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ads on gene good evening pisses frank night may i introduce mister william bradford
culated noted author an analyst and editor in chief of the launching cosco at mister cochran’s press editor of
newsweek magazine our distinguished guests for this
evening is the honorable harold validate united states congressman from illinois
and chairman of the on american activities committee stability is a pleasure to welcome you click on a scope again and our viewers of course no u_s_
chairman of the rather pallet controversial house un-american
activities committee and tonight if you tell us something about the your plans for nineteen fifty three
local band for stardom investigation welcome mr uranium mister hinson wonder sure first of all
the news of the great pleasure to be on your but very fine program again as to who first area of investigation i believe that i think that the rest of
the members of the committee concur with me in this than her first movie here’s to weed out
the communists and fellow travelers and people lose their properly known uh… from the executive branch of
government any particular partner well uh… primarily the state department and the
department of defense photoreceptor we are able to do that and
i think the next important thing is true act as a watchdog committee do see that uh… no commies are the
server seems of any kind infiltrate the new eisenhower
administration the first uh… thing i suppose is fearing that the at the holdovers the people who were in a great in the
previous administration who haven’t yet been discharge from government uh… intellectually inferior is going
to take quite a long while changeover control of the executive department
government is going to be a gradual process i’ll show you you mentioned
uh… that you’ve been investigating the state
department bank is fairly well known that you mentioned the defense
department now r_u_ directing in major investigating
effort at the defense department now sent to prison turner’s worms have been
you know the very important witness in the
department of defense and kristen and it’s impossible for me
to say anything more about that at this time but uh… we do expect to earn a show of
that several of the people in the last administration and uh… where but very close to being
met communists and very close to the soviet government do
feel that any of them had uh… apart in influencing policy and certainly i do and uh… i
believe that we will be able to prove that they eventually important lucy in the defense department
as i think the important policy in the past and you think these people had
access to uh… to secret information in the defense department i need to do believe that is true hannah
and we have and of course uh… in the past investigations into the defense department uh… who’ve been blown investigations in the
signal corps intelligence in department and we’ve been other investigations
uh… well of course was perhaps remember we had general waller
singlesnet ahead of the c_i_d_ wrote in philadelphia and said that he
could give us some testimony in executive session music closed
session and he couldn’t possibly give us in the open session which we were having
at that time so we have had some investigations into
the defense department refused to believe that while it is in june extremely serious and that is something that we have to
give our attention to an meted out to the north goes and you anticipate taking
up for example the room we didn’t see any has been infiltrated
or certainly certain about his saving the central intelligence yes that’s
right nasser one of the you say that you want to protect the
u_s_ inherit ministration from subversives uh… do you expect to get day higher
degree of cooperation from the eisenhower administration did you get
from the truman administration certainly but when i say that uh… to
protect the uh… eisenhower administration i don’t mean
that in a political way i think the protection of the eisenhower
administration will certainly be a protection of the american but they’re not there to do expect to and as we in congress in the legislative branch do expect to
get a lot more cooperation from the executive branch isn’t
listening in the past specifically on the matter of uh… i
remember that our viewers will remember that uh…
president truman repeatedly refused to turn over to certain executive files
that you do you think the president eisenhower will make those executive
sounds of able to u yes but i understand i don’t believe that uh… president
eisenhower mr j under hoover mister brown ale or continuing unit captain and he is should be all of their information
through the legislative branch there is certainly judo school you know i i i i didn’t personally want
to ask for anything that i didn’t think they could give uniform referring to is the loyalty
files of the various departments in the executive
branch i believe that you know jim and access to those now the committee itself of course is
that uh… as i say a very controversial career
nowadays that martin diets with his first chairman now do you feel that the committee today
it has that a degree of public support that has never had yes i do from all the letters that uh…
come into our committee in the coming through to me you know i was in the day unit we may have uh… by far great
majority and i would just be asked about ninety percent of them are favorable to the work that the american
activities committee has been wooing the problem do you still have been in public
acceptance of the work if any problem well there are always so you know uh…
level people who’ve never accepted me program let me undertake handed because
it might affect them and you know do you have a lot of left-wingers a lot of
uh… phillip it was a lot of people who ruled
object to anything we do regardless of what it is what about and what about uh… money he
did your committee spend more money than any of the committee and congress seems to do when was the smallest committing
membership we don’t have my members on the unamerican activities committee really needs to happen soon numbers into
the fifties than unnerve corporation in which we’re
going to ask for this year’s three hundred thousand therefore unless there
is nothing seems to be fifteen thousand hours more than that we used last year karoon unbelievable committees of the
congress do not have the same problematic with as presented to us uh… lemkin from the extensive files as we keep them
i want to say here now that all of our files too an inspection bunbury western
intelligence agencies of the executive branch including ninety nine is along
with them certainly do-able and uh… we intend to continue routine who is a man with a member of
cooperating with an addition to the investigation of the defense department
and leave it at the most controversial finger about to
do is some investigation of timbers of their lives subversive
activities in the colleges do you expect to get around to the
educational system of this year you know some of the first witness is we will
call there will be in professors and people who are interested
in indication i want to say that brian lawrence we have had the
cooperation paid great number of universities and
colleges throughout the country they want to know foods and you know
subversive influence is operating in there individual at colleges and universities
but what about the objection the loyalty oaths and university who is a considerable objection to a
little too many of those states uh… remember when we do have a new american
association of university professors and which is a very ripples organization unwilling to reason to object june loyalty oaths but i believe that one we’ll conclude our investigation member
hearings and then burned for me in this uh… the uh… a lot of people who have
had objection concerning meet loyalty oaths who have been a lot
of these loyalty oaths of workable efficiently what the exactly who they
achieve in university really good you know certainly uh… when the
person’s surrounds me uh… loyalty co-author which is someone similar to me how non-printing
area non-communist affidavit under the tent
hardware recruitment points uh… before he signs
that both uh… for fear of being the prosecutor perjury local resigned and i’ll show you what you were with the
f_b_i_ before you went to congress or something opinion in sri lanka legends
of the country who mostly in fifteen minutes to restore
international continue feel that there is more or less communist activity in the
united states today there’s a growing or is it uh…
becoming less probably the actual communist activity has uh… become less
and at several years and has been uh… since nineteen and quality and
quantity well it’s important to you mean possibly
wanting quantity and he was still a very real immediate danger and the uh… infiltration then comes from your personal are controlled
by the soviets hidden andrea soon moves in uh… from institutions in on your
investigation of education you feel that you have the cooperation
of most of the educational institution dot do you think the teachers
organizations will were resistor investigating on the one
you control certain i didn’t think that we will have the cooperation of the
great to majority of our educational
institutions former state first of all that they were
