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I love that answer that was our next guest last night after her big election victory in New York's 14th congressional district and joining us here on set alexandria Ocasio cortez also at the table national political correspondent for NBC News and MSNBC Steve Kornacki he's the author of the forthcoming book the red and the blue the 1990s and the birth of political tribalism it's really really good to have you both on board congratulations thank you thank you so so much have you had a chance to take it all in and how are you feeling you know I it again it feels great it felt great even before the results came in walking around the community seeing how many people were excited to vote yesterday was incredible and I think we're just kind of still processing with the rest of the nation right now I bet so what was your campaign focused on what what do you think really turned out the vote and they did turnout yeah I mean our campaign was focused on just a laser focused message of economic social and racial dignity for working-class Americans especially those in Queens in the Bronx we're very clear about our message very clear about our priorities and very clear about the fact that even if you've never voted before we are talking to you okay so that's the clearest message I've heard from a Democrat in a long time Joe jump in any advice you ran for Congress well I don't I can't give any advice I think she should be giving advice you know I always people would always come to me and ask how I won when I wasn't supposed to win and I'm just curious I mean my answer always was hard to work I would guess that's probably your answer as well that it was knocking on doors walking the district doing all the little things overtime that added up right is that what it is asking was it hard work or what was it that that made the difference you know it just took it really did take hard work you know I started this race ten months ago I was working in education and I was working in a restaurant and I started this race out of a paper bag you know I had Flyers and clipboards and it really just was non-stop knocking doors and talking to the community yeah why did you run why'd you run well you know I think the big thing is just that I knew that in our community we needed a very clear voice I think we deserved representation that rejected lobbyists funds and put our voters in our community first and I felt like we could really deliver a message for the Bronx for Queens and and for the working-class people of the United States I felt like our party could be better our message could be better and that we could be better as a country as I followed your campaign Alexandria and you can correct me if I'm wrong I didn't see you directly at every opportunity taking on Donald Trump by name himself yeah you sort of implicitly took him on with your ideas and your programs but it wasn't they weren't personal fights with Donald Trump it was making the counter-argument to his policies right right I think that that's really the path forward the what we need to do is lay out a plan and a vision that people can believe in and getting into Twitter fights with the president is not exactly I think the where we're going to find progress as a nation hey Steve the turnout the demography of this district what does it portend in your view for the Democratic Party well it's it's interesting and I'd be curious what you think of it to the New York State does these primaries so strangely there's a statewide primary for governor and for all these other offices later this summer they separated out the congressional primaries and folks getting a ballot yesterday I know I'm one of these people get a blank piece of paper with two names in the upper left corner and nothing else on it and the thinking had been that this was going to be an advantage for Joe Crowley this was going to be an advantage for the incumbents in New York because there was going to be such low turnout such low interest in such low energy it was that you're thinking going into this well I actually knew that in New York system own system of voter suppression a low turnout primary is actually an incredible opportunity for a grassroots organizer because when only 3% of your electorate turns out you really just need to inspire a couple thousand people and it can totally change the game alright so you also went to the border right yeah and when did you do that why did you do that what did you want to show people I went to I went to the border on Sunday and so I was there with several organizations Rice's Texas voto Latino and several other activists and organizers and I went there because the moral character of our nation is on the line and it cannot wait right now when we are talking about something as Extreme as the detention and separation of children which we know is an international human rights abuse we cannot afford for a convenient time to resist that we need to show and assert and fight for what the America we want to be we need to fight to make that happen so Joe has a question for you