‘Piers Morgan Live’ Dead – British Or CNN’s Latest Victim?

Piers Morgan CNN show is coming to an
end and the reason why is because ILU
ratings have not been good in fact he told the press the following
it’s been a painful period and lately we have taken a back in the
ratings I that such a funny pic British thing to
say okay so now David Carretta piece about
this in the New York Times explaining what troubles are in
everybody’s copying the same talking points oh he’s British in america is all
like british chick super Simon Callow is on the most popular show or was it built and was on the most
popular show in america called American Idol fair i think thats
a bad way of comparing things because Simon Powell wasn’t doing criticism on
american culture Simon how was doing criticism on
terrible singers social by the way a little bit american
culture no gave he was entertaining people were
watching weather is judging music for news only be america’s 2002 this British guy
doesn’t know anything I’m gonna turn them off look if all you gotta be entertaining a so I get back then a second okay so
that’s one complete I don’t agree with the same thing is a key members as you
know it was a be gone and he got america loves guns and that’s why it’s cancelled that makes
no sense whatsoever the entire MS NBC lineup is anti-gun
they do much better in fact partners in Piers Morgan is not on there
anymore because Rachel Maddow killed him in the ratings destroying
their ratings she’s also already got so where’s the
logic in that you know where anti-gun we’re number one online
new show I was number one at six o’clock on MSNBC we’re
the best show on Current you know its damning with faint praise
at all but we’re number one everywhere we went what we’re who were already got them
Piers Morgan is that’s not the issue in the vid card and
intimates that oh you know what its because he was
opinionated in CNN as I CNN’s brent really how’s that
working out for CNN because the real answer isn’t that it
was a problem with Piers Morgan and I have no opinion on Piers Morgan over autism I met once but for about 30 seconds I don’t like him I don’t dislike him I
have no you attachment to what so ever but you gotta be fair yet the whole
lineup is a ratings disaster I’m discipline Piers Morgan is
rediculous I have an opinion on Piers Morgan I
think that he was one of the few personalities on that network that had personality you know he was the one
person who had an entertaining show time to time he
would have interesting guess on who you ask them interesting questions yes he was opinionated he was feisty but
I kinda like that about him that doesn’t mean that I like everything
about him but out a bit anyone on that network I would say Piers Morgan is
probably the most entertaining to watch this so it’s like to use a British example here breen cricket over to American
television and then this firing one other host that’s calling one
of the games go well america’s Justin like him calling the games no they don’t like
cricket button the problem is the entire format the
format of CNN is blame and vanilla don’t have opinions
be neutral don’t say anything interesting she I
wonder why that doesn’t work well on television an EU to blame the host individually one
by one so the host problem if the channels problem their
rearranging vanilla chairs on the bindle a titanic
had been there wondering 01 or maybe didn’t like his accent it been
like whatevers policy positions no look Anderson Cooper lolol Dennis ago I love Jim Carrey
Anderson Cooper gets his ass handed to him day in day
out by Chris Hayes almost nobody the media talks by Chris
haces doubling or tripling in as a group is numbers why because Anderson Cooper says I will
now read from a proper I will say nothing interesting what’s over our
format is the same nothing interesting is to be boring all the time it we tell
you about the news even though we then act like robots who don’t care about the
news cheer wonder why they didn’t work well on television it worked well when there was no
competition they’re holding onto the old format doing news and they’re
neutral and objective to a fault and what I mean by that is being objective is a good thing but
Dave kinda mix that up with never taking a side never determining
what the actual truth is right so it’ll be hey you know republicans say
this democrats say that and that’s it and the reality is like you know with shows like this we have a
bias right we have progressive ideology but at the same time if the Obama administration does
something wrong we’ll criticize import much to the dismay of some of our
audience members but that’s the way you do the news you hold authorities accountable and you
know when you have a segment called keeping them honest I mean what you’re
supposed to do is it not only utilize that ideology throughout your
entire show but the throughout your entire network but they’re free to do
that and they’re always obsessed with getting
the story first wish to be completely honest with you guys Americans don’t care about that that
much right they’re not like oh my god did you know that CNN dot that
story first and in the process of doing that the
usually get the facts wrong you live in 1955 dude meeting at the
story first you’re never going to get the story first the reason why it mattered in 1955 to
get the story first was because like we didn’t know somebody got shot.
we don’t know all CBS had the storyboard ever to go to CVS alleged is only three choices CBS NBC ABC you
have the story press your body was so the audience right now that we already have the story so
CNN repeat stories we read online how could that possibly work today and
then you go blame Piers Morgan that’s what upsets me the destroyed him
under the bus and they’re blaming me blaming him for
the ratings and like I said I don’t care one way or another about Piers Morgan but that’s just not right so that’s a
that’s objectivity saying we’re not neutral would tell you
the actual back yes the fact is Piers Morgan as bad
ratings but so does the in higher lineup that tells you it eight
Piers Morgan it CNN

Maurice Vega

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