Prannoy Roy's Analysis of Election Results 2019

around one of the interesting factors in this election is part to do with our first possible system is that every state has been a landslide yes you know even if it's not the BJP whoever's in one it is one it with a landslide you you make that point that's one of the one of the big points you make and the verdict yeah and that we said normally it's about 75 percent land size this is about 95 percent landslides every single state the largest party is way over double and the dynamic the definition of a landslide is is that the winner should be more than twice as much seats as the second party but just a simple you can use any if you remember that was a question I asked you earlier and largely because this has been such a polarized election you know centered with one man at the center so there was just one issue in that kind of an election you know the results from state to state have to move one way or the other either pro model or anti Modi actually one of the big surprises I don't think we've talked about and I just looked at the figures is that Telangana the BJP is leading in five in telling that because nobody had ever seen anything like that about five or simply seats the lidium five looks five seats in shelters oh yeah yeah yeah let me change but still to be leading in five four the BJP is even no nobody saw that so just looking at where we are right now in Bihar specifically the first round of counting finished at around 9:40 and right now we just finished the second round of counting at 10:10 on average looking at Vegas arise an example that would mean that one lakh twenty one thousand words have been counted Kanhaiya Kumar right now is at thirty thousand nine hundred seventy four and Gatorade Singh is sixty two thousand three hundred ninety seven so out of a total of eight lakh to 9 lakh would start up old in a parliamentary segment we are counting somewhere around 1.5 lakhs right now right now that's a long way to go right but normally a long way the winner keeps getting more and more come down a little bit it's tempering right now but the other surprise is the extreme victory of Y&R see he's just sweeping if we could just look at Telangana 23 out of 25 sorry Andhra Telangana we just talked about Andhra 23 out of 25 again nobody saw that kind of a sweep that means he's going to easily hold the assembly as well his father many of those like his father yes yes and what is the Congress feel as having disowned him and they used to win every seat he's just taken the congressman to Congress before that Montana sank before that mamta in fact if you look at the seats won by former Congress people and Congress we get to don't level it's not a surprise because many TDP second ranked third ringleaders practically told us that they don't appreciate Chandra Babu Naidu roaming around all over the place collecting supports who ultimately are not going to really make any effect as far as national politics is concerned they extended is day travel he worked on this for two years going every he's been on upfront erect he's been on a perennial yatra mode on the lines of his father his father also challenged under Babu Naidu with the yatra and Jagan moon Reddy has been on the John Sanka yatra for six months before that he was on a yatra four separate statehood and then another yatra but quickly allied one person that jaggon Reddy will be sending a cake to is Prashant Kishor so pressure on political strategist the one client he has is Jagan ready apart from of course in Bihar it's not clear what his status in viharas but he and his team have been camping there for the past year and a half crafting his campaign makes exactly the same mistake during every election that he loses if you look at 2004 for that matter yep that's true but like once he's empowered he makes exactly the same mistake because 2004 a major part of the campaign was that he's only done work for Hyderabad he's not done anything for the rest of the state right now the campaign in Andhra is that he's only focus on amravati all of the attention is on the special package and I'm Robert II and he hasn't done anything for the rest of the state I take some issue there because I don't think this time around Chandra Babu was that rash he has introduced a slew of schemes and if you travel in Andhra I don't know about the experience that the others had you didn't come across that strong negative incumbency against him so this could just simply be people wanting change but it wasn't a very Parliament is looking like right now campaign what's at the end of it Tod's of the difference between the two parties only more than five percent so we're talking about gross dissatisfaction you know that's what we define once a wave is when you had lots of votes last time mr. Modi got 31 percent of the votes that is not a wave but you got a landslide because it's two hundred and seventy eighty two seats it's a weird what no when do you have we're talking order he's coming so his popularity so vote percentage is that that's the point you're making the rub yeah no this time it must have gone up significantly I mean this is bigger than any voting a vote per se but don't have a look at it later bigger but their seats BJP seats have not gone up from and and sloth both have lots of made up typically all India figure for BJP on its own if we can 10:8 can be a b2b state by state so that BJP +3 26 but BJP on its own all india 276 down six seats so the percentage may not go up that much sorry you want the because you know I think that's we'll see with the Orissa and Bengal have made a fault are the losses right the the seats you have the seats straight okay let's go by gaining gaining on yourself that's right there we go state by state once again because again it's interesting to see the surprise of Telangana the BJP leading in fan but let's start with Karnataka here most people saw a clear BJP win but NorAm Lancel and this is not just a landslide this isn't a huge landslide 23 out of 28 the state government in Karnataka now is under threat yeah yeah this could see a change oh good state government you talking about the one that was there that one yeah yeah okay let's look at the next one my deposition this is Congress is the only this is only stage they bucked the trend and they be thrilled with seven out of twenty nine seats thrilled but still Sylvia is still trailing synth training Wow what's up okay let's move on to the next stage leading Hotel Pradesh amici round is leading it's been stuck at around 53 but as you were saying Siobhan it's still probably just two three rounds so earlier on it was touching 60 and has come down to 53 so you do a shake it what is about your theory of the reverse bump I sometimes you've got to get me it is slightly more spiritually the bsp is actually doing better than the SP the BST is almost double of the SP at the moment about 15 in SP at five family seats anywhere which it must have gone through at least yeah let's move on to the next stage what happened to below West Bengal now three normal 22 17 this is what most people expected actually I mean it's just a huge change in Bengal but people saw that on the ground the data showed it at one point the BJP was way ahead and that was thrown up for the books but this 22 14 is a long pole lines Maharashtra let's have a look Wow look at that 39 out of 48 that is a another massive sweep just down to since last time Rajasthan absolute landslide is there any state door out without a landslide is all things look like it Yoga Jammu and Kashmir was happening there that's not an answer that's naked shut this girl is also not there okay Chhattisgarh 74 that's not a landslide it almost just missed the BJP is actually not dropping that much I mean yeah just down three well I went that one ten out of eleven but yeah still doing very well to recover from the huge defeat and the SMEs as Sam look at that the end of citizenship at yeah which is a sign and in spite of that or will they say because of it most likely that means the vote that consolidated see Assam also has a large region called Qatar which has a large Bengali Hindu population in the past they've been voting the left or the Congress in fact it has been Congress Party's God for a long time a lot of those Muslim bingo in hindu bengalis have obviously shifted because Pajar is a Bengali speaking region right actually one of the saddest words used in this campaign was in this context termites I would say that's the lowest point in this campaign it's amateur yeah moving on to the next one strict state Jharkhand let's have a look at that 11:3 another landslide just told me wow this is interesting Griz Alliance is supposed to have actually done well yes 11:3 there we are yes and the state government is was not considered to be widely popular or very effective at all it's supposed to be a successful alliance vgp marginally have 1110 they had one last night one out of twenty one but he's doing very well in the assembly assembly position it's expected polls when I get back you Linda they were doing well coming up here's the assume oh look at that Wow vjd sweeping the assembly sixty-three out of 84 this rom this divided here which was actually the data showed it's almost a 10% change in votes between the looks of an assembly never seen before people getting more discerning yeah conscious why yes who they're voting for and why yeah never seen is what expectation yes even in the polling stations when you have a simultaneous state and it looks of a poll you have to go from one to the next you're actually going and voting one way in one is going to the next that's pretty remarkable yes sorry we are morning people Banerjee with us now from outside month of energy's residents in Kolkata Moni what's happening there is it is it fairly quiet or have party workers gathered what's going on only one party worker in full regalia is right here there are some other senior leaders coming in in vehicles but where is a cheetah who is an eternal optimist dressed up as you can see he is a commune look at him I mean he is such a picture of support and he has been around here at the colleague at home come residents of month of energy forever and ever and he is here today and let me ask him what does he think he won her take but one object adore Jay – yeah Oscar distal to poverty Guinea I am the eternal optimist if you can hear me over here Raja Babu was almost as iconic as this street over here month of energy's home but what is happening in Bengal stunning exit polls almost you know making their mark what seems to be happening if you ask me is that the left has turned right in Bengal and that is where all the votes are heading towards the BJP TT the last figures that we had gentleman was at 45% vote and the BJP was at 38% vote which is more than double of what it brought in 2014 the left wall chair is down to some six percent so that is where are the left words seem to have gone and what we have in the making is a saffron sweep I mean the home you know is really like a chameleon if you ask me we were read to the other day the entire green and now it looks like a saffron wave is upon us sorry Mona Deepa the most of the polls were showing a distinct difference between the northern part of Bengal and the southern part and if we look at that look at Kolkata that TMC 5 to 1 and if we look at some of the other areas as we go different parts in the north BJP 5 to 2 it's completely different then if we look at the southern part TMC 15 to 5 these are still leads of course but in the South the TMC B seems to be doing better in the West BJP doing well in the north pgp doing well so there's quite a regional difference in the in the voting patterns in Bengal northing ball up from malta has always been a kind of congress hubba you know actually Mu Shu doubled up it has been Congress stronghold in the past that's where the Congress got its seats back in the 80s back in the 70s that was its stronghold and this is the South that has shifted from the left to the Trinamool and therefore you know you have a better position for the Trinamool in the south than in the north so that is almost a historical fact John moon has always been trying to make inroads into North Bengal and failed I mean look at Darjeeling month of energy visited Darjeeling in the last eight years probably if I am not mistaken 80 times and yet at the end of the day a complete outsider comes in to Darjeeling and Darjeeling seems to be voting for the BJP the West is an interesting intrusion for the BJP and it could have something perhaps to do with the charcoal factor whether our where there's an influence along the western border of the BJP they are like you know right so that could be affected and also ultimately also it is the minority appeasement factor that seems to be working across the state even in the west where the BJP has had a strong leadership so has the Trinamool and they have been at loggerheads and places like beautiful bird juan-julio Bakura they have been at loggerheads and that is where the BJP seems to be making inroads in the West our Sun has traditionally been a German stronghold it is probably going to stay that way but north yes big fighters in the north where Congress has been in power in the previous elections we can also go across to my colleague Rica Roy who's at the BJP headquarters in Kolkata and there is more than one BJP supporter behind you Rikka a complete contrast to Timon in the past background you can see obviously the celebrations have started absolutely though the BJP leaders here have asked them to go low-key but you can see what's happening here people have already started the celebration and though it is a working day the roads here are pretty empty the Fiat push hey is the key to see the gear up holding bad parties and the particular cheat I'm logo I'm at nigga G's horizontal both in bath party and the party copper to attach our what our TMCC p.m. milky I gotta hurry now a big Roger Casey p.m. CPI in Paju votes were our cake half a megawatt reboot Muhammad beaker Hamid me hot Jupiter hey kiss Akane boot addicted kiss Amy Quijote Banja Luka chocolate a mutiny coochy coochy k via midi cheek Ajay Banga Lake in looking ahead up the Hazara kiss me assembly election behave BJP care and say here result data rahaga do Roger a kusa pile a ham look muslim ever single job in welcome another girl bang bang Galka Lok Satta Hey Joe did not do chapter rocket beatific accommo power positive element so imagine well you know if you see the boat chair rather would share of BJP definitely has gone out from the last elections that happened here the pancha even the panchayat elections that happened last year so BJP is very hopeful that they are going to gain grounds by the time even more ground by the time the 2021 elections come which is the assembly elections in the state and this is a very strong indicator of how the saffron brigade has been growing in Bengal I can tell you that the that the big leaders are yet to come to the BJP headquarters but the grassroot workers who really have worked very hard during the selections they have begun their celebrations alright Rica thanks very much for that and as Prannoy said right at the beginning they're speaking in Hindi which which probably wouldn't have happened a very long time ago but if we could just try to shift the conversation a little bit so the Indo Kulkarni Modi in his new of thought is prime minister or the next of those prime minister what do you think is going to be different I just want to comment on Angola you know just a 3d cinemas mentioned that the why is our Congress the leader worked for more than two years to prepare for this victory similarly in Bengal the BJP as well as the Sunnis the entire Sangh Parivar having have been targeting West Bengal since 2014 so it's not a sudden phenomenon they worked for it whereas the Congress has not really targeted any state and worked persistently for begins so there is a big lesson here for the Congress party in fact I just had to them to say this is one of the interesting things about the Congress they just simply give up States I mean I has never come across a political party they just gave up Odessa Odessa they