Presidential candidate, Yabagi Sani, questions Buhari's commitment to good governance

welcome back to the morning show here on the rise news I'm turned to a ba da ba la la be President Muhammadu Buhari walked away from the Eagle Square on May 29th 2019 with that as much as uttering a word contrary to established tradition ready two weeks later the president seized the opportunity of the democracy Day celebrations to talk about his intentions for Nigeria in the next four years unsurprisingly he sounded big on corruption issues economy and security but on the need to move forward from a fractious 2019 election that has done little to soothe frayed nerves many observers say the president should be doing more in the arena and reconciliation and being a father of all rather than a sectional leader for more on this when I've been joined for my Abuja studio by the former presidential candidate of the action Democratic Party during the last elections yeah baggy use of Sonny welcome sir good morning thank you for joining us good morning how are you thank you for having get to see you again but like the first of all get your impression of the speech the President's speech on democracy day and especially with regards to unifying the country how effective was it well to me the speech on the occasion it was given the location was right but the speech itself was an anti-climax because I had expected mr. president to come out with definite pronouncements and programs and actions actually on issues that borders on security the urines today worried in a very profoundly worried about the situation of the country as fast curat is concerned and he didn't say much really you know it was rhetorical why because we've had several times over what mr. Brennan said that day that he's on top of the situation that's why skills is concerned you can see it on the ground so I had respectives the President to for instance say that I have changed my son's Chiefs you know I have now appointed so you know who will take over from those that have been running the affairs of security of this country we have introduced new skills architectures that will address effectively the issue of security then coming to the economy I was so expected mr. president to talk about our brief dealing in a fortunes like the GDP what is it doing in tackling corruption especially the oil and gas sector which is the main steam I mean the immensity of our economy today no matter how you look at it yes we are doing a lot in terms of agriculture development capital diamond cut human capital development and then trying to also invest in health factors but the goose that laid the golden egg you know is still not really properly nurtured we have poorer situations in the oil and gas sector I didn't hear mr. president saying anything in terms of his actions as to do that responsible for the kind of the kiddies were having in the Academy especially in the oil and gas sector so I expected also a talk about the unity of this country which is various fundamental what is it doing about structuring what is the position of this government what does he want to do in order to ensure that everybody you know believes that this country belongs to all of us these are issues that are bothering many Nigerians actually market equity believe with me our if our the president that believe me Nigerians was still great and nobody will have reason to doubt that we are just going on the same rollercoaster where we Lansing was guess one of the things that you've brought up is that the speech was very light on specifics was there what I wanted to ask you because when we talked to you earlier during the electoral process one of your criticism was really around I neck the president actually in his speech on June 12 said that the elections were free fair free and fair elections and that we can basically all agree to that were you disappointed that there was no acknowledgement of some of the criticism around the electoral process and some of the you wanted to hear some of the reforms and transformations that the president will and what would you like to hear or if you think that you know you agree with the President on his comments around the elections I liked president Moussa I mean first Viera do I in a blended memory who questioned the election that produced hit that does not do anything to the person you are talking about the system is their idea spectrums are present to critically you know kritis and to critically discuss the issue of the elections the manatee was conducted what happened because he showed that if you remember when the election was postponed he was livid in anger that why should this happen that I neck was going to be punished even then after the process it is a president assumed the position of a statement and said I do not totally agree with the processes what happened during these elections villagers will come for him because that tells us that this this president is no longer a politician he's not a statement he wants to correct he wants to leave legacy he was relieved is a vegetable source of information for generations yet unborn in terms of talking about he lectures but why mr. president appears to be sitting comfortably with what has happened where if intentional communities have haven't acted you know the processes have had expected him to take the lead in criticizing so that we know that going forward the electron law amended 2020 let's handle amended will be implemented and plus more things will be done but when he is busy protecting what cannot be protected they wonder what what are we talking about yes the matter is before the court it doesn't melt rabbuna yesterday is there but as their president today you are no longer a petitioner and longer running for the office you are now in charge of this country you are not in charge of the future generations that yet unborn you must say something about what is wrong what is obviously wrong you know that this why I said that speech was an anti-climax the movement was very good I appreciate you know the fact that indeed he declared you know democracy day June to have