Producer REAGIERT auf MAMAMOO (마마무) at MMA 2019 (Full Performance)

Good Morning and welcome back to the best channel here on Youtube when it comes to music. Plus a super dope world-planet special guest: Dana Rolle!!! Welcome back and thank you that you’ve made it here again And I believe… The little puggy tries to sneak in but hasn’t made a decision yet. The door is too heavy. I…He’s watching from around the corner, he’s still thinking. You can’t really see him. But you might see something different. In case someone is wondering why there is something weird propped up and looks like a number. It’s a number. There might be a giveaway. In any case, it’s linked down below. Everyone can participate in it, internationally. But because of some laws from the age of 14 years. But okay, anyway it’s international. Meaning if you feel like doing something cool… There’s a really big Christmas giveaway. I just wanted to say, that with those things it makes more sense starting with the age of 14 years anyway. In my opinion. – Well, I could’ve played with this when I was…
– Yes, you… Maybe not play, it’s something technical. But I could’ve already disassembled and re-build it with 11 or 12 years old. Okay, it doesn’t matter. We had the Melon Music Awards the last days, or when was it? – Sunday.
– Sunday. We watched BTS already but it was a bit… Long? Long, but the video was a bit. It was screen recorded the phone.. – From the live stream.
– From the live performance. And so on. But you’ve sent us in so many information and links so we could watch the whole thing with better quality again. But I didn’t find it that bad. Me, too. It was just that part at the end but there wasn’t a lot left out. In that case, everything’s fine. So, but of course we also want to see the other groups that have performed at the MMA’s Right, today it’s about Mamamoo and there was a bit… Yes, I’ll talk about all the information I’ve collected. Mamamoo is a senior girl group and that means they should’ve… When you go through the normal order, then they should’ve performed before BTS. Because they’re a senior group and they’re quite successful. And they should get relatively more time, also for the respect. They have a lot to showcase. They’re especially good live. They’re incredible live. True. – However..
– Singing-wise and dance-wise. However, they only got a performance in the first half of the show. Before the rookies. Before some rookies. It was extremely cut down to 7 mins. or so and it wasn’t the whole group performance. It was 3 mins. Hwasa. And 4 mins. Mamamoo. Super short. And I think it was the shortest time overall. From all performances. And, especially, shorter than many rookies. The next thing is that they weren’t interviewed during the red carpet. They weren’t included in the credits. So, a lot of things went wrong here. But mainly, the shortened time and where the performance was placed Was seen as very unrespectful. And there were some shades they did during their performance. We’re going to watch that soon. I was… What’s also importance, sorry, Hwasa performed Twit live. But in the livestream they showed the pre-recorded version. Where was performing and then Mamamoo starts. But live she just performed half of the song so she could get ready for the Mamamoo performance because they had so little time. Yes, when I’ve heard this…Or the first info was that they should’ve had a longer performance. But it was cut down. And I was like: “Huh, why? What happened?” Not good. But, okay. We’re going to watch the performance first and we can talk about that afterwards again. Yes. – We didn’t see it, yes. I’m excited.
– I’m excited. In any case, it’s sad that this happened. They video seems to be very quiet again. Yes. Stupi? Sure. The tongue can’t be left out. It’s just such a dope song. I still love it. Omg, I got them goosebumps. Especially, when the ad-libs go high up. She seems extra aggressive and tough. A bit pissed. Okay, before we continue. This part. They told me about this P D. And supposedly it stands Production Director. And then she’s saying “Twit”, idiot. Yes, a bit passive aggressive but I absolutely can’t blame them for that. No, not at all. It’s… This is…This was pre-recorded? This was the pre-recorded version. I also got sent in a video from the actual performance where the pre-recorded version was showing in the background. And where Hwasa performed live. You can see that she only performed half of the song live. – because of the time.
– And then she goes away after? Yes, but the video is now privated. – And I can’t find another one than this.
– Crazy. So, if anyone has a link to this or can find it anywhere – then send it to us.
– Where was it? – Youtube.
– On which channel? I don’t know. I can’t see anything anymore. Crazy. Okay, so there is a lot of things going on in the background. Real politics…It’s… – Yes.
– Yes. I…uh, did they know…They surely knew, that it gets recorded. But did they know that this likely gets shown. – Because it looks like…
– I don’t know. I don’t know. It looks more like a reheasal. Yes, it seems like that. – As if…
– I don’t know. There are some little parts…We’ve seen some videos from Mamamoo and from Hwasa. I don’t want to say anything but there are some parts where she’s a bit more easy-going. More like in a rehearsal-mode than going all in for a performance. ‘This is going to be a video which gets shown to a lot of people and seen internationally, too.’ It seems to be more easy-going in her part. – I’ve seen her perform crazier.
– But we don’t know if She’s easy-going or just ‘I don’t care. Fck you b*astards.’ – Or that. It’s definitely not…
– You know. I’m sorry for my choice of words. But it’s definitely…We’ve seen Hwasa performing real hardcore. But it seem like they didn’t know that this will get shown in the end. In the show. And that this is more rehearsal-mode. That’s how I interpret it. Or that…I don’t believe this. Even if they’re pissed about the people there, they would’ve topped it off even more. Probably, but I really don’t know. – Well, let’s continue watching. We continue here.
