Premier Will Hodgman says to Vote Liberal for a voice in government

At this Saturday’s election you have a very important choice. And this by-election actually gives you an extraordinary opportunity to make a positive change for your region – because you can elect a local candidate who is actually guaranteed to be a member of our country’s Government. It’s a choice between Brett Whiteley and the Liberal Government – who have a real plan to make our economy even stronger, to create more local jobs, more apprenticeships, to invest more into our roads, and into improved local mental health services. Or – Bill Shorten’s candidate – who you can’t trust to do the right thing; and whose plan is to tax Tasmanians more. If you vote Labor on Saturday, you will continue to have a member who is just part of an Opposition that’s good at complaining, but not at delivering for your community. And Bill Shorten will still be leader of the Opposition. But if you vote Liberal, you’ll be electing a local who will be a member of the Government and able to deliver for you and for Braddon. So if you vote 1 for Brett Whiteley – you can have a strong voice in that Government who will deliver more for Braddon.

Maurice Vega

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