President Moon believes N. Korea-U.S. nuclear talks will produce results

president moon jaein met with Prime
Minister stefan loaf and today while showing appreciation for sweden support
for the peninsula’s peace process the South Korean leader expressed confidence
that Pyongyang Washington talks will bring results packagin starts us off thanking Sweden for supporting efforts
to achieve peace on the Korean Peninsula president moon jae-in said he’s sure
that results will be made Hamilton gin or your Chi one done calm
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a question for Sunita president moon made the remarks during a summit with
Swedish prime minister Stephane Levin at the blue house on Wednesday they come in
consideration of Sweden’s significant contributions to the peace process on
the creepiness lab in January envoys from the two Koreas and the u.s. held
nuclear discussions in Stockholm the most recent working-level talks between
North Korea us were also held in the Swedish capital in October president
when leaders sat during a dinner banquet that together with Sweden the Korean
Peninsula will overcome the current crisis and succeed in bringing lasting
peace with mounting pressure between North Korea the US are headed in
yourself and post year-end deadline for Washington to make concessions this is
the president’s reassess on the unchanging importance of
achieving the new causation through dialogue to those prime minister Levin
promises full support and to work in close cooperation with Seoul to maintain
dialogue with North Korea president moon also said he hopes for South Korean
Sweden to expand areas of cooperation from startups and future growth to
welfare and Sweden’s Prime Minister hoped the two sides will together
prepare for the era of 6g network in line with thought they signed a MoU use
on bio health and future cars another set of mo use were signed on welfare and
gender equality and congratulating Swedish teenagers Greta tunberg for
becoming TIME’s Person of the Year for 2019 for starting a global campaign on
climate change the president vowed to work closely with
Sweden on environmental issues the blue house evaluates the wide range of
agreements reached Thursday to help strengthen the two countries friendly
cooperative relations especially as a mark this year their 60th anniversary of
establishing bilateral ties Pakatan IRA news

Maurice Vega

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