President George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully memorialized with statue

Maurice Vega

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  1. Ok, so every time one of their enemies dies, one of the D's coincidentally puts out a tweet about a dog that was a very good boy. Hmmmmm

  2. Really? The world is falling apart, and a statue of a still living dog is what they're worried about? I love dogs, but there are so many more important things pressing this country, this entire world, to the ground, this is what is important?

  3. This was such a great story, God Bless our Vets ….and the trolls always float to the surface just before you flush, easy clean-up.

  4. Thank you to Susan Bahary. How refreshing to see an artist using her talent in a positive way. In conjunction with her love for animals.

  5. WOW I hope tax money is NOT BEING USED for this CRAP!!!! WOW Waste of money.. SMH!! Stop worshiping dogs.. WORSHIP GOD!!!

  6. Nine am in Michigan Chris Wallace is on have too go vomit.what a peice of ssssssssssh.😾🤫😾🤫😾🤫😾🤫😾🤫😾🤫😾🤫😾👁️

  7. He only had the dog for 6 months. If it helps raise money for service dogs for those in need, it’s worth the attention.

  8. President George H.W. Bush’s service dog Sully memorialized for clamping down on Obama's nut sack… Michelle or Barack?… that was redacted…

  9. I wish the average Trump supporter knew that hating the Bush family is the correct position to take. Not right or wrong…correct. You are correct if you hate the Bush family and the Clinton family.

  10. The filth of the earth. The Bush violence exceeds that of any previous sexual political psychopath. The WTC Mega Ritual is the Bush Legacy.

  11. Just imagine all the classified conversations and top secret events Sully attended. Sully probably knows where Aliens are at and Area 51.
    Rest in peace Sully. Doggy heaven.

  12. White people are dying out globally. Its Gods will. Dont fight it. The remaining brown people will build you all statues in your memory.

  13. Wow $50,000.00 for a service dog?!?!?! I got to tell you. I raise Service dogs and train them and it does not cost me anywhere near that! I think you might be doing it wrong. I don’t charge for Service dogs either. And the pups get health care and top of the line food and facilities!

  14. You know what's sad, there are people out there who absolutely hate that dog just because it was part of the Bush family

  15. … if HW Busch would have passed years earlier, it's a certainty that we wouldn't need so many service dogs for "wounded warriors". It isn't a political power and money machine. There are lived in the balance on ALL sides…

  16. I needed something good today, great story and hope to check it out someday. Also great appreciation to President Trump for signing into law now for cruelty to animals is going to be a recognized and punishable felony crime. Also this week Conon , was recognized and honored at the White House. That’s all the happy I have in me right now, I still have hope..

  17. Love dogs, but G H W Bush committed atrocious crimes against children and he mind controlled his grand children why talking about him.

  18. I love dogs but that is stupid af.
    How aboot all the combat dogs sitting in kennels right now waiting to die? They saved lives ffs, and this is just George's buddy! So dumb

  19. That is totally awesome man’s best friend laid next to him for eternity that’s love and lots of it all dogs go to heaven I wonder if Mr. Butch is hitching a ride with this pooch thank you for it.🕶

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