President Donald Trump’s Unsecure Communications | Deadline | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. Didn’t trump just do a whole bunch of stuff Russia likes …and look at he communicates Russia already is calling the trump shot

  2. We really think anyone had to hack in to listen to Trump's plans? He likely told Putin his plans directly in a late night phone call… or was worked out long before he aimed for President.

  3. This has been clear since the day in 2017, where it was confirmed that trump uses his personal cell phone daily.
    Everybody who can is listening, just like the US spies on every allied country they can. The problem is, trump is a criminal and he is making it easy for foreign powers to gather the kompromat on him… 🤦🏻‍♂️

    “Watch as Andrew Yang uses the force to literally send this man back in his chair!” 🔥🔥🔥

  5. He should be charged with treason. Trump is a real risk to our national security, He should be arrested & imprisoned

  6. he does it on purpose. otherwise he wouldn't of made such a big deal about Hillary doing it as well. or is this just another case him being a hippocrate.

  7. WHY?? maybe i should be working for the CIA… why?? because he KNOWS the russians are listening, and now trump does NOT HAVE TO CALL PUTIN.. this way there is no direct link to putin.. and putin is ON THE PHONE LISTENING

  8. YES IT IS A WAY FOR TRUMP TO COMMUNICATE WITH PUTIN.. god.. I was WAITING for some genius to figure this out !!!

  9. When you elect someone who has the intelligence level of a 4th grader, what do you expect. Dumb Trump doesn't know anything except HIMSELF.

  10. I don't understand why people have forgotten The very first Betrayal that Trump committed only two weeks into his presidency. He took Russian ambassador to the US Sergei Kislyak and another high ranking Russian intoTHE OVAL OFFICE WITHOUT any US officials, translaters, or American press. During their private meeting, Trump gave them a look at his top secret intelligence briefing, bragging about all the intelligence he gets. At the same time he also revealed top secret information about Israeli intelligence operations. Oddly enough, we learned about all of this from Russian news. Because the Russian press WAS ALLOWED in that meeting. This was a major security breach, and if was done by anyone else, they would have gone to prison for it. That alone should have been grounds for impeachment. Yet it was ignored in the name of Trump's inexperience. NO, NO, NO! IGNORANCE OF THE LAW IS NO EXCUSE! He was given so many passes under this excuse, that he has become arrogant about his activities. He truly believes, and AG Barr has enforced, that he is above the law. Unless he is impeached and removed, he will only become worse and worse.          If nothing else, we MUST vote him out. This country and its freedoms WILL NOT survive another four years of this DERANGED LUNATIC. He is suffering from the real, TRUMP'S DERANGEMENT SYNDROME. Impeachment, followed by inprisonment, is the only cure.

  11. It's hard to believe how many times you guys keep reporting fake news. Even harder to believe how many times the non-researchers believe it. Why are people so lazy? Watch your socks go up and down after watching this. This Youtube video says it all: BCP- "DEVELOPING: SHIFTY MESSED UP!"

  12. What bull… — Why the never ending political drama on TV and the Net? So you don't notice the biggest bail out ever ! The 2008 bailout was 800 billion or so… So far this year they're past 4 trillion and counting…

  13. Remember when Jared Kushner wanted to set up a secret back channel to Moscow? It probably wasn't to talk about his personal collection of Pokemons.


  15. The military drilled OPSEC, threatening to take away your first born if you violated it. ORE/ORI exercises are deemed a failure if the inspectors find any unsecured communication, procedures or classified reports. People/Base Commanders would be demoted or forced to retire over any failure. Try discussing any classified information on a cell phone. You are in a world of hurt.

  16. Well, if what Trump is doing is fine, then it is fine for his political rivals to purchase damaging information about Trump from Russia (and other countries) to use against him in the election.

  17. This thing makes no sense…
    IF all those countries have the ability to listen his cell phone calls and that it's known that he operates this way…
    It's pretty obvious that the US would also have the ability to listen to his cell phone calls as well and likely have/are.
    I'm inclined to think the host+guest agree with this obvious detail.
    Why are they misleading the audience with this made up scenario instead?? Did I miss something? They are only helping to create this toxic climate that will ultimately break whatever Trust exists any more and will lead to bloodshed and chaos in the poorest parts of the country. And big media will get bigger and richer, which seems to be the only reason they exist these days, because providing REAL news to it's public isn't obviously the reason why…

  18. It's the intent… to let Russia listen in his conversation. It must be the secure way
    to send messages instead of the old way of dropping a message somewhere cause that could be caught
    by the counter intel agent. So goes the Traitor In Chief.

  19. No MSNBC, Americans aren't distracted by your Swamp News, we'll be readying Horowitz Report and watching his testimony validating what we knew three years ago!