– Yes. How did they do this? Ah, okay. – Very inventive and now we’re live.
– Yes. This is also supposed to be a hint. This is crazy. Most of all, sorry, because of the shortened time they couldn’t even perform their new song. Ok, I’m ready. Especially their song is a killer. It’s so… Now, I’m keen to know how it’s live. The hair. I found that move just now quite sexy. You see. It’s different. Crazy. – It looks really cute with those pigtails.
– Yes. It’s a bit Ariana Style with the long hoodie and the over-knees. Right. Dope. Cool idea. Now, I understand…ah, okay. Ah, they didn’t translate this. This was the comment. I’ve read about this, too. It was… It was something about… And…something like this. Ah, this is so mean. It’s really mean. I only understood… Hwasa has the same clothes on just without the coat and quickly wore a cap. As far as I see it. But I find her live…She’s definitely different than in the pre-recorded video. Completely different attitude. Yes, I’m almost sure that they thought they’d only film a rehearsal and they didn’t know… Of course, those are only guesses. You might’ve more information about it For at least, it seems that this was just a rehearsal recording that they used in the end. Because there seemed to be no other option for this. So, a lot of things went wrong in the organisation. But I still think the girls did the best out of their live performance. Definitely. – Despite all the stories about what was going on behind.
– It’s such a shame… That, especially, they didn’t get a lot of time. It makes no sense at all because they could’ve done such crazy things. But I still think they’ve performed full on-point. You notice maybe just for a microsecond through their expressions that they… – They’re pissed.
– That they’re pissed. Or that there’s something going on. But I think they still did well. – So good.
– Also a nice idea with the paint in the end. But on Solar, even though you said the style is more like Ariana, I find it more attractive on her. For me it’s more attractive because it’s not that over-exaggerated, overly excessive hair, everything is fake and Super long lashes and such. I think it’s more natural and cuter like this. Or feminine. Or…just in general more attractive. I like it more, too because I think on… I love Ariana Grande’s Style but I think when she’s wearing this look That it’s quite childish? – And they want…
– And cute. That’s this Lolita thing. – Yes but.
– And really don’t like that. But I think it’s too much on her because she looks naturally quite young And Solar doesn’t have that so much that’s why it’s not too much like… – A baby doll.
– No, but with cute I don’t mean child-like. I mean on Ariana Granda it’s not so much like this anymore. No, that much anymore. Beginning from…I think it was ‘Dangerous Woman’…from then on they put her more on the woman side, marketing-wise. But this Lolita thing is flowing with Ariana and I really don’t like that. Yes, but Hwasa really cool with those gold chains. Really dope. On Wheein I loved the hair and.. This blue. Yes, she also had a nice move in the beginning which looked really cool. – And Byul performed her rap part excellently.
– Really dope. I think she always has this nice mix of…How do you call it? Tomboy. Tomboy but still very elegant. She always has this very fashionable style. Yes, she’s kind of a tomboy. Yes. But very cool with this…like those airplane belts. True. A bit. Very cool. So, now we have another video or more like you got this video sent in. It’s Mamamoo shading… This was one of the two that didn’t get blocked or privated. Yes, and we’re going to watch it now. – Ah, everyone got more than 7 mins.
– Yes, the rookies…. They got minimum 8-11 mins. At least more than 7 mins. – Crazy.
– Yes. Yes, that didn’t happend, too. You’ve said that, too. Really crazy. But the question is… They weren’t even mentioned in the credits in the end. – Yes.
– That, too? This is heavy. I mean in the music industry there is always politics going on. There’s always something. But to sweep someone or a group that’s obviously amazing and strong under the carpet like that… Yes, in particular that they had to perform in the first half and had less time than rookies. And that they partly performed before rookies is especially in Korea a sign if disrespect. Yes. I can see that. Right after I heard for the first time that they had to perform longer but it got shortened I instantly got like: ‘Oh, Oh.There is something going wrong here.’ – Yes, I didn’t think it was that bad.
– I thought so , too. And let’s go on: Craz– Such a sick song. It would’ve been so wild, omg. Yes, they could’ve done such a dope show. What’s now? – And what?
– Petty. Oh, I’m thrilled. Everyone just signed on the windows and left space for the others. Ah, okay, this is exactly what you’ve said before. Maybe it’s also a name of someone form behind. First and Surname is P and D. But the thing is…If this was pre-recorded. And it was just a rehearsal then she probably knew that this will get shown and that’s why she let P and D stay. – I don’t…
– Just guesses again. What? ‘Meet up?’ It’s way too fast. Yes, but to be honest… Yes, the thing is… People could complain that this is unprofessional that they did this in the end. But to be very honest, if I were them…Some comment had to be made somewhere. – It’s not an insult but it’s…
– It’s very low-key. It’s not super in your face. People who don’t know about this wouldn’t notice anything but everyone else would know exactly. That’s why they solved it well. The thing is it would get backlash from the production people. But still…How do you say this in German? Yes, this definitely. – But they’re so right.
