Preteen Punditry: How Young Is Too Young for Politics? | The Daily Show

From Parkland to Congress, young people across the country
are getting political. The 2018 midterm elections had the highest youth turnout
since 1982. That was the year they voted
to legalize open carry for boom boxes. College and teenage activism
is on the rise, but how young is too young? When you say “teenage,”
how old are we talking? No! No! Get out of here, R. Kelly. I meant too young politically. Hey, guys.
I want to make a video about why
we still need communism. WOOD:
Meet Scenable, aka Dylan. His video “We Need Communism”
has over two million views, and that’s just the tip
of the iceberg. On my channel, actually,
I have 4,500,000 views total. You get better ratings
than The Daily Show. Yeah, um, a lot of people
don’t watch TV anymore. Excuse me. Excuse me a second. Hey, Trevor Noah. Hey, what’s up, man?
It’s Roy. I quit. But Scenable’s communist agenda
has attracted criticism from one hard-hitting
political scholar. The one line.
“We need communism.” No, no, no. WOOD: Meet the Conservative
Capitalist, aka Tate. Communism assumes infallibility
in everyone. The chances of that happening
are almost nonexistent. WOOD: And he’s got
a whole Christmas list of conservative views. I’m anti-gun control.
I’m lower taxes. Uh, I’m smaller government. Smaller government. Like, kids? Like, kid government? -No, not-not quite like that.
-Okay. But how many views does this kid
pushing communism have? Four, five million?
Something like that? -Around that number.
-Okay. Now, how many views do you have
pushing the conservative agenda? Definitely… a lot less. Free market has spoken. Is this really what
kids today are into? The wage gap is influenced
by things like career choices. That’s why we still need
Black History Month, racists. WOOD: No. No kid cares
about this stuff. It’s got to be the parents
feeding them these ideas. -Right?
-Uh, no. -(laughs)
-Not at all. I had no idea -about the communism video
until it went viral. -At first. He didn’t get anything
about politics from me. -Football.
-We’re football people. Football over politics
every day of the week. WOOD: Wow. Really not coming
from the parents. Well, then,
that leaves just one question. Why? Why are you into this? I just find it interesting. I mean,
why are you a newscaster? Well, you get paid, but… I just had an interest
in politics because these old men in power, if they made one bad decision,
North Korea could be nuking us. WOOD: Damn, these two
were growing up way too fast, and I know where spouting
your political views on camera gets you: cable news. Come on, wake up, son. Stop, stop. Guys, guys, guys. (overlapping arguing) WOOD:
The same way my dad made me smoke a whole pack
of cigarettes, I’m gonna teach these kids
the dangers of being a pundit. You sure this what you want? ‘Cause if this what you want,
that’s what I’m-a give to you. This is what all
of those YouTube hours is for. All that editing. All that porn
you decided to not watch ’cause you were into politics. I actually think that we should
just give people a test to see if they can own a gun. That was a well-thought-out
opinion about gun control. Now yell it into the camera. If you support gun control, you’re in favor
of restricting… Wait a minute! Wait a minute!
No, I’m yelling! I’m yelling! -No, you should keep looking
forward. Don’t look at me. -Oh. Look at the camera.
Look at America. We should stop yelling
at each other… -Why should we stop yelling?
-Because! -Uh…
-Yelling is effective! If we let illegal immigrants in, they’re going to destroy
our country! -They are breaking the laws!
-Uh-oh. Uh-oh. We just found a tweet of yours
from 2001. -I wasn’t even born in 2001.
-Just play along with it. Oh, man,
this shit getting real. -Because you like the way it is
right now. -Hate America. No. -No! No! -And you don’t want
to change it. -You want it to stay the way
it is now. -You hate America. Stop. Do you feel
how lost you feel right now? I feel like
my blood pressure is rising. I definitely do feel like I just took ten years
off my life from stress. WOOD: I got through to them
just in time. Now to give these kids an experience
they’ll never forget. So make way
for Mr. Roy’s kiddie fun van! -(kids cheering)
-(horn honks) Where the kids at? And I’ve got everything
kids can’t resist. Ah. -DYLAN: Oh, my God.
-WOOD: Yeah. Huh? -You got to be kidding me.
-Huh? -Cool.
-Xbox, beanbags, guitars. -Ooh, there’s candy.
-Yeah. Yeah, there’s candy. Doesn’t this feel better
than arguing about gun control? You know,
to a certain extent, yes. WOOD:
And there you have it. Nowadays, Dylan doesn’t talk
about communism anymore. He makes videos
about electrons and shit. Meanwhile, Tate’s gone back
to his old ways, but at least he put on a coat. And as for little old me, you can catch me
riding around your neighborhood changing childhoods one by one. This feels kind of odd. I mean,
the fact that a grown man has just all of this
in the back of a van is just kind of suspicious
to me. Oh. (siren wailing) I was never here! (cheering and applause)