were the number two party you notice are they've given it up Tripura give it up good job give it up so you don't even contest states where you had either you were the number two or you had a fighting chance and this is the outcome all started in my state dominar nineteen states for the Congress Kamaraj and my goodness but I think one thing we've missed is the youth vote in this I mean when we went on after if we never saw or met young people who said they were going to vote Congress never member not one person was young and the data showing a it was higher than normal about fifty percent voted BJP which is above their forty thirty two percent thirty three percent but not like everybody good even though fifty percent is still a lot for the BJP was not outspoken it wasn't a very vocal set even if it existed sorry sigh it wasn't a very vocal set even if it existed young people not voting for BJP and wooden area right yeah that that's also we were asking so then there are something else no I was just asking what you think Modi would be like when he returns as Prime Minister he has a majority would he be any different I hope that the seventeen are meditation that he conducted and Kedarnath it would bring some some sad booty and change the way he has conducted himself in the past five years and as I said earlier this victory will certainly embolden the more hardline voices in the Hindu to operable embolden the hardline yes and you know the fact that they made project Hawk or the candidate is an indication of what they wanted and it has certainly you know in terms of consolidating the Hindu words it has certainly paid now the big challenge before Narendra Modi would be to tame this hardline Hindu constituency within the BJP and the Sangh Parivar so I was told a very senior leader in the BJP that just before this they knew this was going to happen something like this that mr. moody in one extreme or the other but this now is coming a central ground will happen but why should he change a winning game this worked it worked in the elections but it won't work in running a very diverse nation like India and of course we'll have to analyze the you know the very many factor that had contributed to this the opposition has made the BJP victory easier this time but running an election especially at a time when he could not you know performance on the economic front has been quite poor very poor and the economic wars are going to worsen in the near future so focusing only on this polarization communal polarization is not at all going to make him popular or retain this popularity in fact quite dramatically see on the one hand I completely disagree with him so that's why I'm for the first time or in your sitting I mean no girlfriend of mine it becomes back I know from Mumbai times when it was still Bombay anyway see on the one hand we should we should look at this election increasingly these elections are becoming not only different in states but different in every constituency what works in one constituent a constituency does not work in the other constituency so this requires a very minut and the lower level planning direct result what you see not on my micro level planning and this micro level planning the party has done yes so the one side in the one side everybody's reacting is they support him no they are not actually how to model that users in every constituency it's exactly the same model it's not different models in order different model I don't you live at the holdings and the posters and the songs it's ordinary in there Modi in oil constituency is the local candidate doesn't matter the local card card or operates independently of the candidate it's not only tsunami 2.0 it's Hindutva 2.0 so it's not as if there's a different model working everywhere but they calibrating its Hindutva across the board I said you're making a slightly different point absolutely a different point if you disagree on the left on the right Center it's my muses the centrist view no way neither the left wing or the right to carry on carry on yeah amazing is he left the point that we should make is we should look at various factors that have gone into the victory of the BJP it's not just Hindu to factor if Hindu to factor would have been there then it would have been a very different scenario but what has happened is every constituency has reacted differently every constituency's response has been different and we would come to know more about it when we analyzed the rotating pattern in every constituency and then we would be able to see that agree with you that one election and especially a mandate of the size cannot be ascribed to any one reason in Odisha for example Hindutva is not a factor there it's simply the BJP mounting an aggressive campaign to take on an incumbent who's been there for 15 years and the Congress ceding that space to them and I did I did miss pin ball in the north and west and in West Bengal yes his investment goal BJP did not carry forward to Hindi polarization the moment somebody shows J serum the reaction of mum top energy to it percolates down to the Rama Navami jay burnham everything you you cannot you cannot observe rom no me you cannot observe puja I need West Bengal if you come down at all true perception but the perception was there this is the perception that you can't even hold Durga Puja via the left's motors shifting to BJP no I'll tell you that it is one point I wouldn't know robbery but they're no religious party no no no what we see as left voter see there is a difference between left water and left kick taggers left doesn't have a cutter left doesn't have a cutter but left when you say left voters they had nowhere to go for all these years and when they found a Mamta Banerjee standing against the left standing against communists they shifted that they are not traditional left waters but they had no alternative and today when BJP is there they are now shifting from month of energy as long as well just to say in the Tamil Nadu background to say that their traditional DMK voters are traditional a DMK vote mr. Kulkarni said earlier that this kind of campaign or polarization it may be good for winning elections but it's not good for the country look let me first say what I wanted to say about the Left let's not forget that when the Left first came in they did an enormous amount of land reform work which is how they built their base Mamta lead the fact that I think you know she's slightly whatever now the fact is that what has she done really to appease the needs of the demands of the poorer people in Bengal forget Muslim Hindu etc what has she done over the last eight years or so that she's been in power the left actually did bring in land reforms produced by look at the state state GDP figures for West Bengal for the last five years and just let me know what you think I'm not talking about figures I'm talking about what people in bingo are my question right or wrong the farmer who's sitting there and who's a marginal farmer at best look at agriculture in West Bengal look at the last 30 years not 20 look of the last five years in the 5s you how did the left groin Bengal left kunming gold right the two toboggans nothing and then zactly and then they control everybody they control every punch ah yes forward movement forward we just robbed just one second okay just one second this is an occasion of these results on assembly elections that follow Bengal is coming in a year and a half Carolyn about to foregone conclusion correct yeah Arianna Arianna but little Amma applications for when this like will there be a lot it's too far away and this may not have the kind of implications that the BJP is hoping for I think it's now clear 43 from Orissa and it was perhaps elsewhere that there could be a divergence and I think they will she's not exhausted yet I'm top of all that she stands I that's my impression but in the sense there on that first time I've heard people saying it bring all that up to now religion and visions have never been part of our politics ist's come in for the first time will that get exacerbated in the run-up to the assembly elections you remember after the demolition of the Babri Masjid there it was quite incendiary and I think they the Jyoti Basu government handled it extremely well even about BBC broadcasts and so on so I think the other issue is the question of leadership in from the left apart from the programs I think you had organizers and a chief minister who was really a national figure he made a good try but I think what did they was not debar so yes we we've got Pavan Varma of the GDU joining us now and Rajiv gada of the Congress party mr. Pawan Rawat you first congratulations the jdu has done very well in Bihar today your first comments too on how these results have panned out good to smile smiling no I think that the results have demonstrated very clearly that leadership is a very important value the Indian Porter gives you had the leadership that was projected by Narain Modi his detractors may or may not have liked it but it was a clear-cut and decisive profile as against it I'm afraid the opposition had neither a leader nor a program nor a narrative and it makes a big difference to the water in a national election then I'm the operational level it was very clear that while the BJP wasn't electoral machines working away with according to a redesigned program on the other side some of the Alliance's made or unmade or not made were inexplicable if you ask me and finally there is a over and above as an overarching sentiment in this country where we are one one of the most troubled nuclear weapon areas of the world there is a sentiment of nationalism a feeling that you can repose trust in somebody to take care of your country's interests so apart from the overall picture needy I am exceptionally happy about the results in Bihar it's the clear stream we have made we've got almost all the 40 seats with the exception of our map you have a combination sorry to interrupt but you have in the past you know also spoken out when you have felt that the BJP has had crossed certain lines and its leaders and even the Prime Minister you know when it comes to issues of ultra-nationalism polarizing issues and and that's something you yourself personally feel very strongly about are you concerned at all that that will sort of get magnified as so the Interpol kinda thinks it will in the next five years no frankly I think the BJP understands what worked its weaknesses as manifested by certain statements and behavioral patterns of leaders or elements of the party now that it has a second term I think we can only hope and we our allies and our council will also be with with the BJP and I'm sure together the actual meaning of the slogan from Casa sub kavita's will become far more important because we have a strong stand on issues of communal polarization just after the election mr. Manish Kumar came out strongly against Ferguson tackle for our statement or not Thorogood say so it's not as if we mince words but it within an alliance there is space for different voices what we are celebrating today is that two parties or three parties that came together seamlessly on the basis of an organized effort have performed so well and we are but our voice on issues that are of concern to us will always be felt and always be articulated without any ambivalence Pavan Verma I just wanted to ask you about is there a slight disappointment in your voice and your body language you know we look at body language these days in the sense that you are not needed that much anymore this is a sweep there was a time when you are there a little dependent now you're you could speak out against pragya which congratulations you do it but they still needed you but you still that photo op between Nitish Kumar and yogi Adityanath was you know playing both sides of the same coin so I a little disappointed that you're not going to be needed much anymore no bargaining power you know just just one night before there was a dinner before the NDA and ice right and all the allies were treated with great respect and I believe that the BJP even with a majority on its own for it to be the final result understands that it has to carry carry its allies together you know coalition building Prannoy is a very serious matter right the TDP walks out you still need to have the the image of a party that holds alliances together and if required needs them so I would I would believe that it's not as if we have been marginalized in any way but that was such a remarkable performance in Bihar of 16 seats as of now has but leads out of the 17 we were fighting with the numbers we bring into the larger India fold our voice and our opinion and our value will be enhanced and not completely sidelined right mr. Romm had a question for you about this coalition building just to follow up on the questions just raised with you you have a different program a different world view if you like as a party and in a sense you're working to in compatibles are working together they're given the BJP commitment to Hindu toire and and polarization whatever whatever your judgement on that and you have from time to time expressed your different take on these issues prog a being or an extreme but also on other issues but you consider you the JD you and mr. Nitish Kumar considers the JD you I presume as a secular party which should belong to a secular formation the way we understand secularism when there is a fundamental difference on issue principles how do you how do you resolve that how you do you take it up you know how Prince in other words how principled political party are you know I did that on so many issues rammed for instance and I just named them for you they're on article 370 on the citizenship amendment ended on the uniform Civil Code on the manner on which triple thalaaq was being brought in on communally flora izing statements by some BJP leaders on all of these issues we have taken a consistent stand even within the NDA I think one of the great myths of coalition's is and I think this applies to coalition's across the spectrum is to believe that all parties either subsumed themselves or become identical in their opinion to the views of the largest party in its fullest plenitude it does not happen like that a coalition means as I told very much my coin the phrase and I mentioned it on your program on a day or two ago there are the word coalition Dharma where you listen with mutual respect to whose which may not be identical with yours but which you kill which you need to give respect to so I think in that sense the JD use is a very valuable ally in the larger NDA set up because we have maintained our position on all issues of national importance which we believe are important for the country without compromising it in any way even as members of the NDA and I think that that that enriches the NDA right well you know we have just just I just want to get consumptive Adi and from the Samajwadi Party and Contra you must be very disappointed that the good one that hasn't taken off in you P the way that you expected it was fought on in a very transparent manner everyone who watched direction in ather Kadesh every observers saw that the caddis were united the rallies that happened had all the people the supporters of Mohammed women were had the conviction and were very vocal so clearly this result this outcome does not represent the so that we have seen throughout the seven phase election that played out in with opposition we still believe that as things have changed since the time these early trends started appearing by the time it is evening we still believe that there will be a better outcome for mahabad 1 then it will not be dramatically better it will still be better outcome from where it stands today I can just ask but regardless of whether you know of what happens if the picture does stay the same will this gut one then stay for the assembly elections as well or will there be anything no absolutely the guy with the gun is here to stay we believe that this is a mandate that that was a battle between a group hearth and Odawara aggressive India and and India that is generous liberal and in that we have always had the