Political Party Platforms Have Changed

bottom line of what we want the viewers to know today
in this show is that the Democrat Party has
skewed much further to the radical unbiblical left than
they have ever skewed before. (Music) GEORGE PEARSONS: Hello. This is
Pastor George Pearsons and welcome to this very special
edition of the Believers Voice of Victory Broadcast. Faith For
Our Nation. We are preparing right now for the midterm
elections and we have two of my most favorite people on this set
with me today. First of all, Buddy Pilgrim. Buddy, welcome.
is the president of Integrity Leadership, a ministry that
ministers about business principles, financial principles
and has also been involved in the corporate world as a
CEO over billion dollar corporations. Rub on this guy a
little bit. Also he is a board member of Kenneth Copeland
Ministries. He is an advisor to our KCM executive team which is
me. Also Buddy, you’ve had such tremendous experience in the
political realm as well. Major campaigns, rallying Christians
to vote so I appreciate you being here on this broadcast.
BUDDY PILGRIM: Thank you. GEORGE PEARSONS: He is my co-host this
week. And our guest this week is Representative Michele Bachmann.
Michele, welcome to the Believers Voice of Victory
have been so involved in the political realm for many years
from being Representative, candidate for President of the
United States and now a major voice, a major conservative
voice into our nation. A major supporter of Israel. And so we
welcome you to the Believers Voice of Victory broadcast. So
thankful that you’re here. And Michele Bachmann has some
tremendous things that she’s going to be bringing to us this
week. All of her notes are available on, just
click on to the picture of us. MICHELE BACHMANN:
Thank you Buddy. GEORGE PEARSONS: On
the website and all of these notes will be available
to you. And as I’ve been reading through them it really is quite
an education and we are in a very serious time in our nation
and we do make the difference. So Michele I know, because every
time Michele comes here she just lights up the place. Michele,
please help us know why it’s so important that we all need to be
voting in these mid-term elections. MICHELE BACHMANN:
Pastor George and Buddy, I couldn’t be in the presence of
two finer men that I admire more. I highly respect and
admire both of you and I am so grateful to Kenneth Copeland
Ministries for taking on this important part of the Bible. The
scripture is not silent about what believers need to do in
regard to our nations. We have a sacred duty in our nation to be
salt and light, but also to be participatory and to vote.
That’s why it’s so crucial that we’re here with these programs.
We have a very important election coming up in the United
States Senate, United States House, state races, municipal
races and if believers stay home our nation will turn a decidedly
anti-biblical way. GEORGE PEARSONS: That’s a strong
statement, but so true. MICHELE BACHMANN: We saw it. We saw it
because of our scripture that we’re … our theme this week is
“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord” from Psalms 33:12.
We know that’s true because we have received the blessings of
liberty. But I want to talk very clearly about your listeners
because I want your listeners to know they changed the
world in November of 2016. GEORGE PEARSONS: Yes.
literally changed the world. You’re saying
Michele, aren’t you overstating this? GEORGE
PEARSONS: Not at all. MICHELE BACHMANN: Absolutely not.
So what I want to do is point to the greatest
pollster that I know of today, George Barna,
in the United States. And George Barna has
information they put out. I want your viewers to know who
they are. They make up 9% of the American public. They are twenty
million people in the United States. These are the people
that George Barna said were key and responsible for the election
results in 2016. It was a shock that is still giving fits and
conniptions to people all across the United States. GEORGE
PEARSONS: Yep. We were together on election night for that.
MICHELE BACHMANN: We were together. That’s right. GEORGE
PEARSONS: And we saw it happen right before our eyes. MICHELE
BACHMANN: That’s right. And they still are having fits that
Donald Trump won. But again it isn’t about republican/democrat.