to be democracy day which I also take to be an apology from the military establishment which he represents you know that they did the historical crime against the will of this country and he has come to ride around at a presentation that we were at last that this is wrong and we're telling you that democracy will be entrenched and cannot be in any way you know disrupted you know because if everywhere we're celebrating you know the ears the crime against democracy I wonder which Giunta or somebody that will come would have the audacity to to to tamper with the results of any election in future because every year we are saying what you did was wrong and then the present p.m. when somebody who I respect a lot because he is somebody that is very very courageous very it doesn't that but I wonder the writers I mean the speech writers I don't know what they did to him you know why they didn't come out to some of these things that at that point in time he needed to rise above the occasion he needed easier to to really be a state man not not the politician be here any second the time know what I felt about the speech was that aspects of the speech was that it said a lot more in its silences than in the words that he used because you might recall that he was quite clear about his role in his individual capacity how he empowered I nicked the best of his ability and deliberately silent on was role I Nick did with that empowerment that he's claiming he was also quite clear about what he in his personal capacity did with regards to security and very pointedly said that Boko Haram is no longer controlling 18 local governments but he was deliberately silent on his own standard which he imposed on himself in 2015 that you cannot be said to have beaten Boko Haram until all the chibok girls are released we now have Leah Shara beloved FGM we have aid workers we have banditry we have a lot of other things what he did he did not mention that what is your take on his comments on security yeah like I said I mean mr. president's comments on security you know left so much to be desired because this is somebody who was a head of state before he personifies like I always say the solution to this country's security and I'm sure it's also that's cool and the Gillian's went out in their numbers to elect him on in 2015 so it there's nothing wrong he's a human being he can say well filled with Lee but I'm assuring you that now things are going to be better because I have changed the managers I've seen people who are running these affairs I mean if you have a business for instance and their managers are returning losses you know yeah yeah out will you keep them no you will not so I think it has to do with the schedule a architecture of the country it also has to do with the people they decided Chiefs they have outlived their usefulness as far as the other their call is concerned it is concerned because by their own time by their own rule of engagement as far as you know they have finished their terms so there are young ones who can bring initiatives who can be smart in how to tackle this thing and that will also mobilize the rank and file because welcomes I can look forward to being also promoted when the time comes but what you have to do is that promotion or incentive does not matter and it matters in especially where life is concerned where your risk your life so what I am saying is a president did not elicit any sort of excitement in me in them so I must my genius when it comes to security because we expected not to tell us what he had done in the past we know him you know the whole Woodman is our president we know that he was you know at the forefront of fighting to keep Nigeria one we know the kind of crispy as a yes you know at the chicken he doesn't need to tell us that – tell us what is gonna happen in these four years you know more so they have what I will call a kind of totalitarian you know control over our our script our our government apparatus I mean you have machine assembly under the control of the party executive under the control of party and by extension because also judiciary under the control of the party so and it which is his government so he has no excuses and he can be a statement if you stop talking about politics he start telling us you know those things I told the people with that people who like people should issue be it should be pragmatic you know people are dying when mister president was even declared in the longest on that June 12 people are being killed if you let this happen over an you know their kidnappers we're at work you know at that on even on that day so those who come no we're gonna come back to you really after this short break we'll be right back we're still joined by former presidential candidate of the action Democratic Party during last year's election the body use of sunny from our buddhist studios thank you sir for being here before we went on break you were talking about some of the things that inspired you and didn't inspire you with regards to the President's speech I wanted to ask you if you were inspired by the president roslin called to uplift a hundred and million people out of poverty he also mentioned the fact that you know our population by 2050 will be 400 million and he referred to what China and India had done when it came to uplifting people out of poverty of poverty he also talked about the eight consecutive quarters of successfully successful growth when it came to GDP did you find these things inspiring even though you might not have found other things inspiring well as a matter of government pronouncements you know which is really really they inspire him but like I was saying the the I haven't seen really the organization the capacity the the the the the vision that will achieve those things as a presentation because take for instance the role of a central bank in any economy is very very important fundamental I have seen something that is happening in this country today which we if we do not quickly stop you know believe me to leave work missiles into anarchy absence cetera bank leaving its traditional function