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Phoenix, Arizona. When people think of Phoenix,
what do they think of? Well, no one
actually thinks of Phoenix, but if they were forced to,
what would they think of? It would probably be
the extreme heat or a college you can
graduate from in three weeks or the fact
that the city’s basketball team has the world’s
most random mascot. Yeah. Seriously,
how do you pick a gorilla when you’re the Phoenix Suns,
all right? You could have been a phoenix,
or you could have been a sun. A gorilla makes no sense. Even Gritty makes more sense because that’s how you look if you spend your whole life
in Philly eating cheesesteaks, all right? But the gorilla makes no sense. But Phoenix has also started
to become notorious for how bad its police force is with a record
44 police shootings last year. Yeah, more than any other
large city in America. And now,
thanks to cell phone video, we get to see it for ourselves. NEWSWOMAN:
Growing outrage tonight after an extreme reaction
from Phoenix police to a little girl
swiping a doll. NEWSMAN: Cops in Phoenix
threaten Aisha Harper, a 24-year-old pregnant woman with her two young children
by her side. The video starts
after the family pulls up at their babysitter’s and are approached by police
with guns drawn. NEWSMAN 2:
Phoenix police officers at times sounded like hit men. Sweet Jesus. “I’m gonna put a (bleep) cap
in your head.” That’s what the cop said. What happened
to protect and serve? Like, I’m sorry. Everything
about that video is wrong. All right,
not only is the cop screaming like the woman is the one
pointing a gun at him, but he’s talking
about busting caps like he’s a lost member
of N.W.A.? There’s no…
there’s no excuse for this. Like, there’s no excuse. Unless maybe the cop says
he arrests people in the way that he thinks
that they speak. You know, maybe he’s like,
“Hey, yo, black man, “get your ass on the ground. “And as for you, esé, “you better stop acting
like a pendejo. “And you, Belgian guy… “I-I don’t how you speak. Waffles. Waffles, waffles.” (laughter) Now, what makes
this whole thing worse is that this family
wasn’t robbing a bank or holding people hostage. No, this was the cops
responding to a call about a four-year-old
who took a Barbie doll out of a dollar store
without paying for it. Yeah. And, like, I’m sorry, guys. You don’t need to show up
like a SWAT team to rescue a Barbie
from a little girl. If anything,
you should be rescuing the little girl from the Barbie. Should be getting there like,
“Little girl, watch out! “That Barbie can give you
a warped sense “of what a woman’s body
is supposed to be! “Barbie! “Barbie, please! “Don’t do it, Barbie! “Think about Ken
and your Dreamhouse and that new job you just got
as a scientist!” (laughter) And as traumatic
as this experience was, thankfully, thankfully,
no one was shot. And, honestly, I don’t think
it’s because of the officers. I think it’s because of
the well-trained civilians who happened to be on the scene. NEWSMAN: The woman behind
this cell phone video asking to take the kids. NEWSWOMAN: Even the bystanders,
you can hear them saying, “Calm down”
to the police. I’m sorry, guys,
but this is ridiculous. How do civilians know how
to act like the police better than police know how
to act like the police? -(applause)
-How? Because… Because this guy…
this guy’s next to the car, holding his phone,
but instead of panicking, he’s trying to calm things down. I mean,
he’s even using the language cops are supposed
to be thinking about. “Guys, let’s defuse
the situation.” That’s how you know
shit has gone wrong, because back in the day, the guys holding the phone
used to be like, “Oh, man, he about to bust
a cap in his ass! WorldStar!” But now the cop
sounds like that. “Bust a cap in your ass!” The people filming the thing
sounding like trained police. You know? “All right,
de-escalate the situation. Come on. Remember to read him
his Miranda rights, come on.” And you would think… you would think cops cursing
at civilians and pointing guns
at a four-year-old child would be as bad
as this story could get, but what makes it even worse is that if we didn’t have
these videos, those cops would have been able to paint
a very different picture of how this all went down. NEWSMAN:
Major differences emerge in between the police report and the video captured
by witnesses. NEWSMAN 2: Nowhere in the report
does he mention yelling, “You’re going to get
effing shot” or “I’m going to put
an effing cap right in your effing head.” NEWSMAN 3:
In the video, Officer Meyer clearly kicks the leg
of the handcuffed father. In the report,
though, he writes… (reading): You know,
what’s most troubling about this is that it makes you wonder
how many people have been arrested
and put in jail because everyone assumes
the police version of the event is always the truth. (applause) Like… Time and time again,
time and time again, cell phone videos
contradict the official report. ‘Cause you saw the video.
He kicks his leg. Guy’s not doing anything.
He kicks his leg. But in the report, he says,
“I made him spread his feet.” Cop’s report makes it sound
like a peaceful yoga instructor. It’s like, “And then I moved him
into downward mother(bleep) dog. Namaste.” And, you know, what’s sad
about this whole story is that as harrowing as it was, this family
is one of the lucky ones because none of them were shot and calm bystanders
recorded the entire thing to back them up. And now their lawyer
is helping them sue that police department
for $10 million. (cheering and applause) Which… Which won’t help erase
what happened to them, but it will help
that little girl buy a shitload of those dolls.

