Political Spectrum Explained

In our Modern political world, we often hear
terms like left-wing politics and right-wing politics. We often get confused and misunderstood these
terms. So, what do these terms mean and where do
they come from So hi guys this is Pratik and you are watching
eclectic – The political terms left wing and right wing
were first used in the ideological context during the French revolution of the 18th century. In the French Revolution, Left supported the
revolution, they supported overthrowing the king while the right wing supported the monarchy
means they supported the king. This idea of the left supporting change and
the right wanted to keep the status quo continues today and is key in some of their philosophy. Our modern political world is divided into
these two ideologies. On the Left, there are communist, socialist
and liberals. They all hate capitalism and the free market
economy. On the right, there are conservatives and
capitalists. They favor capitalism and free market economy. The political spectrum from left to right
looks like these Communist, socialist, Green Politics (Environmentalism),
Christian democratic, conservative and right-wing extremist. The left promotes equal society. They believe that government should play a
substantial role in people lives. Left wing governments increase regulations
and taxes on businesses. Left literally promotes a socialistic idea
of taking money from rich by imposing heavy taxes on them and giving that money to poor
people through welfare programs and many government subsidies for poor. The left also calls itself progressive because
they oppose the death penalty and support same-sex marriage and women’s right to abortion. The left also promotes the idea of open borders
and favors immigration. Now let’s talk the economics of the left
Economically left believes in the Keynesian approach. It means increasing taxes when the economy
and business is booming or making the profit and spending that money when the economy is
weak. They oppose the free market economy. The left wants the complete control of the
economy whereas some leftists want moderate control over the economy. But this approach mostly fails because increasing
taxes and more regulations on the businesses are not good for the economy. It kills the productivity of businesses. If you increase the taxes on people, they
will spend less on shopping and services and businesses won’t generate more revenue. That is the reason under leftist government
economy stagnates. In short, the economy does not witness much
growth under the leftist government. Right wing believes social inequality is inevitable. They believe that there will always be some
rich people and some poor people in society. The right believes giving free stuff and free
money under government subsidies does not help the poor. It makes poor people lazy and they remain
poor. The right believes in providing opportunities
to the poor rather than providing them with free stuff. Right wing government believes that the government
should have limited control over the lives of people and businesses. They promote personal freedom and the free
market economy. Their goal is to impose less rules on people. Right wing follows religious and traditional
values and they oppose open borders and immigration. Now what is the economics of the right wing
Economically right wing follows the classical approach. Right wing decreases regulations on businesses,
which results in more innovation. The right-wing promotes free market where
the government does not interfere much. They decrease the taxes, therefore, people
save more money and as a result, people spend more money on shopping and services, which
helps businesses in generating more revenue. That is why the economy thrives and sees growth
under the right-wing government. When America was under the leftist Democratic
Party and Barack Obama was the president. American economy did not witness much growth
but after Donald Trump came to the power American economy saw good growth. In our modern politics – Parties on the
left include labor, the greens, Democratic Party and all socialist and communist parties. While those on the right include the Republicans,
conservatives, the UK Independence party and the BJP of India. There is also one center ground where parties
like liberal democrats lie. These parties at the center hold the views
from both the right and the left.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Left doesn't believe in Keynesian economic . Keynisian means standard liberalism . Left wants workers to own the means of production .

  2. Lmoa every right-wing good government has produced deficit as compared to liberal corporate Democrats . The fuck are you getting info from. Start reading a book about basics of political philosophy u fool .

  3. 3:58 who presided over the biggest financial crisis after the biggest economic depression .. Obama . He literally saved the world economy from collapse u fool . Who gave rise to the underlying ideology that gave rise to those banks falling . Cronyism aka capitalism . Again a right wing ideology .

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