Maurice Vega

100 Responses

  1. Thanks RWJ, you brought two opposing factions together and saved these young men's childhood at the same time

  2. Finally people are seeing kids’ true intelligence. I support autocracy, democracy has too many idiots in the government screwing everything up.

  3. hey pro-gun kid you're not even allowed to have a gun and if you know how great a gun is because you can borrow it from your parents then you know there's a problem because, for half a second, think of a kid that isn't you, a kid whose decisions and thought process you don't respect, getting a gun and making decisions with it, how is that a good idea?????? if you think communism makes big assumptions about peoples capabilities let me tell you you are making big assumptions about parents' capabilities to keep guns away from their children or to keep from making dumb decisions with the guns themselves

  4. Now this is funny. People have been lied to , governance is a mixture of both. If it was pure free market you would not need congress deciding bills for majority

  5. Those kids show have a show together. Why the hell do we grow crusty with age…

    "Tonight on Anderson Cooper 360, I talk trade imbalance with Shawn Hannity over Fortnight and Doritos

    Let's not forget to leave room for milk and cookies and make nap time a legal requirement for Congressional Representatives…

  6. It creeped me out when that kid spoke against gun control. I think of my 6 grandchildren, my school teacher children and walking in the March for Our Lives… Shudders!
    Not saying that I know what to do just saying…

  7. At least these kids can have a discussion. Better than those babies with signs that were pushed into diane Feinstein’s office as props???

  8. Kids should get interested in politics. They are the ones who will be left with no future or no prospects if we keep on doing things the way we do. It is self-interest, nothing else. And they seem to be quite articulate. So keep on kids!

  9. This is kinda shit… what are they even trying to do? Make fun of the situation or of kids interested in politics? Someone tell me please

  10. Welcome to the age of the internet and information. Younger people (not this young) know what is going on and see that it isn’t Supposed to be this way.

  11. To the kid who is anti-gun control. You realize that when we talk about having gun laws, no one is talking about making gun ownership illegal. The only people talking about taking everyone's guns away are paranoid
    gun owners who can't understand that guns are a public safety concern as well as a constitutional right.
    I want to see the states require some level of training before issuing a carry permit, mandatory trigger locks with each gun sale, background checks in every state even at guns shows, and banning all weapons on the AR-15 platform, universal gun registration and mandatory reporting of lost or stolen guns. None of this would prevent citizens from buying guns and there are plenty of options for self-defense besides the AR-15.
    And yes, I am a gun owner.

  12. This is what I imagine would've happened if youtube existed when jordan peterson and slavoj zizek were children

  13. I think a lot of the reasons adults dont get why kids are turning to politics early was because they got to actually be a kid and didnt have to worry about their future. Adults arent worried about our younger generations future so kids choose to be involved in it. No adults care about global warming, smaller class sizes, higher teacher pay, free college, gun control, and minimum wage. Poverty effects us all regardless of age and right now there is a huge gap between our poor and wealthy. The kids need proper schooling. They need to go to school and be in public places without the fear of dying from a shooter. They need livable conditions like clean air and water. I love to see the youth is so interested in making a change and gives me hope. If they keep that same energy protesting when they get to vote and actually go out there and make real change by voting and writing to their senators. Democracy isnt anything without it's people.

