Pokémon Battle Revolution – Boss Rush (All Colosseum Leaders)

Maurice Vega

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  1. This is a different console ONLY battling and less Pokémon you fucktards there is no excuse to say this is any better asslickers

  2. Did you see that faint attack at 11:39 ? That was beautiful indeed… Unlike the new games Gamefreak wants us to care about.

  3. Bruh wtf is this better than Sword and Shield with pokemon battles and that O.G announcer is the goat.

  4. Who else is lamenting the fact that this game looks better than sword and shield even though this is 2 generations old.

  5. This game came out in 2006 on an inferior console and it looks so much better than sword and shield, a 2019 title on a powerful console

  6. It's such an annoyance that videos like this one have become grounds for ridiculous arguments about Sword and Shield's quality, with the people who actually understand things versus those who are claiming the games will be terrible just because of one or two minor things, and are pretty much being toxic as a result (especially when they begin insulting the people who understand). People need to learn to respect opinions

  7. Shit animations for a shit game. Where are all you triggered autistic fanboys who will still buy a pokemon game LMFAO

  8. I swear Dusty is the hardest Pokémon trainer to battle in all of Pokémon games. It seriously took me SEVEN tries to beat him. He has a high chance of picking Vigoroth and Gabite for his team. If he picks those two, you may as well reset because he always gets critical hits and attacks always miss him. I remember beating him, and it was so satisfying.

  9. I'm thinking I may just get DP and PBR instead of Sword and Shield. Gamefreak is obviously not trying anymore and have confirmed they don't care and casual fans don't care, so there won't be any outcry there.

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