Putin Bemused By EU Politicians: Why Do You Allow Bandits To Walk Freely In European Capitals?

Dmitry Peskov: Here are our colleagues from the foreign media. Introduce yourself, please. Good afternoon, Mr President! My name is Christian Esch, I head Spiegel magazine’s Moscow office. I have a question that concerns a matter that worries and annoys Germany, the murder of a citizen of Georgia of Chechen ethnicity, Zelimkhan Khangoshvili. The information coming from Moscow and Berlin is decidedly different. Therefore, I wanted to ask you, first, about the killer. Germany says it did not receive proper information from Russia. It turned out that this person was identical to a person who had already been in prison in Russia. So there must be information about him. The second question concerns the murder victim. You mentioned in Paris at a news conference following the Normandy meeting that Russia repeatedly asked for the extradition of this person. The German foreign minister recently confirmed that there have been no requests neither from Russia’s Interior Ministry nor through other channels. So who is right, you or him? Both of us, because these issues have been discussed at the special services level more than once. Indeed, there was no official request from the prosecutor’s office, because our authorities believed that doing so would be pointless since they received a negative answer. Once again, I will repeat what I said at the news conference in Paris. He was an absolute bloody killer. He killed 98 people, just think about that, 98 people in the Caucasus in one day. Many countries declare national mourning with many fewer deaths. He participated in bombings in the Moscow Metro. And the list of his crimes goes on. Indeed, we have repeatedly raised this issue at the special services level. With regard to cooperation, I believe the main thing we should understand about this is that cooperation should be full and it should be a two-way street. In Syria, we are witnessing developments in the camps and prisons where ISIS militants are held. Natives of Central Asia account for most of the foreigners there, followed by Russia. But there are many immigrants from Western Europe as well, including France and the Federal Republic of Germany. We see that the people you just mentioned – terrorists and murderers – walk freely around European capitals. As far as I know, he was killed in central Berlin. Picture such a person strolling down the streets of a European capital. Would you like the prisoners from these camps to come to you? Will you also let them walk freely around your cities? To avoid this, we must establish joint and highly effective work. This is what we are calling for. We hope it will be like that eventually. This does not mean that such work does not exist. It does. But its scope and nature are still insufficient. Incidentally, at some point, we warned the Americans about the Tsarnaev brothers, or whatever their name is. We told them directly. First, we asked to extradite them, as well, and then told the Americans that they were a threat. They ignored us. The brothers then committed a notorious terrorist attack during the Boston marathon, and people died. Do you see my point? And you have bandits like that walking around Berlin.

Maurice Vega

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  1. President Putin, the most sensible speaking person in the entire EU debate. If they sack All of the EU parliament and close it down and just have President Putin as EU Governor, I wouldnt mind my formerly GREAT England rejoining the EU! Though I would rather we became Donalds 51st state of the USA if we are denied our own English culture by the moronic corrupt globalist gay jobsworth lefties.

  2. merry xmas from england to my russian brothers and sisters love this man he speaks nothing but sense and logic need more like him he is no poltician he is a leader

  3. I watch all these videos with Putin in and everytime he makes absolute sense.

    Then I compare him with UK politicians who try to tell us Russia is the bogey man.

  4. Yes – Vladimir Putin is a dictator and Trump is his puppet… ..And Merkel is the Leader of the Free World.
    Fuck me. It's funny and frightening at the same time.

  5. The West could learn alot from Russia on how to deal with suspected terrorists. The Western population within there societies are sick to the stomach of seeing their Nations turning into 3rd world refugee camps. The native citizen feels detached from the main populas where the driving force isn't shared culture but the drive for greed and power, money at any cost!

  6. An Irish corrupt business man is resident in Malta. And the Maltese authorities need to throw him in the see. Do a search on "Moriarty Tribunal". His media empire is relentlessly attacking the regime in Moscow, while helping corrupt politicians in Ireland.

  7. Putin needs a bullet to the head. I don't agree with the EU but fuck Putin. The breadman stated enough of Putin's Russia. I was recently in Costa Rica, and met 2 Swiss guys in the early 20s. They don't trust or like China and Russia, they don't like the US for many reasons but understood that the US was the only option to fight back the negatives these 2 countries bring to the world. I have been stating this for years that the pussy EU or the rest of the worldwould do nothing when face with these 2 problem nations.

