Put a Green Voice Back in the Dáil – Green Party Political Broadcast 2016

Your number 1 vote for the Green Party is
a vote for a fairer society. For housing that’s more affordable, warm
and comfortable. Healthcare and education that is accessible for everyone. And for transport solutions that save time,
money and lives. By investing in healthy food, clean energy,
tourism and natural resources, we can tap into the best Ireland has to offer… now
and for generations to come. Working with nature … we can tackle climate
change together … like the storms and floods we’re just beginning to see ….. here at
home and worldwide. The big challenge today is living within the
environment in an effective way and making sure that our country does that
because that’s the better future for our country. Its about our local environment and when we
start getting that right, When we start planning our towns, our villages and our cities in
a way that gets the local environment right, that’s when our country works best and that’s
what you get when you vote green. This government is taking Ireland into another
boom-bust cycle. Let’s change that by planning long term,
not just ’til the next election. You can put a Green voice back in the Dáil.
Its a voice for practical solutions that improve the quality of all our lives. So, Think ahead, act now! Caith vóta don Chomhaontas Glas. Vote Green number 1 in 2016.

Maurice Vega

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  2. "We thought that the proletariat would eventually run the world. But it is the Americans who have assumed that position… The American people have changed." – Mengistu Haile Mariam

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