Police Celebrate Michael Brown’s Death

>>This past Friday, of course, marked five
years since Mike Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri. The head of the St. Louis Police Officers
Association decided to mark the anniversary with this picture, I wanna show you. He posted this on Facebook. And as you can see, it’s a picture of former
Officer Darren Wilson, the officer who shot and killed the unarmed teenager Mike Brown. And the caption says Happy Alive Day, Darren. This is on the anniversary of Mike Brown’s
death.>>Yeah, Brook warned me not to curse and
I almost did it just right there, okay.>>I did, I know, it’s frustrating, yeah.>>So pretending that Darren Wilson’s life
was in danger, so let’s review the facts of the case real quick from back then. So Michael Brown had a close gunshot on his
hand. So people say, well, they were struggling
for the gun. Well, in a best case scenario for Darren Wilson,
they were in the beginning, okay? It’s possible that the officer drew his gun
and Brown just went like this. But everybody including all the newspapers
just put out there like, he must have been grabbing for the gun. No, you don’t know that at all. What we do know is he was shot at close range
in his hand. Then we all know it, totally undisputed, he
starts running away. And then there’s this part in the autopsy
where they say, here we can go to J3, the graphic. And this is quoting the St. Louis Post-Dispatch
talking about the autopsy. A sixth shot that hit the forearm traveled
from the back of the arm to the inner arm, which means Brown’s palms could not have been
facing Wilson, as some witnesses have said. Okay, that’s an independent person who took
it from everything she wrote was in basically in favor of the cops. And what they were saying there is, he couldn’t
have had his hands up as people were claiming. Cuz it entered from he back of his arm and
came out the front of his arm. Well, that also means that he couldn’t have
been facing the cop when he was shot in the back of his arm. I think the most likely scenario is he started
running way as everyone’s admits. He gets shot in the back of the arm, turns
around, and then gets shot in the front. And he definitely got shot in the front for
the lethal shot including the head shot. So now in this scenario, where everyone says
Michael Brown was running away, now you’re gonna talk about my god, Wilson, Officer Wilson,
happy alive day, my god. Maybe he could have turned around and run
back 30 yards, and you somehow would have missed him with all the weaponry that you
had and he was unarmed. So forget that Michael Brown’s actually dead. But my god, an officer could have been injured
for a second. There’s a 1% of a 1% chance so it’s a good
thing you murdered Michael Brown. So that’s the implication of that tweet. So these are the cops that still run St. Louis.>>Yeah.>>That still run all those areas, Ferguson,
Missouri, etc., right? So whether it’s Darren Wilson or not, the
guy who tweeted it is still there saying, well, if guy’s caught a black guy unarmed
running away from you. But you had some sort of altercation with
him. What did he have? In this case, he didn’t have loose cigarettes,
he had cigarillos. And they say in all of the papers smeared
him with he had marijuana in his system. What difference does that make? He was running away when he was shot and killed. Now, you’re talking about happy alive day
to the guy who shot and killed him. And then you go, I can’t figure out why the
communities all across the country don’t trust us. Yeah, well that’s cuz you’re stupid and you
don’t give a damn about the communities, that’s why you can’t figure it out.>>And just like what this says to all those
people there, all those people who went through, this was a horrifying tragic event. Let alone the fact that a kid, he was a kid
because a lot of people who don’t look like that think, look at him and look at that face. His face wasn’t even fully formed, his face
not fully formed like a man and think, he’s tall and big. He looks like a grown man, he’s scary. He looked like a kid to me.>>Yeah.>>He was a kid. He looked like a tall kid, and a kid lost
his life that day. And that, for all of those people, being the
head of the Police Officers Association, I get it, your job is to protect the police. But you should be interested in good policing.>>Well, what you mentioned there, what they
described, that’s what Darren Wilson described him as.>>Yeah.>>And that’s what a lot of newspapers ran
with when they were calling him no angel and they were saying he was a monster and he didn’t
look his age. I mean, how many times do we see that relentlessly
dehumanizing aspect of unarmed black man whenever it comes into interaction with law enforcement. And listen guys, this is why we do say black
lives matter and we consistently say it. And why it’s so infuriating when people try
to deflect and turn around and say blue lives matter cuz that’s what this instance is. It’s a way to continuously remind American
citizens, black lives matter don’t matter, but blue lives matter. If we’re alive on the day that someone else
was shot and killed, that’s what we should be highlighting. It shouldn’t be in memory of a young man whose
life was lost and families are still in agonizing pain who never get justice. But let’s just remind the world, hey, this
guy is still alive, that’s fine, that’s all. He’ll never held accountable at all, but we
just wanna rub it in your nose that he shot and killed your son, and he’s still alive.>>The only tiny bit of justice here is that
Darren Wilson cannot get a job.>>Yeah, well.>>He’s not on a police force.>>Okay, give it time. It’s all in the training, man. When they tell you that stupid saying of better
be judged by 12 then carried out by 6, that means kill them and we’ll sort it out later. That is not what we should be training our