not concentrating on anyone individual institution except lows direct communist schools for
instance the link to the california labor school of jefferson
school or was cool what you’re going to increase labor and
communism directly and undergrowth implements independence
party and has a final question sir if you don’t feel that that you’re going to rally civil rights in this investigation thrillers and possibility that we might
uh… in some cases uh… police admit being with your opinion that we are willing to civil rights
especially in and we do appear that we won’t be
denies it comes to films well thank you very much for being with us this evening
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lebanon colleen at all the editorial board for this edition of
the launching promise felt was mister william bradford hilly and mister kyle
this our distinguished guests was the
honorable harold velvet united states congressman from illinois and chairman
of the unamerican activities committee how would you go about hiring amanpour
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ads on g good evening that the fact that man and reduce our quoted us for this
edition of the laundry brownsville mister william bradford delayed at a
time of the american workers and mister henry has left contributing editor of newsweek magazine our distinguished guest for this evening
is the honorable gilday stop junior united states representative from
pennsylvania the opinions expressed are necessarily those of the speaker congressman scott his former head of the
republican national committee and that is one of the architects of the
eisenhower campaign i’d like to begin by asking you plans a campaign going to start tomorrow about the middle of the day would say eisenhower makes an important speech in
atlanta georgia that will be followed by speeches in
other florida’s in florida cities in alabama in arkansas and then by their important
foreign policy speech in philadelphia on the fourth september could you tell us what topics
you going to speak on us on these for speech is better for their
free speech he will talk generally on a mass in washington what he thinks about
it uh… with some specific instances and uh… i am quite sure what because
uh… have some advance information that they
will be very forthright fighting here meetings with governor stevenson
there is a mess in washington well i’m sure a breeze of governors to
exam that is a mess in washington i’m sure that he is very angry about it as a
in morro uh… in the way in which he prepares his
speeches and i think we’re going to get the benefit of that this bs fight after all as i see it is against it harry truman’s that government and harry truman’s
captive canada and harry truman’s having taken great
leadership of this campaign stevenson’s a secondary issue uh…
truman in his uh… the milwaukee labor day speech you
recall that azeri as said in a practice stevenson what
shall i do it on the boss are run this thing and you take your lead from his do
you think the battle from the former owner of the essentially between uh…
president truman and general eisenhower by doing so because i don’t think that
uh… instrument could keep out of it don’t
think that uh… issue of truman as im which is equivalent to bad government
could possibly be kept out of it and i think that uh… mister truman’s
captive cavities just stuck with harry do you think that uh… there have been
the feeling it general eisenhower first could not effectively make the case
against the democratic friday and then second that probably he
would not make the case now you can’t answer after your weeks if you spend
with him agenda last now is going to prosecute
the case against the democratic party yes i’m satisfied that he’s going to
prosecute a case against the president administration which goes under the
title of democratic visits is not a democrat for democratic
competitors truman as a it’s a mess so that’s what do you think
that it’s been a statement that he would not resort personalities now that the
president has attacked him do you think that he will uh… at least
resort to the press to the personality of the president i think that he can
attack this whole thing that’s wrong without necessarily calling anybody any
bad names because they the battle order and the bad names have already been
established an eight his job to find out what’s wrong the government in power let’s take one of the personality as
namely the secretary of state i believe that the persistence is on record as having said
that he didn’t have the faintest idea of whether he would uh… describes the
status of the night do you think that general eisenhower has
has a something of the farmer had the rest of course of action there i don’t think there’s a singled out in
the world the madison worse the work of stupid enough or foolish
enough to read maybe an obvious next january that he would be final question he’d be
fine but i think at december resign on me first wednesday after the first used in
the military but an american voters the extent can then make a choice on that point if you have to tears it stevenson he doesn’t know whether you
get rid of that this is that if you wish to use that in our he knows he’s
yesterday met captive and the victim of men who are pretty smart and among those
men are being that person who has control of foreign policy of
this country to it soviet man who has led us down the road to
weakness in the face of jeremy vandalism hesitated to deal with those who are enemies of our
government every week need monte carlo uh… milk and water fresh in the man
has doctor golden eisenhower there’s no question you go on the stevens and i
don’t think stevenson is that is in a position where you can get red
of these old men of the cd that have been playing to the the democratic ship well general eisenhower has said that some terrible blunders
were made in korea in are getting into career now is he going to spell out in detail
what those blunders warranted uh… unlimited quite sure whether the is going to spell
them out because he will make several speeches on foreign policy and one of
the men ever to be more than one would have to deal with the kind of a war that we’ve gotten
into which we can leave the wind knows nonstop unlimited trail runners labor day speech
spoke of all those people who have benefited so much uh… from uh… as he said from a on higher wage i can’t think of a hundred and thirty
seven thousand gag orders in korea whomever benefit from anything that mister truman has
docked in general eisenhower going to defend the taft hartley act against the
attacks of stevens and and uh… the president i think that uh… generalized knowledge likely take the position and i cannot
undertake obviously speak for him but i’m we have that he would take the republican position which is that the
labor management act nineteen forty-seven operates family in the interest of
people who laurin labor union labor or not you know
it i think uh… again mister truman has given us the key
to it but he points out that union labor used to have three million people simply labor management act all the taft
hartley act of nineteen forty seven out sixty million people in unit all of them boilerplate all of them with their living conditions but they’re probably right because there
is a good bit of an accident of his work to the advantage of labels and how the
majority of democrats in congress think about these attacks on the taft hartley
act in the majority vote of the house and of
the senate hope for the tax hartley act on speaking
on the democratic majority the alleged to have got my recollection that they
did yet predicted and then they also majority in congress also recommend or express the hope that
the president will deal with the taft hartley act in the steel strike and of
course of course they did and that more than that you’re interested in the
overall incident the the of the house labor committee was mister
brzezinski at michigan list of those killed one celebrate
occasion said to one of the republican members of the committee we are not
going to do anything to repeal taft-hartley ought to change it because we’re going to have it as a
major will do anything about it and that’s mr
truman’s position and necessary i have to be with the stevenson’s
position if he were to be the chief executive that’s just got a great deal has been
said about uh… errors in the eisenhower campaign thus far as one of the have nots strategist do
you think that there have been a resident of the camp why it before so it’s uh… factor wise problems for the democratic
national committee i think they’ve made it quite a few
erisa there must have been working very hard
at it in a short time a pet uh… the the uh… cabinet meeting which showed that this is a must go to
washington to get his daughters from harry was one instance i think that show that
they the hand there is the end of the weiss’s avoid subjective at the end of
the end of the saudi remember that was a hand mandate through the voices of or is it a
bit and wave their hands terry on our program last mistook him for a limited summary critical statements about that somehow
or campaign before you go on receive periodic or mentioned above blunder and that was the fact that
stevenson uh… admits that there is a mess in
washington now he’s going to try to back away from it
