Proof The US Is An Oligarchy, Not A Democracy

so a question that has arisen add are we
saw a democracy World hacks who actually as I was use me because I keep talking about how money
has corrupted our politics and that at the national level we don’t
really have a functioning democracy anymore cuz our politicians aren’t listening to us
well that’s my opinion based on all the different stories that are
covered over last 17 18 years a covering politics but now some prison researchers Martin
Jones and Benjamin page actually went back and did a study on
this issue they studied 1,779 different policy initiatives between
1981 and 2000 and to and then they published a in perspectives on politics were very the respected journal it’s called
testing theories of american politics so let’s talk about how they did it they
said they then compared those policy changes the ones that they study with the
express the opinion of the United States public comparing the preference for the average
american at the 50th percentile be income to what those americans are the
ninetieth percentile preferred as well as the opinions major lobbying
or business groups so that is a really interesting way of
doing it they take an issue they see which way to go in the voting
right and they say re: at the time was a public opinion
poll on the 50th percentile and then the top 10 percent and then
lobbyists and and business groups I’m a mob pins
and needles I’m reading the beginning of this story the see how it turned out well I have
bad news for us. quote the purposes the average American appear to have only a minuscule near 0 City sickly non-significant impact upon public policy that is devastated that remember this is before citizens
united certainly be former cut should and remember that we started talking
about money in politics and we started talking about Wolfpack before citizens united that’s because as
I’ve told you on the show many times the two devastating cases actually came
in 1976 and 1978 Buckley be belair where they said money
his speech and 78 where they said corporations have persimmon rights in
can spend money in politics ever since then it has been an evolving disaster and since then as you can see
from the study over 1800 different policies and you had almost no effect on that now this would be generally called and
oligarchy so look for on times at worst or not
people don’t know what it means I it so I think it’s important to define
it policy might define it for you here and I thought it was good job Summary
that to you an oligarchy is a system where power is
effectively wielded by a small number of individuals defined by their status called oligarchs
members of the oligarchy are the rich the well-connected and the politically
powerful as was particularly well-placed individuals and institutions like
banking and finance or the military now usually russia’s referred to as up oligarchy and
a lot of other countries that are run by small soda believes are referred to as an oligarchy but
almost never the United States well it turns out in reality going all
the way back to 1981 is when it starts well we in fact were run by small it’s
and I to me it’s not damming up all the rich
rate your doctor didn’t have anything to do
with this Oprah didn’t have anything to do with it its people who are politically powerful and actually use that power to their
advantage and to your disadvantage add to that
point we go to a different said a numbers put together
by other professors that recently had news got news to which
is very important and let me show you chart here %uh how the different percentages did in
america since 1980 and it’s always 1980 that it
goes back to do so impacted your more clear on that its
9078 is one all the charts are diverging and as you can see there you got bottom
20 percent middle 60 percent and the next 19 percent doing okay
they’re hanging in there and took to be fair there actually rising at tiny bit through those decades but that
top line is the top one percent and they are doing spectacular let’s not an accident that’s over
decades have time that shows you a pattern the pattern is the rules have been fixed in their favor K now has it gotten better look we have
had a democratic president who lobbied and campaigned on change and
he’s been in power for five years in fact as of September 2013 since the Great Recession began in 2008
those five years the top one percent captured ninety-five
percent of all income gains since the great recession
ended is an amazing number so when they see
the economy is recovering definite s I think it’s not recovering
for you its recovery for the top one percent one
more devastating fact about that since September 2013 the 99 percent so on net 12 percent drop to their income so sense that’s meeting the time between the green when
the Great Recession started in 2008 to September 2013 so unlike their earlier chart from
decades ago it’s now gotten so bad perhaps because I’m citizens united
adding fuel to that fire putting them money in politics on
steroids is now gotten to the point even when the economy recovers actually
ninety-nine percent of us still lose our income is no longer going
up incrementally or a tiny bit it’s now
going down and after Citizens United then we just
recently got the country which lives even more limits on campaign
financing look it’s not a small little issue campaign finance reform its not like all
well look I have strong feelings about war which makes sense or I have strong
feelings about the environment which makes sense this is about our democracy so your
opinions on war taxes all that stuff is you relevant if you
don’t live in a democracy if you live in an oligarchy don’t give a
damn about your opinions on those issues anyway there’s only one issue who controls our politicians and if you
do private financing elections you’ll have the people who
give those large donations who control our politicians that is
obvious it’s a matter of logic and now through this study it’s a matter
of fact one more set have devastating graphs for
you from personable the study’s conclusion
our democracy just to be clear is america’s claims to being a
democratic society are seriously threatened now up I tend to think that they are
understating that I think at the National applied at the
state level at local because I’ve seen a Marx who work there
but at the national level when you talk about Washington DC it is
not seriously threatened its gone it’s over I mean look we just
saw the numbers but I’ll give you more as I said here
the graphs average citizens preferences how much did affect policy the line is we have to concern yourself
with their okay well that’s what they’re talking about
when they say your opinion is insignificant it did not make any difference flat sorry not interested alright well upon lies in
that way you might say okay well this is fair let’s take a look at the line for
economic elites preferences yeah that’s a different light that’s the
line that says it was highly correlated to the policy the policy was connected to what the
economic elites preferred that is not an accident it is by design and how about
interest-group alignments donors lobbyists special interests also barry much aligned we do not run our government there on
our government I know that’s really bad news of course
I think we can take it back you wanna know how you go to war dash
pack dot com now why did I start with pack because I already saw this I saw in every story
I covered my sword in every political article the person with
more money the issue the side with more money one in every single instance that’s why we start a wolf pack in the
first place if you don’t get a constitutional amendment to fix this we’re done for we might as well just bow
our heads and say yes they rule us in accept their fate but I don’t accept
that fate throughout American history brave men
and women have fought back and in Wolf Pack we’ve got high school
students we’ve got people who are disabled we’ve got people love
every different background race ethnicity age group you know what
they’re doing they’re calling their local state representative senators and they’re having a tremendous impact and when you see democracy works its
amazing when you actually get a representative
or senator to care about his constituents and introduce legislation to fix things
it’s the most wonderful thing you’ve ever seen and then you really believe in democracy
thank God it still exists at the state level and
we don’t need Washington at all to fix this its in the US Constitution because the
guys who are brave enough in the first place to give us that democracy was benjamin franklin said a republic if
we can keep it knew that a day like this would come
that’s why they put it in Article five the Constitution that you can get an
amendment to the Constitution without using Washington at all the
state’s call for convention for specific amendment and then the Constitution is above the
Supreme Court it’s above congress so american people
warring back in saying we’ll look you know what our
government thank you very much will take that back you see what the
results are. when you do nothing join us and see what the results can be
when we do something together wall dash back dot com