– Yes. Man, why is showing only for one millisecond. Oh, right… Oh, crazy. Definitely, a big mess what happened there. We’re just an outside-observer, we don’t know what happened exactly. But something definitely happened. Especially, the thing in the end I found very good and makes sense. For the fans. And for everyone else who isn’t even their fan. But it’s so they notice that something happened here that was wrong. That even the group is standing in front of the stage and went like: ‘Yo, we got cut in everything we wanted to do. And even in our career.’ A complete No-Go. I thought it might be because the show got heavily sponsored by Kia and Kia has their own group or groups… You think because Kia sponsors Blackpink? I don’t know. But commercially they’re pushing Blackpink quite heavily. But why didn’t Blackpink perform? They weren’t even there. They weren’t? No. Maybe they don’t need that because the whole show was full… – Oh, really don’t understand their game.
– …of stars anyway. It’s really entangled and a true bummer to be honest. Because Mamamoo could’ve done a big show. We all know that. Especially after we’ve seen their Queendom performances. Crazy. It’s really… Especially, after we’ve seen BTS and they got so much time. 40…almost 40 mins! They slayed it. – After that I was hyped to see Mamamoo.
– Me, too. – And I thought: ‘Yes, nice.’
– I was really hyped. Yes, then you told me later that they actually had only 16 mins to begin with… Yes, I think someone wrote me that to begin with they didn’t get a lot of time. I think it was 14 mins. – And this was cut down once again.
– Then it was cut down to 7 mins. But actually just 4 mins. Yes, and my first reaction was: “HUH???”. What happened? What’s going on there? Instantly, I knew there were some politics going on. Yes, I don’t know. It’s a shame but I always got the impression that the girls are very free That they stay true to themselves. And I have to say that I find that super likable. I love this on them. Like I said I sneaked into Solar’s Youtube Channel and might’ve fallen more for her. But that’s what I find so likable about them. That they’re so stupid together. You notice that they’re real. And I want to see more of those Mamamoo Meme videos. It was so funny. Yes, the Mamamoo Meme videos. We did some on Dana’s channel. Check them out. – They’re so insanely funny.
– We have two. We’re instantly hooked that we have to laugh right away. And we only have this with a few ones. We only have a few groups where we… – Like with BTS.
– Yes, I have it there, too. We both have it there, too. But maybe it’s because they’re men and Mamamoo are women… And in generally the picture of a woman is more conservative. Everything in general is quite conservative and they have to tone down a bit… Don’t forget, we’ve seen a video where it showed how Blackpink presents themselves in Korea And how Blackpink is in LA, USA. – Right.
– It was a comparison video. That they’re really toned-down and really… – And careful and cautious.
– They’re anyway… And in LA they’re like: “Oh, hey. Oh, cool.” They were super open. Just how we’re used to in the western culture. They were super cute the girls from Blackpink. But they’re everywhere like that. They’re just being themselves. For example, partly, their new song was about that. To the haters and that they’re just being themselves and they do what they want. And it’s dope irrespective what anyone else says. And there was something about Hwasa. Where she was at the airport and didn’t wear a bra. And it was such a scandal. It could be because of that. But it could be also because of…politically…but also culturally… Customs and morals are very important especially in Asia and South Korea it has a high value. I’m not an expert but I do know how different it can be in certain cultures. – The stick out.
– Definitely. I don’t think they’re impolite but they break certain rules. And especially, gender roles, I feel which are still going in Korea. And they’re not… They aren’t even that young, right? I think, 24/25. And Solar 28 or so? – She’s the oldest, right?
– Yes. In any case, in their mid-twenties. And…you notice that they’re all independent and free. And, yes, free spirits and that’s what I stan. But for us in the western countries it’s normal. Especially, here in Germany. To be honest, if everything is going wrong for you in South Korea then come to us. – Come to us!
– Yes, come to us. It’s a shame. Because here they’d be celebrated for their personality, their music, their look, just everything. They’d top everything that is here right now… Just saying… But, yes, I really don’t like that. When something like this happens and customs and morals go over humanity. Because the girls are amazing, as you can see. I really can’t understand this. But it’s really a shame if their career gets affected from this. – We’ll see. We’ll see. The performance was still dope.
– We’ll see. We’ll see. The performance was still dope. So, it’s: ‘THUMBNAIL TIME’ What are we going to do? Ah, okay, neck cut. Choking. A tear. Can you do it again? My eyes are so big. Okay, now they camera went off. We’re still there. We still say bye, don’t forget. Okay, I think I have. Okay, I hope you’ve learned something. Don’t forget to subscribe and turn the notifications on. And check out Dana because she also has some videos and a Youtube channel. You also uploaded a video last Sunday where we both react to Mamamoo A super funny video, again. I’m really envious about the videos where we laugh so hard at Mamamoo and that they’re on your channel. Wir have to watch all Meme videos about them. I think there were 5 or 6 parts. Oh, I’m excited. – Ah, from the same creator, or what?
– Yes. There are probably even more. So, if you’re still wondering why the number is standing there look down in the description. There’s a big giveaway that’s going in throughout December until Christmas. Kinda a like an advent calendar. And thank you and yes. Bye.
– subtitles by janine –