of bringing out muncha policies that will ensure price stability effective supervision of banking our foreign reserve management that will ensure that our naira that is the currency becomes stronger and they're going to embark on things that are fiscal policy fiscal policy are purely political things central bank's supposed to be insulated from political issues that have the governance they are supposed to be on their tough as far as the monetary policy of the countries is concerned I have seen people talking about our girls and what what do you call those things that the president of Bank of Nigeria I mean governor is a backing upon that those are not his responsibilities they belong to the evidence of grey agriculture or salami softeners as the case may be or I'm straight trade investment or other Arab ministries who are political by nature this is the professional institution so mr. president should please take caution I may take and then get back the central bank governor to his prediction function switch which means this country's is the anymore because look at our currency look at our foreign reserve although they took the u.s. in the reserve it green at what rate this economy has supposed to grow at em point something percent central but can play a key role by ensuring that our banking sector is properly supervise our monetary policies I think Mona supply is controlled naira is allowed to float so that it can determine its level not taken billions of dollars to to to to sustain in our dollar for I mean Nana how long can we do that a central bank governor should concentrate more on this I'm saying it's because we are talking about growing the economy providing employment you can't do that if you have the unit I mean the answer the government's at look at it just look at it because when you go into somebody's literally of course what you have is either they sabotage your program you know that you know him if the order would not give you the cooperation that you require so I think job creation is very important and I'm and I'm happy mr. president has realized the fact that this country is very poor I mean where we have where we're back live with with the kind of poverty level that we have never witnessed before in this country so he is coming to tackle that issue which is very important in terms of addressing the issue of security because like he says himself where there's inequality you know this issue of security normally you know increases the security increases so doing what you say is going to do is very fundamental but I'll still talk about the issue of leakages in the economy the leakages economy are very very are the things at the bane of the growth of our offer of our economy if we can if you can protect like he talks about China Indonesia and India yes a China Indonesia where autocratic you know in a way but India used the lockable German instead of recognized yes Nigeria is active we we are a country that is so the economy is so so so fabulously a blessed by way of African that use require in terms of natural resources in terms of human capital in terms of the size of the pollution itself in fact even the location of this country is an asset if you can see what Dubai is doing Nigeria is much much more suited in the in a situation that we can take advantage of of how to attract investments how to attract people to come to Nigeria to set up you know move the headquarters here Africa is the next frontier everybody knows that we have the youngest I want to come in here because I want us to sort of I feel like this is an opportunity to sort of send – you know whoever is going to be in the cabinet and give more specifics and so what are some of the things I want you to talk about especially as we talk about economy and we talk about our population growing I want to get your stand on actually the subsidies and there are multiple ways that we subsidize our economy one of the ways we're subsidizing our economy which you did touch on a little bit is through the foreign exchange in the fact that we have multiple multiple exchange rates another way is obviously through are the oil subsidies that we give the other thing that we are talking about is the fact that we need where are the poverty capital of the world we already have a sense of what are the projections of what our population is going to be in 2050 one of the things we have not heard anyone speak about even you when you were running and your during the last campaign we did not hear you talk about population growth I want to get your position on population growth and having that conversation be a central conversation in our economy please give me your sense of these two things subsidies and population growth yeah well you know subsidies believe me is the biggest drain pipe that we have in this country that is taking their hard-earned resources of this country into some consumption and then in fact into into corruption that is that is that that is the hub of corruption if you have to if you ask me both in terms of how we fund our our currency in terms of how we find consumption petroleum products in this country and I think this government has the the the the auspicious you know opportunity historic opportunity of taking hard decisions taking positions are not populist you know anyway by regulating possibly you know the oil and gas sectors but it downstream sector so that you can save the trillions of naira that we are wasting in that sector we are wasting because you see the the regulatory agencies in those sectors are so calm at they are in comatose they are not working that's why you have people run tripping you know where the car goes you have people submitting fake receipts you know fake invoices and I get in our money and then nobody's doing anything about it so so government needs to reform and they empower the glittery agencies you know they are the ones that can stop some of the leakages we are talking about the when you come to the issue of population growth it was the president saying that our GDP has been growing no no I think we have not forgotten that in 2014 this DCP was