Maurice Vega

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  1. yeah well, at least some are talking about it that's something. I would be extremely surprised if Americans actually took America back. I would like to be surprised, but I'm not holding my breath, I have little faith in the American people. Americans love their masters and fight for them and will defend their interests.

  2. I agree that there is too much money in American politics.
    I agree that this isn't the way democracy should be.
    I disagree with the statement that the US isn't a democracy anymore. The United States most definitely is a democracy, even in this situation. The fact that Obama made it to the white house is a testament to that. The fact that Bernie Sanders has made it so far is a testament to that. In a true oligarchy, these wouldn't have made it. Now, did we get the "revolution" we wanted? No. Why? Because there were still other people (republicans) "left" from the previous term – who were, let's not forget, elected by the people (and I'll be completely honest, I can see the sense of a system like that, as much as it messes up today's situation). But let's not forget what we did get through Obama: better relations with other countries, most likely now a closing of the human rights disaster that is the Guantanamo Bay prison, and a health care system, those last two being things most people quite honestly thought we would never see. And I can tell you one thing: if McCain were elected in 08, that would not have happened. That shows that the people still do have power, even if there is way too much influence coming with all the money.

  3. Political scientists Martin Gilens, of Princeton, and Benjamin Page, of Northwestern in a recent study have concluded that rich people and organizations representing business interests have a powerful grip on U.S. government policy. They found that the preferences of rich people had a much bigger impact on subsequent policy decisions than the views of middle-income and poor Americans. Indeed, the opinions of lower-income groups, and the interest groups that represent them, appear to have little or no independent impact on policy. Policymaking in America is dominated by powerful business organizations and a small number of affluent Americans, so it stands then, America’s claims to being a democratic society are seriously threatened and America leans more toward an oligarchy.
    The study suggests that, on many issues, the rich exercise an effective veto. If they are against something, it is unlikely to happen.
    One of the study’s other interesting findings is that, beyond a certain level, the opinions of the public at large have little impact on the chances a proposal has of being enacted.

