
peace my friends

Maurice Vega

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