It’s about Biblical versus unbiblical. GEORGE
And the believers, the difference makers, saw
what a difference was made. We also have another
slide that talks about the fact that 91% of the difference
makers came out to vote. They were so highly motivated because
they saw the difference in the two candidates that were running
for President in 2016 and they knew our country was literally
at our last exit ramp and we could fall off the cliff if we
continued to go in the unbiblical direction we were
going. And so believers showed up. Of the 91% of the difference
makers who showed up, evangelical Christians in other
words. People who take this Word of God and believe that this is
true. They not only believe God, but they seek in their lives to
obey His Word. Now we know the scripture says all sin, all fall
short of the glory of God. I imagine even you two sin. I know
I do. I’m a big sinner all the time. But thank God for a God
who saved me and gave His life for me to save me out of my sin.
That’s the good news of Jesus Christ. But the believers in
Jesus Christ came out in force and they voted. That’s what this
show is about today. We want your viewers to understand the
very stark difference that there is between the two party
platforms. We only have two choices in the United States.
You either vote democrat or you vote republican. And the bottom
line of what we want the viewers to know today in this show is
that the Democrat Party has skewed much further to the
radical unbiblical left than they have ever skewed before and
we’re going to go through that in the next few minutes. But
first let’s take a look at the video describing the
republican party platform versus the democrat
party platform. MALE: Let’s talk about
party platforms. This might seem boring, but
they’re important. Every four years democrats and
republicans gather and each writes a document to establish
how they will govern. That document is called a platform.
It’s a big deal because the platform defines what the
parties believe and the policies they will pursue. Sure there are
times when politicians don’t vote with their respective party
platforms. Republicans vote with theirs nearly nine tenths of the
time. Democrats nearly three quarters. A very large amount of
the time what you see in the platform is what you get with
your politician. So let’s take a look at the platforms. On our
first freedom, the freedom of religion, the democrat platform
is silent on the right of Americans to live according to
their beliefs outside the walls of their churches and places of
worship. The GOP platform affirms the rights of conscience
for all and for the first time the platform calls for a repeal
of the 1954 Johnson Amendment which effectively silenced
churches on issues deemed political. On life, democrats
for the first time call for the federal government to force tax
payers to fund elective abortion. Democrats believe
unequivocally that every woman should have access to safe and
legal abortion and to fund this access their platform calls for
repealing the Hyde Amendment. Republicans support an end to
abortion and the funding of abortion and the GOP supports a
human life amendment to the Constitution. On marriage,
democrats embrace the redefinition of marriage stating
LGBT people have the right to marry the person they love.
Republicans believe the cornerstone of society is
natural marriage, the union of one man and one woman. On
judicial appointments, democrats promise to appoint judges who
protect a woman’s right to abortion and see the
Constitution as a blueprint for progress. Republicans support
judges who respect traditional family values and the sanctity
of innocent human life. They seek to enable courts to begin
to reverse the long line of activist decisions. On school
choice, democrats offer no support for families who want
private or faith based schooling for their children. The GOP
platform supports homeschooling, private or parochial schools and
vouchers. These things matter and that little R and that
little D next to a candidates name, that says a lot.
The parties are telling you what they will
do. The question is now that you know,
what will you do? BUDDY PILGRIM: Boy,
what a terrific summary that was. GEORGE PEARSONS:
Yeah, it was good. MICHELE BACHMANN: It
was. BUDDY PILGRIM: I appreciate you bringing
that because it really did clarify the differences
between the democrat and republican parties. I remember
as we went into the 2016 election, we knew then that the
difference that was going to be made in the outcome of that
election was going to be determined by you. By people of
faith voting. I was very involved in the 2016 election as
you know. Significantly with Senator Ted Cruz and his
campaign. But in addition to that I talked to Mike Huckabee.