Joe jump in well I'm actually a quick question for Steve Kornacki but certainly Alexandra you can answer – hey Steve so what does it mean when a guy like Joe Crowley who is one of the top leaders in the Democratic Party who's one year after year after year after year is defeated in his own primary and nobody sees it coming is this did he fall asleep at the wheel what what what happened yeah there's an incredible irony with what's happened with Joe Crowley and it's this he's been in Congress for 20 years he was elected in 98 there was sort of a backroom maneuver that got him into that seat in the first place 20 years ago but when he got to Washington he set out to try to climb the Democratic ranks in DC and he was blocked for years because he had a poor relationship with Nancy Pelosi he had sided with Steny Hoyer Hoyer and Pelosi had the whole rivalry you know six you know eight in ten Crowley had chances to move into leadership and he was blocked by Pelosi each time he's thinking he's never gonna get there finally in the last three or four years he mended the relationship with Pelosi he moved into leadership and he was positioned as of the stuff that I'm voting started yesterday he was the closest thing there was to a consensus pick to emerge if Nancy Pelosi stepped down or where was challenger eight he was the closest thing there was to a consensus pick to become the next Democratic leader potentially the next demo Speaker of the House so he finally after all those years got his relationships right in DC only to turn around and find out that the district he'd been elected to 20 years ago where he was by the way the party boss you're talking to Queens County chairman here again it was a backroom maneuver that got him in there in 98 in the first place it had changed circumstances have changed back home he finally got things right in DC only to watch them all go wrong back home well I want to point out mica you mentioned that Alexander went to the border she's been on this issue long before it was in the news a couple of weeks ago calling for the abolition of ice for example long ago not just while it was in national news a couple of others items on your policy agenda that you made very clear throughout Medicare for all Federal jobs guarantee and tuition free public universities and trade schools those look to a lot of people like promises of gifts under the tree but they wonder how they'll be paid for now you're in a position to carry these out how at a time when the CBO says our debts and deficits are exploding or gonna cripple us how do you pay for things like that it's it's an excellent question first of all I think we need to kind of look at at the damaging history legislative history of what we've done with our taxes not only how did we have a four hundred billion dollar GOP tax clip that could have actually forgiven every single federal student loan in America we spent that money in December and we spent it on tax cuts for the corporations and the very rich but it means reviewing the Bush tax cuts it means making sure that also that we understand the power of the purse that Congress has that you know when the United States was in the Great Depression that is when we pursued the New Deal it was when people precisely said we have the least amount of ability to do this that we actually committed to an economically ambitious agenda that transformed the future in the course of this nation and I think that it is absolutely possible but what it takes is the political courage to do it to raise taxes to roll back the tax cuts I'm not only and not only that but also understand that that the federal government does have the ability in the similar way that we had in the New Deal to to spearhead some of the this agenda and some of that financing as well Mike barn where does this come from where does all this come from how did you get so interested so involved so intense on all of these issues that threaten our so many people's lives that affect so many people's lives where did it come from in you well years ago I I had the honor of working for the late Senator Kennedy which is when I really kind of fell in love with community work but it's really my story in my background you know my father passed away when I was a teen a teenager my mother cleaned homes and drove school buses and you know when my family was on the brink of foreclosure in 2008 my father passed away during the financial crisis and that's why I started waitressing and bartending so that she could keep her home and so I understand the pain of working-class Americans because I have experienced the pain and I've experienced the urgency of this economic moment and that is you know why I have ring that urgency to this fight because it is what we need as a nation it's what working families need as a nation how old are you I'm 28 years old and how do you get from that story to thinking I'm gonna run and I think I can win I want to know where that comes from inside you especially for women I struggle to know their values yeah I think 2016 was an amazing year for I mean it was an amazing year nationally