but he said it and uh… he’s good at the six syllable
words bring somewhat of a four-letter word misleads well over the whole mister froggy however made some definite predictions as and has he has a reputation as a
predictor i believe tonight uh… i’m sure that i viewers
would like for you to predict the way that you i think the campaign will develop in the
way the nation ruble well if you think eisenhower
specifically who has a chance to get a seven states who are not you know components that make it to predict there
but i did predict that i’ve now with the reader in his apartment on the first
ballot by albert brooks a month predicted that too use film in a month before an element of
two five five uh… i i would say that if i’m a
venture in the phone three oh that eisenhower will win that he will carry several southern
states that he will have the support all groups and classes in crimes in
conditions of americans because he’s not a sectarian for a section of the credit defending national karen became amos southend space if you think
general eisenhower can carry i think it might be unfair to those
people who are working so hard in all the southern states to put the finger is
commonly said that among those are probably junior texas uh… i would think that louisiana
elicited mensa reaction against the tide land situation would be one florida and
or others well general eisenhower take the position of texas on the title and
case okay position that uh… shivers believe and well i i must admit that he has a substantially taken this position of texas had a treaty with the united
states texas reserve the right to the that all of its land including those
offshore and the united states are not to break
any treaty including one with texas the texans
don’t like it either or whomever that but as i understand you sir you’re one of those supporters of the eisenhower whose completely convinced that the general
will carry on a very forthright smoking campaign from this point yes i’m
satisfied averages a higher monday jim for the other day that uh… maxim which he may have invented that
you never campaign with straw hat naturally those people who want un’s
mouth to win and there’s so many of them are anxious
for him to get started early with labor day is here usually the start of the campaign you expected to start work thank you
very much for being with us tonight there’s this guy the editorial board for this edition of
the mounting problems go flaws mister william bradford killing and
mister henry have our distinguished guests closely on
overview would be stopped united states representative from
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what happened later on long james the world’s most al-kidwa and what’s not distinguished companion
to the world on and on gene good evening this is frank dot may i introduce our calendars for this
edition of the mounting products co mister henry steiger editor of argosy
magazine and mister william bradford purely editor of the american market our distinguished guest for this evening is the honorable judy stopped doing a
united states representative from pennsylvania the opinions expressed are necessarily
those of the speaker silently in support of snow here is a
man whose supporting a great deal of time to promoting the candidacy of
general eisenhower now obviously you think you’re going to
have an active candidate so we want to ask you those old questions about prove
whether or not you think you’re going to run that we would be interested in your
interpretation of general of what you think will be general and i was
positions now sir do you believe that general admin our
expects to wage eight and active campaign and expresses
opinions on all the violation i would certainly expect that the other
side i have heard him say on occasion that when not in uniform have never had any
hesitation in expressing himself vigorously on the issues of the day and i’ve heard him used the expression uh… the american people will be a no
doubt store and i stand on an important matter do you think that he’s too good an
american to expect to be given the nomination while the people are still in doubt as
to where he stands i think he would feel that the american people are entitled to
know from not only his past speeches but from
his future comments exactly where you stand
on matters of great importance them and i think uh… that long before the time that
people will have to act they will be fully aware of his views stated without equivocation
now there are many good americans who are bitterly opposed to the candidacy of
general eisenhower’s southwestern slept st p_e_ their there points that they make against him number one they say that he has no
stomach for controversy what your opinion on that ship but i think that’s that is ridiculous vetting statement
i’ve ever heard because uh… to know generalizing has to know that he has never hesitate to lay down the law ought to express his
opinion sir as he sees them and i know some of the
things he’s had to say the foreign governments i know of one celebrated difference of
opinion with churchill for example and now there’s nothing wrong with that
man what about tomorrow either speaking of intestinal fortitude how about uh… such ordinary everyday things is uh…
we’ve even heard of it talk about his week stomach uh… literally speaking well i i was there when they were
married some government just spread that there
are more of a sort of smear and they said to me the only thing that
has bothered me the whole time i’ve been in europe has been the fact this morning
i have a cold and wet and uh… that day you may have to go to great
eighteen holes of golf which is part of the work it out to play golf every word that governments
evolved into work after that certainly deserves strong-arm veroa man don’t be met by now that they
come on about that is heading restrain general patton he’s
having uh… uh… generally approving cooperate with
russia policy nineteen forty five forty six is having supported the morgan felt plan now why do you believe that uh…
general eisenhower favored be cooperate with russia plan in nineteen forty five
msexch belong on the contrary i would be inclined very strongly to believe what
you will find for yourself in the parcel barriers page seventy six israelis net web page
two sixty borders exp fire rated shows that wrap our story points that i can have a
right definitely came to grips with checkout that he complained against the fixing
about liability awarded to proceed as far as our military potential will
permit and then another thing the president not
a place in the part of ours he expressed grave mistrust of giving
any concession away to the russians at the forthcoming elmer conference and
said the church you know i hope it will not major concessions to the russians
because they can’t be trusted about specifically the eight months got uh…
there was some talk you know about sharing that with russia at the time of
nineteen forty five forces what was his uh… thought there highlight i could not uh… answer of my own
daughter because i’m not familiar with the controversy but i’ve you know that is general distrust of communist his hatred of communism in his distrust
of russia would never have a lot of general
eisenhower to constraint for a moment with a bomb or
to be shared their reflection on my part of his views in the korean war where he is reluctant to give the as a
military weapon unless and until there is no other alternative now that you mentioned the altar moment
no sir number one it your opinion that general
eisenhower was consulted before the all the conference it’s my opinion that uh… he was
consulted generally on military and diplomatic matters and
that he did express himself as far as the reports that he did as being very
mistrustful of the russians and hopefully a majority would be your
opinion that he would have been opposed to the concessions made that president
roosevelt to russia at the office very definitely feel that and i had and
i know of very recent conversations how much he hates and fear of communism and how
anxiously is that the american people respect for the young people will become aware of the dreadful in
morocco menace which communism is it your belief that he understands the
nature of the communist conspiracy throughout the world and that he wasn’t
allowed in and out of the speaker is no other members in my opinion and i think
he has a formal faulty american way of life of the democratic play for
the full weight of the collective security every word i hope to the scene
here in the united states it’s often said that disturbing favored by the truman
administration of some indication of my pictures of that how do you feel about
that writing about that which the general wrote to someone on a
first-name basis not so long ago in which he said i have never then responsible for larsen
and responsibility for the positive attitude ministration any administration
during the forty years which had been in the army the most american exactly after that
i’ll show you know i know he’s creative to combat uh… the things with which
you disagree is not would include a lot of truman ism is irate uh… i i don’t know if personal trainer
but i don’t see how r he could go along with the age at a
policy and i know many of the strongest chris
critics of the age and it caused a who have talk to the general have been expressed