Maurice Vega

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  1. I would sue the officers, and if they couldn't pay it, I'd make them sell their belongings to pay me off including pay me support and pay for my legal fees. That's how you make them learn. Suing the departments isn't going to help anything. That's just a greedy attorney wanting to get paid because they will get half of that settlement. Kudos to the civilians recording it or else they would be in jail and their children in foster care.

  2. Did you know that the most hurtful of all is that to be harrassed by the peoples who were meant to protect you from such kind of bullying, threatening, harrassment, whatever you named it.

    Badge guys are turning bad boys (Guys)

    The level of incarceration in #USA is always increasing madly, That's what USA government should concentrate on instead of trying to wage trade with China, war with Iran, proxy war in middle east, unseating a governments in Colombia, Venezuela, Nigeria, etc, using or helping Saudi Arabia's Terrorism strategy, projects, and exports the CIA, FBI experts training ISIS FIGHTERS, TALIBANS. Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Al Shabaab, and so many other Terrorists groups.

    USA of today should helps Americans starts Small businesses, Entrepreneurs like the Chinese government focus on, not selling Weapons to SAUDI ARABIA knows that they are using them destroying Syria, Yamen etc.

    American government are changing their purposes for their own businesses, peoples, friends, and turning to something much EVIL and Dangerous to Democracy, politics, & Capitalism in general.

    American government should be Hope for those that lost their jobs, don't even have Hopes, or felt demotivated..

    That's the American dreams, & we all wanted.

  3. New video shows the father shoplifting as well. He also has prior felonies for assaulting two police officers. What a stand up family.

  4. I feel so sorry for black people in America. Its like they're second class citizens all their lives or something.

  5. Cops being extremely racist and overly aggressive to black people? Who would have guessed. Those kids are going to be traumatized for life.

  6. 4:52 – 5:11 is an eye opener to some people because they have no idea what cops can really do. So many people have been wrongfully accused all because of a police statement. I'm so glad the citizens recorded this.

  7. Why is there not one person in Authority say something, I know the government sees this, local and federal agencies.

  8. This is what happens when you put bald, obese, middle aged men through a 3 months training course.
    In Europe each and every one of these officers would not only had been fired, they would most likely have been given at best a suspended sentence themselves.

    Lucky porkchops.

  9. Cops now days are ignorant. Good cops wont put bad cops in jail so they are as bad as the bad ones. So there is no such thing as a good cop. And u are right about everything I said about that incident.

  10. 1. as a citizen, i am the boss of those cops. my taxes pay for their salary. just a reminder.

    2. those million dollar settlements arent the happy ending. that settlement is paid for by taxes, that now will be missing in another much needed department.

  11. as much as I stand on the other side politically yet I enjoy every video of trevor, but this one is off the record, there is a big story behind this, the story is not " cops respond to a 4 year old who took a barbie doll without paying" do your research before covering or commenting on such subjects because you guys are making the cops weaker and weaker and more ashamed for no reason, of course there is bad cops ( the very minority of the force ) but what about the good cops, stop being a bunch of fucking fruitcakes and snowflakes and grow some balls.

  12. This is NOT the full story. In the report witch is not like linked in the description it says that the dad stole underwear from that same store and they fled from police. The dad also had a suspended license. When they finally caught up to the family in that parking lot the dad was fumbling around in the car where the police couldn’t see his hands. They drew their weapons getting ready for the worst and told him to put his hands up. He did and he complied and was fine. The mom wouldn’t put her hands up because she had her kids in her hands. She could’ve put them down and put her hands up. The police were not completely in the right too, they could’ve been more calm and professional. But still. You guys gotta do your research before coming to a conclusion just from watching a biased video on YouTube.