faith belief on the people that the the khuda heart will eventually be ahead because that is what India is we will see as the final outcome comes but it would disappoint us if the numbers stay the way they are but what what's gone wrong because the the coming together of your parties worked for you in the by-elections in pool pool Gorakhpur what why didn't it work on a bigger scale than in you P if it was just simply about coming together in the caste or if it's not just about that it's about also the agenda that people would vote for there is we see that sabi pergi article for example is leading in Bhopal the person would go to the Parliament where there's a photograph of Maha Gandhi and she has openly said that she stands with good say so we that is the reason I say that you know it's between Omaha rellenos are correct maybe emotive ly that that a large section of India was subsumed by the emotive issues of of nationalism that will be presented out of national security that that will be presented and the issues of employment the day to day betterment and social harmony were submerged in in that flood we do not know what we still would believe and that's the only way forward for us we would believe that political parties must function or must work for changing the day-to-day lives of people rather than making the electorate more and more aggressive on issues that does not matter to their day-to-day lives okay we we have in fact pictures now coming in of Priyanka Gandhi of going to the residents of Rahul Gandhi here in Delhi this morning we haven't heard a word of course yet from the Congress President had to be fair the trends are still coming in so we don't expect to hear anything until the picture is is clearer than then it is currently Priyanka Gandhi of course appointed earlier this year as general secretary in charge of eastern yupi and there was a you know surprise when she ended up not just being in charge of eastern yupi but also then campaigning across other states as well and and sort of taking charge of that campaign we have Rajiv gada of the Congress party also joining us this morning Rajiv got up how are you feeling good money ahaha there's a phrase it's deja vu all over again so that's pretty much what you know I'm actually waiting for the day to unfold I'm still hopeful that things will turn around that these are still early trends and yeah let's see let's see how they are they unfold good stuff Rajiv I see the bus in here just a question on your home state Karnataka where it looks like the BJP is sweeping the Alliance has not worked at all in hindsight was this alliance a complete mistake not at all actually the Alliance government has been something that people you know reflected the people's mandate in the assembly election and together we had a majority in many constituencies we were able to work well together on the ground and if you notice if you look at the actual numbers that are coming in there are lots of neck-and-neck fights in especially in southern karnataka so where the alliance you know has come together to combat the BJP I would think that it would have been so much better if our government had from day one projected a much better image of cohesion and of demonstra bill governance and things like that and and unfortunately we've seen certain amount of bickering and infighting and that has not gone down well with the masses from what I can see so otherwise in the last few looks of my elections you know the BJP has performed well in Karnataka and this it seems like a bit of a repeat of that with some more emphasis this time but but your government is under threat in Karnataka rajiv gada I mean is this a matter of days before things could change there dramatically see see see see what I find really fascinating is how we can speak about a sort of democracy being derailed with such equanimity basically everywhere the BJP where there was money poor ago our Arunachal Pradesh they went ahead and disrupted democracy and democratic mandates they did the same with operation Kamala when Europe was Chief Minister some years ago and here again there is open offers of trying I think we're going to bribe so many people we're gonna lure amalias to defect Prime Minister made such a statement in Bengal and we are not condemning it that's what shocks me this is the once again here we have a threat we have a threat we have a potential threat that is out there to the Karnataka government and you know we just sort of discussing it as no yeah this is regular or regular for the course power for the course but this is quite telling that you have accepted that that are doing so yes we will we will watch to see how things unfold in Karnataka mr. Gordon I'm that from day one sure sure we have a reform the three-day government conniving with the governor and that government fell well they're gonna try and do something like that they've been attempts to lower Emily's their money power is to pay you know is enormous and therefore they will try and you know when you get a better sense of the numbers and where they finally stand once you know more leads and results come in thanks for joining us I just wanted to point out one again Shaker reverse bump this is a new theory have to develop the quote said let's have a look at Telangana what's happening remember the TRS was 14 out of 17 and just look at look what's happening in Telangana now 8pj p6 and Congress three wow it's a complete change of course this may still change and you know but which way is the bomb gonna happen now well I didn't bump in still come one way or the other easing change that I won't be surprised if I think I think this is a bit severe maybe more urban or more mixed populations yeah but that is a maybe maybe in Telangana also people are making that distinction between Center in the state since a majority sir Raj has a pointed switch as well immediately is now reading in look at this uh but they were always very close what is it now it was ten eleven earlier point eight seven or is secondary protein 747 that's quite a big changes actually on a site it's sorry I think that back we are going going across to our reporters now we have harshness with an accounting Center in Jaipur this morning my colleague elope and he joins us from the BJP office in Lucknow and Maryam is with us from boognish where today in Mariam to you first we were just talking about harissa we are seeing the numbers change there quite a bit but if if you can hear me what what's going on where you are all right I think we're trying to get back to Miriam in just a bit elope you have some fair amount of activity behind you in Lucknow well that's where Dartmouth sing of course is also leading by a pretty good margin but what's the bigger picture emerging from you P well I think the bigger picture that is emerging from yuffie as I stand here at the BJP office and watch some celebrations starting to kick in I think the larger picture of course seems to be the fact that the BJP have done so well despite the beach the Belgium Samaj Party SP aligns in the state now I think there could be two factors about it one IT it will be very interesting to see that Congress would share and would force engage in these elections and also look at whether the combined votes of the Congress and the BSP P would have made an impact in the result in here a little bit result of cosy the early leaves or leaves the middle level leaves and not the full result but the trend seems to be that the BJP has done so well despite this entire that one turn despite the projection of achalasia when my with him the fact that they said that their cast equation was so good that they would manage to trump the BJP here on NDTV calm I see that the trend right now is 52 for the BJP and 26 half those seats for the BJP SP the other aspect could be that the Prime Minister's campaign or like everyone's been saying it was a Modi election and if this Modi factor was so predominant as its transcendent charged equations and brought them in favor of the BJP and whether the BJP had managed to retain its water from 2014 these are all interesting things that need to be looked at once we have the final results all right well Harsha you are going to you in Jaipur that of course is a state the Congress won just a few months ago and the BJP now has seems to be sweeping it in the general election the Congress of course also hit by so much infighting between the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister that I believe that for the longest time they didn't really have their hopes high they were hoping you know they for seven seats would be great yes absolutely needy not very high hopes here by the Congress and now it's not even seven seats and really if you want to look at you know I heard Prannoy talking about how election at government which warts in one way in the state election may not vote me in the same way in the Center for that just let's look at barred mail let's look at barmaid as a case study man manger is saying son of just once saying traditional BJP vote Bank Group goes across to the Congress the cast arithmetic is all in his favor and he's also trailing and look at who he's trailing against someone like Kailash Chaudhary I mean nobody even knows Kailash Chaudhary the last time I met him I just knew him from his Modi jacket and I think most of the voters knew him from the fact that he was mayor wearing this jacket with Modi all over you know faces of Modi all over his jacket and he wore it right through the campaign kailash Chaudhary could not even win an assembly election he lost the Assembly election in December 2018 and he takes on man Ventura and look at the fight he's giving man been through so I mean that really if you look at barmaid if you look at that cast arithmetic gone all wrong someone like man with her I mean his father just one saying lost by only ninety thousand votes in the last election and look at it now so really what you're saying is you know how in one way they are voting one way in the state election they're not voting the same way in the center and of course like you're saying the self goals by the Congress I mean the Congress in the in the December 2018 elections could have probably got 20 more seats finally they've got 12 independents who have allegiance to the Congress who are now supporting them so really you know I mean door show galore and such an pilot went out together and you campaign in every constituency but still it's not paid off I mean web of yellow this trailing agenda Singh Shekhawat by 80,000 votes so you know sort of an interesting analysis how much of it is the Modi factor and how much of it is is the is the equations not being absolutely perfect in the Congress in Rajasthan right Harsha even when we went around at the assembly elections a lot of people were saying we will vote Modi before Lok Sabha day we're making that distinction and I think is wrong with pointing out the much more discerning voter now knows the difference between assembly and looks about much more than earlier didn't you find that they are distinguishing between the two very clearly absolutely you know we we would go and do these chai pitch arch as early in the morning with people and I remember doing one type which are chai and I said you know if the Chief Minister is from Jodhpur and you have your MP from Jodhpur doesn't it work in terms of development and they said no in 2018 December it was an anti-incumbency vote against the Vasant radhaji government and now this is a central election I remember in Parratt poor the MP or the MLA from Hartford who's also a minister which may interesting he went around telling people you know if someone takes your bike coming or you have any any problems you're gonna have to come to me are you going to go to Narendra Modi and I remember when I went out to do my piece to camera people from the back saying well you know this is we are going to vote BJP so I said but what about which means racing and they call him Maharaja they said Maharaja collection may he hear ya Modi collection here so it was very apparent you know on the ground Prannoy and like you said in December 2018 also you know the murmurs and in fact the talk had already started the slogan was Modi thought say Vasant retiree care nahin Modi to say bare nahi sure sure everybody on this panel told me that this was going to be happening in in Rajasthan did you know could you see it happening I did I did Prannoy and I did tell some people on your plan and I think I told you also I'm trying to remember yeah you must have thank you very much we'll be coming back to you a little later but you know one that's a one thing nobody's talking about yeah Miriam's I told you the reason for this whole thing VV pad Congress bbm all good let's see what a beauty patch so so so so so wherever wherever the BJP is one only those EVMS I've been was going to lose power or retain power they are they are exit poll said they might win this election yet it was only opposition who was guiding the strong rooms of helium's as if it doesn't matter to Martha Kanter party the question is why why why should the party in power not worry about guarding the strong rose garden item because sooner that is my dear Francis party craft of the CBM business who know is the largest state for the left or is no terminal left the largest degree the left knots or CPM terminal for seats between CPS against Daniel with us from Chennai he has the diem keys sulwon and joining him on the OB Sam over to you Thank You T that's right I have DMK spokesperson here settlement outside MK Stalin's house in a sense it's a sweet-and-sour victory for the DMK they are sweeping the Lok Sabha polls but they're not able to win those 21 seats in the assembly by polls required to form the government neither are they able to help the Congress problem from the government at the centre Sun and thank you so much sir many would call it a sweet and sour victory no we feel this is a very very sweet victory in the sense that it has established that our leader mr. MK Stalin is the undisputed leader in the state and his hard work has spared so many were doubting his abilities because he was not able to deliver a decisive victory but now we have seen its fear he has run a very very hard campaign against the BJP and the ad MK combined and he has come out winners the Congress is still unable to form the government at the centre does it raise questions on Rahul Gandhi's leadership two consecutive elections he is unable to deliver see it's for the Congress party to think about it were Stalin who first proposed his name for be honest that's what we were able to win it CVV can bother only about the state of Tamil Nadu in Tamil Nadu we swept we swept 37 is not an easy joke Sam and we have done that we said Rahul Gandhi will be the prime minister if not India behaves in a different way it's not I'll look out coming to the by-elections it there was a great opportunity for the DMK to capture power your sweeping polls and Lok Sabha but when it comes to the assembly elections still you're running short yeah I see probably marginally we may run short there we are right now we are leading in 13 seats probably it'll go up 3 or 3 seats will go up so we'll have to see how the other things turn out will be just short of the majority marks in the assembly elections so we'll have to see how things pan out in the next week in a sense Tamil Nadu is the one of the few states which has clearly sent a big no message for the BJP what's the message politically being seen from the stage see from the state of Tamil Nadu we say no to hatred we say no to majoritarianism we say yes to all compassing growth I think which the BJP does not stand for so that is the message we promote love we hate hatred would you attribute this big victory for the DMK to the woods that teach me the recurrent split from the AT&T no it's I don't think TD with the Negron factor has become irrelevant I think he's just her about what everywhere he's not even getting one percentage of what we have polled or what the ad MKS fault so that kind of complaint or that kind of a criticism can never move never be made this is a victory for the DMK for our leader mr. MK Stalin lastly in some