Politics – Do we REALLY need them? – Rant

politics oh yeah we’re going there today
welcome to random thoughts and rants where I like to depolarize the world by
opening minds today we are gonna talk about politics and I just want to be
honest with you I hate politics I hate it I hate it I
hate it but it’s a necessary evil isn’t it
I mean wouldn’t the world be better without all of these politicians well I
personally don’t think so I think the world would fall into chaos and and all
kinds of bad things would happen okay so that might be a little bit of an
exaggeration or maybe not maybe it would be worse who knows and this video is for
just about any country out there that has to deal with politics and
politicians and I’m not even talking just the politicians that run the
country but you even have office politics right in your office there’s
that one guy that you always have to either be nice to or just ignore and
that’s something that creates maybe a little bit of stress in your life and
maybe if you don’t have that maybe you’re that guy think about that for a
moment and the one thing that I really don’t like about politicians and I’m
sure this is again good for anybody in the world is that these politicians will
say whatever they need to say in order for you to elect them into office I
personally have an issue with that because they say one thing but once they
get into office they’re gonna do whatever they’re gonna do they may not
always be totally honest you know with their campaign promises and maybe if
they are maybe those campaign promises weren’t well thought out with
politicians that you really have to be careful because you know you looking at
mainstream media again I talked about that before in this video and they want
you to do what they want you to do they don’t want you to make a good decision
they want you to decide what they want and some celebrities get out there also
and maybe not purposely sway your decision because if you’re a big fan of
theirs they’re gonna be like oh I believed everything they believed in so
I want to vote for whoever they vote for that can be good and bad depending on
the celebrity maybe the celebrity got paid to say that maybe they didn’t I
don’t know but maybe that celebrity has things you don’t know about because a
celebrity the only thing you is what they want you to see you have to
keep in mind you have to do your own research and I will try to put some
links below to give you some places to search so that you can find a good place
good credible place so you can look up the people you want to vote for and you
can see what they stand for it if they stand for the same thing you stand for
well then yes, vote for them and hopefully that’s what they do when there
are office is they actually stay to their values because that’s the most important
thing that they don’t get pressured or pulled in another direction because of
some kind of corruption going on or being paid off or some kind of whatever
and corruption will be the next video in this week’s videos not only do you have
to look at their values but you have to look at their general personality and
are they swayed to do something that they don’t stand for can they be bought
off everybody has a price it just how expensive is it if they have a really
really high price and people are not willing to pay it those people have
really good morals and possibly if they have the same beliefs you do you
probably want them in office those people are probably few and far between
or so hidden and buried between the other political parties and I don’t care
what political party you believe in I don’t care if you’re Republican Democrat
Tea Party independent Green Party I don’t care I don’t care if you’re super
liberal I don’t care if you’re super conservative I don’t care if you lean
one way or the other and if you really look at it everybody is pretty much in
the middle with a tendency to one direction or the other that’s usually
how it works but a lot of people get polarized which is what I’m trying to
stop stop being so polarized and say okay well I’m oh this party or I’m a
that party I have to believe in everything they believe in and I’m gonna
just blindly follow where they go that’s a sheeple are you a sheeple I hope not
and that’s a video for a Friday my point of this video is that politics suck but
we have to deal with it and if we can make smart decisions we can then start
changing the world in the proper in a way that the majority of the world
wants and I believe I firmly believe that the majority of the world wants a
nice safe peaceful happy world that’s what I believe and if we all have that
common goal then we can all hopefully agree on decent people to run these
countries all of our countries and we can really start working towards that
yes that’s probably the perfect scenario but hey let’s at least try to get
somewhere near it okay let’s let’s move in that direction I would really
appreciate it so make sure that if you can vote in your country that you vote
whenever the vote comes up you get out and you vote it’s very important there
are other countries that don’t have that option you need to get out and vote when
you have that opportunity make your voice heard make your opinion count and
let’s see what we can do to make this world a better place okay again I’m
being a little bit euphoric leave comments below let me know what’s going
on with you and how you’d like to see the world get to be a better place I
thank you very much for watching and I will see you in the next one
that’s bad okay so there we’re gonna try that all over again politics

Maurice Vega

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