PM Netanyahu Harshly Criticizes European Governments Trying to Circumvent The Sanctions Against Iran

In Tehran, in Baghdad, in Beirut, people are taking to the streets. They are being slaughtered by the hundreds, yet they continue to protest. The tyrants of Tehran shoot them to no avail. They tamper with the internet to no avail as well. The fearless and frustrated people of Iran simply refuse to be silenced. In Baghdad, Iran’s cronies have killed hundreds of Iraqis. But here too, the people of Iraq refuse to be silenced. They continue to protest. In Beirut, Hezbollah thugs attack peaceful demonstrators, but the Lebanese people keep showing up as well. What is driving these people to risk their lives and stand up to their oppressors? Well, the answer is simple. They are fed up. They’re fed up with corruption. They’re fed up with failing economies. They’re fed off with the siphoning off of their treasure and their lives to Iran’s wars of aggression in the region. And while the people of the Middle East bravely stand up to Iran and its henchmen, here’s the absurd thing: While all of this is happening, countries in Europe are working to bypass US sanctions against Iran. While the Iranian regime is killing its own people, European countries rush to support that very murderous regime. While Iran bombs Saudi Arabia’s oil installations, while Iran rushes to enrich uranium for nuclear weapons, European countries rush to appease Iran with even more concessions. These European countries should be ashamed of themselves. Have they learned nothing from history? Well, apparently not. They are enabling a fanatic terrorist state to develop nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles, thereby bringing disaster to themselves and upon everyone else. Now is the time to change course. Now is the time to ratchet up the pressures on Iran, not to lessen them. Now is the time to join the United States and increase sanctions against Iran. To those who favor appeasement of Iran, I say this: History and your own people will judge you harshly. Change course now.

Maurice Vega

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  1. “The Lord said to Gideon, “You have too many men. I cannot deliver Midian into their hands, or Israel would boast against me, ‘My own strength has saved me.’”
    ‭‭Judges‬ ‭7:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬
    “And so I will show my greatness and my holiness, and I will make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the Lord.’”
    ‭‭Ezekiel‬ ‭38:23‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  2. But what state with nuclear weapons and missiles that destabilizes the region and is led by religious fundamentalists are we talking about, Bibi? It seems that you are more desperate because they will throw you out of power than because of Iran.

  3. Whole africa is with iran because you are the first traitor to the humanity any action you take against iran you will regret it till you die

  4. ביבי המלך! לא נסכים לשבת עם תומכי מחבלים בממשלה נילחם בהם עד חורמה בשבילי אתה האפשרות היחידה תישאר אתה ואל תיתן לשמאל להרים ראש במיוחד לאלה שהולכים להשתתך על קברי מחבלים.

  5. Israel tampers with the internet also, fake bots and fake accounts, Israel shoots innocent unarmored protestors and medics. israels cronnys have assassinated hundeds of scientist in iran, Iraq, Syria all there neighbors. now Israelis are fed up with netanyahuu

  6. The European led by Germany with their hate of Israel have a policy of appeasement not matter the outcome. Speak up loud Bibi god bless you.

  7. You child killer! You are a thief and a occupier and we all know that Usa/ZionistRegime and Saudi Arabia are behind riots in Iraq/Lebanon and in Iran.
    Iranian Empire is rising again and you can't stop that!
    Long Live My Great Leader Sayyed Ali khamenei and Long Live Powerful Iran!
    Zionist regime is a joke.

  8. Iranian people love president Trump and Netanyahu and hate european politicians who are supporting criminal regime in Iran

  9. Should we really Listen to What Lebanese Iraqi and Iranian people think of you and us The westerners we do resume change and what if worse comes in as usual? We keep winning the battle and losing the war

  10. I want my city back it’s called Ahwaz it used to be a Arabic city and then the Persians took it death to Iran

  11. European nations will never let go of their colony, Iran. A rich country full of natural resources that Europe needs for the foreseeable future. Iran has the 4th largest supply of gas and oil and until the energy dependence of Europe changes from fossil fuel to renewables or nuclear, Iran will remain a European colony.

  12. The best to do for those European countries supporting evil is to stop providing them with intelligence they need against Iran's terrorism in Europe, very simple. Europe is known to be greedy and bribery.

    To European people. Woe to thee, O land, when thy king is a child, and thy princes eat in the morning.

    Look at what is happening in Europe yet their leaders are keen to embrace evil.

