Pro-abortion politicians mislead women about Planned Parenthood

Maurice Vega

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  1. What evil liars! How can Planned Parenthood be the only option for me to go to when I get my annual checkup at a place that isn't even planned parenthood?? It's called the Center for Women, and nothing bad EVER happens there!

  2. Planned Murderhood can't lose what they never had. They are evil liars and must be brought to justice.

  3. Politicians don't give a shit about people's needs or doing the right thing. They only care about the money. Why must we be split up by political parties? Should we be forced to conform to fight for what's right? I do not support abortion, but I do support immigration. In terms of voting, I can't choose both, so who's rights do I fight for? Conformity has never done humanity any good. It's about damn time we start to reform politics, not just for immigrants, not just for unborn children, but for the common good of the people.

  4. Hillary& the majority of politicians, are evil to the core.. The lies they sell, are still being bought up.. We don't need any more proof.. The ones supporting this are straight up psychopathic Satanists.. Mass mind control& brain washing, has people who willingly hand their offspring over to be sacrificed… The blood of the innocent cries out.. Justice will prevail! That's where my prayers are at!! They're the truest victim's in every sence of the word.. Blameless and faultless.. Yet so many think this is adaptable and ok..

  5. I enjoy how all the audio clips for pp are mainly just short and say they don't offer anything else when that isn't true. I got a STD and HIV testing there and friends also got birth control there but hey, I suppose just follow this video blindly.

  6. just an FYI, Trump was given millions of his dollars to planned parenthood prior to his involvement in politics. what a hippocrit and a lousy conformist. Defund Trump!

  7. The people at Planned Parenthood should be fired from breathing. Please pack up your things and kindly leave… LIFE!

    I know that a was pretty messed up thing to say, but I'm sorry this infuriates me because our tax dollars allow them to continue their slaughter on babies and flat out lying to everyone. They are sick, twisted scumbags. I'm not saying we should bomb the facilities or anything psychotic like that, but damn…

  8. A lot of people say that Pro Life is anti woman.Every year approximately 40 million babies world wide are murdered through abortion. How many of those babies would have been born female? Which side is anti woman now?

  9. As a matter of a fact, I have been getting a pap smear at Planned Parenthood every year since i was 20 and I am 28 now. the location where i go to doesn't offer prenatal care but will refer women to other planned parenthoods nearby or the local hospital. they are a phenomenal organization. they are the reason why i never got pregnant or had an abortion, a reason why I am on birth control and they caught an std that i got from an unfaithful partner. I, Jenna stand by planned parenthood. ♡

  10. Put the petition link in your description!

    This vid says it all. PP has no leg to stand on. Defund. But I wonder what Blacks think of this? After all PP is on high school campuses and from this, it seems it's to provide convenient abortion services to minors. I don't know of any on campuses that are mostly white kids, or any other. Just campuses that are mostly black… Kind of smacks of genocide to me…

  11. I wish more people would see this video and I hope planned parenthood gets their public funding terminated.

  12. I love how these recordings are heavily edited. I suggest you put forth the full recordings and not just the edited version.

  13. Ms. Rose: Who is handling promotion for your organization? Why aren't your well-produced videos getting more views? Why don't I see them linked to other sites? I want you to be successful.

  14. These people make me physically ill when I hear their lies exposed and the numbers of abortions they do every single year, hell every day is horrifying beyond words. It's even worse that so many people have been indoctrinated with the lies of PP, the Democratic Party leaders & other pro abortion advocates that they think people like live action are horrible people. Any time I make a general statement that I'm pro life, I think abortion is wrong, or that I don't support funding Planned Parenthood, anything like that, people viciously attack me. They assume the usual things:
    – I'm a religious nutjob (not religious but even if I was I'm entitled to my beliefs)
    -I hate women & want them to suffer (I am a woman & care deeply about other women. I want to support them and them to know they have other, better choices. I also care about the tiny women PP & other abortion providers kill every single day)
    -I don't want people to have access to reproductive care or health care (also very untrue; I would love for the money PP gets every year to be redirected to FQHC's and local community health departments which would not only reach more communities & more people, but they provide More comprehensive medical care for women, men and children. Even better they don't have the history of fraud, violence, enabling child abuse etc PP has, as community health centers have very strict regulations they have to prove they comply with)
    -I'm 'anti sex' (not at all, I think it is your choice if you have sex. I have had sex before and I honestly don't care if others choose to do so. I do think it's reasonable to expect that if you make that choice, you should have the maturity & common sense to understand you are accepting some level of risk, and that you should be taking measures to prevent pregnancy & spread of stis. Condoms are very cheap and often free through state health programs, school programs & at clinics. There are over a dozen choices for female birth control and today it is not as hard as you'd think to get them. If you can't afford it nearly every community even rural has a local health center (or in a neighboring city/county) you can get this & other health care from. )
    -I don't care what happens to children once they're born (patently false; I may not support a welfare state as that's proven to make poverty worse, but I think there's many ways to help that don't involve more welfare. I think our society has greatly undervalued charity, and many groups exist specifically to help new/expectant moms& dads, the homeless, poor families, etc.)
    – 'anti science' (in fact embryology studies have shown consistently and repeatedly that life of A new individual begins at conception. At conception this being is completely separate from its mother & basic signs of life like a heartbeat begins as early as 18 days but technology can only detect currents around 6 weeks minimum. If a heartbeat doesn't mean something is alive what does? Also when People talk about how late term abortions save lives that's not really true. Technically no late term abortion has ever been necessary to save a woman's life. It's actually much safer to induce or do a csection, then you can at least give the child a chance but also save the mom)

    Please keep up the good work live action! Now more than ever people like you are desperately needed. Keep working to spread your message far and wide.

  15. Man these ppl make me sick good work Live Action keep it upp thank you .

  16. Planned Parenthood should change their name to "Grind your children threw a wood chipper" let's see how that would work…

  17. Thank you so much for providing these important videos for us to share the TRUTH with others!! God bless You!!! ♥

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