themselves as entirely satisfied would like i’ve announced he was on the
adriatic paul how most people who are you wouldn’t favor a trucking toward
communism only ania peace now most americans who are
andy administrations they wanted battle in nineteen fifty two i think that they lost to truman in nineteen forty eight
because they didn’t have a scripting candidate cited your convictions are that if they
nominate general eisenhower they will get that real suspecting candidate
another not another meeting candidate was not going to say to you mister here
and to the people in this television audience but if a new general eisenhower as i’m
alan and as many other people who know him better than i do are aware of there’s no question of the fact that
there is much that goes on in our government in domestic and foreign
affairs which he will feel free to criticize
which we will criticize mister pinkwater fight my god i will get them because of an
awful lot but i hate about this administration and i
think that’s it general views are those of a good minded middle-of-the-road republican
about the macarthur fight and i would expect him to do the same in other was a lot of talk about uh… i
said are in my pocket being at odds could you clear that up i’d like to know
how they feel about each other well i i i don’t uh… i can’t
compuserve said how one man feels about another attorneys mine and i don’t know
but i did all that that so far as i have any information hold each other in america and if each of the bags as much of the
other as i think of both of them or there can be no cause for the state
controversy with your few people would like to throw out he got to go up as a
great night and i guys now is a great man among
great man i find a mutual respect for that capacity well i think that
eisenhower is such a fighting man is he going to come up pretty soon and and
uh… and uh… state his candidacy in further are so we’re going to find out about i think that is the question which your only got going to get answered by general regard
himself but i would expect of long before the convention he will be in civilian life again out of
uniform and for you had to these question about
salary and how about in march mr simon you know we’ve got that would be a bit
surprised you happen to have shipped primary on march eleven february could
happen in market will depend upon the completion of his job i think that that most of our debt you
would like to be interested in your answer to this question suppose general eisenhower does campaign
for the republican nomination and suppose for some reason he loses it do you think that he would then support
the republican in a campaign of nineteen fifty two i’ve
said that i’m charlie convinced that he’s a republican therefore i applied that standard i’m sure all of that no matter how we
made the phone now with after the convention all of us will be united to get rid of
this violence administered has come to be
known as truman as a man i would expect any other republican which would include
the their eisenhower into their life would feel the same way you do you think that general eisenhower neelu ruled support in america do
yourself consider yourself a liberal as it’s now
used an american politics uh… i don’t think that uh… you know i got to know myself would want to use the word never
overestimate what it meant that i have a quotation from heaven which he said the
definition of a member of the camera man in washington wants to play the almighty without money no it’s not that kind of a level and i
think you’d be very careful with the pocketbook in the press strings of the
government eyes if you’ll be in a progressive a modern minded met on the road mid-century american who share the
apprehensions of other apprehensive americans yes and i hope i’m that kind i
guess they realize that ideas are very much for coming out lead editorial board for this edition of
the launching promise no one’s mister henry speaker and mister william
bradford julie our distinguished guests will be audible
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what happened later on launching the world’s most common law and with distinguished companions of the world on
a daunting remain but the fact that narendra deals are co-editors elizabeth
involved along involved that they were here at the killings
editor of the american workers and that they have remarked editor of
the freemen and contributing editor or for newsweek magazine our distinguished guests for this
evening if the honorable john blvd it’s a stronger from from in the apt the opinions expressed are necessarily those of the figures within the review where representatives
intrigue i believe in indiana and that is the wrong wouldn’t pull
who’s now on the basis of walk in prison non-financial interests are harmful
audiences gravely concerned about the fate of americans abroad and
speaking of americans and warm and i’d like you could tell us some of the
background of that case he has prepared for it village seems to me in the end of week to do progress in the business that i had the
privilege for everything in fact really the only twenty miles
from my home town of all taxes on the backs of all that c_n_n_’s ralph wenge decided that junior of the newspapers and the part of the disappearance of builders
and indeed in the art began to repeat telephone call and telegram from the people needed to
get convicted himself reported to be prepared to do
that by pierre had disappeared consensus on but in fact he would be turned over
their heads and so she did learned that he was arrested i think was on the following david
twenty-six reported that he had been improvement and it was very animated i can produce resolution in bisbee thanks i introduced government that
president clinton has other members of congress to do likewise enough said that’s of course is just
another one of the americans have been an effect grabbed it that these russian satellite countries that’s correct we definitely juliet repaired twice in
the people back home after all builders that’s another person with the new threatened poppy plant ransom purposes as many of the problem very simply
before the grand canyon deposit the nation’s alone so in europe and then uh… just for training
purposes the on the case against the navy’s number contained barone’s
beautifully advises against us well of course he said he was sign this he was mine and he was really getting new clean
any other movement what it would be i mean if you would find a lot of people look could be a not a mockery of the trial of
food and they have a if they have it but matters none of the american uh… uh… the
embassy officials were politically isn’t it yet they think they have a confession
from whales the chances are in the report seemed quite true that he was
tortured method of bringing the confession from
him with secured but net message by the way i might say that at the trial
the only to americans fitted at the back of the room and so we do have a transcript of the
property taken for him one woman secretary but what was
actually talked again for meeting with that isn’t going to be a bit
corresponded more or less getting there was little doubt about it from their point of view however did not
get the move directly from their four children public servant of propaganda isn’t all
that certainly within the movement are audience them can understand that there is an
american do indeed beauty and and and a foreign country suddenly season thrown
into jail in subject the pocket now the question becomes what can we do and what
are we doing about it it will be a lot like to get wanted to tell us first of
all over what background was and wanted actually
has been done it had not been done now contraceptive resolution of your did not actors and market that provides their resolution which would help doing
concurrent resolution two hundred and fourteen assistant to the congress that they trade relations with czechoslovakian other ways to improve
the economic it doesn’t have anything to do at that
time with the seventh of diplomatic relations and that the state department to
anything affective along that line will they employ effort we might truly
believe that the featured length with hillary clinton presenter book september intending to put on the fact that we
have booked purity that constitutes a trade mission with respect to the fact of life part of
course sever their relations with linguistic undergoing really going to love him on trademe care i might and for the wave we haven’t had
very much for granted attentive at the facts about me never
dealt with it audits at failed for the millions of
lives of all thanks for your review already the americans last april therefore can we do as a nation in west lafayette louisiana and recommended a new york ny resolution
one course of action what about uh… severing diplomatic relations with these people well at that time it was self-interest bettered part of wisdom they’re part of our words of wisdom that
might be good having another method to use another two weeks than others bring to a bull in other words economic sanctions that were proposed by
this resolution if they did not to go to the top abandoned a proposal to institute reputed
institutes ever relations with type of uh… younger and your effort said to get through loaded his release uh… have you had uh… cooperation
