Prottasha: For Improved Migration Governance

migration is one of the major drivers of the country's economy with nearly 12 million migrants living abroad Bangladesh is one of the top ten remittance receiving countries with the adoption of the truly historic Global Compact on safe and orderly migration the country is already setting course to strengthen good governance for safe and orderly migration over the past two years IOM the UN migration agency with support from the European Union has been working with the government to strengthen policy mechanisms through pathar project focusing on policy process and practice with Bangladesh setting the course to graduate from least developed country she demanded a progressive migration outlook in achieving the global goals we realize having migration as an integral part of the process was inevitable and provided technical assistance to the government in aligning sustainable development goals and the seventh five-year national indicators to migration we have supported the development for the first ever migration governance framework for Bangladesh as you know that Bangladesh initially proposed the Global Compact for orderly migration now one of the things that we realized that when we talk of migration we do not talk up order and since we do not talk of order we also do not think that it can add value no migration can add value but in in two ways one it is positively if you can govern it properly but it can also be very negative if you fail to govern it so it is extremely critical that the migration governance has to be based on an order and the order cannot be a single country order it has to be a global order and that's where DCM comes in as a platform where we can discuss and evolve a new order for management of migration as migration continues to grow at a steady pace we have been promoting evidence-based interventions for timely and effective policy solutions for migrants we are working closely with the government to support effective implementation of overseas employment and migrants Act prevention and suppression of human trafficking Act 2012 Overseas Employment policy and continue to advocate for migration in the eight five-year national plan of the country in the 70 replies my vision has been identified as an important driver for economic as well as between the aligned becoming a failure planet-destroying migration is very much linked with our graduation first higher stage of economy we are committed to working with the stakeholders in achieving our mission of ensuring migration governance the ministry has initiated a number of measures in this regard particularly we are taking steps to build mass awareness among potential migrants in collaboration with our development partners efforts to strengthen capacity and process have been stronger than ever before while migration brings opportunity to improve the governance on international migration and to address the benefits and challenges associated with today's ever-changing world we need to address vulnerabilities of migrants in crisis situations so that migration becomes a genuine choice not a necessity as a result we are working closely with policy champions to develop a migration crisis operational framework for Bangladesh an implementation of migrants in countries in crisis to address migrants protection over the years we have observed the increasing cost of migration and the increasing need to ensure ethical recruitment practices we are working with recruiting agencies for launching the certification process of international recruitment integrity system iris yes since three years the European Union has been very active in Bangladesh to work with the government's with IOM and with other migration stakeholders to address the problem of irregular migrants and especially the irregular migrants who are returning to Bangladesh our motto in the European Union is migration should not be done out of desperation it should be done out of we believe in partnerships and coordination mechanisms and value the voices of government international community and civil societies in the migration discourse when we talk about migration governance we have to be very clear what do we mean by that what do we mean by governance governance is the process of decision making to get to the set objective to fulfill the strategy what does it mean and what does this process entail the process or decision-making for us first and foremost is having the right people around the table it's about hearing every single voice especially the marginalized one is bringing together civil society and NGOs the UN and most importantly the government and ultimately never forgetting what is this process about and it's about the people it's about the migrants you

Maurice Vega

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