Politics & Government : What Is Conflict Perspective?

Hello, my name is Arielle Reid in Budapest,
Hungary. And today, I will be explaining what conflict perspective is. Now, conflict perspective
is a socio-historical theory that looks at how conflict is generated within society.
Now, it states that there are groups, be they economic groups, racially-based groups, religious-based
groups, in society that compete for political and economic resources in order to have the
most power within a given society. Now, these groups compete and, thus, come into conflict,
but generally, conflict theory understands that there is a dominant group and seeks to
explain how this group maintains dominance. So the question is: What is the dominant group,
how is it powerful, and how does this power express itself? What are the…what are the
values that the dominant group holds dear, and how are these values promoted and protected?
Who are the other groups in society? How are they exploited? How are they manipulated?
How are they coerced? What are the resources that are available to the dominant group to
maintain power? Do other people or other groups have access to these resources? How are other
groups resisting? Are they resisting? And if they are, why are they resisting? And if
not, why aren’t they resisting? And lastly, authority: How is authority maintained within
a society based on the relationship between the power group and the other groups? And
this, in a nutshell, is conflict perspective.

Maurice Vega

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