Populist political communication in Europe – introduction

Recently, there has been a growth
of populism in European politics. Many believe that the key
to populist success is connected to the way
populism is communicated. To find out if this is true a large group
of researchers from all over Europe have come together to study
populism as a communication phenomenon. Populist communication is recognized
by certain types of arguments. Common for all populist communication is
the reference to the will of the people. This is based on a belief that
the people share one will. The will of the people is typically
contrasted with the will of the corrupt or immoral elite
or various threatening minorities. Populist political communication
involves three groups. One – the populist
politicians and parties. Two – the media. And three – the citizens. To fully understand the effect of populist
political communication in our societies we need to continue investigating populism
as a communication phenomenon. For more information, please visit

Maurice Vega

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