  14. These kids are more mature than the many politicians sitting in both Congress & The White House, including Mr. Orange Small Hands lmao

    They're going places alrite XD

  15. Lmao off about those conservative kids parents. "Football over politics any day". Those are the people who voted for the orange ape. Never forget.

  16. Best to have the 'parents' if they qualify to reveal what TV news channels they alllow their children to watch. AND submit to lie detector test whether they 'coached' their preteens in order to gain fame [or damnation] on social media. Please update when the results are known. Thanks T

  17. Why are these Kids commies and socialist ? Don't they wanna work hard instead to ripping someone else's money ?

  18. I like how everyone here wants gun control. Like it won't be as useless as the drug war. Drugs are at a constant rate of use despite their legality and are consumable. When a gun becomes illegal it's mass produced and stockpiled

  19. I'm mostly disturbed by the fact that the parents didn't know that their kid had posted thas video. He put himself in danger without the parents knowing. There are crazies out there who take that kinda stuff to heart, ya know? As parents we gotta make sure we are talking to our kids about how to be on the internet safely.

  20. Imagine these kids trying to get a job in several years, and some potential employer saying, “Well, kid, I’d like to hire you for this conservative writing job . . . But there’s this YouTube video of you at 12 years old, saying Communism is a necessity . . . “ or running for office as a liberal, and having somebody in the town hall audience yelling, “YOU SAY YOU WANT TO RUN ON GUN CONTROL NOW, BUT I SAW YOU AS A KID SAYING YOU WERE AGAINST IT, SO HOW CAN WE TRUST YOU NOW?!”

    (Edited to add: I totally support kids researching politics and forming opinions based on that research. I’d love to see how these two evolve as they go along, and hopefully they don’t end up on blood pressure medication. ? Good on them though, for real.)

  21. Aw, I remember being a kid with big opinions about things (especially things I didnt really know anything about).

  22. even though I know that this is a satirical piece and is probably trying to encourage younger generations to care about politics, the number of people who have looked down on me for getting interested in politics (like close family members) always makes me incredibly wary of even the most sarcastic pieces. Kids should always at least understand what is happening! Even if they don't have an interest in it, understanding what is happening now helps them become more informed voters later on. In addition, what most people forget is that we ARE the people who need to be the most involved. After all the old white men in the government are gone, it's OUR generation that has to clean up all the messes that the older generations caused.

  23. If those little shit heads want comunism then send thier asses to North Korea or Russia to see how they like it for being retarded pieces of shit, seriously they could be Fornite retards instead of these stupid fucks now who I hope get kidnapped and murdered

  24. There must be some influence from their parents. I’d really like that angle explored more. I know this is comedy, but… 😀

  25. I have come back to this video wayyyy too often in the last 6 weeks. I LOVE that these kids are interested in politics and the like. Even if I don't agree with their perspectives. It's nice to see passion.

  26. Wow, preteens curious about adult material…. and for once it's literally adult concerns and not 'adult material'. Gen Z – the useful generation?

  27. I don't buy the idea that Tiny Tucker's parents are "all football." He heard "illegal immigration is ruining the country" somewhere, and it's NEVER been my experience that bigotry comes naturally to children.

  28. I don’t want communism either. I want the green new deal, and definitely pro gun control.
    But despite everything they are sweet, “I wasn’t even born 2001” ?
    Just do not underestimate them.

  29. I'm a kid, and I have a friend who is a kid. We both are into politics. I'm a Socialist, but I do like some things about Communism. And he is a Conservative. And we are friends even though we have different political ideas, this story reminds me of me and my friend.

  30. Lol I saw the thumbnail and thought the kid had Down's. Start doing push-ups tubby before strangers tell u scuse me buddy

  31. I’m 14 and very political. But my family always makes fun of me when I try to bring up political opinions cause I want to have a an actual structured debate but they always say, “You are to young to even vote, shut up” even when I try to have an debate with my sister, or anyone near my age they just brush me off. Like I just want to have a good old fashioned debate. Is that too much to ask?

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