President Donald Trump Is ‘Corrupting The Wheels’ Of Government | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Maurice Vega

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  1. Many Americans will soon have to ask themselves why I voted for trump?
    I think Americans willing cherish security over freedom and big government who says, "I'll make America great again"
    America has always been great

  2. Let it go [email protected], the storms over. Is it bad for the government to help local businesses. God forbid! Trump has lost millions to become our President. What's wrong is that MSNBC is a Democrate news channel. I can't wait until you and the rest can be held accountable!

  3. Now I'm not a Trump supporter but the government has been corrupt for decades. Trump is simply taking the corruption to a different level. Trump should have been thrown out of office well before the end of his first year in office but it seems that Trump being in office is financially benefiting everyone in congress so they have zero incentive to remove him. The pigs in congress don't care about America or we the people. It's all about the money.

  4. He's been your President for 2/12 yrs and will be for 4 more,……………………….GET OVER IT,…

  5. Just as the left didn't give a dam about what dingle berry spent with his getto parties at the white house and trips in different planes to haul the muching bell around—- I don't give a dam if Trump spends what ever– no way he'll ever match up with the big eared bozo queen of the may

  6. Most presidents make a point by raising their index finger. Trump uses his middle digit to do that. Except to other dictators.

  7. Trump was put in office to stop the Government Bureaucracy. So well done Mr President you have the Left crying and begging on their knees, for you to stop exposing them for what they are.

  8. What is Trump really doing for the country? His supporters are soo blind, they will believe anything he say. Trumps out golfing, tax payer dollars are funding his private businesses, communities and education systems are failing like cmon. He dont care about America.

  9. Fred Trump (daddy Trump) bailed out Donnie Trump from his failed businesses.
    Now the American taxpayers and shady foreign businesses are keeping Trump's failing businesses afloat.

  10. I'm gonna give out a complete financial statement. And it'll be complete. It'll be the most complete thing that has ever been completed. I'm also going to solve bad weather. I'm gonna put Obama in jail. I'm gonna build a pyramid. I'm gonna build a scheme in the shape of a pyramid and you'll pay.

  11. Trump, how about you unite your administration, the country, your allies, and your West Wing. Thereafter you can 'think' about uniting two fighting nations. You are NOT worthy of a Nobel Prize.

  12. If Trump was as rich as Bezos…trust and believe he would not fight exposure and we would all have a copy of his net worth statement at $100 + Billion dollars. this is a sad a pathetic man!

  13. So, is my theory of 2 years that the military, CIA, FBI and all the institutions of government including the IRS are PROTECTING TRUMP starting to sound more credible now? I mean how much more evidence do people need? Now the military who he consitently insults and humiliates are KICKING UP to him. Paying him tributes with money! Like the Mafia do to their dons. Just think about that for a minute.

  14. I think the military and the department's should stay and Trumps place for free ? But that whining sniveling toddler could not handle that .

  15. Corrupting the wheels of government? More like having all four tires shot out and speeding from the cops on the wheel-rims of government.


  17. Corrupting the wheels myass he’s causing a government meltdown and nobody can stop him but yet they want this government to continue that’s as insane as Trumps nonsense, I can understand politicians want it to continue it’s their life dedication but all the sheeple too that’s scary!!

  18. Trump is toxic Donny Trump is playing his TV Game,as well as pocketing American tax money toward his hotels and other private interests,Mafia type crook that was one of Epstein best friends and Barr father was a friend towards Epstein,and Barr senior son is now working for Trump,corruption is ramped in the White House,

  19. Here's a warning, America – if the Fat Orange MAGGOT wins in 2020, not only will u have to suffer another 4 years of chaos, YOU will be making a Full Fledged DICTATOR!!! BE WARNED!!! ?????

  20. And who’s paying for trump and his fam’s corruption? WE ARE the TAX PAYERS! Glad to no that he’s not even breaking the law! WTF? Since he’s been in ofc all his properties r thriving with r $! Why can’t his stupid followers c this? Especially the ppl who r middle or lower class?! They r so dumb they don’t understand wtf is happening. I’m at a loss 4 words re sharpie gate! All I can say is if what trump did is against the law why hasn’t dems or anyone do anything? R government is so F**KED up it’s ridiculous!!!!

  21. Turnberry is useless without the airport.
    So Trump uses Military refueling to keep the airport afloat for his failing Golf Course.
    That's the money they take out of our paychecks, out of our pockets, going to a FAT business Loser.

  22. Imperialist totalitarian fascist country, that's what USA has become. Today USA economy consists on creating tensions with some countries to force their neighbours to buy defence hardware from USA. USA has become mercenaries. This is why you are losing territory for China.

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