was was was pushing ten point seven percent growth rate and we know that today the GDP is going below growing below two point two percent so how do you say now that we are where we are making any improvement yeah I understand that the price of crude oil has crashed but that that is not the that is not something that is an excuse if you use that because this country has capacity to develop other sectors of the economy if you properly her nails your income from the from the oil and gas sector and pump it into physically you know developing agricultural education has human capital development so population growing at two point three percent your your GDP is growing at one point nine percent is dangerous you know in 50 years time like that we are saying believe you me Nigeria will it become the poorest country in the world and we will have the highest I mean the highest level of insecurity that you can ever imagine because we are not going to be able to sustain that population grows that I mean the kind of the people who are going to have at that point in time but this country has the capacity all you need is leadership that is alive that is in control that is in cheddar has capacity has Direction has vision and then is ready to really do what you are supposed to do so this is why I'm saying that these are demonstration prism what is education has the the the opportunity now to do things that this country require he has machine assembly was in it has a sharing with him he has directly with him but I'm afraid today mister president has not announced any appointment to my knowledge and I think if you have been there for four years you know you are elected in and sworn in on 29 May and you come to June 12 and you cannot announce anything about appointments which is key to the Iranian of the order of the administration I think so much is still you know yet to be achieved in terms of getting mr. president to read the ground ready hit the ground running is very important mr. president to the to the old class IV the people that think that things can go slow and they will achieve yes we don't mind if you are going slow but we mind when you stop here we have stopped so I want was a president to please come out and they elicit you know to excite Nigerians that I've done this I'm appointed this I've appointed this that is what we'll tell even the international community that this country has woken up and you think and and in this good a tip take its rightful place in the scheme of things as far as growing it we play a big in global economic setting like we know if you hire a number six in terms of exporting of crude oil and gas mr. president you'll serve as a Lunetta fact that we're gas country the train to be in energy source is gas because it's more friendlier in terms of environmental impact so and we are doing matter what gasps what is our gas policy mr. president you right now is probably even a minister to be in charge of gas it's not too much because this is the training all over the world people are going away from the enforcer something but not gas in particular gas will still remain relevant so leave a community that himself.he salute the courage of those who are why establishing things like my father is like then Putin or these things yes I accept that but the regulatory agencies have to be alive that is the role of the government you must encourage provide the enabling environment so that the businessman like any man who has come out to say that it's gonna give about five million dollars to a hundred to about 1,000 youth I salute you sir he sees his courage and commitment and draws the growth of the economy of this country I want other businesses to do similarly the same thing but the government the government has to be in charge of the environment by giving us laws that are going to be implemented don't regret changes they have asked look at the national financial intelligence unit that was that that came alive you know to to now ticket you know fight the issue of local government running you know in terms of funding and things like that Alexis you have today you only need people a smart that can create you know the enabling environment that is required actually like the economy we have in this country so what I am saying is that government has a lot to do in terms of its there is their their traditional areas of which is the glittery agencies today you measure any one of the nation for instance DPR mission the revenue was allocation Commission mission or officer cottage or filtration these institutions that are supposed to be in charge of the key sectors of the economy for instance you do not have the linkage between these financial institutions in the oil and gas sector and the the the the engineering that is the turbulence and things like that these are very important things because if you don't have revenue I'm going to have to come in at this fine we are all waiting with bated breath I'm sure I can agree for the president's appointees and we hope he takes a scientific approach and actually puts you know round pegs in round holes but I wanted to ask you during the speech he mentioned the fight against corruption and said corruption fought back who is winning at this point crochet is winning because the plain politics you know you have been selective in applying your corruption fight I've been selective clearly even even during the last what do you call it national nomination of the leaders for treasurer assembly we saw what happened in Sochi where the efcc came out to say that there was rape in that case is that the timing was wrong if they are gonna do that so how why why shouldn't the corruption fight back is the government that is fighting back but in fighting and Jillian's because they are in charge the corruption is not anything that by the time you arrest the the important people in the in the in the in the country they everybody will fall in line but if your corruption in fight is about catching the petty thieves and then those who cannot fight back is going down honey we're gonna take a quick break when we come back we're gonna pick up on