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It’s officially November, which means two things–
one, Wyclef should be back soon. And also, the Popeyes
chicken sandwich has returned. But if you’re thinking
about running out to get one, you might want to brush up
on your self-defense skills. -♪ ♪
-Breaking news overnight. A Maryland man was stabbed
in a fight over the popular Popeyes
chicken sandwich. WOMAN 2: The Popeyes was packed.
You can imagine. People were standing in line.
They were waiting. They were wanting the brand-new
Popeyes chicken sandwich, and police are saying
that in that line, two men started
to get into an argument. The argument escalated. It is believed it was over
that chicken sandwich. And so, they went outside, and that is when one of the
two of them took out a knife. The other was stabbed. Goddamn! People are getting stabbed
over a chicken sandwich? I guess it really is healthier
to be vegan. Wow. (laughter) Maybe it’s just me,
but I don’t know why this sandwich
is making people go crazy. They’re fighting each other. People are fighting
the employees in the parking lot,
in the streets. It’s getting out of control. No other chicken place is
dealing with this. At Chick-fil-A, they’re like,
“We love God.” At Popeyes, they’re like,
“God is dead. Welcome to Thunderdome.” Meanwhile, at White Castle,
they’re like, “You only had one stabbing?
That sounds nice.” (laughter) And the crazy thing to me
is that someone got stabbed, but everyone else
stayed in line. (laughter) Yeah, they were like,
“Wow, that’s horrible. “But you know
what else would be horrible, is if I didn’t get
my chicken sandwich.” Like, it’s so popular,
that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone in line called 911
like, “I’m at Popeyes,
and someone just got stabbed.” And the 911 operator is like,
“You’re at Popeyes? Uh, can you get me one
of those sandwiches, please?”

Maurice Vega

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  1. 😂😂😂 I was thinking that sounds like a typical day in NYC during the summer. I remember someone getting stabbed over a seat on a bus. It wouldn’t phase us either. We’d just be made if it causes delays.
    I would’ve been like “oh shit!” but stayed in line. I would want my food no matter what. At least they had the decency to take it outside lol

  2. This is crazy. This reminds me of undercover brother when the government was using the generals fried chicken to control peoples minds.

  3. How many people have to die before these deadly sandwiches are banned? Someone needs to do something! When will congress take decisive action!

  4. Pop~eyes Chicken Sandwich!
    Where you get "Popped In the 👀" over a damn 🐔🥪!
    Don't say they didn't warn ya 🍑!(Its in the description!)
    Come on back now, ya hear!(LMAO)
    Talk about some "Illuminati Shht" it was in their name this 🕳 time!(💤)

  5. That's Lab made Chicken, GMO, Geneticlly Modified Organism, That means you don't know what they are injecting it with or doing to it then sending it out to the chains, they are most likely testing a new drug or formula, don't eat that chicken im telling you

  6. "To stab someone over a chicken sandwich. I know how delicious it taste and by the way the chicken did not approved the stabbing 🌍"

  7. Unfortunately, this type of, "Stupidity and Behavior", is the "New Norm"!, just don't come my way, or I will, "Correct It, Quick Like"!

  8. Popeye's attracts angry impatient rude people. So much violence at Popeye's. At least some of it isn't even about the chicken.

  9. From a BLACK RAPPER: Ja Rule berated black people for “acting like some niggas” over a “wack-ass chicken sandwich.” The rapper said that “ANYBODY that thinks we as a ppl are not EMBARRASSING ourselves over this wack ass chicken sandwich YOU ARE THE PROBLEM” and also ripped that Popeyes would soon be serving “a free piece of watermelon and a 32-ounce cup of Kool-aid” as a complimentary side.

  10. Dude: cant wait for my chicken sandwich UwU

    Teen: Excuse me sir.

    Dude: DIE BITCH

    later that day he never got his sandwich

  11. Doesn't anyone see whats going on here? Its been in the making that the word popeyes is perpetrated by the man…"Pop Eyes" in creating violence among the people. lol

  12. On some really shit the owner of the spot is gonna get sued for mad millions I would just stop selling it on till people come back to humanity not animals .people if ya fight over a bulk shit chicken then learn how to fucken cook an live normal bc it looks like u can't get ur life together

  13. America is now turning into Bikini Bottom fighting over food just like the civilians fighting over the Krusty Krabs krabby patty. That sandwich better be as good as characters show feelings toward the Kraby Patty’s.

  14. What has our society come to. This is just sad. Fighting over a chicken sandwich A FUCKING CHICKEN SANDWICH. Popeyes needs to stop selling this sandwich.

  15. Robber: brace yo' self fool 'dis be a jack
    Victim: Here is my wallet
    Robber: Nah dawg I want your sammich.
    Victim: Oh hell no this was the last one
    Robber: I want the sammich or your life.
    Victim: I got some crack.
    Robber: "shot victim leaves crack, the car, the wallet, and takes sandwich".

  16. I gotta say people are brainwashed,it hurts me to see all my brothers and sisters fighting and killing each other over small things I cry just to see my whole family is dying over stupidity I don't see no color ,no background ,no losers or winners I see humans my brothers and sisters fighting to find within them what there here on Earth to do to become a better person but I'm seeing now they all have fallen into darkness, please wake up one day 💔 and look at your self in the mirror that you are worth alot and meant to do great things much love by : Ronaldo ❤️

  17. This Chicken Sandwich needs to have a ⚠sign. ..and sold with liability Insurance only ! Just in case …Things turn out ugly !! 😉…😂😂😂

  18. I hear that Bernie Sanders wants to make College and Popeyes chicken sandwiches free ……. so vote nazi or social Democrate

  19. Whenever you go to Popeye's make sure you arm yourself with a Big gun, a knife, hammer, a pitch fork, a hatchet, a car jack, a flame thrower, a broken bottle of wine, and take Jason and Freddie Kruger for back up.

  20. This guy usually turns EVERYTHING into a race issue, except when there’s a stabbing at Popeye‘s; then he suddenly forgets.


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