constituency's Eminem is coming number three do you think they are emerging as a force to reckon with at least for the upcoming assembly polls in the state see in the state of Tamil Nadu there are 10 to 15 percentage of the voters who don't vote for a DM k or the DMK they choose a third partner mr. beau Jenkins was filling up that place he is no more in the play therefore mr. Kamal Haasan is coming and filling that so whatever they do they may still they will wear what should be pegged at 10 percentage you think the DMK failed in a sense by not roping in PM k and DMDK who was strong in the northern parts of Tamil Nadu we just helped the MK to retain power now no no no I don't think so I think what we have done as far as Tamil Nadu is concerned it's perfect what are the leader has done is absolutely right so there are no regrets thank you so much for time surroundin first reaction from the DMK yes coming from don't let seven and go mr. Romm has a question for him go ahead mr. Saravanan and the assembly how is it going in the assembly contests it looks like it's quite even isn't it at the moment how's it doing in the assembly is it is it quite even though assembly that's what we are just marginally ahead we are right now i had in 13 constituency's they are ahead in nine constituency's so we hope that it will go up to 15 we may get up to 15 when the final results come from the Italian via around 100 and 1213 so we love to see three MLS have been disqualified so we'll have to see that's what the next week will be crucial for the state of Tamil Nadu thank you Sam is the DMK going to demand an addition however also question is the DMK going to demand the dissolution of the of the assembly after this result the sweep Floyd can you come again sorry has he gone I just wanted to ask you could you ask him a question he's after sweeping this state in the Lok Sabha are they got the DMK kana demand dissolution of the assembly and the resignation of the AI DMK grind shenoy has a question for you now that you've slept holes are you going to demand the solution of the tamela to assembly or resignation of the eps gunman see that's what the leader will take a call taking into the number of these seats we get in the assembly so there is a resounding no to ad MK here and the BJP which is propped up this ad MK government so we love to see what the leadership decides how does it go but definitely there is going to be a change but it's not going to be straightaway it's not going to be forthright probably in a week or so we'll have to wait how things pan out also has a question Sam now look let's look at the numbers for the SNA assembly out of a sanction strength of 234 the AI DM k including the speaker has one one four right now and then there are the three MLA Z's mentioned the speaker had served notice and then by the Supreme Court has stayed that we don't know how they'll they'll vote so the DMK would seem to where need to win 21 out of the 22 right mister mister Saravanan so that's a big have to win to be able to form the government especially in the by poll is 21 or 22 yeah 21 out of 22 we are having 97 so if even 21 we'd have 118 so straight away we can stick to form the government if you are running short of few numbers I think we love to see because looks like we will get around 15 or 16 at the most that is the most pragmatic numbers we can reach from now on right right all right Sam thanks so much for that in fact I think mr. Saverin is joining us again in a few minutes do you wanna make a quick for about Hyderabad Telangana particularly where this BJP remarkable six safely so now we're getting some data on which are those seats no seats are all from the Hyderabad and surrounding area so adilabad Kareem nagging Islamabad second cravat which is actually a BJP seat already Hyderabad and Mehmood Nagar these are the seat the all contiguous these are the sixties with the BJP is leading one of the seats is –kavitha seat of the chief trailing in with us what's going on where you are I hope it's all working Oh as of now as of now neroon's but now can you remain equidistant from both because it doesn't matter at the movement but but Miriam thanks so much for that and and before we take a break we just got pictures of the Prime Minister's mother who of course lives in Gandhinagar and if we could just play out those pink towel that's not her if we could get those pictures up oh yes I think she is there somewhere ah there there put even mr. Modi of course before any big event does go to visit his mother yeah and he's leaving by more than two lakh votes by the way which is incredible in Gandhinagar I used to be a booth manager in Gandhinagar it just shows you there's some ability that the be a focusing on the mother for a moment yeah mr. Modi Vasu often does go to visit her before every but she's already there being congratulated there by by supporters and being offered sweets we will take a break on that note we'll be back in exactly 60 seconds let's just have another quick look at the inside of parliament it's now really filling up but just have a look with saffron with that we saw actually we didn't start with the same shot again can we from Gandhi coming back okay let's have a look what we've got right now if we look at Parliament inside of Parliament if we just switch to that as soon as we can here we go we're also sitting in Parliament in the Speaker's chair here we are 327 BJP plus its allies not sure if this would like to be seen in saffron here but he is one of them and if we move to the other side of it and see the fairly depleted other benches by the way there's a this is an exact replica of Parliament including the clock including the little motives we'll go and focus on them when we have a little time at some point we just like to see those little motives and what they mean I don't know you know what they mean BJP now at roughly around to 82 to 81 so it's the colour the picture of Parliament look going to look pretty much exactly like almost quite true quite true even bigger victory for Narendra Modi than 2014 because there he was the Challenger and he had the benefit of the anti-incumbency of the two terms of the UPA at this time this time him and his record and the voters have given him a big thumbs up so this is really his victory all the way and bigger even than 2014 I'm actually saying that we have these key personalities you know some of those artists after that I'll talk about another key personality I think by all accounts you know a terrific person she's done so much for education in Delhi but she's trailing from Delhi in fact the BJP is leading I think in all seven seats in Delhi that was something that was widely expected but you know that that's as far as this seat is concerned you MP yeah got them compete MP can I take the point forward you said that it's a bigger victory further in the movie for him incumbent he is one first of all if you look at our country's political history if an incumbent is seen to have done well the second term gets him better numbers him or her so and there's that there's our my trick question comes UPA two got much better number than UPA one if this is credit to Narendra Modi who was that one more okay okay so before we go on to that analysis I just personalities for just a moment Kieran Cade is leading in Chandigarh she is the MP from Chandigarh already so kirron kher by the way who faced a lot of infighting in the BJP in Chandigarh is leading from there and not surprisingly of course amateur and Gujarat it's a lead of some two and a half lakhs and LK Advani was booted out of that seat wasn't happy about it but I'm a shock could very well be the country's next Home Minister if all the buzz is to be believed looking at some of the other key leaves that were getting as we wait for that graphic to change Mehbooba Mufti of the PDP is at number three actually from the unnethe NOC Parliament seat which she is from which she has been an MP before I mean I don't think she was expected to do very well but number three is quite a setback also not surprisingly the BJP reading in other important Jammu and Kashmir Anant Kumar Hegde Vasu yeah we've seen the kind of sort of hate speeches he's given regularly and he's leading in Karnataka mr. Dimmick aura is trailing ba so what do you make of that well I mean in some ways it's not surprising because frankly if you look at just overall what has happened to the JD s in Karnataka you just have to many members of the Goethe family fighting you're the Chief Minister you have mr. David Gordon now you have the sons fighting the wife contesting its and by the way Tom cool is not this is going slightly out of their stronghold area so Shatrughan Sinha is trailing from Patna sorry he joined the Congress of course on the eve of this election so Ravi Shankar Prasad they're clearly in the lead in that particular seat Shatrughan Sinha's wife of course became the SP candidate from Lucknow to take on rods not saying we other of the RJD not doing well in Madhapur in fact the RJD not doing very well at all yes so these are some of the leads from Haryana if we can move on to some of the other states as well Bhupinder Singh Hooda is trading his son de pintura de was actually leading from rhotic earlier I don't know if that's still the case Digvijay Singh now this is the big story from hope ultra gassing Tucker on trial with terror related charges is leading in Bhopal but you know it has to be borne in mind that Gopal is a BJP basket a 30 year long Bastion so the lead really or the advantages I suspect much more to do with BJP Modi then what about the wisdom of the Indian vote at some point they should say bastions I can't agree with you more voters have had that wisdom you can't change your people's on that point of a much bigger victory boys good karma much play for mr. Modi yeah this was also an election where constituency after constituency BJP and with some of the himself said that don't look at the candidate look at me so clearly at least in 2014 there were candidates who stood up for their own political capital and mr. Modi's political capital added to it over here the water the big places that are losing as well as the fishes that are winning are creating a specter of a voiceless Parliament in my eyes shook Java at that yeah it's not surprising because he was like he didn't want to contest and he was actually trying to get his wife they see it finally the Congress High Command had to read right after him made him contest at the last minute and he's failing and then you have all Muhammad incur she ran quite an interesting campaign Basu I mean she she was she's feisty she was very articulate obviously it wasn't enough she's trailing there was an odd choice of how the Congress behaved in this entire election meeting well that's that's against uh Priya Dutt again who came in at the very last minute again came and was reluctant she didn't want she said I'm not going to kill it she said I'm not going to condemn by seats are concerns doctor as far as the BJP is concerned I don't think the candidates mattered as far as the Congress is concerned this is a boat from where soul is lead it's a born of Modi so it was my single estimate it was a tough fight environment he should be that would have been an upset yes that they could have been an upset mr. Shinde who has represented show lipolysis it's his strong word he's trailing from their show Chauhan and with non lead Angela poll are these draw strong Congress veterans trailing if we can move on to some of the other seats any any from Bengal or any of the other states of the TMC's mister I am quite shell-shocked a much bit I did not expect this kind of BJP resurgence thank you that we are seeing in Bengal it was virtually non-existent till the last election and despite the strong presence of thermal Congress on the ground how the BJP has managed to overcome all these obstacles it is very creditable for the BJP of course but it is definitely very surprising and it marks the complete crashing of the world so to speak in Bengal and BJP has become I not just runner-up but I think and the government in waiting at this rate well I mean one more sign of bed t-fame is trailing babul Supriyo and us and so you better wake up and smell i hope they gave her a bedtime this morning very important thing he's saying big mighty they might be the government in waiting yes do you mean by restraint God if this is the trend I wouldn't surprise you what do you mean by that Chandan be no but are you saying that in the assembly in the assembly area change the way they have jumped from in the last two elections is a very significant and when bang wall swings it like what used to be in Tamil Nadu it swings just one way so Trinamool it was a terrible wave that I think is taking place was taking place till recently and this time it is swung back to the BJP the same way the CPM is true kind of sway one way and Trinamool around not in the picture then CPM was wiped out she became the principal party and no BJP is coming up one big mistake you think that your party made what would that be [Laughter] [Laughter] I think currently there's a trend and kind of move for a change you know people feel that let us know experiment BJP we haven't seen we have seen the Congress we have seen the CPM we have seen syllable let's try out the Congress I mean they haven't seen the Congress for 40 years years that's right so they also do like the BJP but they're slippery okay I just cross to Sona ultra who is at the Samajwadi Party office in Lucknow at this time in Sona what's going on there I mean is there any word at all about when Archie Lee sure may come out and speak I'm sure to be much later than the day well lady I wish I could go inside and show you how dull gloomy and absolutely boring if I can call it that the SP offices at the moment but I can't do that because now they've shut the main gates as well and this thing no media will be allowed inside because they're risking they don't wanna put the risk that we'll go inside and capture all the empty chairs and perhaps it will you know bring down sentiments further if I could add but I did catch up with a clear shot of yesterday when he came to the party office it was briefly but he did say this he met up with a couple a few hundred party volunteers and workers who had come he addressed them there was a meeting and when he stepped out I asked him go did you tell them and he said well I was telling them to prep up for 2022 and his words right now just ringing in my earth since the time the trends have been coming in frankly but at this point we were earlier told by his office at around 11 o'clock if all goes well he would be speaking clearly that's not gonna happen they've now shut the party headquarters gates as well at the moment so we're expecting both the BSP and SP to come out with a press release a little later at the MoMA there's no such talks about that here also earlier hurt that had the results come their way they would have traveled to Delhi all of that now put on hold but I just want to highlight a few things that I'm hearing from a lot of workers over here who came in early morning but now have all gone back home they were raising a few very pertinent questions now this consecutive loss of a gut bun pan for the Samajwadi Party one which should not work with the Congress earlier now with the BSP as well is now making us ask two very irrelevant questions number one did the vote transfer of SP and BSP did not happen second did the Modi wave become so big that they were just not able to arithmetic was not enough to get them together thirdly it was Congress of factoring dividing votes and fourthly it was Congress division of votes and the fact that the boat transfer did not happen combined lead to this entire debacle we can perhaps wait for the detailed results and vote chair to come out to answer these questions but perhaps something else also which will be looming on the minds of these leaders right now him in Lucknow is the relevance of it all what is the relevance of BSP at this point when they're looking at such a big tobacco now remember until yesterday my ever tea was pitching to becoming the prime minister today what is not battlefied