  20. Love how democrats are all about Russia now. Don’t remember hearing them say anything about Russia when Obama was president. 😉😉😉

  21. Is there any truth to the rumer that the incumbents is so old and weak that when he got married, someone threw a hand full of rice at the newlyweds, a piece of rice hit the incumbent and knocked him out.

  22. Its sad that Trump was chanting "Lock her up. Lock Her up" on Hillary's emails. Yet here is this dolt making unsecured phone calls on speaker phone. Trump is the one who should be locked up.

  23. Surveillance is easier with Trump not because of the internet, but because he uses an unsecured phone that Russia and at least ten more countries are listening to 24 hours a day.

  24. New Impeachable offence for POTUS and below: 'Failure to comply with NSA recommendations on communication'. When you are the Commander in Chief, and given the nuclear codes, it's not up to you which phone you prefer…

  25. There desperate, their losing there not team players. No body want to play politic with Trump any more, he cheats to dame much.

  26. The vice president is a wimp, he should have stopped trump long ago, ok vice now he hang with him. YOUR A COWARD vice.president.

  27. 💥🔨🚅"Oooh, My Goodnesssss," People Get Ready, The Trump train is coming with ( Obama's hammer) to clear the way and the Bar Bill must be paid!! I love it when a plan comes together!! There will be people dancing in the streets…!! American Born Black Men For President Trump!! WWG1WGA!! ***(Can't you hear all the Cackling, Clucking Hens and the Roosters Crowing at MSNBC and CNN?!!)***

  28. All that is surprising, do Trumps speaker not always say that Trump is the most transparent President ever? They are correct, he is so transparent that Russia knows everything about him.

  29. You can't own Trump. The stupid is too strong in him. So is the arrogance.

    You think Russians or Chinese can get through to Trump? He's too narcissistic. If it suited Trump's purpose of the moment he'd throw Putin under the bus too. No one is getting it. TRUMP DOESN'T HAVE THE ABILITY TO CARE ABOUT ANYTHING OR ANYONE ELSE. He ONLY sees what will or will not benefit him. He doesn't even have the ability to care about his wife and kids. He actually likes ivanka because he's narcissistic and he sees her as he sees every woman. Something he has a right to take because he's man therefore above woman.

    Trump is a caveman. If he sees it and wants it he takes it. Whether it wants to be taken, or even whether it's good for him or not, doesn't even enter his mind. Watch him when other people are talking. He couldn't care less unless they're singing his praises.

  30. Have you been looking for a chance to join the powerful illuminati brotherhood. Well here is your chance to join the illuminati brotherhood to be rich, powerful, famous, wealthy??

  31. Because our president is compromised by you know who. He 'll have to give his boss back the "company" blackberry" when he leaves office.

  32. Rudy is doing your job, who did you get that info from the corrupt anonymous CIA, lady the CIA would not put that info out there, they would investigate privately, you are a special kind of stupid, doing McCabe damage control for him, you MSNBC are co-conspiritors. You guys are a special kind of stupid I dont know how to fix it for ya, maybe a bad breakup and some counseling.

  33. I'm stunned that Republicans are joined at the hip with this criminal in the white house. Is it all just because they want to hold on to their miserable little jobs and don't give a stuff about the country. America's enemies must be loving what they're seeing and hearing.

  34. If Trump and Rudy had somekind of corruption in Ukraine he wouldn't be encouraging investigation he would let it go.

  35. I am sure he hasn't stopped asking for help on the election of 2020 he can't win any other way. He just hasn't been caught

  36. Omg!! Are you people That gullible he hasn’t used a private cell phone for years! He has a government secure phone and it’s the only one he uses this is just another attempt for fake news to brainwash people into believing he is stupid which he is not look at our economy come on people

  37. He just said not to start a conspiracy theory and he also said I don’t know it’s just a thought of mine. Are you people listening to that there’s no facts it’s all opinions just like everyone that testified in the impeachment hearings it’s all opinion no fax I watched it all and I challenge all Americans to watch it Please!

  38. Trump is so obviously an russian controlled asset. Melania …… spy Barron…..mole
    Jared his handler Eric….. accident

  39. I hope that our intelligence agencies have captured his questionable calls if it’s so easy, we need to hear some of these to wake up his braindead followers!!!!