  13. نعم هذا حقيقة حكم الملالي المعممين سفك الدماء المسلمين واستباحة حرمتهم وارضهم
    وخطرهم سوف يتصاعد حتى على أوروبا والعالم بأسره إذا لم يتم ردع الخميني المجوسي عن امتلاك السلاح النووي

  14. No one is “tampering with the internet” more than Israel. And no one is waging more wars-of-aggression, proxy-wars-of-aggression, or devious acts of sabotage than Israel. Arab Spring was a concoction of Israel and other nations subverted and cowed by Zionist agents. If there is one country in the mideast that deserves sanctions it is Israel. Who, afterall, attacks, murders and steals and calls it defense? Who steals nuclear materials and technology from the US, builds bombs out of it, and then threatens everyone in the region with those weapons? Who attacks US ships, murders and maims its sailors and GETS AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE ITS SPY (Mathilde) is sleeping with the President? Whose agents are caught cheering 9/11 in New Jersey, evincing foreknowledge of the attacks, and get clean away with it? That’s right. Its NOT IRAN. Former NSA Director William Odom used to tell the truth about how backwards our policies towards Iran were. And Mearsheimer and Walt wrote an entire book about WHY our policies were so absurd and backwards: Its because of Israeli influence on our foreign policy – a FACT that smart people like Senator Fulbright have been warning us about for decades. Israel is a perfect crime enabled by the fact that the west has virtually no media that are not owned and operated by Zionist supremacists. This is the fight the west is in, and freedom is dying at the hands of a bronze-age cult that has the west brainwashed.

    Israel actually is and does every dread thing it falsely, hypocritically and maliciously accuses Iran of being and doing. God bless Iran and every other country that stood up to the armies of savages sent to destroy Syria at the behest of Israel’s sinister regional schemes. And may every country aiding those schemes and hosting the subversive agents of the tribal colony repent and throw out said agents.

  15. Long live Iran and I hope you make the most powerful nuke the world has ever seen!!
    Netanyahu you POS, telling another country they can't have nukes while you have them..
    Screw you!!

  16. Israeli PM I right. Europe is rotten. They sold Chechoslovakia to Hitler in 1938, then Ukraine to Russia in 2014 and they are willing to sell ME to Iran. They are also willing to sell the rope on which Iran will hang them. Eurabia is doomed. Idiots.

  17. Netanyahu has the face of EVIL, he is known as The EVIL of Century. His whole family are Criminal Corrupt. But what else one expect 0f one who runs the Worst APARTHEID state ever existed.

  18. Great Bibi, I live in Europe (Italy) and I agree wholeheartedly with you. I know and love Iranian and Iraqi people and pray for their freedom. I also pray for you and support you. Am Israel chai!

  19. You supported the COUP in Bolivia……30 people were murdered by the new regime……not a peep from you or your partner's. And by the way kid, Can you remember crying in the US for to go to war of in Iraq ? You were lying then and your lying now……

  20. I call this B.S. Stop trying to sell the world this nonsense. It's old and overplayed. Iran is not a perfect, but it is NOT a threat like you say. And for the record Iran was the main player in defeating ISIS while Israeli hospitals were providing medical care to terrorists fighters from Syria.
    I suggest you be looking after the charges against you and try to stay out of jail

  21. PM Netanyahu is RIGHT on the money whether U like him personally or not; dam to European countries especially Germany n France n even to UK extend rest is just following stooges. All the Germany France Italy want, dying cheap Iranian oil at the expense of middle east peace n stability. True thug regimes are aforementioned TOTAL dirty hypocrites of Germany, Russian speaking Angela Merkel 17 yrs German dictator with a different hat NOT even care of Ukraine being invaded, kicking around, Ukraine Sea of Azov has been pretty much smashed the whole purpose is to smash Ukraine's economy but US will NOT let it happen n hope Isreal can assist Ukraine more ways than one (Russian generals, publically repeating over n over again, they can be Ukraine Capital Kiev in JUST a week! So long as Germany n all the western EU gets cheap Russian oil, Euro country TWO particular leaders of Germany n France don't care JUST like Iran, just so long as cheap Iran's oil in the future, so as cheap natural gas and oil from Russia, Germany n France don't care WHAT Russians are doing to her, Russia, neighbors, just like Iran is doing, her, Iran's, neighbors! In short, dirty rotten to the core EU now set up money processing US lead Sweep, spell, system SO that Iran can by pass US sanction! Speechless n this is so call develped countires? LOL, ya we can see that Germany n France is SO HIGHLY WELL developed "hypocrats in the entire world!" LOL.

