Q&A with Grey #2 (One Million Subscribers)

# Q&A with Grey `#2 (One Million Subscribers) Hi. So I think this is the part where I’m supposed
to have a dramatic opening, perhaps the 2001 theme song playing in the background as the
number 1,000,000 fades into view, but obviously that’s not happening. Don’t get me wrong, I’m lucky that so many
people want to watch my videos. It’s just that one million is a number too large to
be comprehended with a monkey-derived brain. To try and have it feel more real I’ve takes
some YouTube data and made a spreadsheet! (I make lots of spreadsheets) You can select your country and enter the
population of the city where you live, and it will spit out the statistically approximate
number of other people in that city who are subscribed to this channel. Doing that for London shows there are about
9,000 people in the city who are subscribers. Now 9,000 is obviously smaller that one-*million*
but it’s a number with constraints and is small enough to possibly be understood while
still large enough to be very intimidating. So, if you’re interested, you can click here
to play around with the spreadsheet. Now, as promised: on to the Q&A. ## What do you like most about being a YouTuber?
–Conzo_K The best thing about this strange new world
is the people I’ve met — which is quite the statement for a social recluse to make. All
these guys are amazing to talk with and I feel very lucky that I get the occasional
chance to do so. ## What’s the biggest change of opinion you’ve
had? –Steam23 That’s a little too personal to share with
say, one-*million* people, but I do want to talk about the importance of being able to
change your mind in general. The trick is to keep your identity separate
from your opinions — they are objects in a box you carry with you and should be easily
replaceable if it turns out they’re no good. If you think that the opinions in the box
are *who you are* then you’ll cling to them despite any evidence to the contrary. Bottom line: If you want to always be right,
you need to always be prepared to change your mind. ## Were you trying to create a unique aesthetic
by using stick-figures? –Waggles_ 20 No it’s just that I can’t draw. ## After moving to London how long did it
take until you stopped saying ‘Math’ and started saying ‘Maths’? –brockheinz I haven’t — I’m sticking with ‘math’. Americans living in the UK often end up with
an unfortunate accent I call ‘psuedo-british’. I try very hard to avoid this, but when you’ve
spend the majority of your talking time with British people over a decade it’s impossible
to completely fight the creeping pseudo-british accent no matter how abhorrent you think it
makes you sound. ## Did your students know about your YouTube
channel? –qiyitam I would never talk about it, but I know some
of them knew. However it’s impossible to express how little they cared. My classes were like
not hour-long CGP Grey videos. ## Would you like to see the interrobang more
widely adopted? –aaronboardley Who wouldn’t‽ ## Why don’t you have an upload schedule?
–ManavT Right: the big question. Usually phrased in
the YouTube comment section as ‘y u no make moar vids’? So on average over the past couple of years
I’ve posted a ‘Grey Explains’ video about every five weeks, which means if I could switch
to a weekly schedule my income would *quin*tupple. Trust me, I would if I could. I’ve talked before about how long it takes
to make these videos, but one of the other problem I haven’t mentioned is the failure
rate of projects. For every video you see there’s at least two
or three that didn’t make it. Most of the time that’s just a lost afternoon
of working on an idea before realizing it’s a dud, but sometimes it’s weeks before a fatal
flaw reveals itself — sometimes I’ll discover too late a central fact of the video isn’t
correct or, sometimes the whole script is just unfixably *boring*. Either way the decision to kill a video that
isn’t working is depressing and frustrating because of the sunk cost of all those hours. The videos you see are (mostly) pretty good
precisely because I try my best to kill the ones that weren’t — that’s why there isn’t
a schedule, and there never can be. ## What’s the biggest video you killed? –tyroncs The most time I lost was on an important video
to convince the world why *Settlers of Catan* is the greatest board game ever made. I had a couple thousand words as a starting
point, harassed people for footage of a now-famous game that took place at YouTube EDU, got a
bunch of random videos from my ever-helpful twitter followers had a and an outline for
a ‘How to Play Settlers of Catan’ tutorial video for my second channel. But the script kept growing and growing and
began to look more like a documentary film on board game design than a YouTube video
— which might, depending on who you are sound really interesting, but it had the boring
problem I mentioned before. My last ditch effort to save a project like
this is to get rid of everything, work on something else for a few days, then write
a brand new script by hand — which I did. But that script still wasn’t good and weeks
after starting the project I shelved it. But I’m talking about it now because it’s an idea
that I still just can’t let go and might come back to some day. ## Why don’t you hire people to help you?
–WhoAteEarth That’s a big topic that deserves more time,
but for now let me just say the kind of work produced by individuals is very different
than kind work of produced by groups. One isn’t intrinsically better than the other,
but I think the kinds of videos I’ve made have all benefited from being a one-man project
