POLITICAL THEORY – Niccolò Machiavelli

Maurice Vega

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  1. Errrbody who be watching Game of Thrones is looking for tips like these to be ruthless and political, rather than being entrepreneurial and creating new value in business. This is how empires fall.

  2. when we look at history, we see that merciless, immoral, lying leaders were winners, so this actually proves M to be right… However the problem is that most of these leaders tend to put their own interests before their countries

  3. In short, if you want to keep a grip on what you have and gaining the things you want, do what's morally wrong?

    Why not just acting like we want if we think it's okay? I mean, we all have opinions on how to live properly and well, but for me the belief that my view or any other view is in a way better objectively is plain ridiculous.

  4. One of the greatest political theorists of the ages way more relevant than Plato and Aristotle.

  5. How would this be done without contradiction within the application of this ideology and with ones personal code of both conduct and honor?

  6. Winston churchill who had killed millions of indian bengalis by shifting their food supplies in europe where this food was wasted and rottened is considered as a good politician . So ultimately killing 7 lakh revolutionaries brutely he was defending his state and these bloody white devils talk about justice and social issues of those nations today whom they had exploited earlier !!!!!! What type of hypocrisy is this ???? . These whole video is on the philosophy of a ruthless imperial military general and a bogus politician of europe !!!!

  7. "Chanakya" was more superior than Machiaville. Just dare to read and accept the facts about him too.

  8. Did Machiavelli even read the Bible?God was loved and feared. Blessed Israel but also punished them when they have sinned. Even Jesus, preached about heaven and also a lot about hell.

  9. The Prince was writen as political satire and dedicated to the Medici family because he knew that if anyone actually followed the advise he wrote the people would turn against them eventually. Machiavelli thought that Cesare Borgia was a 'fortunate' fool and did not admire him in the slightest.

    It seems Machiavelli fooled these idiots at the school of life…

  10. If you're a fellow Filipino, do you think that our current president acts like how he is today because of this so called "criminal virtue"?

  11. When I searched for Radicalism and Machiavelli, this video was in the top running two. Machiavelli was Radical and included societal figures to defeat the notion of patriarchal structures. And, would really like to see how Radicalism and detrimental state of living in exile can be brought more in the equation.

  12. This is counterproductive to righteous rule.

    Essentially he's saying that a good ruler is both good and evil, but the greatest rulers such as David, Solomon and Muhammad were some of the greatest leaders of all mankind.

    This is what tupac was trying to warn us in 96 just before the establishment killed him.

    He put out that album Killillumanti dealing with Machiavelliansim and how modern day government's use his philosophy to suppress the masses of the population through tyranny, fear, and terrorism.

    Eventually through these sinister and manipulative tactics you force people to surrender to the hegemony of it's ruler who will then display some quasi pretensions 'criminal virtue' appearing to be self righteous all for the sake of stealing their trust.

    This is no different than modern day social media and instant gratification whores on Facebook or instagram where people pretend a role they aren't in real life for the sake winning the trust and good will of the people.

    Eventually this phony use deception, illusion, and manipulation to win over the hearts of the people.

    I won't lie European theology, political stratagems and philosophy at eye bay seems dolly but when you delve deep in you will see it's cynical nature

  13. The English version of Machiavelli's 'The Prince' is available for listen in full on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IdRxHTih-28 You're welcome.

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