but it was a year of awakening for a lot of individuals I found myself at the end of 2016 at Standing Rock I found myself in Flint Michigan and I just felt like at this point we have nothing to lose that's right we have nothing to lose and even in a in a race that just seemed impossible as it was even three months ago even on long odds that doesn't mean we shouldn't try that's the bottom line what's your advice now because everyone in the political world is going to go back now and look at your campaign and what you did over the last several months and say what can we learn from it how should we model our campaigns how can we take back the house this fall how can we take back the White House in a couple of years what do you say to people as they watch your campaign because you stayed on your message the whole time I think was reflected last night when Joe Crowley conceded at his event he started by dedicating a song to you and congratulating you that's sort of the tenor of the campaign was about a message and not about personal fight yeah absolutely I think it's it is something that we have to stick to the message what are we proposing to the American people not what are we fighting against we understand that we're under an antagonistic administration but what is the vision that is going to earn and deserve the support of working-class Americans and we need to be explicit in that vision and that legislation not just better but what exactly is our plan and that when we do that working-class Americans we were bold about it when we say we stand up for immigrants when we stand up for the LGBTQ community when we believe that every working-class American deserves the opportunity to change their economic destiny and their children's future that is well that's the message that we need to bring into the midterms and Joe what's your big takeaway looking at this race well the big takeaway is that we talked about it in 2016 look at the people who did really well at Donald Trump on the Republican side Bernie Sanders on the Democratic side the antithesis of each other but each had a message each had a bold message people on the right didn't like Bernie's a lot of us didn't like Donald Trump's but that said there was a bold message there the opposite of what the Democratic Party in Washington DC has the opposite of what Hillary Clinton had and then most importantly once you have that message it's the fundamentals I always called it the blocking and tackling it was a knocking on doors who's putting yard signs out there he was getting on the phones it was getting people out to vote having phone banks having people in churches and synagogues having people all over your district doing everything they could day in and day out and you worked harder you know what people always came to me and said what's the secret of winning how did you do this nobody explained it I said it's very simple you get up earlier than everybody else you go to bed later than everybody else and you work harder in between those two points all you have to do are those three things and you've got a shot of winning two and sounds like that's exactly what Alexandria did yeah and even more importantly than that she has a message that the Democrats of not had well and that message by the way did not take her three minutes to spew out droning on and on and on and I will tell you in the two years running up to Hillary Clinton's campaign and election night I asked every Democrat that came on this set I asked Hillary Clinton I asked all of Hillary Clinton supporters because she was so unavailable what's the message what's the message what's the message and the answer was always two to three minutes long kind of placating kind of in the middle of nowhere nothing ultimately this very young candidate has a clear concise message it took her less than 30 seconds to say it because she knows exactly what it is it is who she is it's where she came from and it's what she wants to do so I would love everyone to take a look at this interview and take a look at what her message is don't don't steal her message find your own Democrats okay and believe in it because we got nothing to hold on to at this point but our party and what our message is and if we focus on Trump which I don't think you even mentioned today no and yet you know at this point an entire district is swept up by you it's something to look at and we appreciate what you've done thank you Steve Kornacki thank you and very exciting story I will be talking a lot more about your upcoming book Steve the red and the blue the 1990s and the birth of political tribalism in the coming weeks and stay with us Alexandria Ocasio Cortes thank you as well congratulations thank you very much from one badass woman to a full list of badass women Laura Brown editor-in-chief of InStyle magazine joins us with the latest issue next on Morning Joe thanks for checking out MSNBC on YouTube and make sure you subscribe to stay up-to-date on the day's biggest stories and you can click on any of the videos around us to watch more four Morning Joe and MSNBC thanks so much for watching