I talked to Rick Santorum. I talked to most of the other
candidates during that period of time. One of the things I said
before … in the very early stages of the 2016 election is I
was absolutely convinced that there was no republican
regardless of who it was, there were 17 running, that could win
in the 2016 general election unless people of faith turned
out and there was no republican that would lose if people of
faith turned out. MICHELE BACHMANN: That’s right. BUDDY
PILGRIM: Okay? They could only win if people of faith turned
out. And that actually turned out to be the case. MICHELE
BACHMANN: That’s right. BUDDY PILGRIM: And we saw a number of
different people have the lead at various stages. Donald Trump
ended up being the candidate. And people of faith turned out
not because they loved Donald Trump as a person maybe or the
things that he did, but they knew that the republicans had
the right platform and it’s a platform that aligns with
Biblical values which is what you’re talking about. MICHELE
BACHMANN: You’re exactly right. And sixty percent of the people
who voted in 2016 Buddy voted based upon the platform. GEORGE
PEARSONS: Isn’t that something. MICHELE BACHMANN: Because people
weren’t quite sure about Donald Trump. It’s a little bit
different today. He’s more than delivered. He is the most
pro-life President we’ve ever had. He’s the strongest on
religious liberty that we have ever had. He has literally
performed a miracle in the economy and turned the economy
around with the help of Congress because they passed the biggest
tax cuts that we’ve ever seen and they have gotten rid of the
burdensome regulation which actually is the biggest tax that
you can have on job creation. All that they’ve done and more.
But this is the key. The democrat party, we just saw
their platform, the democrat party recently has taken a
quantum leap. They’ve shifted even further left than we ever
thought possible before. That was demonstrated in the month of
July when we saw an open socialist win in a congressional
seat in the state of New York. I think we have a photo of that
candidate. This is what we need to know. This is the new face of
the democrat party. GEORGE PEARSONS: And it’s even changed.
These are the original ones from several years ago. MICHELE
BACHMANN: That’s right, the original party platforms. GEORGE
PEARSONS: All original party platform. MICHELE BACHMANN:
That’s right. GEORGE PEARSONS: This one has changed since then.
MICHELE BACHMANN: The democrat party platform. You’re exactly
right George. It has changed. GEORGE PEARSONS: So this is
obsolete right now. MICHELE BACHMANN: It is almost obsolete.
That’s right. And that may be what’s on paper, but that’s not
what their candidates are advocating anymore. GEORGE
PEARSONS: Okay, that’s important to know. MICHELE BACHMANN: And I
think that for the viewers that are watching today on Believers
Voice of Victory, they need to understand the reality of the
new democrat party. They call themselves democrat socialists
and they’re not afraid of being called socialists. GEORGE
PEARSONS: My goodness. MICHELE BACHMANN: This is literally what
they stand for. We have a photo of the candidate that won in New
York. She tweeted this photo of abolish iced. What does that
mean? That means the United States … she’s advocating that
the position of the United States would be that there would
be no borders. Now just think about that. There would be no
borders. Anyone who wants to come into the United States can
walk right in and you would immediately have access to the
88 federal welfare programs in addition to all the state
programs. You may have a disease that you bring into this
country. You may be a terrorist coming in with evil intent.
Nothing would stop you from coming in. GEORGE PEARSONS:
Drugs. MICHELE BACHMANN: That’s the position of the democrat
socialist party. Here’s the second thing. Abolish profit.
Buddy, what does that mean? BUDDY PILGRIM: That means
there’s zero incentive to invest in a business. MICHELE BACHMANN:
That’s right. BUDDY PILGRIM: If you can’t earn a profit from
that investment. And that’s not Biblical either. You know you
look at the parable of the pounds and the parable of the
talents in the Bible. Both of those the people who were
entrusted with minas in one and with talents in the other were
charged with the responsibility to go and invest those and earn
more. It’s a Biblical principle to take what’s been entrusted to
you and go and earn a greater return from it. The one that
didn’t earn anything from it had it taken away from him. MICHELE
BACHMANN: That’s right. So capitalism is considered evil by
the democrat socialists, their party platform. That’s evil. But
from the republican party platform we want more jobs. We
want more prosperity. We want more people. And again we’re not
here to talk about democrat/republican.
We’re talking about Biblical versus unbiblical.
And it is amazing the suffering that goes along
with an unbiblical view of economics. Just when we
look at our most recent President of the United States.
