Quentin Tarantino ‘rejects hypothesis’ on Margot Robbie’s limited role

Quentin, you have put Margot Robbie,
a very talented actress – actor – in your film. She was in the Leonardo …
With Leonardo in Wolf of Wall Street, I Tonya, this is a person with
a great deal of acting talent and yet you haven’t really given her
many lines in the movie and I guess that was a deliberate
choice on your part. And I just wanted to know
why that was that we don’t hear her actually hear her
speaking very much? And Margot I wanted you
to also comment about being in the film
and this part. – Well, I just reject your hypothesis. – Like I said earlier, I always look
to the character and what the character is supposed
to serve to the story. I think the moments that I got
on screen gave an opportunity to honour Sharon
and the lightness. I don’t think it was intended
to delve deeper than … Like Brad also mentioned,
I think the tragedy ultimately was the loss of innocence
and to really show those wonderful sides of her, I think, could
be adequately done without speaking. I did feel like I got a lot of time
to explore the character even without dialogue specifically,
which is an interesting thing because I often do look to
the interaction with other characters to inform
me on the character. Rarely do I get an opportunity
to spend so much time on my own as a character
going through a day-to-day existence. That was actually an interesting
thing for me to do as an actor. I actually really appreciated
the exercise and felt that I could deliver what
I wanted to on screen.

Maurice Vega

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  1. **Have noted the criticism of the original headline and updated it. Agree that this hardly constitutes "lashing out". Apologies.

  2. This is why we call you the enemy of the people. You're smearing him because he rejected the reporter's schizophrenia on why Robbie doesn't have X screne time = misogyny

  3. Jackie Browne, classic female led crime move. Kill Bill, 2 part epic female action hero series. It was a stupid hypothesis that merited rejection.

  4. Provocative questions should face the chance to get provocative answers. I'm really curious to watch his new movie to check by myself whether Margot's role actually "needed" more lines or not (which is of course based on my own tastes). Anyway, this is a shitty way to ask questions.

  5. Groot:" I am Groot?"
    Hodor:" Hodor?"
    The Night King:" …."
    Chewbacca:" rwaaaaa?"
    Charlie Chaplin:" 😁😉😜😗🤔?"
    Me :" Well, I just reject your hypothesis."

  6. How about asking about the story and the what inspired the director over making rash accusations over the amount of dialogue a character has.

  7. To whom ever is the editor-in-chief of Guardian News,
    There thousands upon thousands of live examples on how to kill a company on youtube and you are walking that line very close.. Relax and try to get clicks and views based on merit and not shoddy partisan headlines.

  8. You have a chance to ask a question to the great Tarantino, and basically you use it up by being antagonistic peabrain feminist jackass. Congrats.

  9. He could have answered the question and it would have made him look a lot better instead of acting all victimy

  10. At least she was in the film! Guess what, Quentin could have not written her character, and she could have had no lines!!!
    My goodness, why do leftists have to try to ruin everything?

  11. Tf is wrong with this man's face?
    I imagine him sleeping and still looking like he is discussed from someone bruh.

  12. Based on my empirical understanding of the contemporary political climate, I believe we can accept the null hypothesis.

  13. Her scenes in the movie displayed the character perfectly. I smiled with every scene she was in, because she delivered everything in such a captivating fashion. Film was epic.

  14. "Responded Sharply" ??? He gave the PERFECT answer to such a dumb fkng question. Quite honestly, is THIS where journalism is now???

  15. What community college paper does the "journalist" represent?
    Ridiculous Feminist Hypothesis Daily

    Ah, the Guardian's of stupidity…. guarding the safety of ill dressed dingy imbeciles and community college "journalism" everywhere.

  16. You can say a lot without a lot of words and you can say nothing with with a lot of words. From seeing the film you knew exactly who this character was as a person which is better than how Sharon Tate has literally every been portrayed. Plus the majority of the time we spend with Sharon Tate she’s on her own so it would be weird for her to just be constantly monologuing.

  17. Robbie did such an amazing job of expressing the character of Sharon's Tate joy for life that she didn't NEED much dialog. That's REAL acting… not just saying lots of stuff.

  18. Why didn't you give her more lines? "Because that's the way the fuckin' character was written." What a dumb question, wtf

  19. Now that I've seen the movie, I don't feel her role was limited in anyway. It felt completely balanced within the movie. Damn what a horrible question.

  20. when it showed the woman asking the question, were you really surprised at what she was going to ask? LOL

  21. This movie like most Tarantino films is character driven and the characters we're supposed to focus on are leo and Brad. The Sharon Tate and Manson stuff is a framing device and a symbolic tone, not the main focus of the movie. But sure insinuate that its misogyny to get the views. I love his response, he saw her intent and wasn't going to be baited.

  22. I don’t understand. The journalist didn’t make ANY hypothesis whatsoever, she just asked him why Margot doesnt have more lines.

  23. Tarantino is not someone who can take criticism on the chin. He's very thin skinned. There were other ways in which to answer that question. It's also not a hypothesis. It is or isn't. Just count her lines versus screen time.

  24. The question could have been asked if it wasn't phrased to push an obvious agenda. The question was so antagonizingly that Tarantino's response was the only correct one.

  25. Has journalism changed into putting your political twisted agenda into everybody's face?! This world sickens me. At least I find comfort in superb films of Quentin who is a great and clever guy.

  26. Did this woman see any other films that Quentin directed or was involved with? Just calling out Kill Bill and Jackie Brown or the movies with Salma Hayek. Not really movies where the women have bad roles. Come on, if you want to make a point, than do at least some investigation… Great example of ignorant journalism.

  27. I guess no one at the Guardian has ever watched a Nicolas Winding Refn film, where the main characters barely have lines or don't speak at all.

  28. I came here from RLM to check out the full clip. I got scared that all of the downvotes were people being unfairly angry at Tarantino. I read the comments and am now very happy, cheers!

  29. This feminist obsession with "lines" demonstrates exactly how is it that they don't even superficially understand cinema. How many lines did Django have? How important is the character? There you go.

  30. Wait wtf is going on? Why ask that question? She’s playing a character without many lines. Why do it if she didn’t want to? Omg this isn’t a gender issue wtf. Journalists have lost all sense.

  31. You can just tell that she not only rose from her seat, but also got out of bed, travelled all the way to the press meeting and smugly got this documented and evaluated critically by her likeminded "journalistic peers" because she wanted Tarantino to be judged and defamed over his gender. Its what they do. They see a man and they see a woman written in a way they don´t like by said man, and connect the dots as to that its a problem with all men

  32. I think the question is spot on, yes, bravo. I've been talking to younger people who do not understand either why Robbie has a poster of her own. Millennials don't know who Sharon Tate was and what she represented. And Robbie does a very poor job portraying her, she's honoring nothing. Apart from that, I would like to ask Robbie what she is referring to with 'loss of innocence', as Hollywood has always been the most corrupted spot on Earth. To give an example, Black Dahlia. Los Angeles is everything but.

  33. Came back after seeing the movie, as I thought the question was totally out of line and Tarantino was too gentle on the "journalist" for what she was implying.

  34. As the credits rolled & the tone shifted into a melancholy mood, I took one last drag on my cigarette & collected my coat, hat and hailed a cab. The streets were darker than usual with something more than night.

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