  13. LISTEN, however wrong the police were, the ACTUAL, FACTUAL , version of the situation is not being reported here, nor is the complete video of the situation! We never see the events leading up to the confrontation! Oh no, either unfilmed or edited the video only starts AFTER the initial confrontation! And of course it then tells a story of mistreatment , injustice, wronged by racism! Narrative supports the left's accusations that are never FACTUAL but farcical being spread and falsely proven by hearsay , or word of mouth! Gossip if you will! A CRIME , not matter how small, was committed and when adherence to the law was dismissed and refused by this family , the cops were then employed to enforce the law! Disregarding both the law and it's enforcers, this family of future thugs decided not to comply and attempted to flee like they did nothing wrong! After a small chase they were apprehended ! Oh yeah , besides the doll, the father stole an item or two also! Then when tracked down , they still were refusing to comply!

  14. Is this a comedy show or a drama? Nobody laughed after the N.W.A. punchline… what the heck studio audience.

  15. I have a degree un Criminal Justice but I work as a salesman because I can't be part of this corruption and violation of human rights. They need to be accountable

  16. Holy hell, those cops are fscking rabid. They should all be fired, fined, and never allowed to be in any law enforcement.

  17. ???Bravo for bringing this to as many people's attention as possible!! ?? ? I'm sure way too many people have been /are being arrested for these cop's BS, LIES, BRUTALITY, ETC.

  18. Do research they reacted like this because there was a 911 call saying someone stole something then ran it was also said that they may have a weapon now if someone said there may be a gun on some one coming to your show With a gun you might be a little on edge and those “civilians” could have died if the guys really did have guns and they went to pulled guns and shots were fired then those civilians would have been shot

  19. This disgusts me, how dare they call themselves police? I hope the family wins that case because that is just beyond insane that this is a norm. THAT should be considered unamerican.

  20. Thank you Trevor, for slowing down towards the end, to reflect the gravity of the situation. I don't know if a non-black person can empathise with this, but when I look at that woman, standing there with her two children, confronted with guns, I think, that could be me, that could be me, ….and the tears start flowing.

    Thank god I wasn't born in America.

  21. Body cams? Why not make body cams mandatory? It’s direct evidence and it helps protect the truth for both sides.

  22. I wish I could steal something and then get 10 mill , Unknown’s what fuck it shoot me once in the leg I’ll slap on another 10 mil

  23. I think the wives of these cops' ought to leave them after this video…. I mean it is just a dollar worth item stolen by a kid… and which kind of a store owner calls the cops on a toddler???? this is america

  24. These guys are not police they are white supremacists gang members who have infiltrated some police agencies along with the city council white judges and white attorney general's.Ferguson Missouri was a perfect microcosm of the great American farce.These guys like the Republicans in the Govt. Are high school drop outs drug addicts and alcoholics strung out on anabolic steroids and recreational drugs.The promise keepers the loan etc.

  25. It is sad when you see simething like this and think its just another day in USA..F$#@ing hell and they give Cops in US so much equipment and firepower..they cant even handle Situation with 4year old girl :@

  26. The Supreme Court ruled that police are not there for public safety. Look it up. The “Protect and serve”. Should be replaced with “ To Extort and lie”.

  27. America, do you guys appreciate just how insane this is? This just does not happen elsewhere. Hell, more often than not, this doesn’t even happen in many third world nations. I’m sitting here in France and I can’t even conceive of the police behaving like that. It’s like some kind of dystopian parody.

  28. If he lies in his report, then he lies in court. Cant trust that officer, we need him fired and replaced IMMEDIATELY. Unless Arizona cities can afford another $10 million dollar lawsuit, or they don't mind knowing that cop is going to kill an innocent person one day. It will happen if he continues this path as a police officer, just a matter of time.

