President Moon calls for better democracy at event commemorating Busan-Masan Democratic Protests

president mu jane says the korean people
want a better democracy he was speaking Wednesday at the first national ceremony
to mark the anniversary of the Busan Masan Democratic protests of movement 40
years ago in which Koreans rose up against authoritarianism Shin Semin has
the details president moon jae-in said Koreans want
to further advance two nation’s democracy saying they want a better
democracy ginger Moreau not really needed on three
cups of sugar can be Ramallah one Sunday in Gotham attending the first national
commemorative event marking the 40th anniversary of the Pusan Masson
democratic protest what are the key events in the nation’s Democratic
transformation against military rule under Park chung-hee administration in
1979 the president said no state agency will be able to reign over the people he
added that government institutions exist for the sake of the people not for the
sake of their organizations such comments are seen as a way of expressing
the president’s Stern resolve in reforming the nation’s prosecution which
has long been criticized for abusing its excessive authority again reiterating
his promise that such reform will continue despite the resignation of the
Justice Minister earlier this week the president also pointed to the lack of
government level compensation for those who were victimized during the protests
and offered his apology for the human rights violations that occurred the
Putin at masa and democratic protests which broke out in the nation’s southern
cities were public movements against a dictatorship of the apart on Hiroshima
and they held the nation eventually transformed into a democracy Shin Semin
Arirang news

Maurice Vega

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  1. The best way to improve their democracy is to lift the ban on porn and repeal the korean criminal law relating to sexual activities

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