Populism And The Big Issues Of The Day

companies got worse as people say are they're becoming more exploitative or are they actually I think getting a little bit better believe it or not cynics of course won't agree with me there we actually have a whole field of endeavor called corporate social responsibility also known as sustainability and in that we try and encourage companies and institutions public as well to be as socially responsible as possible what we when we talk about corporate social responsibility we actually mean we talk about the social responsibility of companies towards their stakeholders and vice-versa of course stakeholders have to be responsible as well so corporate social responsibility is about treating stakeholders responsibly this definition has been around for a number of years and has been applied by myself and many many other people for a long time so how does it help us to look at some of the issues of the day let's take for example one word that you've heard of which is populism so what is populism well we've all heard about it and we think we know what it means but essentially what it means is I'm afraid in many cases racism and we see a lot of that unfortunately in the United States where we we hear a lot about white supremists why in this day and age we have to worry about different races we have to worry about immigration and people looking different from us absolutely crazy we should be looking at who the people are and what they're doing but we tend not to populism unfortunately is taken us into that uncomfortable era of an see immigration so what does it mean the most of us who are immigrants in the end to be quite honest it means white supremacy and we see that right across the world from Hungary to Russia and now believe it or not in the United States itself especially with people like Steven Bannon and I love him to come along to your program here and we can have a chat because this guy is causing a lot of mischief and I'm hoping that I can help to reduce that mischief don't forget that companies were given the edge after the fall of the Berlin Wall in the later part of the 1980s early 1990s after the fall of the Berlin Wall companies were given their head therefore we asked them to some responsibilities and we found that in fact companies today have done pretty well out of the series of events since the fall of the Berlin Wall in fact they've amassed huge fortunes for their owners corporations in the USA Japan and the UK together I've got something today a mounting of something like seven trillion dollars in cash well what is a trillion dollars that mean anything to you and me seems a lot of money a trillion dollars seven trillion dollars the u.s. defense expenditure is half a trillion dollars a year an awful lot and it's just been increased by 40% what for the more thing we need is more wars let me need a hole in their head seven trillion dollars is something like 14 times the american defense budget that's what corporations are holding on to and we're hoping that they're going to invest but up to now have they invested back now they've tended to invest into their shares and so shares have gone up in value this is now leading to hurting the economy as companies hang on to their huge fortunes and they're not investing it socially responsibly we'll be looking at that in other episodes thank you

Maurice Vega

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