Maurice Vega

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  1. Yep we going to leave this nar
    Nation so white people get your party on throw the biggest and best one too cause we are never to returned too naw we ride out in Africa take a 500yrs time out lol

  2. Cenk is full of s***.. there were three different kinds of autopsy and all of them said the exact same thing that police officer Darren Wilson was telling the truth… The Young Turks don't know what they're talkin about… a shoulder is a forearm?? What the hell is he talking about?? It's bad enough that The Young Turks are lying about the Michael Brown case but using his death for political agenda… and even though police officer Darren Wilson what sound the truth and the evidence backs his claim which is true… I still didn't want this to happen do anybody. I know Michael Brown was a little rough around the edges but he had his whole life ahead of them and maybe he could have been a lot a good to this world.. The Young Turks are a joke. Literary double standard and they're reporting style is really awful because they they either leave a lot out of a story or completely change it… if you go see their videos and the titles to the videos a lot of them doesn't even add up their title can say one thing but the video is the opposite.. and there were a lot of fans of The Young Turks in the beginning but most of them locked away not just for The Young Turks but the left wing and they end up becoming Trump supporters… and it wasn't because of Donald Trump it was because of The Young Turks

  3. Cenk, why did u grab your tricep for an injury sustained in the forearm? Reading the report, 3 independent ballistics experts could not confirm which direction Brown was facing, but Cenk can? And you are not biased?! SMH

  4. Wow Cenk thanks for explaining where your forearm is!! I always that it was the part attached to your wrist not your shoulder. Learn something new everyday. 🤣🤡🌎

  5. michael brown was a criminal who had just committed strong armed robbery and assaulted the arresting cop.. but i get it, it doesnt fit your narrative..


  6. Black neighborhoods DO NOT trust police because many of them are EVIL and WICKED as HELL, NOT merely because many of them are stupid!!

  7. There are enough cases of cops being shitty, why do you keep lying about this case? Your summary of what happened has so many mistakes I don't know where to start. 3 autopsies all agree, plus the justice department under Obama found it was a lawful shooting. You do a disservice to victims of police brutality by lying about this case, what you are doing is disgusting, shame on you.

  8. It's the american way like cenk said " you wonder why people don't trust the police". Reminds me of when k.k.k. was abled to lynch and hang minorites without penalty. If that wasn't the cop who shot an unarmed black man who ever made that tweet or post should be fired as well to even celebrate something like that reminds me of all injustices from back when it was allowed to today it still being somewhat allowed hate is a cancer and all around the world people are infected and cant shake it and will force it upon their kids. Smh its scary 🌎 people. Be safe keep faith and disburse peace.

  9. I can't describe the hate I feel toward Cenk who is THE slimiest and most disgusting "political commentator" of our time. Cenk knows that everything he said in this video is false. He has seen the evidence. He knows that Michael Brown was a thug who robbed a store that day and he knows that thug tried to grab Officer Wilson's gun. The only thing Cenk is interested in is feeding the racial divide in America while conservatives frantically try to lessen it. I thank God that a smaller and smaller amount of leftists are giving into this bullshit with every day that passes. The Young Turks have absolutely no chance of growing their audience during the next election if they keep flat out LYING to their very weak and gullible existing viewers.