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  1. I'm really happy that you went into this reaction with knowledge about what happened …
    Another sad fact to add to the long list, the song they performed as a group (gogobebe) is remixed in a way for it to be speed up … because they didn't even have enough time to perform the song full at the right tempo 😭
    Like you said, it's so sad when industry politics get in the ways of artists' music and performances.. but I'm really happy that MAMAMOO said something and stood up for themselves. Hopefully, things will get better!

  2. I love how she's such a moomoo now and knows all the information 😂. Mma did them dirty, i'm waiting for mama to be respectful with our girls

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  5. Also they left immediately after this from the whole event. Before the ceremony solar took the marker from the car, instead of writing her name, she wrote from what it appeared to be the groups name. This is the most I’ve ever seen them angry on television before. Also they wanted to do hip, which they couldn’t do. BTS however, others. had way more time …”Especially BTS”.

  6. “But that’s what I find so likeable about them -That they’re so stupid together”

    I might’ve just shed a tear there

  7. My theory of why Melon mistreated them is the next:
    When MAMAMOO debuted, their company had a contract with mnet about music distribution (or something like that, I don't understand much about the industry itself), that contract worked until 2016 and they changed to Loen enter. Which is related to Melon. That was why mnet was so angry and never invited MAMAMOO to MAMA (mnet awards show) and when they had to invite them last year they didn't treat them okay (fans were so pissed just like with MMA this year)
    In early 2019, rbw terminate their contract with Loen enter. and signed again with Mnet, so I think that Melon were pissed about that (I mean MAMAMOO are one of the top group in Korea and they were probably gaining a lot of money)and this is why they treat them like that.

