Police investigate Peterborough by-election!

hello there the police have confirmed that they are looking into allegations of postal vote irregularities bribery corruption and fraud regarding the recent by-election in Peterborough the parliamentary constituency of Peterborough is definitely having its 15 minutes of fame but not all for the right reasons it became the first constituency where the sitting MP Fiona Rana Sonia was ousted by the new recall procedure then it became the first constituency where the brand new party led by Nigel Farage the brexit party stood in a by-election on the 6th of June and now we have the police looking into alleged election irregularities regarding that very by-election the Labour Party candidate Lisa Forbes won the vote narrowly by 683 votes with the brexit party candidate Mike Green coming second and Cambridgeshire police say that they are looking at three allegations of postal vote offences one of fraud and corruption and one of breach of privacy of the vote there were nine thousand eight hundred and ninety eight postal votes out of the 33 thousand nine hundred and ninety eight ballot papers received that's 29 percent and there were four hundred postal votes rejected due to errors in the signature and all the date of birth that's four percent of the postal votes at the time of the vote it was reported that sources within the brexit party believe that election irregularities were occurring and the leader of the party Nigel Farage went as far as to call it a rotten borough and that the postal vote system had caused his party to lose to labour by that very narrow margin of 683 votes talking to the mail Nigel Farage said I think there is something inherently wrong with the entire postal voting process in this country I think it's open to corruption bribery intimidation abuse we've seen so many cases now where again and again we find particularly in the inner it is postal voting is producing the wrong results and I'm afraid Peterborough looks like another one of those rotten boroughs there were reports of a Twitter user claiming he and some friends had burned 1000 votes cast for the brexit party another claim that bribery had occurred and reports that some voters had photographed their ballot papers leading to concerns that they were fulfilling some form of contract reported The Guardian now postal voting can be a very good thing for those that cannot get to the polling booth for legitimate reasons such as due to ill health or due to absence from the constituency on the day of the vote but when used on a wider scale it seems to attract controversy and claims of election fraud which does not serve our democracy well at all and the biggest concern must be that the votes of the vulnerable could be misused by those who willed control over them whether they be carers or family members the staff in a polling station can keep an eye on what goes on in and around the booths but how do we know who is standing over someone filling in a postal vote form at home and the very fact that postal votes are more prone to fraud must surely mean that their issue should be strictly controlled and where postal votes are rejected in the way 400 of these were then should they not be investigated anyway what do you think please share and comment and thank you for watching please do like and share this video and also subscribe to my channel and when subscribing please do remember to press on the little bell next to the subscribe button that way you're getting alert every single time I put up a new video thank you very much for watching

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  2. Integrity and trust seem to be in very short supply these days. Lets hope we can trust the police to investigate in an honest fashion.

  3. We could do with a Police investigation into the last council elections down here in Plymouth! The Conservative candidate was 'doing the rounds' of people on the electoral register to gauge their opinions when he found students from the Plymouth University who were on the list but knew nothing about it! He lost the election to the sitting Labour candidate by (I think) 9 votes and complained to the electoral commission about the students who hadn't registered to vote being on the register. The Commission investigated and found that PCC had obtained lists of students from the University and registered over 300 of them without their knowledge or permission. Our council is currently led by a Marxist Corbyn supporter who has already sold off half the public assets in the city to big business developers (including the multi million pound Council office block for a single bloody pound) against the wishes of the public in the (big joke) public consultations! The council insists that as the students were all eligible to vote the council has done nothing wrong – the facts remain however that individuals HAVE to register THEMSELVES to vote – the council not only has no right to register them without their knowledge, it is committing a criminal offence by doing so. Of course, not one official has been arrested/sacked/disciplined for the offence and strangely enough – not one letter commenting on the affair has appeared in the local newspaper! There are no plans to re-hold the election.

  4. There should be no postal votes, It’s to open to fraud, our election process is starting to look undemocratic & more like a banana republic.

  5. Sick to death of muslims, they do not belong in Britain or any other law abiding country, take your Islamist cult and go live in a muslim country.

  6. If the fascists who claim to have burned 1000 Brexit party ballot papers are telling the truth then they should be imprisoned for a hefty length of time and the election re-run. The punishment for destroying ballot papers in this way seems pretty lenient – unlimited fine and/or up to two years imprisonment (depending on the person's status). Actually, beheading sounds more apt to me now I think about it.

  7. corruption and fraud in the Peterborough election ? …surely not ? …hahaha…how many MORE times before they LEARN AND FIX IT ?

  8. Voter fraud of this nature is nothing new in Peterborough, and if memory serves, a few years ago 2 former Labour councillors served time for it. Both were from the large Asian community living there, and it would come as no surprise to find the same this time around. The whole system is wide open to corruption, and if there's solid proof found, and any justice (yeah, right) then the by-election should be held again.

  9. This is excellent news. Election fraud of any sort is basically treasonous. Let’s hope the police do their jobs properly.

  10. Once again labour rotten to the core postal votes are abused by muslim communities were leaders and imams fill in the forms for lesser muslims!

  11. 28% Postal votes is a crazy large number ! One third of the voters were away & not able to vote ?? ALARM BELLS RING OUT FRAUD VERY CLEARLY.
    There should be a ReVote ~& ID Should be shown with Every vote. In person at a polling station. No Postal vote Forms Unless Applied for by Name of voter by their Employers to say they are working overseas. With a Jail sentence for Fraudulent use of this method.

  12. There will come a time when the Muslims will be strong enough to form a party of their own like Belgium.

  13. Nothing will come up, not because nothing happened, quite the contrary, instead because neither of the two parties in control for the last hundred of years will gain anything from justice being served here, Labour wants to win, Tories don't want to lose more voters to Brexit party. Additionally Google does not auto fill 'Peterborough rigging' 'Peterborough vote rigging' or others, and chance this is bigger than it seems?

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