Pollution, the Government, and MSB=MSC- Microeconomics 6.2

Hey! How you doing Econ’s students, this is Mr. Clifford welcome to AC/DC Econ Right now we’ll talking about the Externalities and the role of government Like you, I’m worried about whole idea of global warning, and so I wanna sign a petition thats going to end this gonna end pollution. That’s right we gonna get pollution down to zero, no pollution at all and turns out that extremly stupid, there is no way to have zero pollution I mean think about it, our body is pollute everything we do is pollute and so the question is not is should have pollution or no pollution The real question is how much pollution and pollution is a good example for externalities An externality is when theres external cost or benefits to someone other than that person who’s involved in that transaction

Maurice Vega

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  1. Wouldn't polluting someones property be a violation of their property? Then you would sue them, and there would be no need for a law. Air pollution is a more touchy subject, i would agree that there has to be some collective management of the air in that case.

  2. ok, as stressed as I am working full time, running kid to sports and having to strain my brain for contemporary economics, I get such a kick out of these videos.  The "back off stinky" made me lol. Thanks for helping me learn in a way that is fun and simple

  3. How could one calculate the additional cost of negative externalities? Whether it is pollution or cigarettes? It seems very fluid term to put it in hard numbers of cost and benefit. Pollution for example can affect negatively in huge amount of ways, how do you consider the cost for all these factors and what factors actually matter?

  4. Hi I enjoy your videos, but your thoughts about the Libertarians are not correct. Libertarianism is about people and firms agreeing upon rules, instead of politicians imposing those rules. Things work better under libertarian principles, examples are the Disney in Florida or self-regulation about the use of Asbestos.

  5. Could you explain how selling toilet water is a negative externality? I'm confused because something can only be considered an externality if it involves a 3rd party, which selling toilet water doesn't.

  6. I am taking microeconomics this semester, and I found this video through my course, and watched it since I am considering the environment as a paper topic (as it is an issue with real world implications).
    And, I saw this in an election year, before thr primaries!

  7. Hello,my question is more like supply and demand both shift to thw left. So the price stays the same ultimately.
    The question asks what point is the social optimum at, in this situation?
    Would this mean that there is no social optimum bc the price stays the same?? Need help…

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