from start to finish. ## Your opinion on koalas. –blanket_warrior They sleep 20 hours a day — never going to
be a koala-based civilization with that kind of work ethic. ## If you could transfer your brain into a
robotic body, would you? –xyon21 Obviously yes. ## You can add three amendments to the US
constitution. What do they do? –raloon Oh, so many tempting changes to make. Off
the top of my head I’d say: 1. Abolish private funding of all elections
and instead make them run from a limited pool of tax money. 2. Abolish the Senate and replace it with
some kind of proportional body. 3. Overturn the Interstate-commerce clause
— which basically gives the federal government too much power over the affairs of the States. Of course, if it was actually my responsibility,
I’d consult with some experts rather than just idly mull it over for a couple of days. Running a country of 300 million is more complicated
than it looks. ## What advice you would give for a successful
life? –pringlesaddict99 Build a self-evaluation loop in your life.
If you don’t periodically review your actions, their effects and your decision-making process
there hope for improvement other than random chance. I do very small weekly reviews, and bigger
quarterly and yearly reviews of how my life is going and how I might want it to be different
in both the biggest and smallest ways. That’s the best, high level advice I have.
For more tactical advice I recommend two books: one that changed my life *Getting Things Done*
by David Allen and another that might change yours: *So Good They Can’t Ignore You* by
Cal Newport. You can click those books to read my reviews of them. ## Have you made a video you don’t like how
it came out? –Gourounaki With the exceptions of the 2012 and Holland
videos, I’m unhappy with *all of them*. I don’t watch my own videos after upload if
I can possibly avoid it: they’re graveyards of the could-have been. ## Favorite non-educational YouTube channels?
–DB101 1st: Glove and Boots, who I’m suprised haven’t
yet gotten ALL THE SUBSCRIBERS. 2nd: I’m a also huge fan of Yahtzee, the Roger Ebert
of video games. ## What was your first memory of the internet?
Mine is playing flash games. –vicorator Mine is B.B.S.s. Now get off my lawn and go
watch this documentary you whippersnapper. ## Who are your heros? –reed17 Mostly Dark Seer and Necrolyte. ## What do you find hardest when making a
video? –willdood Writing the script is the hardest and unfortunately
it’s the bottleneck for the whole process. The most *uncomfortable* part is editing the
audio. Just like everyone else there is a voice in my head that I like and a voice on
the tape that I don’t. ## Have any of your answers from your previous
Q&A changed? –MessiahPenguin You’re probably referring to these, and no. ## How long would you survive a zombie apocalypse?
–One_Wheel_Drive I wouldn’t. If a Walking-Dead-style zombie
apocalypse arrises the correct course of action is suicide. ## What do you listen to while making videos?
–syphen94 My most reliable writing music is Girl Talk’s
‘All Day’ which I would link to on YouTube but it’s copyright-infringement-tasktic. But
you can get it from his website and if you like remixes you should give it a listen. However, I often get some random terrible
song in my head while writing and end up buying it and putting on repeat — for hours. For
this script my iTunes reveals I listened to a single song 127 times. That might be torture
in some jurisdictions but the repetitiveness really zones me into writing. Animating, however, is incredibly tedious
so I listen to a ton of podcasts and audiobooks to keep my sanity. ## What’s the most interesting ‘could-have-been’
of history? –SCE-2-AUX Historical-could-have-beens mostly strike
me as a missing-the-point thought exerciese. The real driver of history is neither great
men nor the actions of the masses but the ceaseless march of science and technology,
which is mostly indifferent to the imaginary lines drawn by packs of monkeys. Knowing my perspective you’ll see why if I
*had* to pick one it would this primitive greek steam engine invented 2,000 years ago. There are reasons why it wasn’t developed
further but if some rich Greek had gotten obsessed with the technology perhaps we would
have had an industrial revolution two millennia earlier and we’d now be a trans-galactic-post-singularity
civilization. With robot bodies. ## What is the most British thing you have
encountered that you can’t get your head around? –vikihogg The idea that the best way to cool down on
a summer day while confined to a non-air-conditioned office is to drink hot tea. Madness, absolute
madness. ## Should we create a universal language?
–vsa11 We already have, it’s just not very universal. ## What question do you want me to ask the
most? –Gregorian_Hawke Hmmm… ## I love your videos and have even watched
this somewhat tedious one until the very end. How can I help support you? –Gregorian_Hawke I’m glad you asked Gregorian_Hawke. The best way is though a subscription at subbable
where you can get signed posters and other stuff, and there’s also t-shirts and addiction
mugs (and flamethrowers) over at DFTBA. Well Internet, it’s been fun. And I’m sorry
if you’re question didn’t make it into this video — there were loads I had to cut — but
now that we’re in this realm of numbers so big they don’t make sense perhaps I’ll turn
Q&A’s into an occasional random thing rather than a waiting for an arbitrary base ten roll
over thing. Thank you again to everyone for your continued
support and thank you for subscribing and for watching — these last two years have
been quite a ride.