satisfactory cooperation from the state department franklin i have had beer i’d spielberg cooperation they have to do that certain things have been done rather
never the turn of the night still think the report you’ve approved
have reported to me what’s the matter is if we could get it some changes for freedom of movement
complete and correct the difference i want to point out to you live in
nineteen hundred and fifty one several months waiting for that matter when they put
corporations still imported more merchandise united
states that was important wire your like two hundred and forty
nine and nearly as much of the important making hundred and fifty says that we haven’t been looking at one
point thirty six now i have seeing all this economy for asking for a formal grant form of blackmail feeling today was started what does that fit your pattern that
finally whispering that will be uh… they have two hundred and twenty
thousand level is for the forum format motivator for flyers were put down in
the would remember the bulletin we had a meeting for a day in trying to
make a trade i don’t know that marvelous finalists of motive forces stationed there will be put in
prison for seventeen one and uh… i believe this is true surveyed mr barbour credit for his relates to the press into
his life and there’s no credit for the state
department figures released a lesser extent breakthrough in fact this is the
man i had the pleasure of meeting and during a meeting with mister mister
robert wolders and the very impressive visit methods that are going to mess
with older who work untimely non-fiction before his
release but also to the press and the review country best wavered in his big performance in the
new place the order of payment from the game for resources needed to what we were in for
the four american flying i with the state emphatically no overtime they
rejected this republic when we were very small and we could play brinkmanship here who’s the harrison ford reports being the main even then remember the
president said that if you do with it more leadership stock with that type of recovery i think it’s quite believe our dignity even considered incurable and i’d like
to have to look forward to form a seemingly weaponry without breaking off diplomatic relations repetitive on c_n_n_ why should we concluded that the
nation’s walkable get out of the doubt outside of humiliation and insult and the things we need to do nothing
about represented there and the irish penises given or rather the reason that they
can’t get me in some instances this isn’t as long as we have a
diplomatic relations there in the country we do have the people in the validity of this things of that argument provided wonderful if they’re getting a
raw oysters feeding the method of putting up with me
close here by the same token haven’t they wanted and over forty four
witnesses but a milestone for them not all that the bank that’s everything they
wanted to have access over their heads to everything and while there were a kid
and fifty extremely safe in uh… in those countries or a representative of
the intended recipient of the number of employees and and and and you just think about it there are ways by which we could hit
them in the pocketbook that we are not using isn’t that correct
procurement through one of the movement probably isn’t flowed from the fact is saying is
vessels on the possible for them we meet our american dollars first of all would be well for the region currently and the need for the propaganda purposes
these impressive propaganda thinking that what you’re
doing but extensively i think now sir our eyes and selected
voters agency on the way they got out of hollywood because the american press in
american people that enough i suppose that some of our listeners
would like to have yet they’ll notice out what can i just couldn’t believe the
defendants as a practical matter het wel there are a lot of things president for
you because in that figure right for me i’m
working along with that kind of neglect cannot
receive letter community many other i waited every who’s interested in the business
community and we’ll return after all we are in a
row notices more message symbols of a given man anymore he’s a symbol of freedom of incomplete without being put on the line i’d like for every person right to
present for women to secretary of state action memphis as he speaks in positive action rather
than just back from the reform validation very much appreciated the here newsies tonight and thank you
for being with us the editorial board for the position of
the launching carlos beltran mister william bradford killing and mister henry have our distinguished guests was the
honorable john blvd united states congressman from india winter olympic games recently completed
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progressives in venezuela and the first on american games held in
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it lots and what not distinguished companion to the world on
it on g good evening this is ranked nine th man produce article editors for this
edition of the launching prosto doctor young from ac formerly ambassador from czechoslovakia and member of the advisory committee of
the united nations mister william bradford puri editor of the american mercury our distinguished guest for this evening
is the honorable alternate armstrong united states congressman from missouri in this fontaine yes and unrehearsed
discussion the opinions on essar allay those are
the speakers congressman uh… uh endeavours listeners will remember nearly four
years rendered story is not a cousin reader’s digest i believe you are you’re from the
missouri ozarks aren’t you that i personally i live in springfield
missouri and i thrive in the middle of the ozarks and uh… your republican from that state there
are national leader dot i’m uh… republican where we would be a progressive
republican nicely the nice there where an r and r list miserably most
interested and what you’re doing in congress your
efforts to free the splendid american journalist bill moyers now out how did you come to champion uh… date
mister ortiz well mister healy uh… being a
journalist uh… myself former newspaperman magazine writer i hear was uh… connected with the idea
that something should be done when the communist regime of
czechoslovakia imprison this man uh… simply because as we felt that he
was going about his duty so i a m produced an amendment to a
resolution in congress which called upon our government to
ah… cut off trade relations with a communist regime of czechoslovakia
unless he is free you are of course convinced of
resolution innocent of all it’s charges have been made against him all yes indeed and i’m sure um… the
uh… my colleagues in congress agreed on that uh… and uh… but uh… what steps have have now been taken to free the
students uh… while mister he laid out in the resolution which was passed by
congress uh… calls upon our government to break trade relations which acts as a
voc ea unless mister ellipses free now that resolution was passed uh…
i’ll believe doctor happen etc you will recall the date the passages up that
resolution it was named alarms we sleep well at any rate doctor since
that time uh… considerable pressure has been the
what on the czechoslovakian government as you know uh… to free this uh… american
newspaper correspondent but unsuccessfully now we think it is time to put in the
book what all the pressure that we can jargon free what particular steps have been taken prior to your actions prior to the action all congress on my
resolution uh… the president the secretary of
state and others in the executive departments have made some moves uh… to free mister elvis those moves
were for the most part we felt her at least a great many others
in congress felt that they were just laughs all the rest ever not strong enough and therefore we went ahead with this
resolution now at the present time uh… i have uh… and produced a new resolution uh… which would make that backing off
of trade relations with czechoslovakia mandatory in other words uh… they would be
broken off by congressional action now there have been some other moves
made for example prohibiting the airplane traffic uh… from prague the capital of
czechoslovakia and other points in that country from prime across to the occupied zone
served germany this i think is hurting them at least uh… i think it is what
do you think dot that seemed to me it seems that there
have been done because the gimmick connections with the
west very important to behavior uh… cut you off and that’s costing them money costing
them money going definitely and uh… there you can not context the rest of the same way as the could
because most of the other alliance uh… americans and others uh… sculpting wants to get the
slovakia too now who are wired doctor was always
seized in the first place was he sees as a hostage of in my opinion uh… the purpose walls to having as a
hostage for a future purposes and that though some of those purposes
whether they want from last ah… whether they want to hear you know if i
were one of these incidents they were complaining and are still complaining of the uh…
book so the voice of america and then you but i’ll pass the time
developing from uh… munich uh… erected to czechoslovakia and i