quickly very quickly well via sona's thanks for that in fact grand champ Davari are you a little concerned actually that the from your point of view that compared to the BSP the BSP actually done better than you in whatever little success you've had a new PR moderate success they're doing better than you about a competition between SP and BSP throughout the Alliance throughout the election the lion stood on equal grounds and presented equal agendas for both SP and BSP voters and supporters so I don't think that this result has to be looked at competitive aspects between SP and VSP this result would further means that the Alliance will state will further solidify and would take a shot at 2022 to change the course of politics in the population with or without the Congress well that is that is a very very long up in my opinion but I think clearly clearly as the patient tells that we we have to first focus on our home grounds on our strengths for example in Rajasthan and and mother Pradesh Congress would focus more on on those states we have to focus on on on earth reputation ensure that the public support that was visible to everybody eventually translates into a verdict that counts but you know at the end of the day apart from your individual focus on what the pradesh wasn't one of the problems of the gut bun then that you just in totality represented a very confused fragmented group as a choice for voters all over the country and mr. mozi was using this in a speech all the time he would say prime minister monday Kamiyama Theban eggy tuesday kaboom carnegie wednesday question power burning a thursday code they were gotta burning a friday cocon burning a pathani well there are there are many stories that emerge out of a success story right and a failure has to be analyzed in many aspects we've been there before in 2017 but we believe that that the Guttman that presented a very very comprehensive agenda to people of a purplish it complains it presented the failure of a yogi' government completely it presented the disharmony that has been created and presented the backdrop of work done by a coalition of anti Modi forces just appeared that was that was the first point I made that primarily it's an election between sugahara 10 and the automatic for the ogor Bharat the the big hyperbolic issues would matter that now how do you respond to Pakistan national security alongside people like South Korea will become torch bearer of national security as well good say versus Gandhi mother Darville at the the day-to-day lives would matter as a regional party our focus would always remain with the day-to-day lives of people because the core constituency the core constituency of our well really it's not Congress I'm saying that think about it rossabi pragya is taking oath in Parliament taking oath in Parliament you know in with the Constitution that she doesn't with believe in in front of a father of nature she doesn't believe in in in and celebrating a man who killed father of the nation they cannot be click they cannot is there a terrible day more terrible day for Indian democracy damn Sajit Raja standing in Parliament it's a by the way don't call her sorry she's not I'm not I just think that it's very clear which way the election has gone we need to give credit to the voters of this country they have chosen regardless of whether we say they are right or wrong with regard to individuals or to the party the fact is that ours is a democracy and you have to respect the verdict whoever wins I I can understand the sentiment of those who are not from the BJP and the side of the Misha pita but the fact also is that the opposition that we faced ok the picture in Madhya Pradesh's actually dramatically changed if we go back to my ping graphic just earlier on vote shares to the BJP numbers overall India right – anyone the discussion that we are having on butcher Pradesh I think is significant I'd like to make a point on that you know in the past it's always been that my of these votes have been transferred whenever she is had in language but 281 if other parties vote which has not built or not transferred that's why I man what he had said earlier that she'll never make a pre-poll alliance and easily she didn't did not know this time in it's true that my Amity is mostly don't get transferred and therefore they were not really a good woman go I wouldn't assume that that again is conventional wisdom that really needs to look at the data and we've not yet found any evidence that the boats don't transfer they do transfer both sides a lot of people say hers transfers but ASP doesn't it's not truly even SP does I mean historically I don't know about this yeah see I just like to say that the picture presented by the opposition even together was so in bits and pieces fracture is one being used who were they actually going to vote for at the center is something that the voters had to decide regardless of what happened in Orissa Tamilnadu or Rajasthan or MIDI they show you pee or whatever it is wherever the opposition is supposed to have had whether it's a mahogany Bandhan or an alliance did they really work together throughout the election they didn't whereas the BJP and its allies the NDA made sure that whatever were our differences in the past and there were differences I've said this before we buried them because we knew that we had to come back to power and this is what the opposition failed to do and the Congress I think is largely to blame for this because they really didn't know what they wanted to do defeat the BJP or protect their own you know interesting that's a very good analysis that this is what is played out state after state including in Tamil Nadu just look at it on my state of thumb blood so the DMK made so no state of Bengal both think either of these two parties tried very hard to win this election I mean if you look at wayward and Varanasi on the last day of campaigning which Sdn Bhd they had one rally at one o'clock and then both of them went home compared to mr. Modi who owned that day did for rallies I mean there's no comparison whether it's done across the state I think she must have done ten Bradley is 12 Reddy's Achilles Kemp so Achilles did the joint rallies but also did his own campaigning my Abbate only did the just the joint rallies he didn't campaign individually you see which is her style she does limited numbers eBook barge is a football fan phonetic and they always say a team that wins is the one that wants to win more and I think they made that point during a travels that the other side non-bjp didn't seem to want to win as much no you're the first of you let me ask you shaker now we're talking about 335 for the BGM it's almost a replica of the last election 335 compared to 336 and BJP almost 282 again with these sort of figures I'm coming around second time as I think Sagarika was saying it's a huge victory it's almost bigger than last time you know the numbers may be the same so whole lot of new allies are going to flock to them happily like can you list them why is RC I think that start with DMK what if the DMK flip rom would you see how the DMK will swipe would did not get this day okay I will have no incentive to write they don't need allies I'm just because what will they get out of it I mean DM kid want don't ask me but I think would be his point of view of a DM k has they get this state DM k has to look ahead of the next Assembly election and may needs the Congress tomorrow not much more than it would need the BJP yeah that okay but Rahm Weiss RC would flip I mean would support them I think there's no incentive now they they they can get more out of staying yeah but if they are needed they would that but do you know to be on good terms get us party that is likely to extend support would be Naveen Patnaik yes because they have not supported a central government now for almost the past 15 years they just had a cyclone there they need money and it's one party which is actually put in its manifesto that we will support anybody in at the center who will give us any part any party that does not depend on the Muslim vote can support we have mr. dacies nickim of the RSS with us and mr. Nigam we saw the India meeting just on the eve of counting where you are all the India leaders coming to facility of mr. Modi even though this looks like it's almost an identical outcome from last time do you think the BJP will be kinder to its allies you know if you recall on your own show I've said BJP with absolute majority will give a strong core then there are NDA lies and BJP would make it more representative for the entire country but they weren't entirely happy the first time around so I'm asking whether they won't being happy it's not about being happy it's it's about the representative character of the government south there will there be more India meetings the Akali that was on our programme the other night saying there were two NDA meetings in five years no it's it's the internal problem they can have as many meetings as possible but I am talking on the larger principle larger principle is that you should have more representatives in the central government South being underrepresented in BJP so therefore there's a likelihood of some of the southern parties moving towards BJP and and helping them out in the administration of the country I just want to ask we haven't talked about the role of amateur you see his profile has gone up hugely after the selection because he oh we did discuss when the assembly elections were taking you recall so what yes I do remember that and do is it what do you see for him now is he going to be Home Minister Deputy Prime Minister looking ahead amateurs new role in Indian politics I for the time being I think he'll still be in the party but if I stretch my imagination Home Minister shaprut is a possibility and then Raj not saying there are the posts also and then he can be given larger responsibilities as well [Laughter] you have to ask a BJP spokesperson the worst on an intellectual you should think think allow you I mean for the first time somebody called me and intellectual thank you here body president that's that's the speculation see the factors BJP the party president post keeps on going to new person always Raj Nath Singh has been already the president so speaker so can you speculate I mean as you say that's a good speculation and now it's as Deputy Prime Minister what was going I don't know because I I have not applied my mind nor you know my imagination is stretching that far okay that's a quick quick news update Amit Shah is going to be at the BJP office at two o'clock the Prime Minister is going to be reaching the party headquarters at five and at 5:30 the BJP sparely mentary Board will meet and if the past is anything to go by it would be quite a big welcome for mr. Modi he will speak to the party workers there and that would be his first I think official reaction to these two these elections we have shruti men and joining us from Hyderabad as well at this are Shruti what's going on where you are thanks MIDI so we are right now char at Ave she's near overseas house where he he said that he will not speak to the media he is leading from his seat but he seems to be disappointed with the overall results and so far he is very reluctant about speaking to the media now early in the morning we were at the TRS party office and of course when the trend started coming in in the favor of the party everybody started celebrating early on but just before we left the party office the party office had a deserted look people had stopped dancing the people who were brought in the Lombardy folk dancers were brought in who were brought in for celebrations for all of TRS win had stopped celebrating and people in fact all the party leaders all the party workers have left the party the TRS party house the Telangana Bhavan there in fact we also visited the BJP headquarters here in Hyderabad and even that surprisingly for a deserted look and people there the party workers there told us that the biggest gain for them though the leads are in favor of the BJP they have not yet started celebrating the nizamabad seat now the biggest gain for them will be the Nizamabad seat from where KCR stata the chief minister's daughter key Kavita is contesting rican testing in fact she was the sitting MP from there and of course the story the back story is that nearly 180 farmers had filed nominations against her there about 185 candidates from that constituency and the BJP candidate from there is leading right now but what we can see is that the margins between capita and the BJP candidate are reducing significantly reducing early on there were they were at 52 versus 36 now they're at 48 versus 34 so the margins seem to be using the but the biggest shock and setback for TRS is going to be the Nizamabad seat if they lose as of now TRS has the party workers have stopped celebrating KTR was experiment the working president but TRS and the son of the chief minister but then again every plans have changed after the leads have started showing in favour of the BJP four seats in in four of the 17 seats BJP is leading and that of course actually seems like quite a setback for right the TRS and i just had a thought right I just had a thought about this case er KCR preponed the assembly elections smartest lady who sent something maybe he sent something that better not to have it with looks about but no no poster got this strength oh I must commend the India Today poll for getting votes sticking their neck out at 350 and now 338 and it's green creeping up shakers bump got this 7-6 yeah if you see the regions also I mean I have a theory on this I will voice it right now Telangana assembly elections good know BJP was a tactical move at that point of time BJP could have gained some seats but ensured that's my reading to do help TRS you know have a landslide win out there and that is paying right now the big other change is Madhya Pradesh can I have a look at that my deposition Congress was getting about six seven eight seats two out of twenty nine now look at what's happening there it's become we just sweep for the BJP among all the states so as big as any other so twenty-eight one now trailing which is a huge snow and very surprising because you know in the assembly relations the Congress actually swept that Gwalior jumble region so you know I mean it's my thing that in a Lok Sabha polls Jota editors and there should be losing so only three states Lolita so the only three states that the BJP is expected that we would do very well we didn't so we need two most one everywhere it's so it's almost Bengal and then everyone sort of hailed as a new leader in Bihar I don't know because somebody has to rethink bahar's cast combinations now see Gujarat for a long time that come combination worked then BJP came and breached it and Bishop his rivals have not yet been able to find an answer although the closest the biggest success of the Congress and Rahul Gandhi in these five years was not MP Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh it was the it was how close they ran Modi in Gujarat because if they are done a few things right if NCP had joined hands with them they could have completely broken his momentum so it tells you that the new Redmont combination brakes you have to find other combinations in Gujrat other combinations were found but they were Patel's they were the Dalits Fuji bhishma Vani there was a finished how code for the hacker community who are obese in Gujarat so you have to the same formula does not work for ever because other people break your code I think the big takeaway from Bihar was amazing alliance negotiations done by the BJP they won 22 seats in Bihar last time they agreed to contest only 17 in order to form an alliance now that is beyond the imagination of opposition parties especially the Congress that they will give away from Greece they hold Congress and yupi initially started saying at least we are making a big concession at least give us a 21 that we won in 2009 crucial states Bihar and Maharashtra the BJP understood the importance of Alliance lands pretty early in the game yes they came down in Bihar and for four and half years the Shiv