  10. Chunk lying again and you willfully ignorant victims are eating it up. I'm appalled at how anyone could listen to this channel

  11. If i posted a picture of Nicholas Tullier and said "Happy alive day." would you do a story on it?
    Probably not.
    We are watching you.

  12. Admittedly the police officer making a post is a little inappropriate but you need to quit lying about the case. Go read the autopsy report it disproves everything you just said

  13. If you watch this video and still trust TYT you are a completely brain washed fool. There was an investigation into the shooting, all witnesses agreed with the cops story of what happened. This is what fake news looks like , tyt

  14. Cenk does realize that someone can hold their forearm (not their upper arm as he was gesturing) can be held so that the back of the forearm is facing someone in front of them right? In a way that it is indeed likely that he was facing the cop while shot?

  15. “Let’s review the facts of the case.”
    You mean you’re gonna quote the DOJ case report that’s been out for years?
    “Nope, we’re just gonna spout bullsht unsupported by the report.”
    Ah great, thanks Cenk.

  16. Mike Brown tried to take the gun away from the cop to presumably kill the cop and was shot for that. Now just imagine if he'd gotten the gun and shot the cop. Would tyt ever in a million years be talking about this story? Of course not. So if Wilson was shot by Brown it's a non issue but when Wilson tries to stop himself being shot he's a horrible racist cop..? Tyt's take on this is so stupid (and dishonest)

  17. Gtfoh a cop got fired for not shooting a armed black man who was mentally ill! There inn the business of slow suffocation of black people genocidal maniacs

  18. I think after 5 years of repeatedly lying about an instance, despite all evidence, you are either intentionally lying to your viewers to produce a narrative or you are so blinded by ideology or your own self righteousness that you believe your own lies. Either TYT has no journalistic integrity or they are ideologically too far gone


  20. Cenk is once again completely lying and race baiting. All the evidence that Cenk misinterpreted (lied about) was debunked by Obama's own department of justice. Like the shooting in the back of the arm that Cenk says proves Brown was running away is explained by the mobility of the arm and corroborating testimony that is backed up by forensic evidence! The report also shows that Brown was not 30 yards away like Cenk lies about. And the only people who said he was running away were people who's statements were proven to be false by forensics or their testimony didn't match up to previous statements. In other words, they lied!

    These kinds of blatant lies about established evidence by Obama's DOJ should prove to people that if Cenk and TYT's are are willing to lie about about proven facts that easily debunk Cenk's nonsense conspiracy theory then they will lie about anything. He should be ratioed hard for this.

  21. is cenk retarded? i guess the forearm is the tricep now. also just completely forget the report and forensic evidence put out cause “muh narrative”

  22. Yet they want people to feel sorry for them if they get gunned down "in the line of duty," or by their own hands in suicide.

  23. The amount of misinformation and hate for the police in this comment section is scray. Trie to use your brain at least once a day :/

  24. The fact that they are celebrating the death of a person indicate a deep problem within the police force there. We can nitpick over the details all day, the facts don't change. Willson acted as judge, jury, and executioner that night. They give cops less than lethal weapons for a reason, so they can assess the situation and act accordingly. Someone pointed out how a police officer rushed the mass shooter and stopped him, and that is exactly my point. What color was the mass shooter???

  25. I bet this man can't travel to areas where there's a large concentration of black people…..I think he's a target now like a social pariah.

  26. Your town's officials were found to have been specifically targeting the citizens of color on top of the murder of this 18 yo black man… you know what I'm gonna do, post something to mock his death on the anniversary of his death.

  27. Ok, 'hands up don't shoot' and nearly everything about the reporting of this case has been proven as a lie. But TYT shouldn't be criticized, they are only lying in the noble cause of starting a race war and making themselves rich.

  28. Yeah, and morons like you continue to feed the lie that brought such trouble to Ferguson. The real tragedy is how illiterate race baiters like you continue to promote a lie in order to profit.
    Clearly you’re someone who studied forensic pathology, instead of the three professionals who did. Clearly, if you could read, you’d read the truth in the report. Unless of course your going down the Alex Jones path. Good luck with that.🤦‍♂️🙆‍♂️
    Oh hey look, my forearms are facing you as am I.🤦‍♂️🤔🤪

  29. What do you expect from ungodly people's the devil's advocates white supremacist satanic terrorists? They celebrated at hangings, etc.

