Public Choice: Why Politicians Don't Cut Spending

Maurice Vega

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  1. Uh 300 mil is not the eligible to vote population at the time of this video 237+ mil is census estimate. Now more sckeptical than usual about all videos by channel

  2. This may forever be the best video introduction to public choice theory.

    Dispersed costs and concentrated benefits. This is the core of why government grows and always caves to special interests. The only effective way to fight it is to reverse the equation:

    Concentrated benefits need to go towards people who challenge bad laws (Uber/Lyft employees and users benefit directly in the process of challenging taxi cartels) while the costs of keeping the status quo have to become relatively higher.

    That's largely why the NRA has (thankfully) been successful. There are tangible benefits for gun owners to defend what they have: they don't go to jail over something they paid for, while the material benefits for people who support gun control are basically nothing.

  3. The electoral collage makes this voting animation pointless and untrue.

    You can win an election with only 24% of american's voting for you, though that is only possible in theory.

  4. This is because nobody wants people to mess with the people who make their food and when we think of farmers we tend to think of sharecroppers working the land whereas the average farmer owns like 500 or even more acres.

  5. The current monetary system was designed for ever increasing levels of borrowing. This current situation we're experiencing was guaranteed from day 1. It was just a matter of when.

  6. Actually, the government does not cut spending, only to ensure that there will be enough money in the money supply to pay the previous debt ( +interest) and mass defaults could be delayed

  7. a contemporary version of  "Vois sur ton chemin" from Les Chorus in the background!! and liberals assume that conservatives are uncultured bigots…

  8. The problem is women. They take more out of the system than men and have far more public sector jobs. They also vote more in a pack so they will vote for the politicians who will bribe them with free goodies.

  9. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have nothing to do with gov't, but people still use them. The advantage of money to the average person is liquidity, and that is true regardless of its history of development or gov't involvement.

  10. Get money out of politics, or as Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks would say, "Wolf dash PAC dot com."

  11. Tax is like having each individual cell in your body picked off one at a time. You don't notice, but it costs you in the long run.

  12. It would be nice to have a follow-up video explaining why Republicans are not really interested in cutting spending despite their rhetoric.

  13. True. In fact, our first couple Presidents never even had a popular election put them in, it was all the college. The occasion you are talking about is called faithless electors. Thirty states have laws punishing them. Also, they have never changed an entire election's outcome from the popular election.

  14. It is totally false to say your vote can swing a presidential election. The popular votes does not select the president – the votes of the electoral college do that. Hell, I know that and I am a New Zealander.

    Most states award ALL the votes of their college members to the person who wins in that state – meaning if you vote for the other guy, your vote doesn't count at all.

    At the college the voters are free to vote for whoever they like, by law.

    The popular vote therefore, means diddly squat

  15. This is a very good explanation of why Washington does not like to approach spending cuts. No one wants "their" program to receive fewer dollars.

  16. We haven't legalised corruption in Europe so we still recognise it. South Europe does have problems such corruption but at least it's still illegal there. Do you think that there's no point in criminalising political corruption because some politicians may accept bribes after it’s been criminalised? The more America assimilates (Northern) Europe the better the whole world will be.

  17. That's because overwhelming amount of clearly understandable scientific data demonstrates that global warming due to climate change is caused by manmade production of CO2 and other contaminants. The Keystone represents a way of processing tar sands oil which would pollute our air system at a rate even faster than current models, and we've already passed the dangerous 400 ppm mark which the earth hasn't seen in over 3 million years.
    Everyone should be against Keystone.

  18. Of course people would attempt it! The purpose of having law is to act as a deterrent. By imposing real consequences relative to the crime, people will avoid that activity. Criminalization and strong enforcement aren't the only things which help prevent bad activity. An entire system of openness, accountability, results and yes, even goals, has to be implemented on government.
    It's complex but an Amendment would represent a strong stance toward creating a more ideal form of government.

  19. If we had a Constitutional Amendment banning lobbying, this would solve MOST of our problems. The debates that PEOPLE have would actually similar to the ones our politicians would have.

  20. I wish they would've expanded a little more on this one. This is a hugely important topic that warrants at least twice the time as many of the other videos Learn Liberty publishes. Particularly on the political backlash of cutting spending, the public's ignorance/perception of certain programs, and the communal incentive to bankrupt the country by putting individual interests over national interest. All of these, to a varied extent, are cultural issues. We need to wake up.

  21. Great video. Keep it up. If more people see this channel's videos we can continue to raise awareness of how great libertarianism is

  22. as an account no;however, if you create a second account you could as a person. not much reason too though

  23. There is a problem here too, the people who lobby/pay off these leaders can cause bailouts/welfare programs.
    The only way out is a pure capitalistic meritocracy, where tests determine if you can lead or not.

  24. Technically the term would be democratic republic. Majority rule of people will elect a group of representatives to lead their nation for x amount of years allotted. The dangers of democracy is it simply means majority rule. The majority does not always want freedom or liberty they may demand a tough leader sometimes the people so they can stop their perceived or realistic enemy. Liberty or freedom should be preserved at all costs even if the majority think it is overrated!

  25. But it's more then lobbyists who are aware. The voters take part in the tragedy of the commons. The folks living in flood plains want the federal insurance. The folks who watch the dairy commission ads want the "high quality less expensive milk" I think (sadly) individuals at the base are very much involved in this tragedy and pushing it downhill. Sure, they may not notice the penny, but they really want the promised bene and that's part of this cycle too IMO. -BoydK

  26. Actually, the US spends WAY too much on military, social security, and medicare/medicaid. Over 65% of the budget on those three things alone.

  27. Why would people buy products that are going to kill them? Individuals have the capacity to pick the best choices on things that impact them, much better than a few fat old men in Washington. This is the biggest lie and logical fallacy in statism: That people can't take care of themselves, and need some better *chosen* people to take care of them.
    So the standards would still exist, but people would just have to think for themselves what impacts their bodies, the environment etc. least harmfully

  28. And with no standards to judge the companies by, thousands would die from profit hungry groups who don't care that their products are harmful, so long as they make money off of them.

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