Sena was a main opposition party right in the state government and then yet they stretched up an alliance just to call them you last the Congress in Delhi here in Haryana and also multiple Asian so three in such a contrast here well we were unable to come down even their potential allies with them the price somewhere between 294 295 Wow that that's really quite something in fact for India to the pole yeah absolutely target II thank you for joining us Vijay Berkeley up jaggedy yeah Pataki what is them in Yahoo you know first thoughts on these results and the fact that the BJP looks like it may actually get a bigger majority than last time if these leads the give man dodeth Pell a seeker booked a commanding article portal a mrs. Walker town Jia Jia to take drama share may push to Taylor will say who if not Modi then who – Gong kilovolt a nice Harkins and they give Monica both needed to kiss Cody hooray tsunami not okay alternative ha knock we got Vedanta na koni Tata or job Kalam eating here who's Katherine a terrific collection umbrella and bam sorry for Congress yay revival keh non-linearity survival collision ameliorate agar survival guillotine avert a toaster for this myth does sitting superb us find good the Endicott AARP they cannot scale it a yummy day or multiple days dry Sancho please remain superb us manage evidence a baggage tsunami in the city money so in only eight visit the negative data our new way the Apple Bihar ki baate well if to lalu prasad GE garage immediate sense what total anarchy tea but he welcomed their in factoring to eat what we serve verses pagers reverses the tej pratap or a juice a club campaign karate we party cohesively t jo Berlinetta eric men smoke which all voltages which herbal tea or arrogant agree your friendly parties and your landscape partnering wouldn't make a mutiny no fire magic bartender party kudex cookie may the never too much around the america shriveled OCT 3 who know Nia penny part sitting and peace Kate ticket card Kirk ad or ham cetera Mossad solicitors he trained a generosity yeah Brasilia but upon mosque Congress five became it'll never walty to a Sabra didn't quite they can agree Lolita easily a walk at the Army at least I'll be dancin of a tsunami Hana hummed also said jar David handsome again Seto foreign literally away in it is commodity chhoti para tsumugi totem had you come with the shaker Gupta be upon all right be heard Sally attention on me Casey start a mermaid promote Madame kazar can tell me guy measuring Avatara Chatham so the helicopter tom basilica tarsal again for most modern we shall be maravilla sub-inspector police who came through Sultan met insult yzma could be linear yeah-oh gone again he's gonna be leaning like a dragon good they are GD G GD she nervous engine it captures a man pushed a turkey yo jobra dil BJP need the car jabber see talk about whare or Atta up job BJP Kazakh the body are they hella grouchy Dobara Hood who knee up knee up Muhammad Miller a year or B not a guru chahe without airlines they can still form but obviously Wendy a kiss at karaoke up eighties cow meat during a BJP say he just arrested on a allies disappear sleep on sausage of a rakia if you'd like to see one change for Kara they gave to envy Accra office on achieve a who's cuttin your hamachi acoustic committee on each year Mohini make me tea honey tea yet edge of contradictions build-up which is an exhausting obligatoria he sees an RPG became a tiny birthday tea those salted Humvee and game ionic about committing to his son away with a present idea so cotton say a konnichiwa – yeah and above all a common minimum program hamachi a distilled Atzmon rica park we've in ocarina hooker and a hunker your home or agenda may we saw all this hell if we give how many kept the above imagine that shoulder lifting JD you be apana agenda totally kill it the yarn is Li a confront listen now views defend two equally botany I'm let you know market channel pervy k bar carnitas so on okay I'm RSV jpk a look-alike Ally they can respect and front yes immunity yet yeah or each by an animal can a product hmm everybody this is important what you said ad just to take that to mr. Nigam here because I was asking you about how the BJP would treat its allies now you heard Mr Turkey they're saying you need to have NDA meetings you have to have a common minimum program have an office have some kind of Coordination Committee convener a convener you think that the BJP would do that you know I'm sure every party learns from the from previous experience and the suggestion out here are very practical suggestions that would at least ensure a smooth function that will ensure that people don't you know speak against each other they are not at Crossroads they are not you know opposing each other's policies so therefore some kind of a coordination mechanism is a welcome suggestion just to hold on for one second talk about landslides just have a look at the change in Andhra Pradesh let's have a Andhra Pradesh figures up let's have a look at what's happening there look at the change 25 out of 25 four wires are seeing 25 out of 25 sorry this is because innovate or not this has been the comeuppance of both these leaders both gender Babu Naidu and innocence also KCR yes what they have been hopping around the country trying to you know create a federal front a parallel front case ER with his own ambitions of you know trying to pitch to be Deputy Prime Minister and you know this is what a 0-0 he's been wrong you know Congress party looks back on it there's a little lesson to learn that you know at one level you can't apply one principle to your children and another principle to our state leaders you know but will they learn a lesson oh I mean look what logic tells you conventional wisdom is that the loser learns more from me defeat than the winner from a victory but 2014 has shown that Congress has reverse looking at these numbers as they are I think it's clear that had the Congress you pee in a special case I will agree made those compromises with Haryana Delhi here it would really not have had a big impact on the outcome I've looked at the vote margins on the election website they're pretty big margins for the BJP so in retrospect you may agree or disagree but the survival strategy that theology was saying is the rational strategy if you look at the bigger picture again we'll have to see the numbers the Congress and its alliance which has probably up five six percent so this is not you know a shaker of saying UPA one to you PA to the would shift went in favor of the incumbent against the Challenger here actually the Congress has improved not enough to convert into seats BGP is held on so I think the national picture is that the Congress has advanced is just not enough so it's survived for the next round and we will be a stronger position and I have to have to have to we will be back again 60 seconds 60 seconds and we'll all be back that's the look of Parliament now really increasingly dominated by saffron in fact the BJP is doing and its allies BJP on its own and its allies doing much better than even in 2014 and the story is not over yet you get this bump at the end and it's beginning to happen BJP is getting more and more seats as more and more rounds of counting this beautiful look Sabha where we are all sitting inside we're in the Speaker's chair you can see dominated by saffron and that's the actual wooden they don't have a table in front of them they use the the back of the seat in front of them to come complete replica and we shall just go up to some of the looking the the the clocks inside which are in real time on this will tell you the actual time and you'll see the little murals that are exact replicas and in fact the people sitting there almost the replica in terms of the colors party position hasn't changed that much if anything an improvement for the BJP should we elect a new prime minister while we're at it since we have you know all of Parliament elected Chandan Mitra I mean what would you say were the biggest mistakes that for instance mamta made in in the bengal campaign i mean there the BJP kids are huge because she worked exactly the way she worked in the past and which has always given her good results i think the organization was very strong Trinamool scheme is for the rural areas in particular we're very popular well-liked yeah the central schemes became a communist and she rejected many central schemes saying we don't need them we have our own schemes to replace but sorted no mean pretend but I think mr. Modi had this overarching appeal and since bring world had never really tasted the BJP in pop I think there were certain attraction for it I mean in one of this in a sense would you say she's one of the few leaders that resisted the Modi wave 23 seats very often so it has a Naveen Patnaik German even put it has been in part for four terms and it was becoming apparent that his popularity was falling but in Bengal old the BJP and an ideology the BJP as a party never really had any kind of traction unlike Alisa purusa although they won very few seats the BJP but there was no hostility the BJP or its ideology in Bengal there was active hostility mainly from the left of all these years and then from lambda Banerjee and we saw her kind of speeches and the real feeling BJP gained by the hostility that the left hand for the Trinamool Congress just will just come back we come back because we have Himanta Biswa Sarma one of the BJP senior leaders from Assam joining us live at this moment mr. Sarma congratulations to you and your party it looks like the BJP may do even better than it did in the 2014 election big day for you yes I think this is a big thumbs-up for Prime Minister moody we are co-lead ooing better than 2014 this was I've just had breaking news that the Congress party regrets everything and wants to come to you and ask you for some advice you're going to come and meet you and ask you for some advice and I'll I'll I'll I'll I'll advise them to give a decent retirement Rahul Gandhi but and then you'll rewrite his you rewind history and you'll join them again hello gudiya I think what Prannoy was asking is whether you join them again but I just wanna ask you one thing amantha thought that you know one of the sort of reading was that particularly because of the citizens amendment bill there was a negative backlash that you faced in Assam even from your own allies but that doesn't seem to have damaged your prospects how would you explain that no citizen citizenship amendment been has greatly helped us because we have sampie on the cause of Hindi Refugee although there was a little backlash from media but common people of Assam believes that India has that a responsibility to give shelter to the refugee who has came because of religious pacification from Bangladesh and I am glad that both in panchayat elections and in Lok Sabha election it was also a referendum for citizenship amendment bill and people has strongly supported our stand on citizenship amendment bill both in Bengal and Assam right well you know mr. Sarma you know what next you know will the BJP now in if it seems to be emerging stronger than from 2014 what what do you see will be different about the way this government will govern from here on I think Prime Minister has I had been in the Prime Minister meeting with NBA leader Deb day before yesterday he has said two things which is very important he said that India as we say as we moving towards 75 years of independence in India caste system should be redefined there should be only one caste one class that is poor and we should do everything possible towards upliftment of poor he has strongly said that there should not be caste system in India that is except one caste that is the poor I think I believe that these five years shall be dedicated towards the upliftment of poor he has also said that in India that pure State has progressed but few other said has remained backward so one of the mandate of the new government will to look into this geographical development disparity and he said that it will be our nd ever to bring the backward step into the equal or development footing with that of forward state in the country so that too weird a big statement or Prime Minister Modi in the NBA meet but you know I just want to ask you that when you say on one hand that you want to erase – boundaries and just have one caste as poor but on the other hand when you also have something like the citizenships amendment bill which is actually discriminating on the basis of religion in which many people believe is unconstitutional how do you reconcile these two things I think I think yeah but the people who are criticizing us on citizenship bill they are not oppressive appreciating the core of the bill who one can it is it is you you go over a very practical idea that in Bangladesh Pakistan and Afghanistan Kenneth's Muslim be religiously persecuted in Pakistan and Bangladesh are persecuted that is the boiling are they are persecuted in Pakistan for example itself like that I mean you you will have a set of bill which will address what a welfare of Muslim and there will be a set up agenda which will be addressed towards the upliftment of Hindu like when we talk to so you are making a distinction between his window sleep well who are sipping Islam when we talk about citizenship Amendment Bill it is primarily addressed to the Hindu refugee Christian refugees join refugee and goodness refugees well the point is that there are Muslim refugees to all branded you know with one brush I think that was the point when a give us give us that give us the document that our media Muslims are in India and they have been thrown out of Bangladesh Pakistan and Afghanistan for worshipping Quran I am I am looking for that data I am looking for that set of statistics if at all ahmadiyya muslim are being discriminated in pakistan for worshipping quran i think that will show to the whole that will be our biggest diplomatic victory against Pakistan and and will address this issue through any other aspect of Indian governing system we can give SMM to the may be a Muslim if they can come and Sayed in Delhi giving acidified that we have been discriminated for worshipping Quran in Bangladesh and Pakistan alright well missus perhaps a glimpse of what the next few years might be like thanks very much the one congratulations once again on your big victory there and we have set the brokenness off of the jdu as well said Prakash Mishra I mean are these issues still going to be issues that the GD will continue to red flag that the issues that actually in the past we have expressed our concern on NRC 35 a and 370 and uniform Civil Code we in this stance of our stand is since last 1996 when we formed alliance with the BJP and yo you know when junta party was in government and that point of time Johnson was the part and that point of time reservation and production of 370 was the manifest subject matter of the manifesto so Nitish Kumar and KC Tyagi type kind of politician since then fighting for the protection of 370 and 35 a so there is no you know there will not be any kind of compromise formula Nitish Kumar himself come out after the election that we cannot you know go for the you know removal of 370 and you know issue of ram temple and Barbara Marx upon every you know you know disputed issue we have clear-cut opinion before the BJP and we express our concern over there we have a Tom Vatican of the BJP joining us learn as well and body can how does it feel to be on the other side of the political divide today and the Jewish is there and I think we will continue doing the good work okay that's the short and sweet announcement what sort of role Tom do you think that mr. Amit Shah could play in the new government well the Prime Minister and his president are two souls in one body and when they think alike the the kind of the kind of thought process the kind of construct of their you know the the way they speak and the way they follow and follow each other and do you know the kind of I don't have words to describe these two they have led the party from the front and believe me you this is a combination that free India is never seen and that's what you're seeing