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  1. If sandy can call Trump a racist!
    Then anything goes!
    Why doesn't she Debate!
    She must be special
    Space cadet.
    Comic Gold Arsehole-ism
    @ it's finest!

  2. Career Politicions need to go, they created the disaster the younger generations are actually growing up in.

  3. She has but only one remedy….that is to "KEEP IT AS REAL AS POSSIBLE", that is what make her so remarkable.

  4. I'm so happy about this woman. She is what the nation really needs. Those conservatives only fund wars and close minded hatred against all people that don't fit their narrow perspective of humanity.

  5. She'll be gone soon …by her own Party ,she said Joe Biden , is moving backwards not forward , I know the DNC want Bernie gone ,! ! He can't win even the Dem primaries ,if he should , the victory is solidified for Donald Trump !

  6. As an Australian person.. I just plain love this passionate woman.. a woman of change.. perhaps and hopefully she will change the perspective of other first world countries that America is not STUPID.. brava.. go Alex.. with love and grace and hopefulness ❤️

  7. I absolutely love this segment!!! I've always enjoyed Morning Joe and this interview with AOC was so hopeful. Thank you!!!

  8. Aoc didn't bring up Trump, but the MSNBC crew did multiple times. They appreciated that AOC had a clear message, and baited her multiple times to lose it in more free Trump media time. MSNBC, it's difficult to imagine you could be so unself-aware. What's your game, journalism or selling ads?

  9. No Joe , simply it AOC time , millennial will retire those dinosaur one after the other, one by one they’ll fall like flies , how sweet it is to get rid of those greedy heartless dinosaurs, who put innocent children in cages .

  10. We need more people on the planet like this amazing woman! Thanks for making the world believe in ourselves again!

    The Lie in Name of jewish Bible and jewish "God" is the greatest american inspiring!

  12. Don't worry about how you could pay for free education. How are you gonna pay for the stupid WALL? Nobody talking about we should spend millions on a Wall should open their mouth to challenge the government paying for free education for low income families. You shut your mouth.

  13. Alexandria a great, strong, bright woman with a clear concise message! You have taken the world by storm! I am with you 100%!!!!!❤️😎

    "I can only repeat that I set myself against all efforts to intrude the fanatic into the figure of the Saviour: the very word impérieux, used by Renan, is alone enough to annul the type. What the “glad tidings” tell us is simply that there are no more contradictions; the kingdom of heaven belongs to children; the faith that is voiced here is no more an embattled faith—it is at hand, it has been from the beginning, it is a sort of recrudescent childishness of the spirit. The physiologists, at all events, are familiar with such a delayed and incomplete puberty in the living organism, the result of degeneration. A faith of this sort is not furious, it does not de nounce, it does not defend itself: it does not come with “the sword”—it does not realize how it will one day set man against man. It does not manifest itself either by miracles, or by rewards and promises, or by “scriptures”: it is itself, first and last, its own miracle, its own reward, its own promise, its own “kingdom of God.”

  15. Alexandria we are so proud of you and your focus and dedication to the message you bring that can turn America into a better one that will include a fair share in the lives of those who work so hard in giving so much production for the organizations and work places that they are employed by for such meager wages with no bonus or reward or share for their hard-earned efforts in helping their CEO get rich with their efforts. Thank you. Your reasons and offerings are not about getting rich through the political but about enriching the never mentioned taxpayer contributors and bringing their needs and existence to the light where it may be known that they help the economy. Taxpayer money is to paid into to be redistributed to make for a better environment for all classes below the rich….not to make the rich richer or to line their pockets with the working classes tax monies. Unending support you AOC!!!

    48:10 "Cursed the man who goes about the Lord’s work grudgingly, nor with blood stains his sword!"

  17. The Bible say to me who you are!!! I need a dialog only 10 minute about Bible, and I
    know to good, very well, who is Alexandria Ocasio Cortes, a wrong "Socialist". Fact!

  18. Donald Trump or Alexandria Cortes, at White House, it is a same Politic of Corruption
    and Lie!!! Who sworn on the Bible, that person is not a honestly, like Alexandria! Fact!

  19. The young Lady, Alexandria Ocasio -Cortes, she is a wrong Person, she is not hones
    tly, and she is not a Socialist Politicians. This is a Lie!!! She is a christian corrupt Person.

    She is not a honestly Person, because she sworn with her Hand on the criminal and
    genocidal Bible, like Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo, CIA – Boss, Hillary Clinton, or G. W.
    Bush, who killed 2 Milliins Iraqis!!! She is a wrong Person, she is NOT A SOCIALIST!!!

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