People on the Street: Should There Be a World Government?

A world government would be a great government because there would be a lot less confusion. Different governments follow different religions; different governments follow different politics. What is really cool in our neck of the woods
just is not going down in like Yemen or something, you know, so a world government
would work. It would work. And I’m not, like, I’m neutral about a lot
of politics, but for real, a world government would make
sense. Because there’s so many governments, and the reason why there’s so many wars is
because all these governments conflict. But if there was one government, like the United States of planet Earth, this whole thing, which is what we’re I think we are too different to have a world
government. I think we have many institutions already
that have some degree of world governance in small areas, like human rights organizations. I don’t think so. Because I am from Belgium, and Belgium is such a small country, and we already have like four different governments. And at the moment we have none because we
don’t agree. And we are such a little country, so I think a world government is completely
impossible. One entity governing the entire globe? No, I think they’ve tried a semblance of that
with the UN, and it’s pretty much a debacle. No. Because I don’t think it’s possible in
any, we can’t even manage one simple government. How can you manage a world government? No, but I think that there should be a bill
of rights for the world, for all people of the world. Yeah, why not? It could be a good idea. But, at the same time, some countries, do
they really have like the right to have well, it’s, I can’t believe I’m actually
saying that, because I think that everybody should have
an opinion, and should have the right to have this opinion. But at the same time, as the world is right
now, some countries, I’m not sure they should have
the opportunity to actually have an influence on what happens. Absolutely. Because it’s a global planet. I mean, there’s no more, we all know where
we all live and we all know what’s going on, and everyone can reach and touch a computer
and reach out and touch someone somewhere else, i.e., it’sÉ I live on planet Earth; I don’t know where you’re from. And that’s kind of the way it is, you know? It is what it is. I don’t see it as a, I mean, I am an American,
but how do I word it? It’s a global community, and it’s a global community for kids, especially like from the ground up. They know where everything is; it’s no more Amerigo Vespucci found America. We all know where other countries are, we all know what’s going on, you can find out what’s going on at the drop
of a hat, and the second that someone does something
wrong or bad, or something bad happens, the rest of the
world knows about it and can react on it, like instantly, within hours. It was never like that before. And that makes us global, so, global is global. I don’t know. I kind of, I like having the variety. I guess there’s no ideal government, or there’s no way to make it ideal, because I guess communism, the idea of everything being equal for everybody
is awesome, but obviously it doesn’t work, so um, I don’t know. Like other countries have socialism, and democracy. I think that it’s good to have those different
types to feed off of, and develop your own to make it the best it
can be. No. No, it would hurt. You cannot consider, because of the same
principles of democracy. You cannot have widespread democracy because
there’s no single person that can determine what’s good for everyone. So if you go wider, you have so many individual
goals and perceptions that you cannot set a rule
that applies for everyone. I don’t think so. I don’t think, I think that’s putting the
power too high up, you know? I don’t think any organization should have
that much power over so many people. It would just be like a huge tidal wave effect. I think having countries that have their own
sovereignty is perfectly fine. No, I do not. Because I think countries, nation-states,
for themselves should decide whether, I mean, cultures are very different. A global government would be too, they can’t,
you know, bring everything together. That would be impossible, I say. Yeah. It’s probably the most broadest questions
I’ve ever had in my life.

Maurice Vega

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  1. Well, who wants to find out people's opinions such Government? I guess the USA… This country already tries to control the whole World.

  2. "Society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness; the former promotes our happiness positively by uniting our affections, the latter negatively by restraining our vices. The one encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions. The first is a patron, the last a punisher."

    -an excerpt from Common Sense, written by Thomas Paine; one of the Founding Fathers of the United States.

  3. Centralizing the power of the world to one organisation? I don't think so. It would also be a bureaucratic nightmare (check out the EU!)

  4. Yes, it would: A Global Federation like the USA. No one said about a Global Empire/Tyranny. In that system, all states would have a great deal of autonomy while the central power would make sure that each state and each citizen have its rights protected. And, also, our problems are now of global scale, and only a global gov. could deal with them properly.

  5. It's so sad to people think like this. Utopians setting the path to hell one brick at a time with their so called good intentions. And as an American you should put your head down in shame in even considering such an idea. Our founders empowered the individual with safeguards in our Constitution. All other governments strip the identity of the individual for the collective good and empower the STATE. It's a stupid idea only a drone would support. And lead us into darkness and totalitarianism.

  6. God loves you more than you will ever know, unless i dont believe such a blasphemous story about a magical all knowing all powerful man in the sky, then i go to hell. Yea because its possible for everybody to believe such an unbelievable story. Why doesn't god show us he exists by coming to us? because he is an asshole and loves to dick around with us tiny ants

  7. not yet, we are a small unadvanced people. We will need a world government when contact with "aliens" is made. But stopping there, we only really need an organized world defense if/when we go to war with another planet we can make sure we have the force to fight it. And then we can go back to blowing eachother up once its over

  8. These people are actors. That's why you see the same ones on every "people rom the street" video. Correct me if I'm wrong. Thumbs down are unnecessary.