  8. because tolerance is taken as weakness and idiots like Merkel cultivate weakness and are killing us, Mr Putin is smart enough to pount it out, lets see her call him a rascist.

  9. Putin says this man (who was killed in Berlin) was an absolute bloody killer. Yet he himself has ordered many assassinations of innocent dissidents in Russia and around Europe only because they criticised his policies. He is an absolute criminal thug, and those who comment here in his support are fascist idiots.

  10. I am surprised to read some of the input here. People need to read some history about all the players. I think things could then be put in perspective.

  11. We only wish that the American people would stand up like the French and Times of tyranny and false governments that shove their private parts in their face I wish for America to stand up we are armed populace and most likely very angry and disturbed by our Democrat Party and spineless Republicans. I only wish to make this clear that all Nation should come together and end the wars of a small handful of disgusting evil politicians. Germany will not have the respect and Merkel she's as disgusting representative of that evil just like macron who thinks he is nothing more than Zeus but an actual butt plug to the Rothschild family. I'm not a smart man I have a sixth grade education but other than Sports in the Coliseum I don't wish to deny what politics I can't absorb voice searching for the truth I can only find in my heart I wish all nations a Merry Christmas and God bless you Putin for doing the right thing and speaking out the truth Merry Christmas to you.

  12. For some reason many fools in the west want their cultures and countries to disappear for some reason. They also want citizens to hate Russia when we should be allies and rule together. Much respect to Russia for keeping the country Russian and Christian. People are too ignorant to realize it's not the same as the USSR was. The new Russian military jets are awesome

  13. As a Swede i hope we can get a leader that is atleast half as strong, clever and put his country first and it's people like putin does. Our "leaders" have sold all of us out for power and money. Macron, Merkel, L繹fven and the people in Brussel should be jailed for treason. The worst part is that alot of people defend this kind of shit.

  14. The demoncraps hate Putin and Trump and spears lies anytime the two meet for peace talks because they know that between these two powerful leaders they are taking down terrorist and criminal demoncraps. Be very careful of those that protect terrorist Against their own citizens. Putin and Trump are two very strong minded MEN that love their countries and their citizens

  15. That's why American's do not like Mr Putin he exposes the hurt of our nation's government
    They have even done it to my children and I collecting money off of us
    I will not publicly shame my children and I to what all the The United States officers have done to us
    I will tell you this i have carried a puke bag around screaming crying laying in the dirt
    Thank You Mr. PUTIN for exposing the real truth

  16. Answer this then…how does a kgb officer become president of a country…then 20 years later he is probably one of if not the most wealthy politician ever. You don't become a billionaire running a country…corruption goes along with progress im sure…just take look at quebec.

  17. How about just BAN Islam?! That will solve MOST of the terrorist AND rape acts in Europe. Islam is a dangerous cult invented by a madman.

  18. Merkel is the chancellor of Germany not the entire of Europe so can she please stop inflicting reckless policies such as open door immigration on other countries which they never ask for and dont desire stop bullying countries such as Poland and Hungary for exercising their democratic rights

  19. I've warned them about much also
    They don't listen
    They naive

    Positions are held by the wrong people
    Not the chosen ones

    Any request
    Mail me

    Love Russia
    And will always appreciate that powerful move with Snowden

    Showing real federation
    And warfare

  20. Putin nailed it. Also, he is the only leader to tell George Soros to get out of his country or go to a gulag for some well deserved timeshare.

  21. Angela Merkel has to introspect her work. Fame and power hunger got into her head. Due to which she lost balance of mind took authoritative decisions. Germany preaches values to world but what do they do. She is the root cause of All problems of EU today.

  22. you can see why the left wing nuts berate putin so much, hes smart and dead on the money, a total threat to their foolishness

  23. Future is not the Bankrupt European union
    The EU is in a worse shape than Soviet union was in the 80.s.The world is moving towards resurging nations.