Maurice Vega

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  1. I know this is almost 6 years late but; there already is a proportional senate, it's called the House of Representatives

  2. I still live in amrica never been te uk but i love it and austrila mostly due to the youtubers i watch and polandball but i use soto british now again because of polandball devoples soto eroupean placeing dutch welsh german and russian words i know i will some times say Ich instead of i sometimes .guton tog gutkn morgon and guten night pronocused nigh and using sware words are the most commen because you know it funs to yell "random" words or "jibirish"at peolple being cyka ,blyat and cyka blyat twat cunt and im crrently learing a few welsh ones but you welsh is fucking terrible and for names duschland-germany soumi-finland polska-poland alba-scotland

  3. For those that want the spreadsheet, here's the link – https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1v8sYx7R2iDJjZ2Homt6FwrcS_MJViW25bFH_e-Ha1Tc/edit#gid=4
    Go to "File -> Make a copy"

  4. Don’t tell me about accent. I’m an Argentinian spanish speaker who learned english first on a british institute but finished my english learning with american teachers. I used to have a funny american accent and one year after I moved to London people says I sound british. I really wouln’t like to hear myself.

  5. Don't you dare say that you think that your videos are bad! They're super cool and you should be proud of them!

  6. This comment is way too late but what if you just uploaded all those scrapped videos while pointing out the mistakes or flaws in a scrapped video playlist?

  7. You wanna get rid of the Senate and make the federal government more powerful than the States. Your a libtard.

  8. 3:10 Also, if that video were to come out, some people may think of it as 'making fun of people who like D&D' which I think wasn't your intention.

  9. Making the senate proportional would destroy what the senate was created for, giving smaller states an equal say in laws. The House of Representatives is the proportional senate

  10. I just watched you drive a car for almost an hour, I would not be bored with a settlers of catan video. please. Give us the catan video we want, and and the catan we need….

  11. Foreigners, learn English.

    Idc if this does not reach my target group. Go talk to them and tell them instead of replying.

    Learn English. It IS our international language…

    Btw I’m German.

    Heil M

  12. just curious what is the song that is always in the background and where can i find sheet music for it?

  13. "Mathematics" is not a plural. The shortened form "math" predates "maths" in historical usage. "Aluminum" predates "aluminium" and the first Al producer in the US used "aluminum" so it stuck in the US.

  14. But When I Listen To Documentaries While Writing, I Mostly Mess Up By Writing Heat The Documentary Is Saying Rather Than The Actual Thing I'm Doing..

  15. 7:20 But science wouldn't even exist if we didn't believe in it and made it possible in the first place.
    The middle ages were the proof of that. Our so called "advancement" as a human race stopped/was slowed down not only because the study of certain knowledge of the ancient world was prohibited but also because we believe they were the devil's work(heck people were burned alive as witches/warlocks if they performed medicine not accepted by that time).
    That belief is what "screwed" us up.
    So it's not science that encourages our advancement, it's us as a collective, our beliefs and our society as a whole.
    What we believe is acceptable and isn't.

  16. Have you ever read Once Upon a Cow? It’s a pretty good book that has made me revaluate the way I’ve been handling my problems.

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