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So, in our series called Manufacturing Consent
we went through a load of ways in which politicians try to influence the way the media report
things. But one thing we didn’t consider then were
outright threats. This was Staten Island’s New York Republican
Representative, Michael Grimm, being interview after Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address. And just finally, before we let you go, since
we have you here, we haven’t had a chance to kind of talk about some of the… No, I’m not talking about anything that’s
off topic, this is only about the President’s speech, thank you. Alright, so Congressman Michael Grimm does
not want to talk about some of the allegations concerning his campaign finances. We wanted
to get him on camera on that but he, as you saw, refused to talk about that. Back to you. …………………………………. Grimm is facing allegations that more than
ten thousand dollars have been funneled into his campaign by Diana Durrant, one of his
fundraisers. Grimm later released a statement saying the reporter had taken a “cheap shot”
by asking a question about it. Although the other way of interpreting it might be that
he was doing his job. Anyway, it’s an unusual one but add it to
the list. Back to you.

Maurice Vega

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  1. What is this f*cking Russia?! That politician needs to calm the f*ck down and stop acting like an animal when he doesn't like something.

  2. What a smarmy little pig. What a disgusting individual. What a pathetic little loser.
    Typical fucking politician. 

  3. did anyone follow up with police report…. they are not just like us, politician need to be held to a higher standard or the empire falls…

  4. Hmm standard citizen said that they'd be in prison, making death threats. But he's a politician exempt from the law and the constitution still applies to him unlike US normal folk. If that reporter ends up dead, by accident, or suicide, or plane crash. It was done by the politicians will. Well anything bad in general to that guy

  5. Yet more evidence of corruption. Is anybody REALLY that surprised by this? 
    Politicians and other people in power have been killing and threatening people, reporters in particular, for years. This guy just wasn't very good and doing it subtly.

  6. What has been done about this guy….,with all respect to the reporter he looks like somebody who may be easily intimidated..bet he wld not try that with a well built reporter…. This guy should be bought before the courts for trying to suppress free speech …people like him ought to be tried by the public and ousted from office for bringing his role as a public representative into disrepute. Does not say much for his party leaders or colleagues if they do not oust him. …

  7. a lyar and cheater never likes to get cut and confronted. we need to get ride of these people in politics. Its about time that we have people who are truly concerned with  humanity. They all need to be OUT 

  8. Just another asshole thug pretending to be a politician. If that was me, I'd file charges. When will these PIGS realize they are held to a higher standard and must be ACCOUNTABLE!!! F YOU GRIMM!!

  9. 10 000 dollars? Thats nothing, my parents give me more money than that. Why the hell would someone accuse anyone for that kind of sum of money. If it was 100 000 or one million+ then we could think of accusations of campaign money. 10 000 dollars doesn't even buy a new car, not even one of the french cars.

  10. I kinda wish I was that reporter. This day in age you can't talk like that to people anymore. Just because he is part of the government does not mean that he is above the laws of the land. That was clearly bullying which is now illegal. If the reporter wasn't trying to be a good American the provocation by this representative would have never happened. I know his ego got a hold of him and he lost control, but we all know what happens if we lose control. It does not matter how hard we worked to get what we have. 

  11. lol i bet reporter promised him not to talk about that before the interview then BAM ON YO FACE ! Poor filthy politician..

  12. If I were the reporter I would've asked him to do it if he thinks he's more of a man.

    People like Rep. Grimm need to be put back into their place.

    Had some deal with this dude who's, together with 2 of his mates, making my University life a hell hole. He told me to come outside with him and asked me to hit him (he came right up my face) and, even though I could've, I told him he wasn't worth it.

    Moral of the story is that being violent verbally or physically doesn't make you the bigger man, what makes you the bigger man is walking away.

  13. Terrorist treats get you arrested . If the punk threatened me, I would've knocked his teeth out. Fuck all the criminal politicians and Obama.

  14. Hurr journalist has freedom of press but politician has no freedom of speech and expression.

    This is how some people in our nation actually try to sway things to fit their agenda. Stop the left-right paradigm shill, the guy was just a dbag.

  15. Goes to show what kind of people are being elected with lobby money. 
    Make lobby money illegal, and you are left with politicians elected based on their character and morals.
    Bush was elected with lobbies, Romney used lobby money for his campaign, Obama was elected with lobby money. They are all corrupt and illegitimate. 

  16. Being more of a right leaning guy, this make me upset. News reporter trying to ask valid questions and he gets a hot headed politician threaten him. Get fired you fucking prick politician.


  18. Makes me wish I was that reporter . Things may have been a little bit different on whos going over the wall , Actions speck louder than words 

  19. Dickhead, shoot that politician, nothing but death is acceptable, someone in power needs a sense of morales, also respect, they are fundamental, that man has neither, so fuck him. I'm pissed at the world, why is everyone so complacent?

  20. Corrupt politicians run america in the first place haha, no changing that i guess, people say do this and that, how long wil it really take for someone to take action instead of talking about it.

  21. Why is it again that our elected officials are sociopathic bullies, and our republic is run by elitist politicians and economists with severe mental disorders?  Does this make sense to anyone?     

  22. No-One needs bastards like this representing them or their state. Threatening to throw a reporter off a balcony just because he wanted to ask you a question is practically admission of guilt. Nice knowing you, you won't be around for long. It's obvious your career won't survive this, and hopefully neither will you. Buh Bye.

  23. And why such murderous mafia killer is still doing lawmaker job in US congress at the moment?! isn't it just too freaky bad bad democracy form contrasting the Declaration of Independence! 

  24. well I must say I'd have him kicked out of my government if he said that, not that I'd have any government. All the politicians in that place don't do shit except spy and try take away people's only chance of defending themselves from totalitarianism. Look it up…

  25. we're all thinking it and he just goes and does it, yeah threatening the reporter was pretty tactless but honestly if we had agreed to stick to a certain topic and the reporter went off topic and started hounding me about something that could ruin my career i'd be pretty pissed too, while he's probably done some pretty shitty things in his career what i'm seeing here is a blatant attempt to vilify a politician in order to get more views, CONTEXT PEOPLE CONTEXT

  26. I say the reporter deserves to have his own name announced. That is good reporting! "No covering" with "Quality Reporters"! Excellent work!

  27. i guess this is the ONLY thing you can't BLAME OBAMA for. wait, someone will come back and say, GRIMMY grimms (threaten me, see what happens?) ran into the POTUS and he didn't like what he heard; so he took it out on the reporter. yeah, right!!!

  28. Hey Grimm,,, Your threatening ass ought to be in prison, or where threatening punks like you went before threatening punks like you got into government.

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