the results today is that the messenger and the message has reached where it had to despite all the the propaganda that ran against them they have delivered and that is the message from the people of India yes what you're seeing on the screen you know tonight I actually have a question based on what tom was saying that if you look at the BJP as it is today especially after these results when you look ahead now to 2020 for the DJP seems to be going from a position of dominance to hegemony perhaps like the Congress in the first couple of decades after independence and this kind of election machine which they're forged with Amazon you know Prime Minister Modi in perpetual campaign mode where there's no distinction between party and government mr. Modi travels on government work he gives election speeches he goes on political work he does announce his government schemes I mean this is going to be a formidable challenge for I mean not just not just a five you think this could be this could be beyond yeah if you can ask Tom Farrakhan can you tell us how you managed to win despite your economy being in the worst shape for a long time unemployment huge cow problem all over the north poverty yet people are suffering but you still won this huge landslide congratulations for that but what did it despite reality being so contrary to what you think would be a winners foundation see I understand the question but here I think the picture larger picture that was before the people that this was a work in progress and this was a work in progress and they believed they believed in the leadership of the party gentle party people have faith that this team can deliver whereas the other side had no narrative and the narrative that they followed was of negativism you remember that campaign that they ran by rediff negativism and the net result is before the public in india- negativism doesn't sell and the point here is here is an aspirational India looking forward for a stable country and it's not just business as usual but they want to look forward that the economy's put on the right track and they believe that the party gentle party can deliver when people believe you there's nothing to come between the people and the leadership right well mr. vadik and you know thanks very much for that Sagarika you want to weigh in on the question actually that Vasu raised about the hegemony of the BJP it's very much like the Congress system of the 60s and 70s where there was this massive behemoth but you know I have a point about perhaps more yeah yeah I had a point about learning from the weaknesses of both of the Congress for example if you invisible eyes and D legitimize the opposition you actually create a greater opposition maybe not in the short term but in the long term as mamta has done she's dealing legitimate and invisible eyes the opposition but created a massive resistance to her rule so you actually end up bolstering the opposition if you try to snuff it out that's a lesson number one second of all the centralized party structure I think the BJP surged in the 80s was the collegiate party that had been built by ad money and watch by with the number of leaders of the second tier I think if the BJP gets out of the collegiate party system and goes in for a centralized single focus one-man show type leadership then again it could imitate the weaknesses of the Congress which is the centralized leadership and not you know not having that collegiate structure which powered its growth in the first place thirdly you know this reliance on Modi and the reliance on the personality culture of mr. Moore the enormous ly popular I think his popularity is probably like javelin arrow today he's even out out grow he's far bigger than his party so at this structure often we have seen in these huge personality curls they actually end up weakening the party structure and alienating allies I mean I'm sure the jdu would not be that comfortable with a political system in which your relevance is entirely dependent on the personality of mr. Narendra Modi I mean if it wasn't for mr. Narendra Modi would you even have one and what is isolation about your relevance or you as a party growth rate of Bihar is eleven point three percent you know every village every household of every village has electricity facility the good governance in governance is there and we had the 16% vote share in the 2014 Lok Sabha election that was respected none other than Amit Shah and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and we got seventeen seat equal partnership in this election and you know since 2009 NDA has done one well in the you know be hard Lok Sabha election especially you know if you go to the entire India the Bihar will perform the look that point of time will be contested that point of time we contested alone and we had 16 percent votes air and we want to see the election you need the BJP more than the BJP needs you know so you don't afford me we imitate the BJP you know in 2005 assembly election we had very few City of MLS but BJP chose our leader to lead the Chief Minister such kind of respect from the BJP to the Nitish Kumar matters so don't worry about India and drop the weekend Modi have been good for you not not at all why I would like we need to stop analyzing what's happening in India in conventional political terms there is a new phenomenon called Modi you know who has emerged and dominates the landscape and he's completely redefining it and I think the main problem for us who traveled on the ground and failed to see this way and even for you know political parties who are trying to challenge him they have not understood the impact of this Modi phenomenon and if both if you have both shape figures that you flashed earlier if they turn out to be true and there is actually early rounds if if the BJP is boat chair actually goes up then that means that Modi has cut through cast cut through creed cut through regions and he has won on the basis of a new kind of politics I would be unless we understand doubt about that there's no just I was just going to say we should spare no Muslims are voting for the BJP BJP is not having just one second BJP is hardly any candidates that are Muslim so I take I think we should all spend a second to think about a hundred and eighty five million people and what they're feeling today to defend fringe is that there are there's trepidation and worry and fear in them and I've talked to many of them before this and there's no reaching out by the BJP they have fewer and fewer candidates they don't even go to Muslim areas I mean they're just cutoff 185 million people just ten a minute thinking about that serious problem they are in India you know one thing one thing is about visibility when you are in a competitive politics you would like candidates to win that is probably one of the reason now secondly the second let me finish off I mean nodding heads would not you know cut through me but I can disagree with you – I'll say that but but the fact remains Muslim women have voted your later maybe there but the response that we have from the ground that Muslim women's have come out and voted one secondly second you secondly secondly let me complete secondly the same there have you heard that phrase turkeys don't vote for Christmas let let let let me I am NOT going into Turkey and Christmases don't vote for matches let me on content I'm not a volley although I look like one I was in Kolkata two days back participating in a national debate there in Indian Chamber of Commerce and I met a lot of people in Bengal and there was a lot of groundswell for BJP there they said they were only worried whether it would convert into what share or not and secondly most of these schemes that the BJP launched that went on the ground touched a lot of Muslims the one factor that came out was that many Muslims were supposed to vote for the non vjp parties did not come out and vote because of the benefits they received under the scheme that is also a plus for BJP and tomorrow there is a big word termite no no see those those those rhetoric I am NOT going into but the fact remains these schemes that the government launched has touched boosters you know in this victory don't you think you need to introspect not only in defeat introspect about are you reaching out enough to 185 million people are you doing enough and will you change the fact this BJP s image that kind of image that has been created that it is anti-muslim it is not the schemes you know iseman para the health scheme started from a Muslim a wat they especially ensured that it started from me especially ensure that there happens otherwise no no it's symbolic thing no it's not symbolic it's it's the outreach you see it as symbolic I see it as an outreach to Muslim but no no Muslim carry rated you have for Muslims Oh change they use also today you say yes we need to introspect we need to reach out more everybody will feel happier so you see how you're doing enough you've done enough I think that's the biggest worry for it's an ongoing process the party is already outreach them the process is an ongoing one more more and more people will be reached and Muslims are also not changing that anti-bjp image is slowly slowly changing yeah sonal in Kali of the BJP is joining us from the BJP headquarters nothing first of all a big congratulations to you and and for the big victory of the party today just to sort of continue the conversation that Prannoy was having with the shots and nickim here even will there be a perhaps in introspection and a more conscious effort made by the BJP now in even with this majority are to address the fears and concerns of Muslims who do feel a certain sense of trepidation gradually Shree for things as opening comments and I'll answer your question thank you I'll answer your question after that first is that this is clearly not just a victory of the leadership of Prime Minister Modi but we are tributed to the work that he did over the last five years the honesty of intent which started translating in terms of delivery and the promise that he's laying out for the future ahead in terms of the work that needs to be done also I think our party president will deserve credit for stitching together the Alliance's making the NDA stronger and more importantly creating an organizational structure that could benefit in terms of the work that the government did and this is a Pro incumbency vote it's not happened in a very very long time in this country so that's the opening comment with regards to what you say is the fear I think a lot of it is perceived and I have three four comments to make on that number one there is a narrative that has been against the BJP consistently Aarthi just now said that this is not in the mood eg coming and redefining the parameters and I think you need to that's something I've said from 2014 if people are going to where the perceptions of the past where spectacles to see the things in the manner that they believe they wish to see it they're never going to get it right the government of Prime Minister Modi for five years did not have a single decision or agenda that could say that it was against Muslims in those Christians Buddhists posses Jews there was not a decision that was discriminatory what is the confusion is that a few individual comments that come from say lawmakers is perceived to be the policy of the government which is incorrect article 19 and I say this as an advocate does not apply one way article 19 applies to everyone who has a point of view you can't say that a BJP lawmaker cannot have a point of view even though that may not be government policy when the church attacks took place was the BJP behind it when the nun was rape regretfully in Bengal was the BJP an idea but these were allegations against us they were Bangladeshi in legal immigrants and I stayed after being in in one last comment when I was in just a last comment in Varanasi I've heard from people on the ground there are Muslim women also who work for us they don't say so but they do work for us but yes should I come and be inclusive of course a government has to be inclusive because that's what Prime Minister Modi have said the government of India is the government of India it's not the government of only the BJP or those who vote for the BJP I just want to make a vow so here just again congratulations by the way a phenomenal win but just to make a point about what you said about a few instances as credit goes to the caracal path of the leaders right and a few instances that you said of speeches that are made here and there we've actually been tracking on NDTV what we call VIP hate speech that is hateful comments made by high-ranking politicians you know these are MPs ministers Chief Minister's party presidents governor's this has gone up 600 percent in the past five years six hundred percent there are close to 170 instances of the kind of speeches that we can't even play on the channel sometimes they're so terrible 70% of those features are made by BJP leaders and the problem is Nollan not they make these features you say this is not party policy nothing happens to them they're not reprimanded they're not penalized they don't lose their position you can then understand why there is a very strong perception about what your party feels those communities that are ready honest you made intelligent bases let me answer that first I think the discourse globally in India is no exception is losing civility and the social media has made it even more aggressive with you know very strong points of view and therefore in a sense civility has reduced in what we've seen from an old-school perspective that's one it's become direct has become even rule number two when you say focus is on the BJP I'm not saying 70% is by BJP it's in fact 100 percent of the focus is on the BJP we are the party in power we are the flavor of the season if I may put it in that set with humility so obviously the focus is there the third is let's not forget a lot of obnoxious things have been said from Indira Gandhi's time but not reported that's the nature of campaigning also because all sorts of people are there we are a diverse country there are diverse views diverse ways of speaking what you and I may speak today on in a studio may not be the lingo 550 kilometers away from Delhi or even 10 kilometers outside the zone maybe are sitting different people speak from their own their own lingo their own styles just a question the last point is make Sadri pragya did not Prime Minister come down strongly unequivocally and has not amateur as the party president sent out an equally strong message well that's that's another debate we can have for for several laws on her but not in Kohli look this is a big victory for you all today and undoubtedly Amit Shah has led a superb campaign for the BJP just to ask you whether though there is some concern at all over the personality cult that bill is building around mr. Modi this is his win this is his victory there is only mr. Modi on all the election posters banners everywhere else is there a sense now that the BJP is Moody and moody is BJP first it's a humbling victory because the sense of responsibility that comes on our shoulders is even greater it's the aspirations of a billion plus people and in aspirations that they wish to see this government domo so therefore it's humbling in that and it of course there's a sense of responsibility that is inherent in to a victory like this of all that needs to be done the second is what you say with regard to the personality culture I mean show me a Congress poster that showed 14 leaders or 15 leaders there's a per there's a family cult on the other side they are entitled to have that that's their form of leadership that they do in our case if we are fortunate to have someone who's as popular on whom the country is willing to vote why wouldn't we put that further forward the last part is I don't know and then I experts sitting on your panel I think that personality has been an important part of elections in India from naruse type we recall or some parties depend on narrow we recall narrow in drag indeed Lal Bahadur Shastri Rajiv Gandhi atal bihari vajpayee Chandra Shekar and so