  29. I've seen very similar behavior when all parties involved (police, suspects, bystanders, you name it) were white as can be–although I do acknowledge that it's a hell of a lot more prevalent for minorities, my point is that this isn't just a race problem, this is a power problem–a very large, very systemic power problem wherein power corrupts and absolute power–you get the message. The police terrify me. I've met SO few decent ones, and SO many corrupt ones, and those who become drunk on their power and test it more and more, to the point they can beat up a 16 year old girl in front of her toddler and go into work the next day like nothing's wrong, because it isn't, not for them! They're awful, so many are so awful and yet it's such an important job…ugh

  30. Eat shit and GO BACK to your SHIT HOLE country. I'd love to burry you up to your stupid-ass hair line in wet garbage, because that's what you are, turd.

  31. I always ask myself, as someone who doesn't live in the US, where is the outrage?! Why are there no mass demonstrations on the streets across the country?! Why is nobody reacting,except some twitter statements? I don't get it! Every week some crazy videos come out and almost nothing happens

  32. I had my car stolen in Pheonix and the policeman was more interested in my age than finding my car, the policeman left me standing on the side of the road in the dark with no way to get home to Superior Arizona.

  33. Uh. Look I like ya trevor, but. While the officers did not say the best thing. This was not about the kid THE PARENTS WERE SHOPLIFTING
    however the officers were un professional as well. But let's not fact check anything

  34. I have never visited USA,, and I will never visit,, who knows, I might get shot in the head because I lighted a cigarette in the wrong place. This is too much

  35. We make our tourism spending decisions on internet videos. We always judge the services available,and quality of police enforcement.It will be safe to say we won't go to Phoenix again.

  36. Another sad thing… victims SELDOM get what the jury awards!

  37. Oh well! When your told to get out u get out…. Fuck trevors pussy ass! Theres more to it then this

  38. Oh but its not okay to break the law and steal… cops dont know all the facts when they are dispatched. Trevor and the elite want you to hate cops and they want to divide us. Stop breaking the law morons!

  39. They all lie. Laws to abuse and or murder. Andto those of you that thinks is ok in ant instance. May you experience these defilments.

  40. This should be a warning to all cities in this country. Never let the Devil take root in your community.

    Because that place has become The Mogadishu of the United States.

  41. Trevor Noah : Everybody assumes the Police Version of events is always the Truth.
    Mind Begs the Question : Like Everybody assumes the Government version of 9/11 is the Truth?

  42. Trevor, You are wonderful; your compassion and humor is what America needs. The Police are getting more and more dangerous in America and it needs to be pointed out time and time again until change happens. Why were the police so emotionally escalated from the get go without even having had any interaction with the people yet? They need meds, serious training, a huge dose of compassion, and serious mental health help. Why did they immediately arrest the people without even talking to them first and figuring out the ridiculous situation? They are not only willfully cruel and sadistic, but they are also wasting our tax payor money and clogging up crowded courts with needless arrests, not to mention reinforcing the animus the general public has against them. What complete idiots; I used to have compassion for the police and how hard their job is, but seeing again and again how they treat people has changed my mind.

  43. I just couldn't watch this, it is so horrible. I feel so sorry for these people getting bullied by thugs with a badge.

  44. Police are not your friends or work for you . Police work for the county Morgue stacking up innocent children and adults on the slab . Unless police rape your kids before gunning them down and putting a toy gun in your child's dead hands to justify why they shot your child 30 times in the back .

  45. I cried seeing this… It's so shocking like seeing and arsonist firefighter… I cannot believe theese cops. They are not human. Who acts like this in front of small children? I can't believe this. Cops in my country are the most loved and trusted in society alonside firefighters.

  46. I cried seeing this… It's so shocking like seeing and arsonist firefighter… I cannot believe theese cops. They are not human. Who acts like this in front of small children? I can't believe this. Cops in my country are the most loved and trusted in society alonside firefighters.

  47. Phoenix Suns Gorilla came about from people sending singing telegrams at the game by the gorilla. He became such a fixture at the game he became the mascot

  48. aren't they trained to just wound a person instead of shooting to kill and I also thought they could only threaten lethal force on a person if the cop's life is in danger and knows that person is armed with a weapon I mean the military has way stricter rules if engagement than police officers, yet they wonder why people are becoming more weary around police that are increasingly becoming more violent to people that are clearly not a threat to anyone's life

  49. THIS new station didn't put the full situation in there it makes it look way worse than it was go look at donut operators video on it. It wasn't called on the little girl ??‍♀️





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