President Moon Jae-in, leaders of 5 political parties agree on need to resume regular meetings

now president moon jaein and the heads
of south korea’s five major political parties have agreed on the Yee to resume
a key regular meeting to discuss major political issues during a three-hour
dinner at the president’s official residence Sunday president moon strongly
urge that they got together on a regular basis the ruling party and opposition
parties reacted positively to the suggestion though the atmosphere was
generally friendly participants said voices were raised by opposition parties
over their different perspectives on prosecutorial and electoral reform
president moon also shared his opinion on economic and diplomatic issues while
stressing the need for bipartisan cooperation to resolve US trade ties
with Japan president mood reportedly said that South Korea’s Supreme Court
ruling on the compensation of victims of Japan’s forced labor should be respected
now Sunday’s dinner was held at the invitation of the president to express
gratitude for the party Chiefs condolences over the passing of his
mother last month

Maurice Vega

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