He took over one sixth of the American economy with health
care. He worked to take over an American auto company, General
Motors, and was called Government Motors because the
federal government took it. GEORGE PEARSONS: Yeah, that’s
right. That’s right. MICHELE BACHMANN: He put together a US
task force on car dealerships and they literally closed down
fifteen hundred car dealerships in the United States. BUDDY
PILGRIM: That’s right. MICHELE BACHMANN: People spend their
whole life building up a business and it was gone because
the President of the United States in the last
administration said so. BUDDY PILGRIM: They nationalized the
student loan business also. MICHELE BACHMANN: They
nationalized the student loan industry. So we already have an
example of the old platform. GEORGE PEARSONS: Of the old
platform, yeah. MICHELE BACHMANN: The platform
that you might even consider more
conservative than this new democrat socialist
platform. So what is it that they want now? This is literally
on their website. The Democrat socialist. They want
government owned and run healthcare. Government run and
owned housing. Government run and owned food for people. No US
borders. In other words, there are seven billion people on the
planet today. Seven billion people. Three hundred twenty six
million people in the United States. Can you imagine if we
were swamped with seven billion people who could come into the
United States? We’d be over. We’d be crushed. We would no
longer have a country. They believe on their website that
anyone should be able to walk into this country and demand
housing, education, healthcare and be paid a government wage
whether they work or not. BUDDY PILGRIM: Yeah, they call that a
universal guaranteed wage. And it sounds like a good idea. What
it means is people would receive money whether they work or not.
MICHELE BACHMANN: Whether they work or not. BUDDY PILGRIM: That
has to come from someplace. It comes from the people who do
work. MICHELE BACHMANN: Right. The people who do work and so
they have to take it away from those who work. They also
believe in no prisons. Now, just stop for a second. GEORGE
PEARSONS: Yeah, that would- MICHELE BACHMANN: Just
stop for a second. No prisons? So
somebody could walk into your business and hold
you up and blow your head off and we’re not going to
have prisons for people like that? This is literally their
party platform. This is what they believe. No borders. No
prison. Are you kidding me? I don’t want to live in a country
like that. They believe in ending private businesses.
Making businesses government controlled. But they also
believe regarding Israel. BUDDY PILGRIM: Didn’t
Venezuela try that? MICHELE BACHMANN:
Venezuela tried it and people are eating
out of garbage cans today. They also believe that all Jews
should be removed from the land. I don’t know what they’re going
to do with them if they’re going to kill them or what. But they
believe all Jews should be removed from the land and that
the entire land should go to Palestine. This is their view.
So you want to talk about a Biblical versus an unbiblical
viewpoint? We have two complete stark positions. They undermine
our party. And the interesting thing is that according … we
have a picture of Bernie Sanders, he’s a sitting US
Senator. This new democrat party doesn’t think that Bernie
Sanders, an open socialist, is even far radical enough for them
because he won’t embrace the position of no borders. And
that’s why you see the sub-headline that says Will the
Trump Voters be Complacent? That’s why we’re here doing this
show today. We can’t just come up and vote every four years for
a President because if we don’t have a house and a senate that
will back our President I’ll tell you what will happen.
Impeachment. We’ve already seen that from these radical democrat
socialists on the left. They’ve already come out. They’re very
bold. And they’re saying that we are going to impeach the
President of the United States. That’s our first agenda item.
There isn’t any evidence that he’s done anything wrong, that
he’s committed an impeachable offense. It doesn’t matter.
They want power. That’s what this is about.