  30. Well whites celebrated lynching this doesn't surprise me. So now when whites are killed in mass shooting I celebrate karma is real

  31. It’s still really strange seeing people in the comment section say “the facts getting in the way of the left…” and still at the end of the day, a section of the police force celebrated ending the life of a kid who wasn’t a threat to homeland security and not a terrorist of any sort. Why is NOT rejoicing in someone’s death a “left” thing? Do people honestly feel left=BLM or anti-white or something that I’ve missed?

  32. Could you stop lying about the Michael Brown case please? I mean, do you even know what a forearm is Cenk? Stop making fools of yourselves.

  33. And people wonder why we pop fireworks like it's the 4th of July when a cop is killed, every country on this planet knows the world is safer with every American cop is ambushed and kill by American citizens and illegal immigrants

  34. People only watch the TYT to make fun of Chunk and tear his lies apart. Like… No one is supporting their narrative. At all.

    Mr. Yogurt? Its time to sit down & be quiet, now.

  35. Then why did your King Obama’s, Department Of Justice corroborate with the police evidence? Does that make Obama racist? Michael Brown was a thug that terrorized his own people. There’s plenty of black folks in Ferguson that are glad he’s dead. You guys pander to minorities so much it’s pathetic. Black people don’t even know who you are.

  36. Maybe one day something so bad will happen that their lives will be more endangered. The public wont care for all the crying wolf the police do.

  37. You have to be a very hateful person to celebrate the death of someone who was murdered. Mike Brown still to this day is on the minds and in the hearts of white cops. The rest of us have moved on with our lives…

  38. Retards are STILL talking about this?! Whoosh let's all talk about a human that died instead of the world's health aka CLIMATE CHANGE god damn it ya fucks.

  39. And it's been publicized that quite a few of them in certain departments are white supremacist and i bet the number is greater that's being reported and that's in department's all over the United States and black officers are riding right along with and keeping their mouths shut for different reasons.

  40. And that's being complicit to a crime committed by a law enforcement official which is another crime both felonies.

  41. All the ignorant racist in the comment section is everything wrong with America. You're days are numbered. Mother nature is seeing fit to that. Enjoy the little time you have left on this planet.

  42. How long are you going to lie about this case you fat slob? The DOJ under Eric Holder, along with eye witness testimony, completely cleared the officer of any wrong doing… Michael Brown was a Thug who attacked a police officer… You're such a lying piece of shit Cenk.

  43. You know how a layman can't really comprehend what's so impressive about a top tier boxer with out being somewhat competent themself? This is TYT when it comes to logic and reason.

  44. So…complete morons, or just outright liars? Obviously TYT hates black people and wants to fuel more violence and destruction in black communities.

  45. You at tyt are still proving how pathetic you all are at your jobs! Cenk you may be able to read the autopsy but analyzing it you can not! One more thing that part of your arm isn’t your forearm! You lie and deceive and are just plain dumb! Get an anatomy book! Socialism sucks!

  46. 2.2k likes, and EVERY comment in seems to know they are lying. i think cenk has about 2.2k youtube accounts

  47. Why doesn't TYT ever talk about the instances where the cops stop someone and suddenly they're being shot at? Like the overdosed man on a public bus who's life they saved and then suddenly a fire fighter is shot and they're in a shootout with he guy they just gave narcan to, or that SUV traffic stop where a male sprung out of the back seat with a revolver and shot at cops? Right, because it goes against the narrative that blue man bad and no one is ever armed and police aren't shot at in the blink of an eye. And Cenk can't say "These are the facts" And then immediately speculate what happened in his favor with video like that.

  48. Regardless of what Michael did, that twit is horribly distasteful. They are proud they killed an unarmed person, well done, you want a medal? OH WAIT!

  49. Not human to think that way Darren Wilson have to live in fear for the rest off his life see he's a coward he will kill his self cowards all ways do

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