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Political Marxism (PM) is a strand of Marxist
theory that places history at the centre of its analysis. PM was developed as a reaction against ahistorical
models of Marxist analysis in the debate on the origins of capitalism. The PM critique brought social agency and
class conflict to the center of Marxism. In this context, Robert Brenner and Ellen
Wood founded PM as a distinct approach to rehistoricise and repoliticise the Marxist
project. It was a movement away from structuralist
and timeless accounts towards historical specificity as contested process and lived praxis. This research programme has since expanded
across the social sciences to include the fields of history, political theory, political
economy, sociology, international relations and international political economy.The term
Political Marxism itself was coined during the Brenner Debate of the late 1970s as a
criticism of the work of Brenner by the French Marxist historian Guy Bois. Bois distinguished Brenner’s ‘political Marxism’
from ‘economic Marxism’. As such, the label ‘Political Marxism’ has
not always been accepted by the scholars to whom it has been applied.Researchers linked
with PM today include Benno Teschke, Hannes Lacher and George Comninel.==References====Further reading==
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Political Marxism and the Social Sciences, a platform for research on political marxism
at the University of Sussex The Limits of ‘Political Marxism’. By Alex Callinicos. New Left Review I/184, November-December 1990.

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