BUDDY PILGRIM: Well, they do want power. Let me
mention this too. We’re just touching the top of each of
these mountains right now because you’re giving this
overview that contrasts the two different platforms, but if
you’ll stay with us, those of you that are watching out there
through every broadcast this week, Congresswoman Bachmann is
going to take us through each of these issues in greater detail
each and every day of the week. We’re going to spend a day
talking about Israel. We’re going to spend a day talking
about economics. Today is just kind of an overview to lay down
the foundation for this Pastor George and we’re going to get
much deeper into this as we go through the week. GEORGE
PEARSONS: Absolutely. Absolutely. MICHELE BACHMANN:
We have a video of an open democrat socialist
calling for the impeachment of Donald
Trump. Let’s take a look. FEMALE: Where do
you fall? Would you push for a Trump
impeachment should you win? FEMALE: Well, I would
support impeachment. MICHELE BACHMANN:
This is the agenda of the new democrat party. Their number one
action item is to impeach Donald Trump, the President of the
United States. All of the tremendous gains that have been
made for the economy, for Israel, for pro-life, for
religious freedom, it all comes to a screeching heart and this
radical agenda of no borders, no prison, doing away with private
businesses. That’s their agenda that goes forward. So at the end
of the day here’s the question Pastor George and Buddy. Do we
want to be America the greatest military and economic super
power of the world or do we want to be Venezuela where people are
literally eating out of garbage cans? You say Michele, are you
crazy? That would never happen in the United States. Venezuela
in 1940 was I believe the second highest standard of living in
the world. Nations can change. If they embrace Godly values
they will be blessed. If they embrace unbiblical atheistic
values, which is represented by the new democrat socialist
platform, they will not be blessed. That’s how serious this
is and that’s why the difference makers in this country- GEORGE
PEARSONS: The difference makers. MICHELE BACHMANN: The believers,
the evangelical Christians who came out and made all the
difference in 2016 … 2018 is equally as precious and
important and we need them to get out and vote in the Senate
and the House. BUDDY PILGRIM: We have to maintain these
majorities in the house and the senate because not only will
they go after Trump to try to impeach him, and that’s what
they’re using as part of the issue to stir up the base and
get them excited. That’s why they villainize President Trump
so severely so they can get people whipped up in this frenzy
and get them to go out to vote. And that’s why it’s so important
that all of you listening today make sure that you stay just as
committed to go out and vote in November of this year as well.
We absolutely have to turn out. Somebody said well even if they
were to impeach Trump, which I don’t think they will, but even
if they did Vice President Pence would become President so we’re
still okay. No, we’re not still okay because they would have
taken over the House and taken over the Senate and they will
stop all of the positive legislation that’s been moving
us forward in the last couple of years. MICHELE BACHMANN: Because
the way our government works we’re a divided government.
Three parts. You have an Executive, the President. You
have the Congress that passes the laws. And then you have the
Supreme Court. The President can’t do everything on his own.
He has to have a Congress that he can work with. Today we have
a Republican house and a Republican Senate and we can get
more republicans in the house and more Godly men and women in
the Senate if people come out and vote. If our difference
makers are salt and light in this nation. Isn’t it amazing
how God has sprinkled believers all across this nation to be
salt and light? GEORGE PEARSONS: He has. He really has. MICHELE
BACHMANN: We don’t have to be everybody, but if we show up and
vote then every election we can win with Biblical candidates.
GEORGE PEARSONS: I like the phrase that you have, the
difference makers and that’s who we are. When we go into those
polls to vote we are casting our seed for what we are wanting the
harvest to be. So we have a responsibility. The Lord has
placed upon us the responsibility to see to it that
this continues as a Godly nation, as a Biblical nation. I
believe that what Michele Bachmann is bringing
to us during these broadcasts is really
going to bring into focus how severely
important and critical it is for us to do this and to go out
there and vote. To not only pray over our nation, but to vote. So
let’s take a moment before we have one minute left. Father, in
the name of Jesus, we pray over our nation right now and I thank
you for a Godly nation. I thank you Lord that the people of God
are showing up to vote. Every one who is registered, every one
who is dedicated and committed to the Biblical principles is
going to go and cast that seed and we are going to see an
overwhelming victory in this nation. We are going to continue
on with what You have started, what You have begun. And Lord I
praise You that the blessing of the Lord has been conferred upon
us when we moved the embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem we
opened ourselves up for the blessing of God. And Lord we
will not ignore this election. We will do our part in the
name of Jesus. Amen. And Amen. We’ll be right
back. You stay with us. ANNOUNCER: We hope you enjoyed
today’s teaching from Kenneth Copeland Ministries. And
remember Jesus is Lord.

Maurice Vega

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  1. it doesn't matter what country you live in if you have the choice to vote ,you should practice your God given right to vote

  2. So thankful for all of you! I was excited to vote for President Trump. God spoke to me 3 months prior that he would be our next President. I also watched your network through the process and learned so much. I'm praying more churches rise up to educate the congregation about the importance of voting. It's so important. Thank you for speaking out!

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