say i would urge to intimidate harass and intimidate and perhaps proof premium is these broadcasts would be stopped bacteria and congressman obstacle to ask
you you are a presumption especially the second one is it is uh…
footballs that excuse that order will be a part orbit
and general policy all that the united states over whether it is intended just
for the purpose of helping two thirty that mister okies well doctor papa neck uh… one of the resolution uh… is directed at the specific case
operating this american citizen and correspondent uh… it is the settlement of my
colleagues in congress i’m sure uh… that this day a test case and that it set a precedent and that player ever in any of the iron
curtain countries under the domination of the soviet union free citizens are imprisoned unjustly
that in the future of the red regime of that government will be given notice so
that we are going to take every step possible to protect them i’d hope that
the resolution in adopted will conduct every case and uh… that they would not be any
exceptions well that’s exactly what we hope it will
do uh… the resolution as you understand uh… calls for the cutting off of
exports from this country from the united states to your fatherland project was locked up uh… biaxin out the commerce department
in other words the cutting off of all permits to export goods from this country likewise uh… the treasury department which has
charge up imports from czechoslovakia to this country would prohibit any transactions that would permit trade uh… prompt
echoes the rocket to the united states so it would be a complete blockade up
trading either way despondency when uh… dental appt life etc tremendously that people of
czechoslovakia whose morale luda b strengthened to misbehave cease the communist regime and they have strong resistance and then
czechoslovakia now dr definitely their needs uh… yep i would say that over ninety
percent of the people of opal’s betty jean but uh… that uh… sec jails are full that today are executions at practicum
every week that uh… uh… the forced labor camps
are for but about three hundred thousand people
out there without proof that babies any of these things alarmed by the hair explanation of that
doctor because we and congress and certainly the american people do not want to penalize the people of czechoslovakia we feel that they are the victims of
communist aggression however we feel that uh… if this step
is taken and of those people out the resistance of the underground the anti communist
forces in czechoslovakia they will be willing to make whatever sacrifices
needed in order to strike directly at the communist regime is panic they will be happy to have to cancel and got to be no also that uh… economic relations spade innovations doing bit last month or the last ten years that have to help
i mean he portant the soviet military build-up because it was a lot to important on the
raw materials and now i a congressman after all delegates is an individual and what i meant to be honest whether
this is going to be effective in getting them and out values when do you think otis will be
released well mister delay that is a sixty four dollar
question so far as mister elvis himself his concern and as you say he is a few months and uh… we want to freeing him we do we do not
want to partially buchanan who predicted just how long of a impressive when do
you think you’ll be released almost reviewer i believe when this blockade
becomes a fact i believe that he will be freed within a
few weeks within three or four weeks from now than you think there’s a good
chance to be a little bit free i think there is a good chance of the of the
free however i think that he will be freed when
moscow tells the rep regime of czechoslovakia
different now thank you so much for being with us packaged the editorial board for this edition of
the launching telescope laws doctor john for product and mister william bradford curie our distinguished guest was the
honorable ok armstrong congressman from missouri one of the most interesting monuments in
new york isn’t herald square it’s a replica of the talk of medieval
days which was simply a striking the earth there was no doubt meltdowns thrust tolling bell whom rock
creek park uh… non how and went back in the distant past the worldwatch was first applied to a timepiece when
the time could be read rather than her and way back in eighteen sixty six at eighty five years ago the first lol gene watts was made created to the ideals that forever and whatever the name long gene would be placed only on the finest watches which
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launching watchers have one ten world’s fair grand prizes twenty eight gold medals and highest honors for accuracy from the
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the world dot i don t good evening this is frank not mail and reduce octal additives for this
edition of the ron jane prosto larry of this error c_b_s_ news
correspondent at august texture chief editorial writer
for the new yorker of review our distinguished guests of this evening is the reverend doctor edward l art s pastor of the national presbyterian
church of washington d_c_ during this christmas but i think it’s
only fair to say that very few administrations in the white
house uh… underscored the place of the church in our national life as much as president eisenhower has most of us a familiar with the faces of the men
around the president but feel once had a great opportunity to meet the presidential pastor no matter who and president eisenhower
listens every sunday dot blots and am i right in thinking that uh… president eisenhower has been
spearheading a something of a religious revival in this
country it would seem to be corrected mister
seward to report that to in america today we uh… observe two trends on the one hand it we
have been participants in the spectators in what
might be an a described as mark deterioration and uh… say cultural say on the other hand in america we are
experiencing a great moral resurgence and spiritual
renaissance and uh… the president united states is it seems
to me is by his personal example and his emphasis
they’re becoming any symbol of the uh… incipient spurt spiritual
renaissance of our times which it is a retired asst decadent on one side and research done
over i think they’re they’re the parallel
each other their simultaneous aspects of our debris life their pressures uh… which probably
operate uh… against one another what what i thought of assigned to this
decadence dr lawson i think you that juvenile delinquency
for example the um… height incidence of crime the insecurity that are all or
homes the fragile of personalities the frequency
of uh… cycle neurotic his supporters it and things of the sword the senses
insecurity in frustration amongst uh… all these years evidence is it seems to me in the come
true teachers i think part of our emphasis on money-making and anna
materialistic aspects of our life might also be emphasizes the evidence on that
pant on the on that site but on the other hand it seems to me
we’re it in a rising tide of uh… spiritual
recovery we uh… notice the increased uh… participation in religious activities on
the part name and there’s a new seriousness and earnestness on the part
of college and university students the quality of the religious leaders it
seems to me is markedly improved since uh… world war too either the sale of the bible the spective religious books amongst the
best sellers of month in month out the reappearance of masti evangelism and it
will be active religion on radio and television the through because of the
uh… fears of all the facts of war the types
of atomic but barbara partially there’s only one of the
reasons it would seem to me that uh… through the some of his does arise out
consensus fear of the communist fear of nuclear
devices a of a new world war uh… certainly some of it is due to the
fact that that we have discovered the in aptitude
of other solutions uh… to the world’s needs and perhaps more basically than
anything else it it is a deep wistful listen the heart and soul of uh… men
and women to be at home with their maker for whom there so was designed but part of this revival is alive if i
imagine renewed church-going more regular habit
among families and people bus tour of the president i think of me it seems to
me there’s an unprecedented lehigh uh… church attendance throughout the united
states today not only months to not owning one religious group amongst all
religious groups certainly the president has uh… set a great example for regularity
church attendance he just doesn’t miss church was that i did you do have an
opportunity to meet the the president before he entered the white house yes i
have met the president uh… before he entered the white house and knew him first as a general thing army and of course uh… as mister with every american who served
in the european two three four i was under his command one time had been recommended to become the staff
chapman for the occupation forces in germany a position which was not uh… and uh… i returned to america
for another position shortly after general eisenhower became chief of staff
so i didn’t have the privilege of being a staff chapel let me ask you this
question do you have any uh… political bias dot gales and uh… david one-party available methodist late how did you vote in
