Political Science at York College of Pennsylvania

– The professors really
want you to succeed and I intend on attending
law school after I graduate and I think that York
College really helped me structure a good path
into knowing how to study and knowing how to get out
there and be more outspoken. What York College provides
is a close relationship between professor and
student and by having that you become more responsible. – Variety of… tracks in a sense that students can take within the Political Science Major. They can focus on American politics. They can focus on international relations. They can focus on public policy. And so for any student who’s
even remotely interested in but not sure what they want
to do with Political Science there are collections of
courses that they can take that kind of fulfill that deeper interest. The measure of dispersion
are purely there to describe what is happening in a distribution. – The reason I chose York because it was only two hours away from where I live that is was kinda not too
close, not too far situation. It’s definitely a cozy campus here. It’s not too big, it’s
like a mile long campus. And the Political Sci
program here has really done a great job with shaping me
into the values and beliefs that I have now and also
the certain occupations that I hope to gain later on in life. (upbeat music)

Maurice Vega

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