  24. No germany has to build a stronger federal police and intelligence service plus has to massively increase its military forces…….i am not talking about petty conflicts between countries on earth but to work with other countries on a global defence systems against hostile aliens

  25. Why are politicians trying so hard to recreate early 1900's mass immigration culture? I guess we want organised crime to be a thing again?

  26. Because they are weak soft penis people not like a father who discliplines his son they are weak men with weak principles

  27. Germany would not be defeated in WW2 if they didn't try to occupy russia.
    Hitler had made a huge mistake and the worst lost on his mission to russia.

  28. The Boston Bombing was a hoax event…Government terror act – President Obama signed an executive order that if no one is injured or dies in a rehearsal for a terror event – it then can be passed off as real.
    …Putin sounds good but ALL leaders in most things are Freemason; deception on the masses.

  29. I would love to ask the journalist: "How come that murder of a Georgian worries and annoys Germany but the rape of hundreds of women and girls by refugees does not seem to annoy or worry Germany at all??"

  30. Screw you YouTube for not letting us, comment to each other I will continue to boycott your surveys some advertisers anything related to YouTube. I will use economic Warfare against you as much as possible like you censor us

  31. Putin vely vely smalt politician! Lefugee entel Russia*. He no want them. If kick them out = vely bad for Russia image
    So Putin tell militaly to take them nolth west to Nolway bolder and lelease them thele
    Nolway govt hollified to see unwanted illegals inside theil countly! They hulliedly set up fencing to stop mole unwanted donations from 迡迡 (dyadya = Uncle) Vlad Putin

    I purposely didnt change Russia or you people wouldnt understand what I was getting at!

  32. An unbiased investigation into the Obama and Hillary administration's actions in Syria and Libya is at best disturbing, it's as if they planned the migration crisis with a little help from Merkel and George.

  33. Because the dumb bitch listened to the JOOZ and did whatever they told her!! Of course the JOOZ piled "coals upon her head"!!!

  34. Has anyone ever seen a western leader do this? And the MSM call him a dictator. Putin is a real leader and my hero. Im from Australia and we never see this in our news. Many more years of prosperity for you and your people too sir.

  35. So they can bring in military style police all in the name of Keeping us Safe the political union hates democracy & wants total control of the citizens.

  36. Nice staged press conference, though. Q: Why is the Russian government sending killer groups of Military abroad to poison, shoot, stab or abduct people? Is it not enough to terrorize the population of invaded countries? Abchasia, South Ossetia, Transnistria, Don Bass, Crimea, Syria … Worst regime since Idi Amin. But: Have a good new year.

  37. This is the illuminati New World Order satanic agenda! Order out of chaos is their doctrine. The satanic elite in Europe and in America are using Islam has a weapon to destroy christianity!

  38. I agree with what has been said, but, if these people were known why were they free in their own countries, and why haven't they been arrested and repatriated / imprisoned, its all well and good passing the buck, but these people are passed through from country to country,

  39. We don't the CFR has plans for Europe and the new world order so they killed Gadaffi to turn Europe black as Gadaffi warned us about.

  40. Why do Russians allow a bandit and fake President as their head man? Putin has stolen $40 billion USD from the poor Russian people, so who is the bigger thief? Putin certainly knows how to deflect attention from himself, one day he will pay for his incessant lies.

  41. The man has a strong point,peoples lives are at risk yet nocando of the eu-epp do this?
    Soo lame 21 gender lgbtq/teorrist healers need to realise if they ain't got the balls do do something about european security,it's high tide someone with the balls do,not only for russias sake but also germanys too,however many weak feminists don't respect mothers and children more than lgbt + terorrists think they have right of say?thing again,the whole word is behind the better men as they whom repeatedly ask for co operation were refuted,I guess in the end what god want's god gets,lest this be a stern warning of better days to come in the future and to hell with neo-liberal deep state teorrist pacts,hey germany theres a new marshal in town,get used to it,before it's too late,justice is served,justice is done,more peace to germany +russia!

  42. You see the Boston attacks were a false flag attack , because the US un intelligence knew these guys were dogs.
    Putin practically just said it.
    Thanks God the US has a real President now with balls !
    That kinda craps gotta stop.

  43. I hear Russia warned about Tsarnayev brothers from Putin for the first time. It couldve been prevented, but it wasnt, who is at fault?

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