President Moon Jae-in lays out vision for S. Korea, ASEAN to become community that co-prospers

know also in attendance at the CEO
summit was president moon jaein this morning arranged on the sidelines of the
ASEAN Republic of Korea commemorative summit now there he talked about his
vision to further boost so loss and cooperation to become a community that
prospers together our Kim Minji has this wrap up president moon jae-in says South
Korea and ASEAN will become a community in which they grow together highlighting
the importance of their partnership speaking of the CEO summit on the
sidelines of the ASEAN Korea summit impose on a Monday moon said the South
Korean ASEAN have been stepping up cooperation on more and more fronts from
diplomacy and commerce to culture and defense adding this whole as an optimal
partner for the block economy singing our new young
super-silly children as young lady Chun Google will manage every patent over a
new so finding the pilot thermally hunka Sindarin and don’t ever question that to
achieve this president min presented a three-point vision which first seeks to
boost people-to-people exchanges moon said the South Korea will support the
establishment of education and research institutes to share Seoul’s development
experience with ASEAN nations also part of his plan is stepping up cooperation
to achieve co-prosperity an innovative growth as well as boosting connectivity
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the president said the solar will go hand in hand with ASEAN because
development there is in turn the development of South Korea he also
called for an inclusive spirit from ASEAN nations to incorporate North Korea
saying that if denuclearization is achieved they will become an East Asian
community Kim Minji Arirang news Busan

Maurice Vega

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