nineteen fifty two in nineteen fifty two during the
election campaign missus osman ironic lecture toward the middle east we visited does some twenty educational
institutions in egypt and syria and lebanon and jordan and israel and
elsewhere so the time did not vote then i pay taxes in california i’ve paid
taxes in the district of columbia and i’m one of those dis franchised
americans who’ve simply cannot vote eyes and say this that hidden at the
nation’s capital we in the church tried to minister as
best we can people as people with common religious needs
robbins and people as democrats and three public in this and we believe that washington is is a
city in the world where prayer in the ministry religion is
deeply needed and i should say that i’m among those persons today who tremendously hopes the president
eisenhower will succeed and be a good president of the united
states stockdale’s witness the christmas season i wonder whether i could ask your
opinion of it recently have been stated in a very powerful seven the christmas
has been sentimental eyes here in the united states do you feel that do you
think that something we ought to fight against it certainly is true that there has been
a a great deal of sentimentality attached to uh… christmas impression over emphasis on
some of the secular manifestations of the christmas tied observance which have
grown up around the real meaning uh… it seems to me that the mission
all the church today should be too keep the real meaning of christmas
allied namely that it is the commemoration of the
birth of our roared jesus christ it is the celebration of uh… the incarnation of glob coming into the life of man in the
form of pieces of massacres if you know they’ve got to tell someone
you write your sermons unconscious of any influence you might be wheeling or
exerting on the president in your parish eyes should think that any man who
ministers to a congregation in washington whether or not the president united
states was in the congregation must be deeply aware of the possible impact which is words either in
prayers were in sermons might have upon anne persons who would be in his
congregation alliance must confess that i have not consciously prepared any
sermon for any one person’s yukio sermons to any current news item or headline i’ve
preached the gospel of jesus christ is i don’t understand it have been tossed a tight
fight we nancy eight with clarity dies should say that no sermon is
prepared to point out a particular current issue but that if anne um… moral or spiritual loan implication that uh… is uh… relevant
at the moment but i do not dodge it i face it clearly and speak do what i believe to be the truth of the gospel as pertains to that adelphia subject okay in reading the bible do you find
that some young people read it too much you might say for the poetry in the
literature other than that they don’t pay enough attention to the religious truth i think sometimes that the maybe said to be true of young
people but i think it is increasingly true that young people as well as others
are finding the bible to bt the word of god and they
find god communicate he himself to them through the words of the bible
another doctor alvin have you had decided on your topic when the president listens to you at
this christmastime well on them last sunday december nineteenth uh… the president was in the church
service and the subject of my sermon was the
christmas a messege is too and i used is text and i think it
overlooked text is sometimes the christmas season the text of the herald
to the shepherd fear not fear not for before i bring you good tidings of great joy which should be too long people seems to me in this fear ridden world that is one of the messages which the
christmastime should bring to us with deep meaning dot gautam economists are saying that
we’re in for a year of uh… of great prosperity do you think that
uh… religion will fare as well as a uh… material well-being in the coming my prediction is that uh… religion is
going to can to annual on the ascendancy and is going
to absorb a great deal more of uh… more time and attention on the park
americans i believe that and the mir the track back to church in
itself may not be sufficient it certainly will uh… the real test of it will come when
people discover and those were christians that there is a cross in
there fate fitted beans sacrifices means service and that it
costs something to be a christian but if i believe the coming year will be
a year of uh… deepening of the spiritual lives of our people and a recovery uh… under reappraisal of our spiritual
baseball delayed by a pair of christmas scenes that you’ve known dr lawson for me and i should think for most
americans this would be a very very christmas it is the first in with many years when marika man of actually not been engaged in armed certainly for me to happy one and one
ten years ago when i was attempting to ministered to men in uniform who were then engaged in
the battle of the bonds i remember with great vividness
administering communion on christmas eve two men who’ve doubtless received it that night
for there last time certainly is cause for thanksgiving this christmas but i feel so we know that uh… the
president attendees attends church regularly but to other
members of the cabinet and other administration uh… tender you know a
national presbyterian church it it is true that a great many of them attend
the national presbyterian church in addition to the president uh…
secretary and missus dallas are part of our congregation secretary mike k of the interior postmaster general
somerfield mr j_ edgar hoover mr walter williams we have two or three assistance attorney
general question umer military officials
justices of the supreme court judges and others but i think it needs to be sent to the
american people that work in tune is a deeply religious city and it’s a good city at least it’s just as good as the people
who are sent to it bhaiya rest of the people of the united states
you don’t think that washington needs religion more than other part of the
country then ashes say not more than other parts of
the country it needs religion for the same reason all-americans and all people whom god has created need religion thank you very much that
yeltsin minister in the shadow here tonight the opinions expressed on the lounging
call the scope where those of the speakers the editorial board for this edition of
the launching hospital closed larry lesser and august texture our distinguished guest was the reverend
doctor edward elkhart nelson pastor of the national press the very interaction
of washington d_c_ an important contribution was largely
much later that night at the time to find a for us to originate the idea that’s for
us to venture bigtime with identical watches i’ve known and proven act dot owens lament the side they are
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at most a perpetual motion talk created by the fuqra at most problems without
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temperature of the atmosphere up-close product of the court division of launching left off vision hahaha all plunging watches at one ten welfare
grand prizes twenty eight gold medals and bar honors for accuracy than any
other time argue the world’s most honored watches
made and guaranteed by the logging would not want company time for the ellen james bond television journalist impartial with harshal u_s_ presentation of the largely what all i
have later on launching the world’s most holocaust and what distinguished companion for the world on
its own through the evening mail you introduce our co-editors for
this edition of the laundry in chrome usko mister william bradford hwy editor of
the american mercury mr paul martin washington bureau chief of the gannett
news service our distinguished guest for this evening
is the honorable richard b russell united state senator from georgia the opinions expressed are necessarily
those of the speakers senator russell ali ends of course no
issue is a distinguished religion who is now a principal contender for the
democratic nomination for the presidency and tonight we welcome some of your user how i how long have you been in the
senate i came to the senate did january
thirteenth nineteen and thirty three uh… almost twenty years unfortunate now senator al audience
would like to know just where you stand in the political spectrum are you and
you’d be reserved well i call myself a middle-of-the-road
of mister hewitt uh… one of my newspaper friends once
label me as a sixty percent new dealer during the administration of president franklin d
roosevelt now are you a critique of the present
administration well after the side of some of the
things that this administration has done i have supported the overall great deal
of the uh… legislative uh… if requests of this administration
anywhere you sent to you said we were asked for the presidency of the jury
jeffersonian democrat now we haven’t heard much about that lady
can you tell us what a jeffersonian democrats spies into mutual few people
proudly paula but gibson stood for the fundamental
french police procedure for although the democratic party the unmanned rejection
out they can surely uh… johnson stood for the rights of
the states as being protection of the rights of the
individual countrymen a bad federal power he also stood for absolutely incorruptible in the