on and so forth right up to Prime Minister Modi so I think personalities are important but I made this point in the beginning if the organization wasn't strengthened by Amit by Shah how would we do this is lacks of character tine in this case crows as a one of the largest parties in the world carrying the shoulder on the shoulder the work of the government taking it to the people and returning back with the quotes through the boot so I think the party is very important if not even more important than earlier thank you very much and many congratulations once again it's a it's a astounding victory many congratulations you want this panel after a long time thank you thank you the Muslim vote pro night while I completely agree about this whole thing of disempowering and disenfranchising Muslims and that the BJP hasn't done enough to reach out to them and allay their fears the fact that the Muslim vote seems to have split in yupi which is what your data suggests indicates that maybe Muslims are not as scared as we think they are split between Congress and law but the fact is that they could look at you like oh this is big could have consolidated believe me it's very difficult on the ground to know which candidate is going to win everybody has a different opinion consolidation is tactical voting is one of the toughest half of the more than the government has to be inclusive and the government for all but going into this election the BJP did not focus on the slogan that had really endeared itself India to so many people sub Cassatt sub cava cos that was not a slogan this time at all it was not an inclusive campaign this time what they did was that we are the upholding of nationalism and nationalism itself was defined in Hindu terms so on the unhappy one the one hand Hindu consolidation consolidation of the Hindu word bank and conflating it with nationalism that has given the beach be a big boost in the selection but in the process they also sent a signal that we don't really need Muslims to get elected yep so Muslims don't matter they are not giving tickets to Muslims and Muslim issues Muslim concern Muslim aspirations have not really figured in that campaign if at all some of their leading functionaries have have had absolutely no hesitation in talking against Muslims including the Prime Minister himself you know his his talk about minority and majority constituency what is it it was also a polarizing campaign so therefore the concerns of the Muslim community certainly remains and we have to wait and watch how you in Indi 8 3.0 will address this very important question so danger just one more point to that just to add not only are they living in anxiety now I mean I've talked to hundreds of them on our travels there also if this intensifies its breeding ground for terrorists to come if somebody gets lynched your brother gets lynched your mother gets lynched your father gets means it's a breeding ground so Prime Minister creating in them the you know many incidents of mob lynching I I'm going to take this moment just just for a second to to go across to a methode who's that the Congress headquarters here in in Delhi namitha anyone around we her we saw Priyanka Gandhi driving in to Rahul Gandhi's house a couple of hours ago but any word at all whether we will hear from Gandhi later in the day or not you're asking me a very interesting question and the from six o'clock in the morning we've been standing out here waiting trying to make sense of what has happened today and I just want to give you a bit of a glimpse look at that it's I mean I don't want to call it that but it just feels like a bit of a morning out here and I'm topping short off calling it that but just a few things that I've been talking to Congress spokespersons out here people within the Congress some of some of them who are really high up in the political leadership late last night and in fact spoke to some of them and they were talking about these three scenarios that you also mentioned in the a short while back particularly the first two where they would be in a comfortable favorable position where they could at least try to cover up the numbers now that's not the case and in all of this situation you have you were expecting of a kind of a political karbala that's not happened it's a very clear scenario for the BJP and the Congress has to answer some tough questions and that last scenario where they were expecting that they would be in this kind of a situation perhaps not this bad but somewhat better than what it is right now they were thinking that they might even ask for the support of someone like in with the factory and that is what was happening that they were looking at the fact that they were not getting answers to questions like whether they'll be able to get that you know a shift talke a kind of an alliance but if I can just you know put thoughts some questions to those who are there because these are the questions the tough question that the BJP will ask of the Congress should Rahul Gandhi keeping in mind what's happening in a mood he actually resigned should this be an opportunity for the Congress to perhaps put Priyanka Gandhi in the in the prime position because there is a sentiment amongst many that she is the favorable candidate for a prime ministerial post in the future for the Congress and if not for Amity then for the overall position of the Congress where it has this debacle that has gone on should all Gandhi be removed and somebody else come up and take that position those are questions that will be asked in the final question why is it that the Congress didn't come together in States and and you know do what it needed to do even if it had to settle for to see it's a new yupi if it had to settle for just well you know giving the Armani party one or two in Punjab and in Delhi giving all seven to the aam aadmi party I mean what's happened out here in Delhi just two give you a sense of westerly and northwesterly the bellwethers that have been mentioned in dr. Royce book also for 11 year 11 Lok Sabha elections since 1977 westerly has actually gone ahead and decided who would actually be forming the government essentially and that's exactly what's happened this time within the first hour we knew about that both in a westerly and northwest Delhi which is nine elections Lok Sabha elections and if I could just you know say one other thing which is we were thinking about the fact that they probably need some friends the BJP or the Congress but the be teepees doesn't need any friends and I mean you know Sagarika was talking about how the Congress needed to mellow ya'muru and we know what's happened so there are some tough questions for the Congress and I was in Delhi and I saw this kind of a wave for the BJP with the Congress in the opposite I saw that in Western you P also it wasn't clear what was going to happen there was this you know clear sentiment and it wasn't about nationalism it was simply Modi to zoom it wasn't about in the cars it was just Modi if each candidate was riding on that aspect of Modi and I just want to end by asking all of you a question out here on a lighter note it has to be asked how the Josh watch you also answer your own questions no you raised a very important questions what what are you hearing about what's happening in the Congress party well it's it's like I said it's it feels like a morning you know I'm telling you right now that there are people within the Congress who will be spoken to by anchors like yourself dr. Laurie and Izzy and wasu and they will not have questions they're actually trying to firm up a narrative right now about what they're going to say when there are questions about Rahul Gandhi in a meeting they knew about Wayanad that is whatever you are going to assume now that's why they went to why not so you know if you are super how's the Josh it is down the only thing that they feel good about is that they have given they feel that they are still if you look at the graph it couldn't have gone worse than what happened last time right so they're still going up and they still have to believe about the belief that they can come back in the next election and and do better but I think the worry is not now about what's happened here this was perhaps expected the exit polls have got it right the worry is Karnataka the worry is my depredations the worry is the other states that they could potentially lose that they had a chance of winning after this election cannot occur particularly I mean there are those within the canonical leadership in the Congress and I've just got about retweet of Russian big son who's actually said maybe he's retweeted something that says get ready for Kumaraswamy switching to the BJP so that just gives you a sense of this is not a national loss but a loss of two states potentially – thanks thanks so much for that update from the Congress there won't be another leader of the Opposition we reach the stage they are trusty corner the 54 they go to 53 there is no leader of the Opposition you need to attend percent of the seats – the leader of the Opposition you can be Leader of Opposition if not just the leader of the largest party for leader of the largest pre-poll alliance the Lok Sabha does not occur there is no proper arrangement side the Lok Sabha the BJP joining us as well at this rs strategist for the party and many congratulations to you you were smiling the other day when the exit polls came and you believed they were right and and they were just you know take us through what what you think actually ended up working for the BJP despite all the anti-incumbency or at least you know the the economy the problems with the economy etc ultimately Modi saw you through is it just as simple as that or is there something more to it wished is in kind words I think there are multiple factors that have led to this victory firstly the work has shown the fact that five years of hard work by Prime Minister Modi and the Council of Ministers has actually borne fruit on the ground people are voting not just because of an idea or hope this time they're voting because of what's happened on the ground and they're feeling change and so this is a massive vote of confidence in Prime Minister Modi and in the BJP and their leadership secondly as far as the campaign is concerned I believe that Prime Minister Modi and the BJP have fought a very strong campaign a very focused campaign and a very structured campaign and that professionalism you saw in 2014 and we've only seen an improvement of that in 2019 so a combination of hard work which is paying off on the ground and a great election campaign has led to this victory right just Manoj Basu here congratulations you know the great result what would you identify Manoj if you were to say was the one distinguishing feature that was different from 2014 how was the campaign of 2014 different from this one a very good question 2014 woody was generally an unknown entity across the country and therefore it was a very big bold campaign to introduce Prime Minister Modi this time if you actually analyze it the BJP fought seven different mini campaigns and in each different section of the campaign you saw a subtle change of gear a subtle change of messaging across the campaign as it built up to the final two or three phases so I saw that is the big distinct feature of the BJP campaign against the other parties who thought that they could lead with maybe one slogan or one narrative and one-size-fits-all that doesn't work in India you do need to be nuanced and I think that was a a major major distinguishing factor and again I've mentioned Prime Minister Modi I think we should also acknowledge the hard work and graft of Amit Shah as well and the the work he did at booth levels across the country some people really killed it at the time some people didn't recognize it but if you see it the results here are showing that the work of the grassroots is paying dividends for the BJP finally Manoj you know you're based out of the UK and the you know n our eyes have been sort of a huge support base for mr. Modi or all these five years and clearly that love affair continues they still love him yes of course you know can you imagine any other global leader that could fill Wembley Stadium Madison Square Gardens he is a rock star he is really admired by the NRI community and people of Indian origin but not because of the charisma there is of course charisma but it's because of the vision that he has and it's a vision that people of Indian origin and on our eyes have actually bought into they've seen the progress in the West and they want to see that same progress happening in India as well they want to see good roads they want to see good schools good hospitals and it's that progress that the NRI community has really bought into and that's why you're going to see the support only grow all right my nodes are gone thank you very much Rahm can I just ask you a Bengali question there's a global why you laughing there's a global swing to the right in every almost every country is is there such a thing as a global phenomenon and are we part of that I'm sure they in turn encourages are there the ideological the political and across this boundary learn from each other yes it is true but it's not uniform I think there could be breaks the links which in the train right now that is that is a very prominent part of the global political landscape but each but we shouldn't over generalize I think each situation is it's different what is unique I read this article by Rajesh Sharma in The New York Times where he says that somebody who we expected to be Donald Regan and Ronald Reagan ended up being Bernie Sanders the middle among who's written that the new global trend now is the elected autocrat so the person who comes up through democracy and becomes a no but then turns his back on democracy and democratic processes so Putin duterte and volson are Oh orbán these are all the 21st rom Modi these are all the 24 second elected autocrats refer to that Modi is actually seen as a Bernie Sanders is interesting because on one hand you have a party that's actually taken a hard right turn when it comes to their social agenda right wing socially at the left-wing still canonical you'd like it the other way around at least I would have would like one to be right no not economics well I mean it's inside I have only one vote so I can't speak for every but if you have this verdict and this government then I would like this love government to get it right on the economy it hasn't because economic growth last five years has been dismal job creation has been dismal many other factors have combined to bring them back into power it will be very disillusioning for them to think that all is well because if they do moods can change very quickly remember Rahul Gandhi the first two years he would say nothing that won't make our moms cry after two years he would he could say nothing that won't make our children last so moods can change very dramatically important that you see economy did not seem to play any role with the economy in the doldrums with prices and you know the form of distress being a fact of life in spite of that when you have this kind of result in ups of all places Economic Advisory Council member told us that India is heading into a middle income trap this was just like ten edges if I can just comment on that Sri Lanka is twice as big as ours in terms of per capita GDP for an issue to be an election issue it has to be to fulfill two criteria one it has to be important to you like de-stresses barrows Gauri is very important yeah the second cried that's not enough for the election issue second is voters must be one side is better than the other side it's solving it and that's what failed this time you can it can be terribly important to you that corruption is important I go to the bank ask me for money to get my own money our God who the other side's gonna solve it no so it's not an election issue it's an issue in my life

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    Congress would have fared better. But with sympathisers like you, who always mother him, he will not improve

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