where we're leaving off on the issue of who's winning the battle against corruption the former presidential candidate of the action Democratic Party during the last elections yeah boggy Youssef sunny is still with us in our Abuja studio and before we went on break we were talking about who is winning the war on corruption mr. Sahni I'm going to let you pick up on where you left off which is basically yours you were talking about Senator go Jay and his es efcc case please pick up from there yeah like I said the the the fight against erosion has been selective you know with impunity and this is what I think the government can do better come fights properly in corruption if they come out clean and I mean the their nationalistic about the whole thing not to look at the politics of it you know impasse and I asked like I said I expect the president least time around not to be a politician it should be if you act like a statement you should take rise to the occasion he should come out with those policies especially on the fight against corruption yes yes could get rid of these service chiefs you have to make sure that if he needs to change the people in the AFC so on things like you should change them you know if they are also been already infested by Polish by by by the politics of land if you change them so that Legionnaires will begin to have that what you call a democracy because that's what it's all about so what I'm saying is that the corruption in this country which is mentioned even by the EU reporters who report on did on the last elections is that the sacking of the teachers of Federation was also a sour taste in the statement on the history of this country you don't you don't you don't add that level you know the temple of justice you don't just over run it in the manner it was it was done you know the timing was wrong you know this man maybe maybe okay he may have committed crime nobody said but the timing was wrong so this is why we are saying that we haven't done order who have done we're where we are today what is four years in the lap of a nation but he has other four years to correct all those is he can really make this country to become great it is the promise of greatness this country would like I said before we have everything that you require corruption can be checked if you do the right things your regulatory agencies a government can only be strong as its regulatory agencies that's why I kept mentioning the veteran agencies I've never had anything about what what what the president is doing about providing the enabling environment that can make those who are supervising the mainstay of our economy especially those agencies to for them to be really up and running they are poorly funded they are not properly equipped in terms of human capital you know the capacity training is not there the capacity is not there so we need to do that otherwise all these lofty ideas or saying I'm going to take 100 million people out of poverty we're gonna stop poverty growth in this country will be just a statement nothing will happen because you need money you need to be properly developed countries we talk about it talk about China you talk about India they the regulatory agencies are working they are empowered by the government they implement they enforce their laws not like Nigeria where laws are not enforced you know so this is the issue so corruption can scan you can systematically fight corruption not chasing shadow chasing this one chasing that one you know religious no no look at your systems look at your agencies look at how you run the issue of your law rule of law how are we implementing it that's all that you need you cannot be everywhere you know but what you can be what can be everywhere in the system itself if you if we if we enforce those laws data data in those little agencies like DPR like I say and rebel a central question who are supposed to monitor the inflow into tradition account like a confederation who is the owner or the of the of the money and then the banker of the government which is the BN if these peoples are linked online they know what is happening in the oil and gas sector you have working meters that is how you can protect and then grow this economy because if you can't take care of what you are earning well I'm gonna go to China again and continue to borrow money to invest into this economy and make us to become another colony I mean otherwise yeah to to to China no so we need to deepen how we take advantage of the revenue resources that the income that is coming into this economy is huge mr. Sonny I want to move a little bit to another part of the President's speech which I think that you you sort of touched on a little bit but and we haven't talked about that you mention what the business community is doing and that we need money you mentioned what non goat a is doing what Tony Lee Miller is doing one of the things that we people have said in the past is that the president has not been welcoming or at least proclaimed sort of a commitment to business I thought in the speech on June 12 there was a change in tone when the president talked about businesses and acknowledging businesses and people starting businesses and growing businesses in Nigeria what would you like this point of his speech to be a new beginning for the next four years how do you how are you hoping his relationship with the business community can this can be a catalyst for turning that around yeah you see between these civil servants and the business committee there's this suspicion you know the government does not believe that's trust our business in our community window organize busier sector you can see what is happening to undo because what is happening to other setups like that you know the government does not believe there's not trust enough the business community and you can't blame the government but again I blame the government like I've been saying the regulatory agencies the regulations the rule of law government's supposed to be very firm in the implication so the business community has a lot to do in what mr. president wants to achieve