  22. In Gaza the water toxicity arrived 100%. From January 2020 Gaza officially uninhabitable for human beings. It is an Israeli Death Camp for two million defenseless Palestinians. You are the perpetrator of these war crimes.

    The EU step is only a signal, not a boycott, what it should be. Your whining is pathetic, ridiculous.

  23. Europeans:

    They want to expand ISIS for more murder and more plunder.

    They don't care to save Iranian life as a group of humans kind at all.

    They are only looking for robbery and looting of Iran, that's all.

  24. All of these countries have bankrupt economies.

    The door of theft is opened by this ISIS, so the thieves' mouth is more opened too.

  25. If these European countries continue supporting Iran's Regime, the outcome of it will be the same as the Second World War. Hence, I think they must stop supporting Iran's Régime, and support Iranian people, and in case of need support to opposition groups to eradicate this Regime. Otherwise once again the Europe will become the targets of missiles coming from Iran. Again, another Hitler and another Stalin. Unfortunately European countries leaders are now stupid, timid, and indifferent.!! Hence it is easy to conquer Europe due to having these stupid leaders of them.

  26. Miserable countries, or in other word the thugs who continue to have a devious solidarity with the Iraqi killers and terrorists in Iran against 80M Iranian people.

  27. He is begging lol dont pay attention. Israel are weak and cant even defend themselves without the US. Learn from History? Well how about i open the internet and search about your history first? The people of Iran never ever died because of no food whatsoever because of the sanction. The Iran government has not abandon their people.

    I want to see what happens when this world change without you first Israel.

  28. YOUR TRYING TO DEVIDE THE PEOPLE SO YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE. I have a simple question; WHY ARE PEOPLE IN PALESTINE NOT ALLOWED TO PEACEFULLY AND LEGITIMATELY PROTEST FOR THEIR BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS WITHOUT GETTING KILLED AND BOMBARDED? YOU ARE PATHETIC…… In Palestine you zion war criminals have killed millions. You shouldn’t talk about corruption; you are the most corrupt and evil criminal In the world. Even more than Hitler. You’ve been occupying, discriminating, bombarding, jailing and stealing from innocent people in Palestine for years. If anything Europeans should put you in trial for committing war crimes.

  29. Mr. Bending overto Trump yahu. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO DEVIDE THE PEOPLE AND CREATE CHAOUS SO YOU CAN TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE SITUATION. I have a simple question; WHY ARE PEOPLE IN PALESTINE NOT ALLOWED TO PEACEFULLY AND LEGITIMATELY PROTEST FOR THEIR BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS WITHOUT GETTING KILLED AND BOMBARDED? YOU ARE PATHETIC…… In Palestine you zion war criminals have killed millions. You shouldn’t talk about corruption; you are the most corrupt and evil criminal In the world. Even more than Hitler. You’ve been occupying, discriminating, bombarding, jailing and stealing from innocent people in Palestine for years. If anything Europeans should put you in trial for committing war crimes.

  30. looks like a lot of cronies here liking bibi. hahahha you got your head in the snow, ass sticking out and you think no one can see you. typical jew

  31. European countries getting the cheapest gas & oil from Iran. Why should the change that??? They don't care about people of Iran getting tortured & killed rather themselves to have nice warm homes to live & drive their fancy cars etc.

  32. It is unfortunate that Mr Netanyahu has not learned anything from history.
    He fails to see that he has become the major source of instability in the region.
    Everyone knows that the Jewish nation have suffered most from fascism.
    I wonder how confident he would have been if he did not have the backing of his nuclear arsenal and that of the United States.

  33. We know many evils in history. But, who in history shot and killed 11 years old girls and took their bodies hostage until the parents pay for the bullets shot? Shame on all silent people for the existence of the Islamic Republic tyrants!

  34. Bibi is co conspirator with Larry silverstein on Sept one 1. ITS TIME YOU PAYED FOR YOUR CRIME YOU STINKING LIER!!! No most $ to Isreal they only steal land !!!now the Zionist criminal scum must be EXPOSED! And removed

  35. You and you Israël regime killing childeren fucking zionist in your oalestina you prison palestine people !! Inchaa Allah you will bevsoon puneshd

  36. the zionist terrorist usurper entity will push more terrorism into europe soon because their terrorist king is angry at europe for not behaving undignified enough like they are supposed to do according to the zionist terrorists

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