  8. They had no back stage at the ending video because people might see how they improvised in the last minute to cut their performance. MMA was such a jerk 🙄

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    that's what happen
    bighit is the biggest ent company right now and everyone wants to suck their dick to have bts
    sad but true

  10. The ending comment meant:
    How was tonight?
    Chop chop chop, chop up and swallow success! (I guess reference to their recent song lyrics, HIP)

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  16. Yeah just like Rahim and Dana said, if things aren't working in Korea come to the outside world, we celebrate you MAMAMOO!!!



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  19. i was soooo angry as they were given a very little amount of time…..still im mad af…..aint no love in that party

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  22. GANZ WICHTIG falls ihr euch die MAMA 2019 performance anschauen wollt, sucht nach nem clip, der die ganze performance zeigt, nicht die kleinen clips von mnet, sonst kommt ihr ein bisschen durcheinander 😅

  23. You can check now the MAMA2019 performances and see the treatment difference… 11minutes, with J.Y.P feat and also almost 2min of Hwasa singing DuaLipa. 🤩

  24. And i still can't get over how angry I am towards the treatment they got that night 😔😔😔😭😭… Thank you for noticing how the girls are feeling just by watching their short. probs THE SHORTEST they've been given to perform on an award show 🤧🤧…

    And.. for Rahim and Dana, the YT channel that published the live fancam of Hwasa's Live Twit, it was by MintBox-nim.. Hwasa's fansite 🤭🤭✊✊ sadly it was taken down as well 😫

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  29. Check out their mama 2019 performance. Waaaaaay better and the new choreography video for hip by them. Super hilarious and I love it

  30. Actually, Mamamoo are always getting such attitude from different awards or even criticism from population. Even MAMA2018 invited Mamamoo for the first time last year( when the group was in their 5 year and it was their first invitation) and they didn’t get any room for dressing, there was video that was blocked after where girls changed their clothes in the corridor between the solo stages before group performance, but finally mama understood it and got them their own room this year. People always criticize them because they are not standard women and don’t want to be ) that’s point and inspiration for majority for their fans

  31. The "Cut up success" is part of their lyrics from HIP fyi. You asked previously why Mamamoo is not as big as other girl groups when they're so talented- the politics that you saw in this MMA2019 performance is your answer. They're stomped on and shoved under the carpet, unlike Big 3 groups (YG, JYP, SM), who get so much more stage time and opportunities to perform at large stages like this.

  32. I think Hwasa may have been a bit easy going in the pre-recording because she’s been sick the past week or so.. still fighting with it during the MAMA Awards as well.

  33. I've been following mamamoo for years. First time i actually seen mamamoo not enjoying their stage. They love all their stages be it in huge stadium or in a university festival they always give their best. But this is too much. Yes bts is huge but isnt mamamoo as well? It's like they simply emphasize that *if you're not bts and not coming from big company we don't care about you*.

    They worked so hard to reach what they got right now. Mamamoo is now ranked 3rd girl group in sk and still being treated as if they're a rookies. You should watch their MAMA performance and also Inkigayo later this year. Those 2 performances never mistreat the guests. And mamamoo clearly won't disappoint. 🙂

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    #MMA_2019 pity organization, But in the MAMA the queens of the night shone with BTS

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    and the audio was still ongoing

  39. I was wondering at first why the reaction video is 30 mins long. I really appreciate how you guys are aware of what's happened and shared your unbiased opinions

  40. Here's a clip of the live version on the upper left corner. If you see where Hwasa's part was cut, it looks pretty abrupt.

  41. Hey Rahim Dana
    Mamamoo has performed at the MAMA awards on 4/12
    Hope you can react to it
    Hwasa collaborated with Dua Lipa
    This is the full video of their collaboration from mnet official channel👇🏻
    Mamamoo also collaborated with JYP
    Their performance is mixed so the official channel cut their performances into many short video
    I’ll suggest you a full video here👇🏻

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    Big shout to you guys 👏👏👏👏
    Edited : Guys, when are you gonna react to Mr. Ambiguous? That's their debut song. I want to hear from you. You guys give me great explanation in each video, it's amusing. Love it!

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    Solar – (*don't have subtitle but the video quality was great)
    Moonbyul – (*don't have subtitle but the video quality was great)
    Wheein – (with subtitle)
    Hwasa – (with subtitle)

    Oh and I would like also to share with you Solar solo stages during their 4season S/S (*Here she performed Nicki Minaj-Chunli and Despacito)

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