  4. The United States has never been a democracy, Cenk. In the words of James Madison, widely regarded as the "Father of the U.S. Constitution": "The Senate represents the wealth of the country, the more capable set of men, men who have respect for property owners and their rights and understand that government must protect the minority of the opulent against the majority."

  5. Wolf pac wont do squat.. If Cenk doesnt get bought off he will just be ignored or have a wierd "accident".

  6. Great video, as usual. Just a few ideas to share. The USA was never intended to be a democracy, but a republic in which everyone gets his or her own way–the idea that 50% of us (or much more) have to tolerate the b.s. of the other 50% is nonsense. Second, the USA stopped being even a democracy in 1913 with the passage of the 13th Amendment in which we all became about 35% slaves. Third, Eisenhower, in his famous 1961 speech outing the military industrial complex revealed the second nail in the coffin of our freedom, after the nefarious, and disputed, passage of the 13th Amendment following the Jekyll Island meeting that preceded the 13th Amendment creating the private Federal Reserve and necessitating the 35% enslavement of Americans that came with the Income tax.

  7. I was born in 1989. <3 woot 81, fun. 78. Nixon musta been such a good president. LBJ too. all my peers say I too analytical, I too anal. I like Tao philosophy. I like Zen. I like, those things. I like the meaning, Confucianism looks cool. get enough choline from food and you dont have trouble thinking. better than caffeine. it might be. choline bitratrate works okay. be moderate bout cho' helph or what you do for it. caution caution caution

  8. Brilliant video. This is the issue that trumps all others.

    When you live in an oligarchy, YOU don't matter.

    Your VOTE doesn't matter. Go off and argue about the minimum wage… doesn't matter. Complain about poverty or education (it doesn't matter). Black lives don't matter, all lives don't matter. Global warming doesn't matter, nothing matters cause your opinion doesn't matter. What you think doesn't matter.

    Ad infinitum.

  9. Make no mistake, America is a oligarchy, but more of a 'Civil Oligarchy' where consolidation of power is limited, where democracy and oligarchy work side by side. American Oligarchs only power lies with geopolitical interest and influences public opinion. They do not elect our presidents, or rig elections, but they can put forward agendas of favoritism of political candidates and shape public opinion.
    For example, one oligarch could favor Donald Trump, while another Oligarch could favor Hillary Clinton, so both Oligarchs put forward the resources (media, news outlets, ad agencies, campaign contributions) to shape public opinion. So Oligarchy in American politics is like betting on horse racing, but you pay for all the expenses required for the horse to be in top shape to better their chances of winning.
    I see nothing illegal or oppressive with a 'Democratic Oligarchy' or 'Civil Oligarchy'…. Sometimes it benefits the American people and the Oligarchs. Sometimes is benefits the Oligarchy and not the American people and vice versa.

  10. F'ing Idiots… not even watching your stupid video. The US was never a democracy in the first place. Its a republic, and the difference between the two is significant.

  11. Pure democracy will almost always end up with an oligarchy, especially when people who are voting lack education and always vote for their short term self interest other than the interest of the future generations of the American people, the founders of America intended for America to be a democratic republic not a pure democracy.

  12. Though that's called a Republic, Cenk…NOT a Democracy (or, a Direct Democracy). We were designed & supposed to be a Representative Republic, w/ aspects of Democracy(Representative Democratic Republic)…but yes, the truth is, we are an Oligarchy, on the verge of a malevolent Tyranny, by virtually, a very few. Back to where the world was, through much of its history, by the same generational bloodlines, really, going back for probably thousands of years(Do our research, & we'll see, it will become obvious.), & periodically, a few new ones, due to our complacency & manipulation of the truth, mind control. All, By Design.

    Actually, a pure, direct Democracy, by itself, can lead to mob rule & the suffering of certain minorities, oppressed people, etc. This is the very reason why our founders made us a Representative Republic, w/ certain democratic aspects, & not, only a purely direct democracy. Ex: 51% could vote for a certain group of people to remain oppressed, & if a direct democracy, we would have to go along w/ it. Our system, if it were truly practiced, & not the tyranny that it has become, was designed to protect every individual, even though it hasn't been perfected yet… & not just the majority. That is why we have a Constitution, too, & what it is for…the protection of the individual & the greater whole, in a certain, fair balance. That is also why we have the 3 branches of government, for checks & balance. Pretty amazing.