in terms of growing the economy this economy must be private sector driven and for if we progress ever driven is for you to mobilize your nationals forget about the corruption thing you are talking about corruption is in China corruption is the United States is now is in the UK is everything what you do is for you to have a system whereby you mobilize those resources to be invested in this economy like like he has said and like I can see like I said you know what this will are doing so there should be a lot of collaboration between the business community and the government so that we can grow this economy can take advantage of what God has given to us that's what I'm saying that we should open up government should be issued should be able to open up that much should attract you know the best in the business in the business committee into those regulatory agencies I kept mentioning the agencies because you cannot achieve anything in terms of growth you know because if you have your portal system people are taking advantage this these people are supposed to take care of the economy our comatose they are not equipped how do you use sittin in the ass work cannot take care of people who are stealing in the oil and gas sector in the a concept to other sectors so business community should be empowered should be mobilized but most importantly individual agencies is critical it's important that's what is happening in China that's what's happening in America that's what's happening in Britain those agencies are life and they're very strong they are equipped there they are funded properly not in this in this area that you go to some other agencies don't even have computers to do their business they have no vehicles as elementary as those things are so what are we talking about so this is why to mobilize the Business Committee central bank should be should be in this fashion and that is the primary functions to to ensure that we have a very sound you know mostly policy that can give majira a very strong currency that's what you need but the tivity is what the time is the strength of your currency you can achieve that by creating confusion among the operators of the of the oblique enemy like like what I've said before so government government mr. president should be very very firm on how the rule of law is observed that is the that's one thing that government supposed to do our business community our business people look at what they are doing in Ghana look at what I didn't even every country's you know if their genius mr. Sanyal starts around up you've made your views abundantly clear the areas that you feel were lacking in the speech the President did say that he's going to consolidate on the past four years there was no radical departure from what we saw in his first term now if you had to choose just one area or the most urgent area for change what would you choose for the president to attend to as a matter of urgency matter of urgency security discreetly aspect and it doesn't it doesn't because people have lost confidence in people who are running the areas of the security of this country confidence confidence is important you know if you don't have confidence they will give you the information that you require and this the agencies must receive quality information before they can do what they want before they can do anything so mr. president should address that but sir we should realize that these tribal chiefs may be his voice in the army or something like that but this is not religion victims are present and these service chiefs know is Nigeria mr. president represent us it's not himself so he should do what we want everybody is saying change then so if you are there for us change them please dad there's something you do symbolically which elicit and bring about you know some Pantone you know huge changes in the scenario that you are trying to impact change in personnel in that sector is very important is key to economic growth is key to peace in ski to unity is everything that but the government security at their base of everything and it has collapsed in this contrast as we are concerned we won't know it mr. president knows it he's worried but I don't know why he has been held to ransom by these people why can't even he can't even happen as advisors if you want to but let's bring young men that are there so as to make to ask us to come properly mobilized the rank and file in the Security office in the Armed Forces in the Air Force in the police department I see you given them that incentive believe me it's very important for a person he may miss Monique but it's important that's what I'm saying so the issue of security is what I think mr. president you come very firm on he knows if he has it he's fuzzy personifies it what is happening is people around him you should jettison should please you know get out of those encumbrances and then come out and do what you're supposed to do well thank you so much thank you so much for that I think that we hope that we continue to engage you over the next four years as the president built his legacy and we will continue to ask people like you to come on the show thank you so much for being with us again we look forward to having you back tune – as always mr. Sahni is always as passionate about Nigerien of our policy and about what the president should do and not do I don't got sector that is – yeah that is definitely an area where he wants to see lots of reforms but I think that he did make it very clear that security needs to be a top priority for the president and we'll be looking forward to that and I'm sure that is something that the president has taken under consideration and we eagerly await the announcement of their points ease I'm sure we're gonna I'm hoping but by Wednesday we'll have something you

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  4. Yabagi Sani said it all; Buhari government chased shadow in the last 4 years and it seems that they are bound to remain with their strategy of chasing shadow all in the name of corruption fighting.

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