  9. 48 question? Who the hell is going to stand there on the street for an hour answering random questions?

  10. Most YouTube series' like these usually asks one person a lot of questions on different topics and then make different videos based on that one interview.

  11. I want someone who performs a function that I personally value and at the same time is accountable to me – governments, with politicians and bureaucrats, are not that.

    No one should tell me what they think I should value – and then force a decision on me.

  12. First of all, a world "government" already exists. The international financial aristocracy is the world government, and of course it isn't democratic. Already most governments, including the large so-called democracies, like the US, the European states, are firmly in the hands of oligarchs and corporations, with a lot of circus of make-believe democracy. Imagine a "democratically elected" world government. It sounds so great but if people don't even understand that there is already a shadowy world government that leads most national governments by the noose, what would it be like? It would most likely be an even bigger criminal organization than the world financial plutocracy, because then it would be sanctioned by votes. So if  you want "world government" first of all realize direct democracy in your home nation, and if that has happened, then we can talk about world government. Other than that – fuhgeddaboudit!

  13. What happens when its too late, and the damage we've done on our planet is irreparable? We, as humans, don't feel the responsibility we have right now because we are divided. I hope a day would come when we can look past our differences and work together to make the world a better place, not for any one country, but for all.

  14. Interesting if not simple. A world government is bad because at the very best it could function as a perfect democratic republic with a set of laws apply at all times, a la United States sans all the flaws and corruption. Only issue is that states have to be able to dissolve from the republic in case people want their states to be like the middle east, and obviously they do. You can't force your own values on others no matter what. Government or not. If it happens, great. If it never happens, at least we don't have to force anybody into it.

  15. I mean, I guess it could work, if we had an election every other year and you can only get in once.
    If everyone had the same laws, it could end terribly though. I mean, one government could ban a whole religion all around the world, even every single religion that isn't theirs, or something just as bad. I think countries should just keep to their own laws. I think quite a few countries are doing well on their own.

  16. You can never control all people. Humans are war like, and never will war stop. All a world government will do, is just make a world enslaved. We are already controlled by all our governments. No way will each one of them give away the power they have killed millions for. We do we have wars ??? To take control of every resource the can steal. They dont fight strong countrys who can fight back, they attack weak countrys they control, and steal from. If China decided to kill millions of its people, would our country save those people ??? No, Because they would destroy all who tried. War is all about making money from war. Ask the arms dealers how much $ they make from war ? The only way a world government would work is, if all evil humans in the world became peaceful. Just look at our own towns. How many people are fighting ? What countrys in the world has total peace ? Radical Muslims just want to kill. They have proved this many times. Cut your head off, or eat your heart proof. No way will the world get past destroying each other. The only way is, like a quot from Ronald Reagan. What if the world was attacked by aliens from another world? Only then will the world come together to help each other. Humans against a threat to us all over the world.

  17. Love this video although I don't think some of the participants have answered the question. Haha. Thank you for sharing this!

  18. A world government is impossible. From the get go there will be problems. How is a world government going to be created? Who will be in charge of this world government? Is it even possible to create an independent world government that is not attached to any nationality or ideological or religious group? The world is the way it is, anarchic and every state has to look out for themselves cuz no one will do it for you.

  19. Yes! We have gone from clan to tribe to city-state to kingdom to nation, now to world super state with unity in diversity, international education, a basic world language, world court, an international force, world citizenry – we're one family!

    "A world executive, backed by an international Force, will carry out the decisions arrived at, and apply the laws enacted by, this world legislature, and will safeguard the organic unity of the whole commonwealth." – Shoghi Effendi,
    The World Order of Baha’u’llah


  21. No it would not work because states will no longer have independent sovereignty. Sovereign equality and non-intervention are the core principles of international law. There is no central authority above the individual collection of sovereign states.

  22. The fact that we are all humans is not a compelling justification for world government. I have literally nothing in common with the vast majority of humans. Differences in language, in culture, in religion, in education, in mindset, in social status, in wealth, in political opinions, in appearance, in fashion, in musical and artistic taste, in entertainment. People who think they can force humans who live in opposite sides of the spectrum with respect to everything I mentioned above are naive and delusional. I can name you certain types of people that I will NOT cooperate with no matter what, and I'm sure the vast majority of people can say the same. You can't undo millennia of cultural development. You can't force 8 billion unique identities to cooperate under the umbrella of a small ruling body. The only way world government could happen is over a LOT of dead bodies, in the aftermath of a devastating war leaving only a minuscule fraction of humans alive.

  23. It still amazes me, in our hyperconnected world, how tribal people can still be. "My country thinks differently from their country, so it could never happen." With a world government, there would be no longer be countries or borders. No more wars, no more trade restrictions, natural resources from rich regions would be available to poorer regions, human rights could be enforced everywhere, one currency and all the economic benefits therein, and many more benefits. The government would have to be mapped out very carefully though, with an ironclad constitution and a strong system of checks and balances to prevent any sort of dictatorial regime, and equal representation for every area on earth. I think eventually it will happen. Maybe not in our lifetimes, but someday, I hope.