    We The People, if empowered, can see that we really do have the power to take our Republic back, & perfect it even more, & become truly free, sovereign, & self-govern, enabling all of us, through our determination & work, to Thrive, not just barely survive, if even that. We must overcome the Divide, Distract, Confuse, Dis-Empower, & Conquer agenda. It is truly, up to us.

    The Key: EMPOWERMENT! Liberty & Freedom is not a spectator sport. imho

  13. WAKE UP U.S. WE WERE NEVER A DEMOCRACY! I would love to become one… but this nation was founded as an OLIGARCHY in disguise. Since 1776, when they first decided that WHITE MEN that owned LAND were the only ones able to vote. Which was less than 10% of the citizens even way back then. The rich and corporations have been running it ever since. We need Sanders now more than ever. Even if you don't agree with all of his political views, he's the only man I've seen in a long time that is truly for "We, the people".

  14. half of this is bs, but some of the issues are true at heart… I just think some of the stats are misleading like how when he's talking about how the average person's votes make very little difference, well there are 319 million people in America and 235,248,000 of them are old enough to vote, so the votes of an individual person may seem meaningless (each person has 0.000000004% say in each vote) but that's just how voting works.

  15. All democracies end up being an oligarchy idiots! history always repeats itself! we were founded as a constitutional Republic! know the difference between a democracy and a republic!

  16. "The Democrats don’t fear the right, they fear the left. They fear progressives’ ability to stagnate and reverse their agenda of using America’s over-inflated military might, trade deals, rigged primaries and state-reinforced corporate power to leverage the world into endless war, wage slavery, economic disparity, exploitation, and ecocide.

    Trump and the Clintons are collaborating to do exactly that. Trump works up the crowd of poor people on the right who’ve been exploited by corporatism and Wal-Mart economics, Hillary rallies the victims of wage slavery and racism on the left, and they play out this act" of being adversaries.

    We don’t have two major parties – we have one party, the business party.

    #ItsInOurHands#SteinOrBust #JillNotHill #GreenIn2016 #SheepNoMore #WeAreNotAfraid##DemExit

  17. Better be a oligarchy, than a "Oiligarchy", like the ME!!!

    America was corrupted by Money, Money coming from the ME…

  18. Wow, going back only almost 3 years and I respected these guys and they did actual reporting. Now they are so busy calling everything racist or sexist that real issues like these are ignored.

  19. anyone who doesnt know the difference between a republic and a democracy deserves a down vote. our nation is not one of two wolves and a lamb voting on what's for dinner.

  20. We were never a democracy. We are a republic turned oligarchy. If the popular vote made a difference, they wouldn't let us do it.

  21. The United States of America is a Constitutional Republic. Why? Because it would be complete idiocy to let the common people control everything with a popular vote. If you have any experience at all in anything, you know things aren't like they appear, to those outside your realm of expertise. No? Bring it on!

  22. %100 true
    We are a oligarchy
    CEO makes 10 mil a year and employees 40 k a year
    And employees do the work
    Oligarchy can also be described as greed
    CEO claims wit out them company wouldn't exist
    Wake up everyone we being played used abused

    Building a multi billion dollar wall on USA border shows country has money elite don't want to give it to u peasant they the elite gonna tax us and have paid slaves build the wall
    Sounds familiar
    Acropolis etc
    Paid slaves
    Keep watching dancing with the stars and other reality tv series and eat fast food and candy crush
    USA as a country wealthy not its pons
    USA military strong cause of its Pons
    USA ranks low in essential matters
    For its peasants us me to
    For one
    Our health care sucks among with other third world countries
    We have become the best third world country in the world now and still growing
    We live off of plastic money
    Preserved foods
    Pheizer runs us also
    USA citizens consume lots of alcohol
    Number one in opiud abuse
    Our second cause of death in USA are car accidents
    List goes on and on and inflation keeps rising up
    Oooops here come the economic hit men and the jackals

  24. When they do away with Soc. Sec.(like they did Glass-Steagall), as they so much want to (doesn't matter why it seems), that is when I will finally run away from America. It's the last bastion or bulwark from the '30s that the other Americans have been railing against because of some reason the proud rich, or patriotic politician puts in the public's ear for our public discussion. It is harmful. To the present & future generations. I know it's debatable or other detestable solutions may crop up in time, but at the moment there is no substitute for reliable government service that the Gov't should be defending. 'For the common defense', remember? Are there any more common people than we Americans? I don't know anymore. Maybe I should take my measly savings & go some place tropical. And invest in the requisite apparel! Cheers to the Margarita underclass!

