Political Downfall - President Bush Choke on Pretzel (CNN)

Amid the pomp and diplomacy we’re
sometimes treated to a different look at the US presidency. There those
instances where we’re all reminded that even presidents are human In hollywood they call it comic relief and in news business it sometimes makes
the headlines, and for CNN’s Jeanie Mose, its food for further thought. it’s the kind of publicity that could
leave a pretzel manufacturer feeling faint “He choked on a pretzel.” actually the president doesn’t recall choking but he did pass out. Try
repeating the official diagnosis ten times quickly. “… Called the Vazelvegal
Syndrome.” New York pretzel vendors say it never happens with their pretzels “You can check on it. It’s pretty soft.” ac people are always thinking in movies
but presidential thinking is relatively rare who could forget george bush senior
keeling over in a state dinner given by japan’s prime minister jimmy carter wants collapsed on the ten
kilometer brad what the politicians fall on camera from bob dole team and republican
presidential candidate gary bower instead of our flipping the pancake the
pancake flipped him president clinton has wiped out while
jogging and president ford wild at playing saturday night live never let jerry ford
live it down a lest you think were bruising president
bush’s feelings he himself made jokes all day listen to your mother always to your
presence before you saw president even sent the press a bag of
pretzels labeled q_ slowly were says when he woke up this dog party in spot
for their maybe they were concerned about finishing the president’s pretzels general employees survey of new york
dont showed unequivocally d_n_a_ they like pretzels and jeannie most c_n_n_
uh… new york

Maurice Vega

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  1. I remember going into a channel on IRC way back when this occurred and seeing the topic of "Give peace a chance, give Bush a pretzel." I nearly shat myself when I heard of this story. I thought it was just a dumb lie, but nope.

  2. Imagine getting into a nerf gun battle with Bush at the white house in his down time when he is jacked up on cocaine using a pot for a helmet.

  3. Only Americans believe this BS story. They actually believe Bin Laden collapsed the WTC instead of the real culprits, the Zionist Jews. Bush was beaten up by Cheney's men. It's obvious. Just a mere puppet to be beaten if he did not do as he was told.

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