  24. No thanks. Until we get our tech high enough we will just get into socialism and that always fails with big groups, would lead to civil war and then mass killings because the gov would have no other choice, Che, Hitler, Stalin, Mao… just work on the UN and let countries worry about how they can better themselves.

  25. the answer is yes and people who say otherwise want all humans to die since that is the future we got a century to dicide if we die or live to become a star faring civilazation

  26. I am being murdered right now
    Being held hostage
    Dawn Boyd Nateea Hodges Sheiks Brown United States

    I am being murdered right now help me

    I am being murdered right Now being held hostage

  27. If I could rule the world i would act like King Joffrey and torment the world in hopes all humanity bands together to stop me lol I’m high rn

  28. I think that if there was a world government, it would have to have 6 main leaders (one per continent), not counting Antarctica of course.

  29. No need for one world government, with exception of last 300 years east had 65% world's wealth and now with so much debt being printed by OECD countries, if one world government is created, eastern people who had been poor for so long will again have to pay for this damn debt of trillions.

  30. The Bible talks about a one world government. It’s going to happen. The Antichrist will rule the world then. Therefore it’s not a good thing

  31. The world as we know will go through wars and corruption in the future but with a world government with a trusted people in power there will be a government for the masses it will be the first Earth Empire! this empire that we will create will put an end to all the Wars, Corruption, Poverty, Slavery, Pollution, Unemployment, Diseases, Dictators and most importantly Racism.
    With this new Earth Empire it will be like the Galactic Empire with only One Leader, One Powerful Armed Forces, One Powerful Human Race and One Powerful Government that's what we all want and need for a society to live long forever long live Humanity and Long live our Earth.

  32. One world government is going to make us all slaves, thinking this would be a good idea is fucking retarded. Basically one corporation owning everyone on the entire globe.

  33. I know i'll shutdown by religious people and get lectured about how great God is and how a one world government is sin, because a book said so. Anyways, in my opinion, a One World Government is GOOD. We can all gather materials and get off this rock and explore the new frontier. That way, we can get even more materials to bring back or to settle on new worlds. The new united earth alliance flag would likely resemble the UN flag. Otherwise the UN becomes the UME, United Man of Earth. Outer Space is our future.

    A One World Government means, One People, One Goal, One Future, and Peace for all Man.

  34. this is just scary people are willing to throw away there nation there people there culture for a super state…sad

  35. How world government plans to be: Everyone's equal
    How it turns out to be: Uncle Sam and his cookies are more equal!

  36. Man people are SOOOOO lost my gosh. Either Jesus will come or we will die. Eventually we will meet Him face to face so yea… God Bless you all!

  37. A One World Government is unelected. How do you get rid of it? Who decides what wars to fight, or who gets all the food and who gets all the trash? Kiss all human rights goodbye, say hello to global socialism and dictatorship. This is a no brainer.

  38. One government would mean one ruler and no man should have that much power. One government would mean you would have nowhere to run against tyranny.

  39. A world government is really a good idea cuz we'll have peace and security, a single home for all irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds, it'll be an utopian society…at the same time every region must have a local government which can assert its authority in its region.

  40. World Government would be a huge problem.
    There are to many different ideologies
    No sovereignty , I.E. No borders means no sovereignty.
    One world dictator would be very tyrannical.
    We are as one , in humanity but we are all very different and that is what makes it great.
    And we are all as one under the reign of The Most High.

  41. So the New World Order wasnt a conspiracy after all.

    War is peace.
    Freedom is slavery.
    Ignorance is strength.

    Destroy all other countries. Destroy human cultures, ethnicities, and languages.
    Destroy individual thought and sovereignty.
    Destroy all forms of opposition through world wide media and psychological warfare.

    All will be equal. All will be the same. The same race, the same gender, the same sex, the same culture, the same mind. We will finally be at peace. Finally free.

    Finally easier to control and manage.

  42. If we united but the world government respected each country's autonomy, language, culture, customs and so on. We could solve our internal problems,and maybe improve our species.

  43. The Axis Of Evil, The Trilateral Commission, The Bilderberg group, The EU, The U.N.,The CFR, the illuminati aren't alone, their alley is the democrat party, and the utterly biased mainstream media.

  44. You want to see what a One World Government would look like, look at the EU and The UN. It's tyrannical at best.

  45. These are the dumbest people I've ever seen in my life. We already have forms of world government that is run by oligarchs who spit on the common man and erode our rights as human beings. Do they really think any of this globalism is to benefit them? ?????

  46. That first guy in the vid clearly speaks about a world government led by the great example of the United States.
    Sorry bud, the rest of the world outnumbers you and it won't be the US leading that world government nor would it be modeled after the US.

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