POLITICAL THEORY – Friedrich Hayek

Maurice Vega

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  1. Common guys, neoliberal economic thinking? When did that existed? Neoliberalism is just a scarecrow marxists use to assign those regimes that fail because they adopted liberal positions in just a part of their economics…

  2. 10:47 Hey, that's the guy that made taxes higher and started spending less, where did all the money go? catpresident uwu

  3. 7:05 that's… Wrong. For Hayek, free markets were necessary condition for liberty, but not sufficient. That's pretty clear in his Road to Serfdom…

  4. Meanwhile, China has a 90 year plan in order to dominate Global Economy. It s called New Silk Road. Hayek, eat my dust.

  5. Hayek was NOT comfortable with dictators; the suggestion that he was is a gross mischaracterisation. Hayek instead was of the view that dictatorship in a liberal society might be preferable to democracy in a deeply illiberal society, where a democratically elected leader abuses their power and denies the citizens any freedom. A perfectly reasonable position.

  6. Governments LOVES Keynes because he allows them to print more money! If you want to know Keynes works Just take a look at Argentina… 70 years of Keynes ideas and theories.
    Results: fallen from world #5 GPD in the 20th Century to #65, The only country in the World that went from a developed country to a Frontier Country. Changed 5 times monetary assignations, deleted 13 zeros and went through 2 hyperinflation without a war. BTW President Mauricio Macri was hailed as a right Hayek neo libertarian but end up just like the rest, a democratic socialist using the same Keynes practices as all his predecessors. Now another hyperinflation is approaching.

  7. I think showing moussilini as a example of a dictator he would like doesnt make sence, as moussilini was pro central planning, hayek belived National socialism, facism and socalism all had the samme root. And all were wrong.

  8. I rarely ever comment on Youtube, but reading that Hayek is the leading theorist behind right-wing philosophy is beyond retarded. Way to expose your political leanings The School of Life. What a joke.

  9. a gross mischaracterization of hayek in regards to his "support of dictators". not surprising coming from this channel which was drooling over the dreamy-eyed karl marx. plus, as others have noted below, the italian fascists were socialists. the german fascists were socialists. they were wrongly labeled "right-wing" because there was a split in the socialist movement in the '20s and 30s between the international socialists (the bolsheviks, the communists) and the national socialists who didn't want to take orders from moscow nor abandon all of their cultural heritage. in that regard, the national socialists were therefore to the right of the international socialists, but they were still all socialists, which exists on the far left of the political spectrum.

     fascism has nothing to do with american conservatism, which is about conserving the liberal democratic order that arose from locke, burke, smith and others. central planning pushed by the left is reactionary – no matter how they try to gussy it up with new language, it is always about putting power back in the hands of an arbitrary few that make decisions for the rest of us. the liberal democratic order that has at its core the concept of free markets is predicated upon Voluntary exchange – no one is forcing anyone to do anything in our society, unless you are attempting to violate someone else's natural rights. the left, with their concept of central planning, is based upon Involuntary exchange through force – central planners deciding what is best for us. which is the more immoral system, the one predicated on voluntary exchange, or the one predicated on force?

  10. hayek's road to serfdom is almost prophetic in regards to socialism and how it disguises itself in freedom, equality, and social justice and how that is playing out in today's left-wing politics

  11. As soon as you said "Hitler.. state planning" I pressed the dislike button. How about you actually read some communist literature for once?
    Fucks sake.

  12. Since my dissertation was about Hayek's political philosophy, I'm confident to say that this video is bullshit. Whoever made this has either never read Hayek or is just plain stupid. If I had to pick a few books that everyone should read, these would be Hayek's "The Constitution of Liberty", Rawls' "A Theory of Justice", Orwell's "1984" and William Golding's "Lord of the Flies".

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