administration of them or circa russell we haven’t had much of what he stood for
in the democratic national platform the last twenty years i was well we’re everyone would rather false from the fundamental principles of jefferson but
that thank that their millions of democrats
throughout the country that still it hit to the jeffersonian approach those articulated ever state of
the union nasser man in your twenty years and incidentally i
believe you are one of the youngest man who is a candidate for the president
said now you’re only fifty four and two that ran up and you know you’ve been in
congress almost twenty years as a chance to ensure that governor mistake before
that classic god in general did you support most of the legislation
most of the new deal legislation and under president roosevelt i think that the trend is estimated that
supported six percent of it was about right and uh… you don’t have a bigger share
part of this program the rural education program farm program than uh… biamby a large number of the measures it
was broke the net and the south as as generally prospered under that and under that legislation has not yes i
think that that’s out there soon is is the prosperity of the salvage increased
greatly in the last few twenty years or your definition of a jeffersonian
democrat that you’re going to have a considerable
revision say the nineteen forty eight democratic
national platform where you couldn’t uh… the an honest exponent of the
party for president there are some features of the nineteen
hundred and forty-eight platform that yeah i think the contrary to give shawn
french food not although not all of that well
platform was a democratic voters always been that body of the people and the body of individual rights and
liberties and water that’s good for the rights of the state practice left except
in practice here and we’ve got a democratic president why don’t we have
had for for about twenty years now now if you were president senator
russell would you feel that you have the inherent powers under the constitution
that mister truman says he has to seize the steel industry other
newspapers a radio stations or anything else lowest-common-denominator out of
this night of the endurance power dozens of them on the wall another
government of maine and where there’s a statute disconnected
by congress just available to you it’s highly preferable to use that
stature rather than to relying on as nablas today managed in here and powers course we must remember that the at the
power to cc is radio the press so i didn’t steal of
plans if that exists in the bedroom he also
has a policy usually begin and labor men would get the around a
long time in inviting some major shift in me at the desk of the good news they do
know the secretary-treasurer of the union now that you’re telling our
audience that you are somewhat this period that the president’s action i would much
prefer to the burden to the following the steps that they fit leased to get it that could have been employed to resolve
this matter without resorting seeing here in polish had heard that the
other questions has been said i don’t think mister mckenna dictator but i think that date is that could well
be the blueprint for some and or you might see in a world of government day
in the future on the strategy mainly national emergency clause of the taft
hartley act yes you know that all a statue of which are having to bend the
author of when the original draft bill passed which gave me present the power to uh… perceives flannel facility in this country that or refused to uh… supplier of contracts are necessary for the
defense effort uh… robin purple could anybody wanna
bold and provide the standard if she had they provide for the method of repayment and don’t leave all of those matters up
in the area is just uh… matter in this thing a billion here and
polished character senator russell of this matter of inherent part you know
it’s another southerner steinhardt curved texas uh… used to be
the attorney general who ruled and told the president that he had in here for
some of the constitution and time parks now in the supreme court
which would be the court a last resort if anybody ever wanted to test this
theory of inherent powers wellness mob negotiate juliet in sports when she was
being the best had been a number of british agent which
majority this pennsylvania court handed down that did not jive with my construction of the constant remain
unstable the senate after all now you are a very
active candidate for the democratic nomination for the presidency and so
rapidly we’d like some of your views on specific issues now number one about how many delegates do you expect
to have at the convention in in chicago i hope to have a as many as four hundred and i’m quite
confident that i will have more than three hundred and and and and i think that our insist
that you can use to do you expect to have this support from northern states however
some support from northern states uh… i will have some delegates i love the book of mulch for disney in
the southern states now the delegate as a delegate one vote
count as much as you know that that man is a lack of a politician do you think
that it is not possible for a southerner to receive the
democratic nomination for the press published yet don’t like to think that
after ninety years of being intervened and the democratic party has loyally
supported the gave been loyally supported by the south
over that period at the a man to be discriminated against because we have
been born on the wrong side of it philandering show them a chance in life that brings us to the principal question
sir with your always ask and share with our audience would like to hear your
views on a traditional police’s is richard
garcetti pc and that of course is one of the things
that uh… is addicted reasons if you’re addicted to in the northern cities to
take it just what is your view on a ppc almost hit the p_c_ as many as seven
issue a section of a shoe goes way for the very heart of our markham system uh… made it go the thirty eight point which is the
federal government has a pop to pass a fund employment and fun promotion and upon employment policies and they also in the matter of
discharges from involved now i do not believe the free enterprise
system can’t possibly jewish if uh… we did have a whole lot of
federal agents running all over the country appealing older men chose not to taking
the read their minds because after all it is a matter of the focus of call
police what was in the man’s mind when he died this individual rather than the other although i leave my group earlier rather
than other group i do not think i think that that will
eventually result in now the nationalization of all
businessmen judge in this country if we have a passion of compulsory jail sentence iffy pc that put a man in prison because he
employs one man instead of a above another nicer shortly lost american
lives currently and that’s a very important
issue but uh… well we have time reluctant discussion about foreign
policy following your review where the chairman
of the joint uh… senate armed services and foreign
relations committee that uh… conducted the hearings though president truman’s firing of general
macarthur well he went into that very exhausted
lied about so many words which has to about seven weeks of morning and
afternoon high nitrogen thrown out why did you ever get around to write a
report telling the american people how you felt about whether the president
should or should not by general macarthur well i’ll tell you about that every
american citizen is made up his mind already there was no region there for that
committed to showdown in trouble for three weeks in writing the report which would have
been a divided fourth been impossible fallen through the green and it would have guessed let it be
alert to the flames of bitterness it spread over the
country on both sides of that issue review committee could restore
democratic system and if we have had with the the billionaire and his
judgment and a there was no good that i saw it
could blow from the committee undertaking five division to say well of joe mccarthy was right
over the joint chiefs ride on the president’s percent to write a review of
the has been a great pleasure to have you with us tonight thank you very much thank you for talking to be on this
probe editorial board for distribution of the
laundry in commerce co juan’s mister william bradford here we mr paul martin our distinguished guests with the
honorable richard b russell united state senator from georgia the progress of watch making over the
years has been enormously stimulated by
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or watch company teens sixty six maker of watchers of the highest
character this is david remorse speaking for your regular post frank
night inviting you to join us every monday
wednesday and friday evening at the same time for the long gene chronicle a television journal off the important
issues of the hour broadcast on behalf of long gene the world’s most vulnerable and with nora distinguished companion to the world
armored laundry sold and servers from coast to coast by more than four thousand levi jewelers all proudly display the emblem agency for a long train with norwalk

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