  40. has anyone had a job where they brief you on office security? Remember the training videos when the person onscreen shows you how easy your cell phone is hijacked. That simple training is in so many phone jobs, factories, so much more. The way a phone can be hijacked is well known and the ease of how your phone camera and mic is compromised is very clear. If you are the one in charge to make sure people adhere the compliance rules of a secure workplace, could you imagine trying to get the same person to follow the procedure. Imagine the headache of knowing one person will not comply. You would probably replace them. You would be sure their deice was the one responsible for putting weird events in motion. At least you'd want to inspect the device for intrusions. ( why wont he have hi hpne checked?..oh yeah the logs must remain non existent.) at any rate, secure area'shave rules, I am pretty sure a government office would have plenty to follow. which trump is not. as always does want he wants despite any foundation of framework laid before he was even in office. And trumpers just love it. Even tho his actions are changing the legal system so the next person who they won't like can really ruin their lives. They love trumps abuse now, but what about the next guy who has all trumps foundation to go on. what then? that person will be impossible to get rid of. maintaining your current freedom is paramount.

  41. Why is it with all these allegations and all this proof against the president does nothing ever happened. Is it possible we are all being played against each other.

    In a lot of ways I believe the left and the right or not that far apart. We all love our families we are enjoy similar programs on TV we all love sunshine. I feel like we’re being played. That’s just me coming from the right.

  42. Has anyone ever noticed how Trumpty's head look like a giant orange block? And his mouth looks just like a butthole. How fitting for such a man.

  43. To find out who Trump really is, just go to youtube, and type in Trump documentaries, so here are just a few I watched yesterday!

    The Trump crime family has been ripping off the rest of us taxpayer for years. It's no wonder the Trump crime organization is under investigation by NYS, and the feds! You Trump supporters are really stupid; this cheating family would sell out this country in a second if they could make a profit!

    Trumps sister, Mary Ann is a federal judge, and, she is also under investigation for tax evasion like the rest of the Trumps. I wonder why we never hear about her?

    Trumps frauds! Phony real estate school. Fake charities.

    This whole family is involved in shady deals, and tax evasion, scams!

    You've been Trumped. Trump doesn't just lie to everyone here he does it around the world!

    Trump cheats children!

    There is no end to this clowns cheating; he even cheats at golf.

    Is he a racist? You judge; his racists followers will say no,but his racist history says yes.

    This is who we have for a president, and what fools would want this clown representing this country!

    I'm sure we will hear from those fools who support this cheat!

  44. The Boss-Man Putin ALWAYS has the right to listen & evaluate his Job Performance.
    #CULT45GOP 🇷🇺

  45. But what is Trump trying to hide. He is the head of the world's most powerful country and what he says or how he reacts means a lot,not only for US but the whole world. The people of America now knows that Trump has soft corner for Russia and Putin for reasons only known to him. So the big question is how okay is it for their leader to be hand in glove with their worse adversaries of all. On top of that there is the age old logic that you hide your actions because you know what you are doing is wrong, against the wishes of your countrymen who put you in that position with great Hopes. The people of America should decide before it becomes too late , whether to give up on their dear country for a leader and a party whose only agenda is to hold on to power come what may. This country belongs to the whole citizens of US and not only to the Republicans who are putting their selfish interest ahead of the security of this country. High time to wake up and seek the facts that are all over.

  46. Ummmm…… Are we to believe that everyone in the world is listening to the Moron-In-Chief and his minions conversations but we're not?!

  47. Remember After The Elections:
    Jared Kushner tried to set up Back Channel communications using Russian equipment in a Russian facility in order to contact the Kremlin directly!
    Trump INC + GOP = 🇷🇺

    #WTF 🇺🇸🤦🏽‍♂️

  48. Under the radar???? what about Hillary using her own personal server to conduct official U.S. Business? Doesn't the Judiciary Committee care about this breach of ethics?? Or the destruction of 33K emails?
    Oh so much for more fake news and the bias of main stream media!

  49. Guess what liberals, its not illegal to talk on a cell as long as it's not classified…not like he's acting like HRC, LOSERS!

  50. This is when you need a good ol' fashioned coup d'etat in order to get the traitors out,,just like they did to Khaddaffi and Hussein,,time to round up the rats …

  51. If Trump were innocent he would have all his Yes Men in front of Congress praiseing him . But he he's not . And you all know why !

  52. #America is imploding from within and these #EuroAmericans are still focused on #Russia and now the #Ukraine never what's happening in America! #NazisOnAmericanSoil #DomesticTerrorists #RacistTerrorism another immigrant child age 16 dropped dead in a concrete cell on American Soil! Someone's baby died alone on a cold hard floor by a toilet but he I wasn't a white child so he doesn't matter! By the way , where are all the #europeanimmigrants no #whitechildrenincages why?! Then #mainstreamnews hides the #BlackImmigrants as to not show the world just how #racist and backwards #America really still is! Seeing #BlackPeople in cages reminds them of #enslavement something were are suppose to forget happened on #AmericanSoil

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