Police raids uncover Nazi propaganda and weapons in Italy

Maurice Vega

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  1. Generally these types are pretty damned dim and/or uneducated. The ones who might own a little real intelligence are likely candidates for a psychiatrists office.

  2. Talking about two 'older' women is a suspicious waste of time. "To ignore agression is simply to invite agression"…lying about some lame-o dames is agression. Where does the mafia find help like the reporter on this story?

  3. I used to have a sizable collection of Nazi memorabilia doesn't make me a nazi I'm german and very proud of ALL of german history.

  4. Even in 2019, the Mussolini family is still active in Italian politics. Benito’s granddaughter Alessandra is an Italian MP in the European Parliament.

  5. Real scary militia there with their crossbows and katana swords 😂. This is all for show because of the symbolism associated with Nazis

  6. You people are slacking off bit too much .. Not quite on your game today? I'm still waiting for one of you liberals to correlate this somehow in a loony whacked out way as being Trumps fault !

  7. Neo Nazis were arrested in ITALY.. how is this relevant again CNN? Slow news day or desperately trying frame the picture that "neo nazis are on the rise" and mix it with trump supporters? #fakenews

  8. Police finds nazi weapons and symbols every other day all over Europe.. yet when was the last time you've heard of these nazis actually using those weapons?
    Do they keep them just for show?
    One might argue that without the nazi threat the left wing would be pretty much dead in Europe. I say you democrats go thanks those "nazis", because without them you wouldn't even exist.

  9. Why would the Italians make the situation so complicated? They could just move to the U.S. and join the Republican party.

  10. Doesn't matter where you go there will be a certain number of reactionary fascist screwballs around. Most have an iq' you can count on one hand

  11. Is anyone surprised these people are trying to make a come back? When you look at who is winning elections in America and the UK. Hopefully the people will show up in 2020 and vote these right wing lunatics out of office and keep them out

  12. White supremacists aren't sending their best. Nazis had their turn and failed. Why would anyone want to emulate such losers? 🤔🤣

  13. For many Americans, awareness of the Democrat road to sedition began in a simple speech explaining the filth in/at CNN et al, and the seditious degeneracy infecting Obama and the Democrats: "Obama, Mueller and the Biggest Spy Scandal in American history": Google deleted the original link https://youtu.be/_aevtHHULag , so try https://youtu.be/pDc8Umcqeuk )

  14. Amazing how stupid someone can be calling President Trump a Nazi yet His daughter Ivanka “Hebrew name Yael” is Jewish and his son in law and grandchildren are all Jewish. 😂

  15. this italian are the real infestation . not mexicans . this italian racist are everywhere in our american continent. livingin blue states pretending being so tolerant when in reality are race selective and contribute to segregation this whole time.

  16. Journalist FIRED Over Fake Story About Trump golfing on Thanksgiving ​ ​https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgUQbL_5qCE&t=2

  17. All 19 people eh? I guess it's newsworthy especially because they said They wanted to expand across Europe.. They almost got away with it.

  18. Arrows and pellet guns foreal? Lol I like how the clip shows them pulling a pellet gun from the roof like damn check out this dangerous rifle sarge here’s the bbs for it get that out of the camera lol


  20. Now they need to be jailed in separate prisons apart from eachother…
    I've been watching "OZ", I know how the $#!+ works.


  21. But the violence of other organized heavily armed drug gangs(happening in Mexico for instance) that outnumber fringe political groups are not as important right cnn?🙄(they had to go to Italy to find nazis…duahahahaha!!)

  22. Those dummies! All they had to do was form a Communist group and praise Stalin and the media wouldn't bat an eye and might even support them.

  23. The left IS neo nazi. Always has been, always will be.
    The left loves so much to project their own nazi heritage & sympathies on their rivals, despite overwhelming historical evidence.
    At least the "neo nazis" aren't going around destroying their own countries like the OTHER leftists are, as well as importing millions of invaders out of misplaced pity.

  24. REMOVE the Electoral College Process – Every VOTE should count in a Presidential Election. This is not a State Issue, it is about Voters Rights and Representation. Boycott NRA who betrayed our country. #45* and Moscow Mitch betrayed our country for money. Fake President, Fake Fear, Real Faith, Real Justice. Grand Old Party is now a Russia bought entity. PartyB4Nation. Let's clean up congress. VOTE2020 for Americans not Putin Puppets. Look where we are today America.

  25. Apparently CNN, Google, Youtube or someone else doesn't like that fact that I point out antisemitism in Italy. I can't post WW2 facts and post freely on this subject, because those comments of mine are constantly being deleted here.

  26. Yes there are a few in Europe, but they r a powerless mostly unorganized lunatics. Couple of crazy lost souls mostly without jobs and no future. They are maybe dangerous for individuals, but not a political or terrorist threat. Have u seen the weapons, mostly legal except of a Few pistols and not sure if that r not just gas pistols

  27. More fake ass news I'm sure from the fake ass media,as usual,the only Nazis are in the U.S. demon rat (democrat)party,just ask Hillary rottensnatch Clinton who her mentor was when he passed away,and yes its on video by her own mouth,Google has it buried 200 webpages deep but other browsers will reveal it on the 2nd or 3rd maybe 4th webpage.Communist news network(CNN) is what you are,thats why your ratings are in the sewer,everything you guys try to indoctrinate or pass off as truth gets destroyed with a click of a mouse button.type in "Hillary's Nazi mentor" and you'll find it.but not on googles browser,she owns that too along with communist news network (CNN)and msnbs.Journalism is dead,propaganda,and support for terrorists is the bandwagon you guys are on therefor you are "enemy of the people and nation"!! And need to be shut down,immediately.Il start a go fund me page to raise tickets for a choice of 3 countries your ideas go along great with,will provide 1 way tickets to your choice of Venezuela,China,or north Korea,since you guys have all the same derranged ideas they have,thats where you belong!you are designated domestic terrorists that needs to have justice done too in a epstien way.You support terrorist,I support the people that hunt and kill them.period.amen.try not to burn and scream like demon getting hosed down with holy water when you read that word.AMEN AMEN AMEN,Damn I was hoping I could hear you scream in agonizing pain over those words from hear.Amen Amen amen…..you guys must be at your weekly pedophile meeting and cant hear the amen.ashame

  28. It's not just "anti Jewish" sentiment. I live in Rome and much of this is the toxic anti black anti immigrant rhetoric that Salvini pushed while he was in office for over a year. Italy has been spiraling into the abyss for years. This is not surprising at all.

  29. Maybe they should see if they have any connections to the US Republican party. I'm sure Trump will say that they were very fine people.

  30. The nazis were defeated like 75 years ago. They do not exist anymore. CNN is just fake news as always. If anything, CNN are the new propaganda machine.

  31. Many of you people that you don't know of this neo-nazis white supremacist white nationalist they're who they really are and sometimes that people could get how to say this something in a doctor in the past is feel like it there on st16 color but however the people for man and woman stop producing racist nonsense that could ever dream of a Neo-Nazi it is over but it's not over yet that's how to say it how many out there that are ever so many men and women that they just said something about it because how to say this the future is always about like to have a better place and a better of a future from different people are different language that is somewhere in Europe because this is make sure that the future is always about it is stay on the positive way and that future is always that to keep moving forward by trusting from other different cultures are different ways to look like a better future about the European to be United and responsibilities because that future is always about that whoever you are you are the future but the other side this racist white nationalist and white supremacist that are not the future they are done not to be taking very seriously but not with this hatred of races for the future in a darker in the past I could bring it in again the future. Not the future look like this no way

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