Pimping for Ron Paul – CNN – The Situation Room – January 13th, 2012

>>Blitzer: Some Prostitutes in Nevada are
enthusiastic backing Ron Paul for President. CNN’s Senior Medical Correspondent Elizabeth
Cohen shows us why.>>Cohen: Ron Paul has met alot of his supporters,
but he probably hasn’t met these women, and they love him.>>Hof: If a client comes into the Bunny Ranch
and says I’m pimping for Paul, they’re gonna have a real good time. Aren’t they girls?>>Workers: YES!>>Cohen: Dennis Hof owns The Bunny Ranch
and if the Presidential Election were held today there’s no question who would win here.
The prostitutes at this legal brothel have a pimping for Paul campaign because Paul supports
their right to make their living this way.>>Ron Paul: Yes, you have a right to do this
that are very controversial.>>Cohen: Prostitution is legal in sixteen
counties in Nevada. Prostitutes, they prefer the term working girls, say this helps protect
their health. First they have the right to reject any customer they don’t like. So you
bring a gentlemen in here and you do an inspection of some kind? What are you looking for?>>Working Girl: We ask him to drop his pants.>>Cohen: They are looking for some signs
of sexual transmitted diseases.>>Working Girl: and at that point you know
you say there Honey there a little something here I’m concerned about, I don’t know if
it would be in both of our best interests to party here today. Why don’t you go to a
doctor and get that checked out.>>Cohen: Second, every customer has to use
a condom. Every time, by law. So, if a guy says to you, “Hey, couple hundred bucks if
i don’t have to use one of these, what do you say to them?>>Working Girl: No. Its alright. I mean even
if its thousands and thousands of dollars I still look at my health that’s involved.
I don’t know where this guy has been.>>Cohen: And thirdly, the working girls get
checked regularly for sexually transmitted diseases.>>Nurse: See you in a week.>>Working Girl: Alright doll.>>Cohen: The Nevada Department of Epidemiology
says in more than thirty years there’s never been a single case of HIV among legal prostitutes
in Nevada. But their jobs have come under attack from Federal officials.>>Senator: The time has come to outlaw prostitution>>Cohen: The working girls want to keep the
Federal government out of their business. So, They are asking customers to donate to
Paul’s campaign on their way out the door. In two days, they raised five-hundred eighty-two
dollars and they are pimping for more. The owner of the Bunny Ranch tells us that he
tried to donate that money directly to the campaign, but folks at the campaign told him,
No, we don’t want it directly, please give it to a PAC that supports Ron Paul instead.
We reached out to the Ron Paul campaign and Wolf we did not get a response. Wolf.>>Blitzer: Elizabeth Cohen, thank you.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Elizabeth Cohen and Wolf Blitzer can go fuck themselves for showing this tasteless smear campaign video !
    Ron Paul for President !

  2. WOW< CNN has really done all it can to pull Ron Paul's name through the mud! First it was the Kent Snyder story back in September, then they brought in a total operative/former Paul staffer Eric Dondero, they pushed the newsletters story constantly – even editing the video to make Paul look bad, and Dana Bash (the CNN correspondent) is openly against RP!! We have to call these people out!

  3. Gee, I bet we can hurt Ron Paul in the heavily Evangelical South Carolina Primary if we do a piece about Ron Paul helping prostitutes!!!! You mfers are obviously desperate – and America is catching on fast.

  4. Not only is the good doctor going to the White House, but on the way he is exposing the media for the propagandizing corporate shill-puppets you all are. There is an awakening going on in this country – the Matrix is being revealed. (If I saw you, Blitz, I'd crack you right in your smug mfing mouth)

  5. ever wonder why CNN doesn't bring on others who endorse Ron Paul? Be it Chuck Norris, Tom Woods, Barry Goldwater Jr, Gerald Celente, KRS One, even Vince Vaughn or Kelly Clarkson. No, just the Bunny Ranch people…..What a disgusting network!

  6. They might also want to report about the city of Beatty, Nevada where the do gooders had the brothels closed and within six months the mothers, daughters, sisters and wife's raised so much Hell because they got tired of being propositioned at the local supermarkets, gas stations and convenience stores by the buckaroos coming in off the range that they had the law repealed.
    The brothels reopened and everyone lived happily ever after. Problem solved.

  7. Thank you Wolf for using your Ron Paul Hit Piece to introduce us to the productive ladies of the Bunny Ranch that are providing a goods or service that someone is willing to pay for not forced to pay for. You might also like to inform your viewers that in the Nevada counties where brothels are legal sex crimes are almost non existent. Other states may want to follow Nevada's lead in reducing sex crimes. It also helps in the control of sexual transmitted diseases. Win Win situation.

  8. It is no coincidence that CNN is doing a story that gives them the opportunity to link Ron Paul and prostitution during the run up to the South Carolina primary. The intent of this CNN story is obvious to those who are paying attention to the Media's war against Ron Paul. And as for this dumbass Bunny Ranch owner (Dennis Hof), he should have declined CNN but he was too stupid to realize what they were up to.

  9. I guess if you go into a bath house in San Francisco, you would find the patrons favoring those politicians who promote the homosexual agenda. I am referring to those who are pushing perversion on the military. Most of these "public servants" have never served, but they think the military should be made over in their own image.

  10. Why didn't CNN do a piece on how the white hating Black Panthers were for Obama back in 2008? Every candidate gets some marginal supporters, but when the media is out to get a politician they focus upon the marginal supporters as much as possible. That's whey they're eager to let you know that Stormfronter Don Black gave to Paul's campaign, but didn't tell you that white and Jew hating Louis Farrakhan endorsed Obama.

  11. That pales in comparison to being a pimp for Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley like Romney.

    VOTE For RON PAUL 2012

  12. those women should question the HIV test – its discriminatory – we have new evidence regarding the 2 or 3 protein cross-reactive test – those women are smart about checking the guy out first – thats a good idea – but AIDS is a pharma scam, one that Ron Paul is aware of – hivquestions

  13. @The40ounceBMX Don't sweat it. People are just going to have to be smart enough to see that unpopular, or marginalized minorities speaking up for Paul is part of the proof Paul is the real thing. Liberty is all about being able to live your life your own way, regardless of what is popular or politically correct. People are starting to get this.

  14. @Goergebenson So to be polite to CNN, we would say "News people, as they preferred to be called". But to be clear, i think we should always refer to them as the prostitutes they actually are. No offense intended to the working girls.

  15. RON PAUL loves freedom so much..He will do anythinGG!..Even freedom to fck or get f8ed…It turns out BITCHES n HOES are also included in the constitution !.I cmon prostitution is the oldest profession …way before the constitution..It was the only constitution available then..GO GIRLS BUST EM NUTS make em scream FREEDOM !..I guess this is how FREEDOM cheats to get elected..This is the first time one can say RON is using DIRTY TRICKS in this campaign !…hehe ..GO RON ..FREEDOM FOR ALL..2012 !

  16. Comping up next on CNN: Doping for Ron Paul! Marijuana users cut back on their pot spending to contribute to the campaign

  17. What a bullshit piece, you know murder isnt a federal law and yet it is illegal by every single state. That is how paul likes it, so YOU get a larger say rather than some rich government deciding things for you.

  18. So Ron Paul supports the constitution, yet the media tries to pick out pieces that make him seem radical….Its proof on how backwards our country it is.

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