  25. I'm an immigrant into the US from Canada. The US is NOT a democracy. Canada is. France is. But the US? It's an oligarchy. Anyone with a brain can see it if they bother to look.

  26. The government is an instrument for the elite. It has always been this way and will always be this way. This problem is not going anywhere as long as government exists. Come out of this illusion you idiot. Democracy is just another form of Oligarchy. Get rid of government.

  27. America was designed as an Oligarchy by the founding fathers from the beginning when the Constitution was ratified. They gave themselves the power to borrow money from the ignorant masses creating a debt that they have to pay back by taxation. It is that power of Congress "to borrow money on the credit of the United States" in the Constitution. It is up to you to figure out how that works, because these media pundits won't teach you, and you won't learn it in school. In the final analysis, things won't change unill that power of the oligarchs is limited, or taken away form them.

  28. You think it is a coincidence that this all started under Reagan. No it was not. Can John Q. Public turn this around .  I don't know? We the American people have been had. that I do know!!!

  29. It started in the 1700. Power between the people and the corporations has shifted 8 times since then. Right now, the power is shifting. For you and I, it started in 1970 when the attack on manufacturing started…when off shoring started and when our labor market was flooded with millions upon millions of low pay workers that dont care about unions. I knew back then that our country was being "dismantled" for the new world order. It was easy to see. You have to know something about economics and understand how important it is for the working class to have money. You also have to put down your emotions and look at facts. This is fact and history: If you destroy the working class, you destroy an economy. I dout any economist would argue with that.

  30. The roots of oligarchy in the USA were planted when the Constitution was ratified in 1789. That power of Congress to, "borrow money on the credit of the United States" without limitations imposed is the source of oligarchy control. It will never end in this country, or any other, until the Constitution is amended as follows: Congress shall have power to borrow money on the credit of the United States for any specific purpose, and issue secureties for that purpose which must be retired during a period not to exceed fifty years by general taxation and/or user fees.

  31. All very true. The system is not perfect and parts are getting worse. But as long as US average salaries and universities remain the best in the world, US will remain the top destination for opportunity (more money) and future outlook (post secondary education). Likewise US citizens will comparatively continue to remain in country. Yes things can be better, but in other words, despite all the US bashing, reports, rankings, etc, people vote with their feet and the experiment is working. Which means we are doing something right.

  32. there's a massive difference between republic and democracy. We have a republic and people have turned it into a democracy which ALWAYS evolves into an oligarchy. What you want is A REPUBLIC. Learn the difference and learn why the founding fathers HATED democracies.

  33. There's no such thing as a society without oligarchy. The key to being free is to  officially and deliberately limit the power of the oligarchy, and avoid asking the oligarchy to give us stuff and solve all our problems and take care of us and wipe our ass for us like we were helpless infants.

  34. it's neither you idiots. we are a constitutional republic and we always have been the word democracy is non existent in both the declaration of Independence and the us Constitution

  35. A Democracy is an Oligarchy. Period. There are only 2 forms of government an Oligarchy or a republic. I dont care if you disagree, you are wrong.

  36. Lmao! We aren't a Democracy [email protected]! We're a Republic, we founded as a Republic. Our entire nation is modeled after the Roman Empire. Rome had a Senate, we have a Senate, Rome had a Cesaer, we have a president, Rome's symbol/flag was an eagle clutching an olive branch, our symbol is the eagle. Some didn't open a history book before making the news. Hahahaha

  37. We should oppose oligarchy for the just like we should oppose gangs/mafia. I oppose oligarchy and aristocracy for the same reasons I oppose commumism: they are one-party dictatorships

  38. Politicians will NEVER fix climate change as long as the industries causing it are funding them, no matter how many people care about it.

  39. As someone said, if voting mattered, they wouldn't allow us to do it. We clogs in the giant wheel have to stop working and bring the economy to a halt, but freedom for all can never exists as long as inherited wealth is allowed.

  40. spain is an oligarchy, but there are countries that not. as Japan, for example. USA directly is a shithole country, and its citizens got it that they deserved

  41. When the small number of individuals are corporations then it's more specifically referred to as a 'banana republic'.

  42. We don’t nor have ever lived in a democracy or democratic society, America is a constitutional representative republic.
    So it makes no sense to be called a democrat just like it makes no sense to be called a socialist because America is neither of those things and will never be either of those evil things.

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