Political Cartoons

Today we will learn about political
cartoons, a political cartoon is a drawing that makes a satirical or humorous point about a politician, political event, or political issue. political cartoons have been around since the founding of our country and although you will not always agree with the ideas they express, they usually make a valid point about their subject. Political cartoons aren’t always easy to
interpret they use symbolism and often have hidden information, here’s a simple three-step process you can use to understand any political cartoon, one, read everything, the headings, the captions, any titles, and all dialogue, two, try to find and understand any symbolism, what do these symbols
represent? three, almost all cartoons represent an
opinion and usually a critical one who or what is being criticized and why. let’s practice this process using a political cartoon. First, read everything here we have the word science crowning the heroic female figure on the right who wields a sword labelled invention while the figure on the left wear shorts
labeled u-boat warfare, and carries dead bodies labeled law and commerce second, try to find and understand any symbolism the figure on the left wears a german-style helmet and references the u-boats used by Germany in World War One, therefore we can safely assume this figure is meant to symbolize Germany, since the figure on the right appears to be preparing to fight against Germany, we can assume this figure is meant to be the United States and her allies. Last all cartoons represent an opinion
and usually a critical one this political cartoon clearly criticizes
Germany while supporting the use of science and innovation as modern warfare against Germany in World War one. The next time you come across a political cartoon past or present, you can use this technique to better understand its meaning and political significance.

Maurice Vega

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