Political News || The US threatens war with Iran ? Donald Trump to take a ‘diplomatic response’.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson tries to talk US President Donald Trump out of going to war with Iran BORIS Johnson tried to talk Donald Trump out of war with Iran yesterday after the US President placed more sanctions on the Middle East power. The PM urged a “diplomatic response” to the Saudi oil field attack Tehran is blamed for. As the threat of war with Iran rises, Boris Johnson has urged Donald Trump to take a ‘diplomatic response’ The US President has said his $700bn arsenal was ‘locked and loaded’ on Iran as well as how the ‘ultimate option’ is still on the table US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called it “an Iranian attack” and an “act of war”. Downing Street said: “The Prime Minister spoke to President Trump this afternoon following Saturday’s attacks on the Aramco oil facilities in Saudi Arabia “They condemned the attacks and discussed the need for a united diplomatic response from international partners.” But Mr Trump said last night there were many options on the table, including the “ultimate option“ — war with Iran. He earlier announced the new sanctions on Iran, escalating tensions between the two. Tory MP Tobias Ellwood, a former Middle East minister at the Foreign Office, replied to Mr Trump’s sanctions tweet and urged calm. Officials in Saudi capital Riyadh laid out pieces of the missiles and drones from the oil blasts — claiming they were made in Iran. Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthi rebels claimed responsibility. But Mr Pompeo said spooks were confident they did not possess weapons systems responsible. The strikes disrupted the kingdom’s oil production and saw prices spike by ten per cent around the world. But prices fell again yesterday after the Saudis said half of the production knocked out had already been restored.

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